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Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV First Week Predictions Are In!

Tue, Aug 30, 2011 by

Lil Wayne Tha Carter IV First Week Predictions Are In

According to Billboard, music industry forecasters have suggested that Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV album will sell between 850,000 – 900,000 copies in the first week. Even though these numbers are more than great, I still think Wayne will get them 1 million sales this week! Also, has anyone else noticed that the haters are getting worried and are already looking for excuses, such as: “Oh, Birdman must be buying 500,000 copies” 😆

After the jump, you can read Mack Maine‘s thoughts on the first week sales of C4:

“It’s like the stars are aligning again,” Mack told ” All the fans got mad when we pushed the album back to August 29. I woke up to death threats. A cat in Lebanon hit me and said, ‘You come to Lebanon, we got something for your ass.’ I’m like, ‘What’s this about? Oh, we said we gonna push the release date back.’”

“Wayne actually told us if he don’t do those same numbers again as C3 don’t be mad,” Mack admitted.

“I said this before,” he shared. “I told Nicki—she was kinda nervous about her first-week sales—I said, ‘First week sales don’t matter.’ I’d rather my final sales matter. I know albums from Juvenile 400 Degreez to Beiber’s first album sold 20, or 30,000 the first-week and went onto sell 2 million one album then 6 million on another album. I saw Gaga did the 99 cent thing and then her second-week it did like 175,000. Congratulation as it relates to her. With Wayne, I don’t want him to sell a million the first-week, and then drop to 100,000 the next week then 50,00 the following week. I’d rather sell ten times platinum total.”

“People have gotten away from working a record,” Mack added, blasting most record companies business models, “’You better do good your first week. If your first week numbers are not good, we gonna move onto another artist,’” he mimicked a typical record exec.

“With Nicki, we’re on our seventh or eighth video on Pink Friday,” he boasted. “We working!”

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  • drought 3 is not his best mixtape the leak kills everything he ever did with songs like gossip lalala i know the future what he does im a beast scareface

  • Fly Dungas

    The leak was an EP, not a mixtape, scarface and im a beast were never officially put out just c3 leftovers. Also, lets try not to argue over which shit is better, its just your opinion, you might as well argue over whether chicken is better than steak

  • C4

    Novacane-Must say weezy’s lyrics are great in this songs lol

  • junie.

    the best mixtapes are no ceilings and drought 3

  • Kaplun

    C4 is amazing, all the haters are gonna hate, let it be

  • junie.

    top 5 weezy albums
    4tha carter
    3.tha carter 2
    2tha carter 4
    1.tha carter 3 classic

  • weEzZy F

    i think weezy’s best songs are:
    1.something you forgot
    2.the mobb
    3.hustler musik
    7.Go dj
    9.3 peat
    10.blunt blowin

  • cedzilla

    wayne need to get more personal..this is a good album but he set tha bar too high for himself so its sounds wack to certain people…he needs to do songs with meaning and stop wiith the aggravating voice and make music like the leak but better…i dont kno who said it earlier but we all need to state our honest opinions and stop praising him for everything because he wont kno how we truly feel…

  • L J

    I love the album! & I still think it’ll do a milli the first week =) we shall see though. C4!!!

  • i want both but lov u wayne baby and i juz saw da nicki video for fly loved it lol i was aawwh anyway laterz

  • DaWeezyFan13

    just bought tha carter iv deluxe edition at target. Feels so much better when you actually buy an album instead of just downloading it! C4!!

  • laiin

    My top ten ( shoutout from France )

    1. I’m Me ( F*ckin Epic ! )
    2. I Miss my Dawgz ( The Carter 1 is my Fav album ! ” We don’t ” goez hard too )
    3. Tie my Hands
    4. Sky iz the Limit
    5. Hustler Music
    6. Shoot me down
    7. 3 Peat
    8. Dr Carter
    9. Get Over ( still listening to this f*ckin epic song lol )
    10. Mr Carter

  • C4 all day

    Lets get the Goal of 1mil first week just by buying one more album for our friends or family. Lets make weezy the FIRST rapper in history to sell twice 1mil in first week!

    We can do it i believe it, lets go out support! <3

  • laiin

    My Top top 5 Featuring .

    1. Devin the dude Ft Wayne & Bun B . Lil girl gone
    2. Rich Boy Feat Wayne & Nas John Legend Ghetto Rich Reuix
    3. Em’ Feat Wayne . No Love
    4. Mariah Carey . Feat Wayne & Akon . Bye Bye remix
    5. Dj Kalhed . We talin Over

    Maneater remix ( Bonus lol ) His flow is incridible .

  • who dat nikka lookin lik lil wayne …mmhh…! : )

  • weEzZy F

    @C4 all day i think EM have done it before

  • Converse

    Hell naw Top 10 best Lil wayne songs: 1. Hustler musik 2. Miss my dawg 3. Grown man(C1) 4. Tie my hands 5. Lalala 6. 3peat 7. Shoot me down 8. Best rapper alive 9. Black republican 10. Put some keys on it

    Top 5 mixtapes: 1. Tha Leak 2. Drought 2. 3. Dedication 2 3. Tha Suffix 4. No ceiling 5. D1

    Top 5 albums: 1. C2, 2. C1, 3. C4, 4. C3, 4. Lights out, 5. 500 degreez

    So many better songs, but thats off the top

  • C4 all day

    No he hasnt 😉 relapse sold first week 650k and recovery 700k, so whos the best rapper alive?

    Like wayne says NUMBERS DONT LIE. But unfortunatly eminem overall sells are more but no worries wayne a lot younger than eminem soo weezy i still able to be called the best rapper alive.

  • C4 all day

    Question: How billboard counts the sells? They include sells out of america too? And they count digital sales or only physical sales?

  • junie.

    @convrse u have two 4s for albums and ur list is wack lol

  • junie.

    weEzZy F he has never done it twice not even once only 50 and weezy the only 2 rappers to sell amilli

  • weEzZy F

    The Marshall Mathers LP:album sold more than 1.76 million copies in its first week just in the US…Check wikipedia

  • junie.

    wikipedia is an opinionated site i hope u know that

  • Fly Dungas

    yeah honestly if youre gonna compare wayne using record sales eminem is not the right choice lol almost nobody can fuck with him in that department

  • C4 all day

    Even if marshall matters has sold 1.76 i said no rapper has done it twice to sell 1mill+ in first week. If wayne manages to sell c4 1mil+ his the first rapper EVER to do it. Anyway weezy best rapper alive and am laying now in my bed with some
    Dre beats and C4!!!

  • Fly Dungas

    and the ones who can aren’t even alive anymore

  • Fly Dungas

    @Junie his list is fine clown

  • C4 all day

    Sleep well wayne fans am about to get 2morrow 1 extra copy for just if one breakes or something hahaah c4 classic!

  • weEzZy F

    i know but thats a fact eminem did sell 1.7 mill…google it there are sites other than wiki tellin dat

  • C4 all day

    Even 2pac and biggie werent able in 1990’s to sell 1mil in first week while their wasnt even internet to download the album. So eminem and wayne are doing pretty good.

    Jay z in fact is sucking dick

  • Converse


    Eh? takeoff 500 degreez?

    Nah nothing whack about my list? I mean my list should be inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame fam lol

    Top 5 Best Lil wayne autotune songs? yep im taking it there lmao: 1. On fire, 2. Prom queen, 3. Fuck today, 4. Whoever you like, 5. Take your girl

  • Oozaru

    Em did a milli twice in one week I think Marshall Mathers & The Eminem Show

    C4 was not wayne best work but still good tho ^_^

  • weEzZy F

    Game’s RED album sold 96,460 copies only even tho its a good album

  • weEzZy F

    Game’s RED album sold 96,460 copies in its first week only. even tho its a good album

  • MC Court

    Carter IV is sickkkk!!! But what happened to the “Wayne’s World” track that was supposed to make other rappers want to just up and quit cause of how good it was supposed to be?

  • NYC


  • wow how can you mention his best 5 autotune songs and not put
    1 imma go getta
    2 i told yall
    3 demolition2
    4 demolition 1
    5 troublemaker

  • wayniac

    honestly 900k would be HUGE. no one in this day and age of hip-hop has even come CLOSE to that mark, so that many sales in the first week would be crazy. I’m still praying for a milli in a week, but I would be satisfied if he puts up 900k. You guys do realize that Game’s album didn’t break 100,000 sales in its first week? It’s gotten wayy harder to sell albums with all the leaks and with people just downloading a few tracks from the album

  • ricardo laguna

    I think the first week of sales is the most important but also clear is the end result I think the c3 outsell shown in the MTV show demosotro with this presentation that will sell much more than baby c3 .. XD wayne is on another level of music drake, minaj shortly cory gunz also be successful on their first album with only artists to be in YOUNG MONEY ENTERTAINMENT and under the support and accessories for wayne and birdman and all will be something so super successful and we have a lil too big twist that I prefer to Chuckee shortly Chuckee also his album when it goes on sale and record it in the end haha YOUNG MONEY YOUNG MONEY iS lil wayne and I think it will sell much

  • C4

    ANYBODY can edit wikipedia content

    and as you can see here

    there’s no ‘EMINEM’ on the list above

  • ricardo laguna

    Wayniacs not forget the mixtape sorry for the wait excellent mixtape from lil wayne Venezuela admire to death: $

  • super

    if eminem has ever sold 1.76M in first week, eminem would have been on the ‘amilli’ list which includes lil wayne, 50 cent, lady gaga, taylor swift..

    but, apparently he is not on the list

  • super
  • Fly D

    you just named everyone the article mentioned, not the full list. eminem did it with 2 albums marshall mathers and eminem show thats a fact

  • C4

    Anyone can edit Wikipedia Content

  • Don’tbedumb

    Eminem sold a million copies when people actually paid for music and bought CD’s. I’ll be impressed when he does it again

  • Don’tbedumb

    or raps with a different flow from angry as fuck/silly

  • Shakeem3

    I heard c4 sold 500,000 already let’s goo weedy amilli easy

  • BrendaLovesTunechi


  • they say that boy hit 500,000 first day

  • see for

    Do Canadian record sales count in this tally???

  • how many sells does it have

  • Unknown

    How do youu know how much he sold the first day ? where did youu look ? . 500,000 ? ?
    thats fuckin crazy if thats true . . thats more than Wtt and carter 3

  • tev52
  • i googled it and they said it on some hip hop shit but im still skeptical its from today

  • i think wayne took shots at jay all through the album especially on i got some money on
    “im a rich ass nigga you bitchass nigga im from the school of hardknocks you skipped class nigga and tell yo bitch bust it open for me”

  • Brandon

    big wayne fan but why he have to wear girl pants at the vmas, thats not swag its just gay

  • Kieran

    Just to let you guys know, if waynes retiring at 31, shit even 35, and it takes him about 2 years to put out a Full Album, He’s 29 in about a month. Ok so he has to put out D4, that’s about 8 months. Drake Collab Album that’s about two years. Right there he’s already almost 33. C5 that’s another 1 1/2-2 years. There, after C5, he’s mid 34-35.
    Do You guys honestly believe he’s doing An Album With JUELZ SANTANA!?!? He was busted For Guns And Drugs a few Moths back, and He’s FALLEN OFF. Cam’Ron & Vado are the Only Dipset

  • Kieran

    Just to let you guys know, if waynes retiring at 31, shit even 35, and it takes him about 2 years to put out a Full Album, He’s 29 in about a month. Ok so he has to put out D4, that’s about 8 months. Drake Collab Album that’s about two years. Right there he’s already almost 33. C5 that’s another 1 1/2-2 years. There, after C5, he’s mid 34-35.
    Do You guys honestly believe he’s doing An Album With JUELZ SANTANA!?!? He was busted For Guns And Drugs a few Moths back, and He’s FALLEN OFF. Cam’Ron & Vado are the Only Dipset that Still Matter. And in 4-5 years do you guys think T-Pain will Still Be around? C’mon. T-Pain? He’s a big part of this generation, but he’s gone in 3-4 years.

    So Honestly, Wayne has A Maximum of 3 Projects left. Dedication 4, Drake Collab Album & Carter V.

  • tune

    damn wayne is on his way to a mlli in the first week…i have a good feeling thats its gonna happen

  • a milli a milli a milli a milli a milli a millia milli a milli a millia milli a milli a milli


    top 10 songs of wayne songs
    im me
    Moment of clarity freestyle
    Blunt Blowin
    I Told Yall
    MotherFuckin Menace
    Problem Solver
    Self Destruction
    Shoot Me Down


    My top 5 diss tracks
    Ether Freestyle (Jay-Z Diss)
    Geroge bush (Geroge bush Diss) wayne is the only one the president has dissed
    Its good (Jay-z Diss)
    Lil Wayne Louisianimal (50 Cent Diss)
    Lil Wayne Piggy Bank (50 Cent Diss)

  • top 5 diss record
    problem solver
    georgia bush
    moment of clarity when he dissed the squad

  • @stuna hw’d how get tht first day sales?

  • Jon

    I Swear People Don’t Know What’s Real Music. This Album Is Better Than Tha Carter III. This Album Has The Best Lyrics, People That Don’t Like This Album Just Means That Their Too Slow To Understand His Music. This Album May Not Have The Best Beats, But Has A Strong Message In His Music. I Believe That Wayne Will Make A Million. F*** All Wayne Haters!

  • google it brah

  • Slim










  • zz

    fuck gay-z.

  • Kaplun

    @SLIm it took eminem almost 3 years to find his comfort level after he flushed out all those drugs so i do agree with the fact that wayne is just trying to find his comfort once again

    but when he finds it when he is sober, no one will touch him ever again

  • C4 all day

    Carter 4 > carter 3 i go with @jon. C4 more wordplay and gangstah shit. C3 autotune and commercial… C4 great album but c3 too btw 😉

    Support weezy one more time and buy c4 1 more time for the 1mil

  • Slim i hate sayin dis to anotha fan, but, you are crazy as hell. Carter VI was a classic, the whole album, and i been rockin wit wayne since he was a kid and i’m 27. Carter VI is amazing, especially two shots and mirrors and so special and it’s good, hell the whole album is super fire

  • hey have ya’ll had a luk at Billboards revised sales prediction man it went up frm btwn 750k-800k and nw it 850k-900k first week, if thts true then it mst hve sold btwn 450k-500 first day belee dat.


    the hype was never gone …the hype was always there when you hear the word carter on waynes album.YMCMB

  • real-talk


  • Michael Nunn

    C4 !

  • nickbealing

    i bought my copy .bit gutted that theres no deluxe version in uk other than itunes?

    see im not down with the downloading it but its hard not to when you by it missing 4 tracks ?

    maybe something to think about on cater 5!

  • YM Malitia

    Beach bum, call me Ocean Drive Slim, drop the top, look up and make the sky grin.

    Young Mula, skinnies and sum Supras, belly of the beast till they puke us ! MUFUCKA.

  • R3m1

    I see ur makin lists, just to participate my favorite Wayne song still is Demolition Freestyle Part 1

  • beaste

    hitdailydouble says it will hit 900 to 950 so fans can make it go a mil

  • LuN

    Weezy F…and F for fuck u…! Fuck u haterz YMCMB Foreva.!

  • Mazin Carter

    Top 10 C4 Songs :
    #1 She Will
    #2 How To Love
    #3 Blunt Blowin
    #4 Mirror
    #5 6 Foot 7 Foot
    #6 Megaman
    #7 John
    #8 I Got Some Money On Me
    #9 It’s Good
    #10 Nightmares Of The Bottom


    Top 10 C4 Songs :
    #1 6 Foot 7 Foot
    #2 She Will
    #3 Nightmares Of The Bottom
    #4 Blunt Blowin
    #5 How To Love
    #6 Its Good
    #7 President Carter
    #8 John
    #9 Novacane
    #10 I Like The View

  • Fly D

    I didn’t wanna be the first to mention the girl pants lol. However, I gotta say I approve. I’m not even dickriding here, I thought the performance was generally poor. But I respect him for goin on stage in women’s pants. Cuz you really can’t tell, nobody would be surprised if they turned out to be men’s pants, but its still balls. Mad people hate on him for it but why? Who cares? I’m glad Wayne is a real fuckin man and can wear shit like that and kiss Birdman on the lips. Thats power right there, people hate because they wish they were as comfortable with themselves as he is. All the macho bullshit and homophobia in hiphop and just life in general is just a way for dudes to be pussies their entire lives without people noticing. Like if you gotta lie to yourself, how can you ever face someone else?

  • blah

    wayne fan but I’m not going be be naive and say this is another classic because it’s not. it is mediocre at best. I mean honestly he fell off or stopped caring.

    “all about my riches my name should be richard”

    I mean seriously, a 5 year old could have thought of that.

  • weezy

    Lady Gaga sold “Born this way” 1$ in Amazon, Lil Wayne is better…


    @Fly D get a life u dumb its a lil wayne fan site not wayne critic site or fake fans shut the fuck up

  • Fly D

    Are you clinically retarded fuckeminem?

  • robbeezy

    C4 Already hit #9 on top 10 US albums, according to iTunes

    C4 leggoooo

  • Fly D

    Seriously dude go fuck yourself. Learn to fucking read and write sentences in english idk what the fuck is your deal. Did you really call me a dumb? I can write whatever the fuck I want on here if its about wayne. And maybe you should read that shit? Its not criticizing him? fucking retard how did you even get on a computer


    @Fly D get a life….

  • Fly D

    how about you get a life fucking retard? you’re on this site more than i am? seriously what the fuck is wrong with you? youre the dumbest motherfucker online. seriously. and a fuckin dickriding faggot what the fuck do you want with me? ill sit here all fucking day and shit on you if i want


    @Fly D fake fan!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fly D

    im a fake fan because i fucking hate you?


    @Fly D because you always write shit when I read what you at lol

  • Fly D

    ok…I always write shit…when you read…what im at? WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN?

  • Fly D

    just dont read my shit bro you wont get it if you never went to school or read a book

  • 5eba88

    So i dont know if you guys remember but Abortion originally was a track for The Alchemist album Chemical warfare. The track leaked on November of 2010 because it was scrapped from the album. How old is this and it made it to tha carter IV?? it even begins like a rebirth track come to think of it

  • XxX

    just bought 2 copies one normal one deluxe ! support from germany sheers

  • Dungas

    @5eba88 damn i didn’t even know that but it makes total sense its one of the weaker songs on the album imo and i wonder how many others are that old

  • Etiennechi

    Top 10 C4
    1. She Will
    2. Blunt Blowin
    3. 6 Foot 7 Foot
    4. MegaMan
    5. Nightmares of the Bottom
    6. President Carter
    7. John
    8. Novacane
    9. How To Love
    10. Its Good

  • @Meaziiee

    Who’s that dude that looks like Wayne on the left haha

  • Jorrdan

    C4 is great, but its funny how the best song on the album is Interlude. Tech N9ne murders everything.

  • the best carter songs
    2 president carter
    3 megaman
    4 bluntblowin
    5 6’7
    8 novacane
    9 i got some money on me
    10 so special/mirrors

  • thats how you know carter 4 is dope we all got different list

  • maynee

    maaaaan i would buy 1000 carters, but i live in sweden..cant buy it from itunes, fuck itunes !!!!!!

    I got your baby money, kidnap your bitch

  • big b’S RED SOX!

    Lil Wayne youre an icon!! your music is perfection. you are ABOVE reality of which others only DREAM ABOUT!! your talent finishes the peices to the Games puzzle!! You Are Music. YMCMB AND MM RUNNIN SHIT!! all hail weezy

  • i love wayne more than all of yah ill ill be the first to say that the cater three was more lyrical but c4 was amazing though. now that hes done wit the album and wit mainstream music he needs to go back to the underground rap where he was tearing shit up to where hes at now.

  • Etiennechi

    @ stunna
    True, but i agree with everybody’s list cause almost every song on the album is amazing!
    Sorry4my english if its wrong im from the netherlands

  • Finally-C4!

    Top Songs on C4
    1. Abortion
    2. Blunt Blowin’
    3. It’s Good (Feat. Jadakiss & Drake)
    4. Mirror (Feat. Bruno Mars)
    5. She Will (Feat. Drake)
    6. How To Hate (Feat. T-Pain)
    7. President Carter
    8. Interlude (Tech N9ne ripped it)
    9. MegaMan
    10. Hightmares Of The Bottom (Only because he sounded dead when he recorded it.)

  • R3m1

    Ok boys and girls I just listened the bootleg called “After the Carter IV”.
    You can find it on the internet… there is in my view a much better version of How to love on it, wich I originaly don t really like, with a ft by Enrique Iglesias, this is kinda cool.
    They mixed the intro the interlude and the outro of CIV and that makes way more sens, it is actually real good.
    With the material from that “After the Carter IV” they could have done a way better job, go check for urselves, there s some good jong in it.
    Plus there s a A milli remix with a beat they took from “Booba” a french rapper (I know caus I’m French) that is worth listening.
    Cheers my fellow Waynes fans, he is still the shit, maybe the ones around him who decided the track list arnt (and I’m still pissed of with that deluxe/deluxe +/deluxe the revenge III shit, just put out an album mofos)
    Keep ur head up Weezy Hope to see u in France

  • Fuck..

    I swear i would buy 2-3 copies if i lived in usa but i live in focking netherlands where one copy is 23 euro.. And after that the music shops still dont got it!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    my carter 4 tracks
    1. she will
    2.blunt blowin
    3.president carter
    4.up up and away
    5.nightmares of the botton to hate (cause every dude has that one bitch at one point in his life)
    7. mirrors
    8. so special
    9. interlude
    10 two shots

  • chris

    Does ne one have a count on the third day yet..i keep trying to find somewhere with a official count no luck on my part..ive heard 350-500k

  • T.k

    finally got my deluxe version, already got the orginal, i buy both of them

  • Slim



  • Mr Gecko is Sething

    Reviews aren’t looking good for Carter 4. You all can call me a hater, but not the proffesional reviewers. Maybe you guys are just afraid to admit that Wayne has fallen off?

  • rev93
  • WeezyMyNigga

    top 60 worst lines apparently by lil wayne check out what they said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Young_Mulla

    Mirrors is going to be on billboards!
    So special is actually a very good track as well. And ‘up up and away” is a sick ass song!

  • LooP canie

    The Carter 4 is bullshit tell the true people

  • Guest

    We don’t care what the reviews say, they are written by the same people who go on blog sites and bash Wayne. We’re not going to abandon Wayne just because some underground loser faggots think he’s not hip hop. Also his first week projections have risen to 900k, I’ve watched Wayne grow from the Prefix/Suffix days till now and I’m glad he’s getting high sales, he deserves it for all the fire mixtapes he gave us … even if he has fallen off.

  • Mathew Thompson


    1.Intro – this intro felt a little slower than his original intro’s but it was alright, i liked the older intro’s how he would go in on the beat for a long time and barely took a breathe

    2.Blunt Blowin-didn’t like how it sounded in the beginning until the chorus kicked in and it turned out to be a pretty good song reminds me of bill gates

    3.Megaman-this sounds like a mixtape song cuz there’s no chorus or meaning to it..

    4.6 foot 7-liked it when i first heard im tired of it.

    5.Nightmares Of The Bottom-weezy sounds really slow and boring in this song i like his mtv unplugged version better

    6.She Will- wayne +drake on a song never goes wrong

    7.How To Hate -not really feelin this,i hate tpains autotune in dis it sounds dull, he should of let tpain get this song for his album

    8.Interlude-tech n9ne killed it,andre 3000 killed it…

    9.John-i personally hate dis song it feels like a im not a star(rmx) of rick ross song…it’s not original and i can’t believe he put this on the album,not album material

    10.Abortion-couldn’t really enjoy dis cuz it felt old to me cuz dis is da same beat and chorus he did with travie mccoy song ”i know your name”

    11.So Special- jhon legend voice sounded good…weezy was really slow in dis song

    12.How To Love- brovo wayne you made a 2011 lolipop..

    13.President Carter-this was creative and it had a carter 3 feel to it

    14.It’s Good-he dissed jay z and i think it was a bad move…jay is betta than eva right now…he delivered in watch the throne

    15.Outro-i liked it busta was insane on dis…and why isn’t weezy on the outro after all it is his album leave a message or sumtin

    1.Two Shots-this reminds me of his older song called”ask them hoes” i like dis song

    2.Mirrors-bruno mars stole the spotlight from wayne on this song..his voice was powerful and loud and wayne was to slow and not upbeat with it

    3.Up Up And Away-wow dis was hard

    4.Novacane-it’s alright i guess..i loved the chorus tho

    5.I Got Some Money On Me- dis was okay

    overall i kinda like tha carter iv but to me it didn’t fell like an album it kinda felt like a mixtape..i guess i was expecting more since it’s his last album and everyone hyped it and the people wayne be with said it would change your life and he has a song that would make rappers want to drop there mic.

  • Vote Weezy

    The album deserves to sell a million copies just for President Carter alone, he sounded like the Carter 3 Wayne on that song.

  • Fly Dungas

    I think his voice sounded best on megaman and pres carter

  • i think people didnt listen deep enough to this album he has gotten wiser either prison or something cus most of the songs have a dark deep meaning like abortion and president carter mirrors shit like that been a fan since guerrilla warfare most of yall dont even no what that is

  • chris

    stunna i wouldnt say wiser i dunno…but he did not go insane like he did on carter 3..from irritated to insane to outta this world melodic his fluctuations back then made him the mad genious he is today…i love c4 cd after i played it thru a few times..but i cannot tell i lie after 3 years i was hoping he would go mad scientest again.but he didnt he made quality songs..look at the diff from c3 to this..let the beat build..3 peat, lalala, home…a milli that set a precedent for songs like megaman bill gates etc…dr.carter thats awesome playin doc to fix whack rappers..shoot me down and play with fire….thats when he was at his pinnacle…but here it goes baby he still there he just got a diff style now he plays to the masses a lil more..hell who can blame the man its about getting mulaaah baby

  • kendrick

    weezy keeps using that same slow ass rick ross BMF flow…it’s like he pauses for like 3 seconds then spits another punchline( for example)…man fuck dem bithes….and dem hoes…and dem niggas pussy…cameltoe,


    what happened to “Wayne’s World”???

  • Dank

    All you fucks are dumb to think that wayne is sober. Tired of hearing that shit. A whole song is about him rolling. NIGGA IM WET AND IM ROLLIN. Maybe you dumb fucks dont understand his lingo in all of his songs but he makes drug references in every single song of sorry for the wait and most of C4. All the videos with him in clubs recently, posted on this site, have him smoking fat cigar size blunts. You really think that nigga just picked up and started smoking cigars? And all you talkin about his water that is because you drink water when your rolling dumb fucks. Listen to what he tells you in his songs and you will agree with me.

    C4 is dope and will sell a mil but he could do better and should have taken off every single song for females.

  • jo jo

    carter iv was ass!!….pink friday go harder than dat shit, the 2011 vma showed dat nicki minaj is more popular than lil wayne..smh



  • weEzZy F

    lmao..that 60 worst line is fuuny…but how can dey say dat ( I already know that life is deep/ But I still dig her) is a bad line and ther was plenty gud lines

  • mrx

    NOW people think c3 is a classic?

  • mrx

    lyrically c4 is better
    but c3 had phenomenal flow and swag
    after what critics said about c4, wayne will get depressed and shit. after he gets his shit straight he will come back harder, thats imo tho
    still tho c4 is classic, keep promoting for that platinum

  • stop hating and talking.just support weezy if ur a fan and every 1 knows that this album is great its probably the best album that i heard in my life its my opinion i dont care about yours so me and the other lil wayne fans are supporting weezy

  • he may have flowed better on C3 but lyrically and the depth on on C4 devours that shit if his flow was better niggas would hear what i heard the whole album dope the only song i think he went to slow on was the intro but he killed that shit with his word play

  • the analizer breathelizer

    ok guys yall cant lie… Birdman went HAM on i got some money on me. Absolutely killed it

  • lmao dat shit was funny

  • weezywee

    @jo jo STFU

    Nicki Have fans that’ll Vote but won’t buy Her Album

    Wayne Have loyal fans. You must be A Retard if you think C4 is a**

  • the analizer breathelizer

    @ jo jo , ur a fuckin choad

  • RARU

    TOP C4 Tracks:

  • RARU

    Top C4 IN ORDER: SHE WILL, PRESIDENT CARTER, JOHN, 6FOOT 7, MEGAMAN, BLUNT BLOWIN, HOW TO LOVE, MIRROR, NOVACANE, ITS GOOD, ABORTION 1 Million copies first week easy evrybody loves it and everybody is buyin it!!! best album of the year easy!!!!! Now hop on that D**k and do a full split!!!!

  • imma put like this for them C3 fans i liked it it was solid but c4 is better now if THE LGENDARY LEAK was the carter3 no way in hell would c4 be better

  • weEzZy F

    top c4 songs:
    2.blunt blowin
    3.president carter
    5.she will
    7.6foot 7 foot
    8.nightmares of the bottom special
    10.its good

  • Dash

    I won’t lie I didn’t think C4 would do C3s number,simply because C4 is not up to par with C3 ,but congrats to lil tunechi.I fucks with President Carter

  • Jc

    Man I can’t believe no one listed last of a dying breed as one of his top features with Luda and him Wayne goes crazy on that beat

    I got it baby, and I’m an MC, I move the crowd like Moses
    Like the Red Sea I wear red like roses
    Go against me and you’ll be dead like roses
    Spittin’ at your head full of bread like toasters

    Never had a holster, I keep it on my lap
    And hip-hop ain’t dead, it just had a heart attack
    But you see I keep it pumpin’, yeah I got that heart back
    So just call me Little Carter, or Little Cardiac

    Precious like an artifact, valuable like a quarterback
    Hannibal like they call me Jack, throwback like a Starter hat
    Now how did he thought of that? I mean how did he think of that?
    I mean how did I think of that? Now like a rental, bring it back

    I mean how did I think of that? I sit by myself sometimes
    Someone should throw me a surprise party for every rhyme
    Every time I do it, I do it dirty like swine
    For the dirty and fine, hip-hop, I’m alive!

  • hey jst wna sale if wayne end up on #1 nxt week (wich he will) thnk he’l be almost the only rapper or musician 2 sell so mch recordes and still end up at #1 with MOSTLY bad revews 🙂 nw thts the sign of a GREAT entetainer!!!!!!! haters hate on him all you wnt

  • fuckinpapatowels

    honestly im not really surprised at whats happening to wayne. i mean i like c4 for what it is but as a carter album i think its kind of a failure. it just doesn’t deserve tha carter title you know. too inconsistent and repetitive and unoriginal. those are the qualities of whos music’? Birdman. Everyone turns into their dad eventually. lol

  • real-talk


  • T.k

    Blunt blowin’ is siiiiick as hell!!!!

  • fuckinpapatowels

    for real

  • this album was pretty damn deep its crazy to think wayne went that deep

  • jst got the carter iv wit up up & away nd man i gotta say tht tack is sick oh nd cnt 4get I got some money on me… sum1 sed it erlya man wayne steps up a level wen birdman on a track wit him 🙂

  • real-talk

    C4 was dope but i think Drakes album is going to be a serious fucking problem.

  • doubt it gna cause any realy problem unless he releases a real smash single “HEADLINE” ws not a real mash tht wuld mke any1 wna buy Take Care, he shuld learn frm wayne 3 smash singles nd 1 street anthem! thts great PR. oh ne man wayne shit realy buzz’in man every second person i walk past at varsity is bumping a Carter IV trakc thru thre head fones man.

  • real-talk

    Drake said that hes got a couple songs that would go right to #1 but he didnt wanna release them yet @Dillion.

  • first off i can tell most of yall are lil white boys or somethin, but how da fuk can yall keep hatin on c4 and call yourselves fans. The whole cd is off the chain no matter wat you say. See niggaz like the album for a whole different reason than white people. We can relate to everything that NIGGA sayin in every song. So we get things and punchlines he’s sayin right away. My favorite song on carter 4 is “Two shots”, “I like the view”, “Mirrors”, “So Special”, all the songs that you guys hate on. but we all listen to it for different reasons. Every song can be a single, trust me. It will sell a million copies if not more. You guys listen to the cd for him to go hard, i like the songs. The hooks. His verses are already flame. Casing point:

    Ya bullshit is stinkin up the place,
    but me no think bout dat, me outdunn da place(jamaican voice) “Two shots”

  • well thn @real talk i’ll wait 4 thse songs nd u knw everyboy say’s thy’v got songs tht wuld do very well or got straight to #1 bt in reality thy neva do. bt i’ll w8, oh wayne shuld release tht mirror as i single it’s damn hot!

  • the only thing c3 got over c4 is flow thats it and tie my hands

  • @r3m1 yo where can i find that?

  • R3m1

    @Weezy#1 ther u go mate

    and @jreed keep ur racials ideas up ur asz

  • Byrdman

    Lil Wayne is way better than Three 6 Mafia.

  • Slaughta

    @byrdman. you must’ve had a wack attack. while weezy is pretty off the chain, the scarecrow is off the chain foreal.

  • Byrdman

    @slaughta this is a lil wayne fan site. you fuckin’ idiot needz to take your ass back to school. nobody give a fuck about no scarecrow mothafucka. haterz eat a dick! LOL LMAO

  • Slaughta

    @byrd. fuck that shit. eat a dick.

    @jreed. how do hispanic people interpret weezy?

  • RARU

    @slaughta shut the fuck up fuckin dumbass. nobody gives a shit about no other rappers. hipsanic people luv weezy, and i would know because i got a friend who is hispanic and he loves weezy.

  • YM Malitia

    If you’re a REAL FAN of Wayne you can tell that 2 Shots was probably made in the Drought 3 days, that flow is hella old lol. He just doesn’t rap that way anymore.

  • Fly Dungas

    @Jreed im a skinny white boy and our fav tracks are the same. lol. that being said, he coulda gone harder. I’m mostly talking about his voice too, that was the weakest part of the album. Voice and flow. But the lyrics were real sloppy too. Dope lines throughout the entire album, but on c3 even dumb lines sounded good, on this one i feel liek they stand out as kinda dumb. I mean shit like “i just had to put 2 and 2 together, and that just makes 4, but not 4-ever” but other than that its dope

  • no he made 2 shots when he got out he had song from before he went in songs he wrote in prison like bluntblowin and president carter and shit he did when he got out like abortion mirrors so special

  • his flow will never be the same that 1 of a kind dragon flow is gone unless he pick up that mud but i will say listen to smoke sumthin with currensy his flow was mad

  • Fly Dungas

    Am I the only one who thinks he flowed best on tha carter? not counting fly in because in that song he just flows better than any other rapper ever, but the way he made the beats come alive on tha carter was magic. I loved the light up verse from jail cuz it sounded like c1,2 and 3 mixed into one. Thats the level i think he shoulda been at for this album. also, just lookin at that verse from jail compared to out of jail verses, im pretty sure hes back on drugs. obviously he wasnt doin em in jail and his shit was awesome but now he sounds kinda pilled out sometimes like on NOTB or I like the view

  • guest

    Lil Wayne likes to rap with a high squeaky voice nowadays and his gfreaking engineers also like changing the pitch of his voice and sometimes they go overboard like on his Wasted freestyle on No Ceilings.

    Listen to his Light Up freestyle to hear what he really sounds like without all the crap that they pull.

  • freddy

    i noticed that lil wayne’s voice changes every song…it;s weird


    t.i. released from prison i hope he works with wayne again one of the best dous

  • yung_money

    yo why dat bitch ass nigga jim jones diss weezy tweeting real men don’t wear spandex after da vma’s smfh as much skinnys as dat nigga wear really??????

  • WeezyMyNigga

    DANNY : its now rick ross x weezy x drake colab

  • Slaughta

    @RARU, fuck you, man. too bad weezy ain’t the illest motherfucker alive. i’m hispanic, and none of my hispanic friends like weezy.


    @Slaughta because u guys retarded spanish piece of shit

  • Slaughta

    @FUCKEMINEM. Look at what you just posted. Are you really going to say something about someone else being retarded? Also, I’m not Spanish.

  • C4

    Can som1 tell me where da fuck iz CEE J and Dead rasta nigga ?

  • Jlynn.

    that dude on the left looks like hes wearing some eyeshadow and lipstick. lol

  • lilwayne36

    any one know how many copies C4 sold on its first day? i heard 700k but i don’t think that is correct. i know its sold a lot

  • Byrdman

    @slaughta Spanish and Mexican are the same thing. @FUCKEMINEM what do you have against hispanics? I heard Eminem is hispanic…

  • chris

    cant we all just get along lol

  • Mossy

    c4 will do the million!!! i know this…

  • Slaughta

    @byrdman. I heard weezy is Mulatto.

    @Chris. shut the fuck up.

  • A2K

    Wayne should stop using auto tune his music would sound better without that. Either way Wayne is the best rapper alive. C4.

  • LiLBeezy

    Shits hillarious how much people disagree bout C4. I like it. Coulda/SHOULDA been better tho!

  • Idiotsiswear

    Nightmares of the bottom 
    “life is a coarse and imma shoot for par”

    “Life is a gamble better check the point spread”

    I like the view 
    “life is a midget so try to live it up”

    Blunt blowin
    “life is a movie that I’ve seen too many times”

    “Life is a choice and death is a decision”

    “well if LIFE is a bitch then mine a golddigger”

    It’s a crazy world and life is shorter than bushwick

    6foot 7foot
    “life is a bitch death is her sister”

    She will
    “I already know that life is deep”

  • weezywee

    yall notice That Cee J Kid ain’t around?

    he probably disguising as another name

  • Idiotsiswear

    “lifes a crazy bitch grace jones”
    From track 1 to track 6 he said money 16 times and I didnt count money when he said young money but if I did prolly would double and if I count how many times he talked about how rich he is how many times he said cash or talked about anything having to do with money

    Two shots
    “Well what goes around comes around propellers”

    She will
    “what goes around comes around like a hula-hoop”
    Nightmares of the bottom 
    “married to the money a true love story”

    6foot 7foot
    “married to the money fuck the world that’s adultery”

    Two shots
    “I make her cum so many times call her nutcase”

    So special
    “i make her cum first then I follow the leader”

  • C4Fan

    I bet you that CEEJ kid is Idiotsiswear and its funny cuz this guy is talkn shit about wayne and c4 but yet he has listened to it and is citin lines from it so the joke is on u. Wayne has got u analyzing his shit so i think he can less if ur talkn shit bout him because in the end ur talkn ABOUT HIM.

  • Dank

    @idiotsiswear props on the recycled lines in the two posts above. Listen to immortal technique if you fucks want to know rap that has content. Lil wayne just sold a million mixtapes with C4. It’s nice but its just mixtape talking. No content/meaning and this should not be album material. He can do and has done much better than this. If you have been a fan from day one you would know that his entire style and content has been in constant degress. Idiotsiswear is the only true fan because he isn’t blind to the fact and strictly dick riding.

  • YOUTUBE ——> Lil Vann —–>Lil Vann —–>Lil Vann

  • Idiotsiswear

    C4Fan stfu I never said I wasn’t a fan of Wayne or anything yes I did listen to the album because I bought it which was a big mistake I should’ve listened to the leaked version and then if I liked it payed for it but it’s Wayne and it’s tha Carter so I was expect g it to be hot but it’s hot garbage y’all could call me a hater but you can’t say I’m not telling the truth even the rolling stones said that he repeats the same shit and you acting like I’m lying it’s not hating it’s the truth and I can find way more lines that he repeats I am a Wayne fan just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean you can’t tell the truth I mean can he make a song without telling me about his money or without telling me about how he fucks his girl or eats her out or how high he is can he make a song with out telling me what the f in weezy f baby stand for or what it doesn’t stand for I’m not hating but Wayne could do better and this doesn’t deserve tha Carter title @dank thank you for that and you’re right

  • every 1 stop criticizing and support lil wayne lets make it sale more than amillie.i kno all of ya talked shit about it cuz the media did but if the media said its good yall will say its good.but let me tell u what i think i dont care about the media i dont care about yall i care about what i listen cuz ama real fan i kno what is lil wayne saying and guess what its great for me so am buying it and the other weezy fans will.

  • weEzZy F

    yoo,,anybody know how many copies sold so far ????

  • Idiotsiswear

    No I’m saying the album is trash cuz I actually listened to it not because of the media y’all just riding Wayne I been a fan of Wayne since the hot boys days I remember everytime a hot boys or big tymers song came on I went stupid especially for bling bling project chick and I need a hot girl oh yea the block is hot go dj real big get you roll an all of that I fucked with that and no limit well not really I just liked mystikal I fucked with Luda and dtp I-20 shawanna all of them I fucked with all of that didn’t matter if it was from the south west east if it was hot I fucked with it so I been rocking with Wayne for a minute so when I say this shit is trash it’s trash this shit worse than gucci mane master P silkk da shocker bs okay not exactly like them put this is trash for wayne

  • Fly Dungas

    nah dude people were talking shit when it first leaked. a hell of a lot of people were real bummed. Maybe you need to listen to some of his older stuff? the amount of recycling and generic pussy/money/life is a bitch lines is unheard of for a carter album. Not to mention the squeek voice and how his guys make it unbearably loud on some songs. Being a fan is strictly about liking the music, not making records sell. If you’ve been a fan for a long time you have good reason to be dissapointed by this album, especially if you paid for it. Nobody is hating, we all love wayne, but we really wish he would try harder. We know he can because he used to and even spit that flame from jail. Mindlessly supporting him wont do anyone any good. Im not saying people are wrong for liking the album either, just that we aren’t wrong for not liking it. I hate when i see people calling it hating or saying we aren’t real fans because that really makes em no different from the haters. Just giving people shit for not sharing your taste. As long as you’re not on here calling wayne a fag and shit its not hating.

  • ddank

    And before you fuckers talk shit on what I said realize I said nothing wrong. Idiotsiswear gave the perfect example when he mentioned how well the end of president carter is. There are several other sections of verses that are good in that same sense… But not a single complete verse or song like that. At 9th studio album and many mixtapes he should be giving us much better material. Don’t get me wrong if u take every female song off the album I love the rest. But it is not a good album. It’s a good mixtape but any true fan should be upset after paying for c4 especially considering he’s given much better out on free tapes.

  • Dank

    and before you fuckers talk shit on what i said realize I said nothing wrong. Idiotsiswear gave the perfect example when he mentioned how well the end of president carter is. There are other sections of verses that are good in that same sense but not a single complete verse.. let alone complete song.At his 9th studio album and many mixtapes he should be giving us much better material especially considering he wants millions of people to pay for it.Don’t get me wrong, if you take every single female song off the album, I do like the music. But it is not a good album period. I listen to it as a mixtape because that is how it is presented… he’s just mixtape talking. But any true carter fan, should be upset after paying for c4 especially considering he has given out better on free tapes.Most of you guys are fans after C3 and should respect the opinion of a fan since day one like idiotsiswear. You may have heard all of his music but we have listened to him since he was a child, most of your guys’ ages, and watched/listened to him grow as a person and his raps develop. This is not a step up for him and he shouldn’t be happy expecting millions of people to purchase this mixtape.

  • Dank

    Sorry for the double posts (now triple) it didn’t show my first one so i thought I had to retype it.

  • William

    C4 should be special but it’s not for me. My expectation was so high, Unfortunately Wayne couldn’t reach it.

  • chris

    @ slaughta save it dude you have not added anything of intelligence in this whole segment…just because idiotswear is saying the way he feels i in some degree share the same opionion i have been listening to those same songs back in the day and same artists..shawnna was the only badass bitch rapper in the day…pussy poppin on a headstand..although i like the album some of the songs have a mixtape vibe to them…he aint telling stories nemore and everyother line is a metaphor these days

  • Riccardo

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the album. . .Too bad nikki aint in da album,i wonder y thou

  • Mr carter’s home

    Yo Danny his predictions are up to 925k-975k. Shit has gone up like 200k in like two days. C4 could actually hit a milli in a week. EVERYONE BE SURE TO COP C4 because it would be crazyy if Wayne sold a milli in a week on two albums.

  • chris

    neone got a count on sales so far?


    Haha you guys shut them wayne dick riders the fuck up. We are all fans here and obviously like wayne or we wouldn’t be here but idiotsiswear and dank told the truth. And if they do respond now it’s only because they realize they’ve been muted and it will only be shit talk not an actual response.

  • lilwaynelover

    i just got my THIRD copy at the store tonight. I got the first one on aug29 then i got the 2nd one 2 days after that.

    C4 is now projected to sell 925-975k by hits daily double.


    So if everyone’s like you then when he sells a mil he really only sold it to 333,000 people? Damn that’s weak


    i heard C4 sold a million did any one else hear this? since there is nothing on here that says it did im guessing it didnt.