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Lil Wayne Added To Guinness Book Of World Records x Tha Carter IV Third Week Sales x More

Wed, Sep 21, 2011 by

Some short footage of Lil Wayne skating.

Now before some of you start saying this blog post is full of old news, I’m aware of that. I just thought that some of this news wasn’t worth its own post on LilWayneHQ, so this is why I’m doing a post with all of the news in one!

Anyways, Lil Wayne has picked up another great achievement in his music career, by being placed in the 2012 Guinness Book Of World Records for having the most US Hot 100 hits. Over the past 10 years, Weezy has had over 60 tracks that made the Hot 100 chart. Tunechi was previously inducted into the Guinness Book Of World Records for having the most “likes” on Facebook in 24 hours.

In other Wayne news, I have recently added all of the lyrics to his latest album, Tha Carter IV. You can check the lyrics out here (I also included the bonus songs). Talking about C4, the album sold 116,817 copies in its 3rd week of being released. This means that the total sales for the album are around: 1,300,000.

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  • Asai Adame


  • bradee




  • im proud wayne doing this shit carter 4 sales is crazy wayyy better then j.cole shit

  • ronstar

    damn yo mofos above me are sure damn fast

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    Tunechi in this bitch!!! he is getting it in!

  • donat


  • donat

    5TH Biatches

  • Greatest of greatest

  • Someone

    Good shyttt tune!!

  • Jon

    Am i the only one waiting for a lil wayne thank you song or video like he did for CIII. Don’t get cocky now Mr. Carter! lmaoo but seriously i want some bars

  • seth sether

    The sales are plumetting. People realize that the album is not near as good as they hoped for. For comparison, recovery had lesser first week, but it’s 9th! week sales were 116,000. Hype is wearing down fast. I will not be amazed if Watch the Throne will not fall far behind Carter 4 in year end sales

  • man waynes the best rapper alive!!!!
    c4 all day!!

  • malcmalc

    na i dought that the only reason y its going down is because all the wayne fans bout it in the first week but people nver by albums after the first couple of weeks because after the first weeks sells dont nobody care and they propaply just download it for free after that so ya u stupid c4 was good i just listen to c3 and c4 mixed and it really isnt different c3 was more mainstream but c4 lyrics r dope as fuck some of c3 songs didnt make no kinda sense to be honest lol

  • seth sether


    thats becuase fans buy anything artist releases, good or bad. The real test, given the hype, can the quality convert other people, who are not fans. What you just said meant that only wayne fans bought the album, and only the dickriders were not disappointed.

  • paddy

    im irish,, guinness….. yehhh

  • hickadoo

    seth is spot on. cole world is so much better than c4 its embarrassing

  • Vote In LIL WAYNE on EMA’S 2011 “Best HIPHOP” :

  • Burr

    Follow @youngniinoflows on twitter if you are a true lil Wayne fan

  • c4>j.coles album is bad

  • young stunner


  • Wizzy E

  • yeah seriously j cole cant fuk wit weezy forreal ya’ll r dumb for thinkin tht its not going to sell nearly as much as c4

  • Weezy all d dayy.
    Fuckin bestest n craziest rapper alive!

  • Junie….

    Wayne is gettin wacker and wacker and imma true fan but all dude talks about on almost every song is eatin pussy fuckin the world and shootin a nigga i mean my nigga that shit is gettin borin them corny ass punchliunes like the carter 4 is so wack the only lyrical song is president carter and mirror the rest is corny and repetitive call me a hater if you want im just bein real

  • Junie….

    Tha carter 4 lacks substance subject matter meaning and crazy 07 wayne the dude aint the same person its like the effort was like a mixtape effort u gotta im not a star remix u got a song in megaman that sounds like ransome from him and drake and u got like 4 songs on there that has been out for months prior then u got u got 2 songs without tha niigga on it which are the best songs rapping wise and i know thats what he wamted i know its one whole song broken up in 3s but in all the album is not good it lacks effort big time and u would think with all the pushbacks and hype that it would be a great album but its wack wtt and mbdtf is better than c4 and wayne aint that same spitter he use to be now he sayin shit like now we get hiyah call that shit karate when he use to say drag my name thru the mud i come out clean

  • young tune

    When C4 I came out, I played that shit in the whip and even my girl was laughing at some of the wack ass songs on the album. I only bump Megaman, Blunt Blowin, President Carter, and the intro-outro … the rest is ass.

    also to the dude who said Carter 4 is better than Cole World, I disagree with you my nigga … i disagree lol.

  • Jamie getmony

    @ young tune

    usually I would call you a hater since you are saying negative crap on a fansite, but Im gonna have to agree with you. TC4 aint really all that. I hope he Dedication 4 or whatever will make up for it.

    I still cant believe songs like “I Like The View, 2 shots ” etc. made the deluxe.

  • Junie….

    And im not being a hater im giving constructive criticism as a true fan the dude is so reperitive in his rhymes he says the same unbalanced shit thats stupid like all about my riches my name should be richard that sounds like some soulja boy shit like cmon wheres the effort like c3 which is a better album where on the album do u talk about the hard timnes in jail smh like what is this nigga doin in this album i mean it sold well because of his fanbase but i mean really this album aint winning no grammy it sounds effortless like a mixtape .my dude ur one of the best artist in the game u really need to step ur raps up

  • c4>j.cole wtf i heard his album and its sucks realy his mixtapes are better then his album

  • Junie….

    If wayne was rappin wiz khalifa raps yall would still say hes the best rapper alive yall dont like wayne for his lyrics yall like wayme cuz hes wayne and thats some groupie shit not some true fan shit

  • scrappy

    Ugh…. realy u guys get on my nerves sayin wayne raps about the same shit…I mean realy the man is playin shows all the time and recordin wtf do I want him to rap about…he sing about pussy cause he likes it and money because he has it ..drugs because he did em…wut else could he possible rap about …cause either way he gonna get hatter sayin he fake…he growin as an artist and makin shit every one gonna bump to cause not many white ppl gonna listen to hard gansta rap…and the cheesy lines are because ppl gonna quote his shit they easy to rmember and funny ..he makin history cause he loves wut he does and how to make it sell lay off and enjoy bitches… fyi more songs on c4 have substance than on c3 talkin about bein afraid of failing and love that’s deep… duces*

  • Kendrick

    now that carter iv sold a milli weezy is gonna be more lazier han ever with his music cuz hes gonna feel like he proved a point in carter iv that he can still sell records……….but lets be honest carter iv wasnt wayne’s best work he shouldnt retire yet he needs to come back with that carter 3 drought 3 attitude

  • these haters today ….smh just pathetic

  • jonathan

    weezy f baby and the ”f is for fell off”

  • @jonathan @junie You have no friends?

  • Junie….

    @scrappy read ur comment again and ask urself did u make anysense why in the fuckin world does wayne rap about the same shit on everysong u hear the same bubble gum bullshit he never did that 3 years ago the way wayne is rappin is like he doesnt even care and i could understand that i mean he been in the game for almost 15 years but when u rappin like that theres no way u can call urself the best rapper alive and if u think he is ur a true headgiver and selling records and breaking records doesnt make u the best “RAPPER” alive lyrics and what u say makes u the best it doesnt have anything to do with acheivements its just straight rapping he had the title 3 years ago but he dam sure aint now hes ok he aint nice like that and @fuckeminem u sound like a groupie .my dude especially with that stupid ass name

  • young stunner

    3.SIX FOOT 7′
    10.ITS GOOD
    11.HOW TO LOVE
    1.DEAR ANNE PT.2

  • Junie….

    And im not a big eminem fan but i gotta call it like i hear it and that dude can rap his ass off point blank period his shit makes sense its balanced and it has subject matter hes one of the best rappers alive if not the best and im talkin lyrics not achievements dude is nice and wayne is fallin off big time

  • Jesus

    I like when the Eminem dick riders come out to play lol…Wayne is doing his thing..fuck the haters. If you don’t like Lil wayne..Don’t listen to him..If you don’t like the album..get your money back.. Stop Bitchin’

    damn you niggas need tampons.

  • Hiphopfan

    I remember when wayne apologized to jay z a few years ago for saying hes better than him smh how pethetic then u wanna take his lines and put them on ur song like megaman and mr carter when he said judge couldnt budge it was him or me and dont let ms carter grieve at the funeral polar drip my tears down my sleeve which is from a song called lucky me smh then u diss him ur a idiot wayne and ur lyrics are corny as hell

  • dis c4 is da bomb!anybody that dont like dis c4 is a wacko fuckin nigger

  • man i got bvd wtt red c4 coleworld the only thing that came out this year touchin ca is section 80 period carter 4 and section8o are clearly the best albums or mixtapes out and to whoever said it had no substance lmao his substance resides in his metaphors like abortion he not talkin about normal abortion or mirrors he talkin to himself john he feel he go down as a legend which is true 6’7 and megaman the only tracks with no substance period but clearly niggas cant decipher metaphors that nigga wayne sent a message with this album a BIG FUCK YOU to the illuminati and i respect that

  • 5 st*r

    ^ lol this dude called other fans “nigger”

    that tells you everything you need to know about who visits the website.

    Also its a sad day when even I Am Not A Human Being goes harder than C4, I thought after that album things could only get better … and then november came…

  • tune

    @5st*r they let my nigga out aw (drake voice) lol

  • ianhb does not go harder then c4 but it is underrated

  • Facts

    Best hip hop albums of the year (In order):

    Kendrick Lamar – Section 80
    J. Cole – Cole World
    Lupe Fiasco – Lasers
    Jay-Z/Kanye West – Watch The Throne
    Lil B – I’m Gay

    Worst hip hop albums of the year (In order):

    Wiz Khalifa – Rolling Papers
    Lil Wayne – Tha Carter 4
    Big Sean – Finally Famous
    Tyler The Creator – Goblin

  • MelloYello

    2 years isnt bad for a first album. That’s the average time for any album. And whats wrong with “preaching” the whole album.

  • young stunner

    In 11months lil wayne dropped IANHB+c4+s4dawait=better than anythng dropped this year!

  • Idiotsiswear

    You got to be a retarded ass nigga if you think that bs called tha carter IV is hot reall omg kill ya self shit was so garbage nigga talking about Waynes metaphors have deep meaning and shit no the fuck they don’t I find it funny how you stans find meaning where there clearly is none then all of you have different meanings seriously you found meaning in the intro blunt blowing abortion I like this view 6′ 7′ and the rest of them songs nigga please this nigga said section 80 and c4 was the best releases of this year nigga please I agree with section 80 but c4 stop it b all 6’s and 7’s which is tech n9nes album cane out this year if you think c4 tops that die

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  • Idiotsiswear

    Niggas saying Wayne is better than j Cole kill ya self c4 is better than wrt kill ya self I agree with that person who made the worst albums of the year list and threw c4 on it Wayne garbage now I think I know why tez was sitting on the album and pushed it back he was hoping Wayne would change his mind about the tracklist I guess the original c4 was wack to or atleast Waynes verses maybe he was hoping Wayne would actually listen to that garbage and be honest with himself up up and away was hands down the best songs yet it only made the deluxe version I like this view hands down the worst song but yet it made the deluxe version so wait am I suppose to pay extra for that garbage? I got some money was wack it sounds like something you do for fun like you in the studio niggas is drumming a beat with they hands and you start just saying the first thing you think about having fun like how Wayne and them did that single ladies thing and the fact that y’all know Wayne says the same thing every song and you ok with that and you pay for that tells me you’re a Stan

  • best albums this year section 80 and carter 4 fuck ya suggestions

  • Idiotsiswear

    Oh yeah I’m back bitches did you miss me???? Fuck tha Carter IV it’s start garbage

  • Idiotsiswear

    Damn I meant to say straight garbage


  • guest

    Back in 2008 when he was making stupid songs like “Eat You Alive”, I used to say he fell off then … but now after hearing his last 3 albums I would do anything to have that Wayne back at least lol.

  • Pauly D

    bitch im ballin

  • Quantrindic

    Is it just me or do all the Wayne haters bring up facts like lyrics he’s used or his content. For people who can’t stand him you all act like you know so much about him and his music. That’s super ironic. I don’t know shit about the artists and music I like, and I never cared about someones opinion enough to try to change it. No matter what you dumbasses say we will like Wayne. Stop acting like you can change our minds

  • Junie….

    Tha carter iv is not a bad album but its not good either and its not what certain fans thought it would be thats why we sayin this shit about this mixtape sounding album i mean like i said the album lacks effort the best songs on here are songs wayne aint even on and thats sad plus u got better bonus tracks than album tracks and yall say this album is good smh if u think that than u think anything is good this album lacks lyrical content substance effort and subject matter unlike watch the throne which is a way better album i mean ye and jay kill that shit with their lyrics and u hear this nigga wayne sayin dum shit like now we get hiyaah call that shit karate or all about my riches my name should be richard like who wrote that shit lil b or somethin smh and section 80 is a mixtape not an album

  • Quantrindic

    I don’t know shit about the artists I don’t like^

  • R3m1

    Return of the wack (Mark Morrison voice)… “the f is for fell off” that’z a good one but there is great songs in CIV way more that in Cole world

  • Quantrindic

    When you have haters that stay on your fan pages more than your fans, you know you’re doing something right. This nigga is so good that even his haters are passionate about it. You know why us fans don’t care about you haters? Because at the end of the day you’re all pathetic faggots and will probably always be. Maybe it’s better that dumbasses like you can’t get him and are so fucking frustrated by it lol

  • Junie….

    Aint nobody tryna change minds i dont give a fuck about nobody opinion but mines fuck what somebody else say im entitled to my own opinion its just constructive criticism on ur favorite artist stop caring about someone elses opinion especially when u dont even know him like i dont know non of yall so who cares its comments from people behind a computer screen stop takin it personal

  • waynes world

    wow! that’s amazing. 1.3 million . 60 tracks on top of the charts. this dude the greatest ever

  • Quantrindic

    Lol please nigga you’re always here with the same story “I liked Wayne but I hate him now” you’re a stupid ass hater acting like a fan to try to validate your hate and try to preach to Wayne fans and change their opinion. If that wasn’t the case you wouldn’t keep visiting he site saying the same bullshit. You think I was born yesterday?

  • Quantrindic

    And you’re the one on a fan site spewing hate yet we are all supposed to shrug it off because it’s just an opinion? You’re more delusional than I thought. How old are you? You really think people are following your logic?

  • Junie….

    @quandric so u mad? Lol calm down my nigga u goin in for no reason what are u provin if u dont like my comment dont reply cuz it aint for ur thoughts its for my thoughts and it aint hate neither u think when a fan says something about wayne that they dont like its automatically hate ur not gonna like everything he does thats not being a fan thats dickridin im not gonna pretend i like somethin he does when i dont like it thats not bein a fan thats bein a groupie

  • Yeah quantrindic , we heard n i respect their opinion,cn they get th fuck out of here .we lv wayn 4 hu he is .wack,mainstream,… He stil the best ,save ur bulsht on ur memory card haters,negative critics we’v already heard ‘junie ,idiotswear its almst 1month n u stil on tha same sht man thats wack.keep ur paragraphs .c1 c2 c3 c4 wayne fan or stan,dick rider watevr bt stil a fan

  • that’s whats up 🙂 congrats wayne 🙂 c4 sales are crazy 🙂

  • real-talk

    Damn this nigga still goin over 100k a week.

  • macmac

    lol wow

  • AGA

    Lil Wayne C4 Album is the best i ever heard! baby u did a great job and plz don’t stop cuz im so…congratulations !! Keep doin that great songs and im ur fan 4ever!

  • malcolm


  • hey weezy not to down you but if you spent half as much time making us a D4 mixtape as you do skating, we’d have it already. Cmon my nigga! But I still love you

  • Tucci

    People, itz simple: if u think he iz wack or haz gone lazy, then dnt fuckin listen 2 him… Y tha fuck dnt u release an album nd letz c how many recordz ur gona sell?? c4 done sold close 2 a mil in itz 1st week, that shld tell yall sumin #Tunechi’sBack!

  • Quantrindic

    If you want your opinions to only be part of your thoughts then keep them as your thoughts. The second you post a comment it is liable to be criticized. And yes negative and demeaning comments are considered hate. The only person dick riding is you. Not even fans are as adamant with their comments as your are. They may post their “1st!” bullshit or one comment of praise. You’re constantly spewing bullshit so who’s really the dick rider?

  • Zeca f. Baby

    Tha carter IV BEST-ALBUM-OF-THE-YEAR no doubt !!!!


  • swagg nation

    EVERYONE is saying that C4 was a disappointment its not just people on this fansite and if you’re saying that its the best album of the year you must be under 14.

  • swagg nation

    This album would of been PERFECT as a mixtape but for Wayne to make these songs and then listen to them, and then say “yeah, this is going on the album” tells me he FELL OFF.

    Nightmares of the Bottom could have been the best song on here but no he wants to sound like a zombie on it and just ruin the vibe for that song.

    6 Foot 7 Foot could also have been the best song on the album if only he didn’t release it so god damn early and have his voice sound like alvin and the chipmunks.

  • Quantindic

    Who’s everyone nigga? Is that why weezy is getting paid? You niggas are too fake and stupid to understand c4. Go eat a dick your opinion is shit bitch

  • swagg nation

    Just face it, post-prison Wayne aka Lil Tunechi is TRASHHHH

  • swagg nation

    @Quantindic I’m too fake and stupid to understand his simple lyrics? Are you serious kid? A 1st grader can understand his lyrics. And ‘everyone’ is the people who bought his album (which is why he’s getting “paid”) and said “wow, this is the best he could do?”

    You mad?

  • Quantrindic

    Nigga shut the fuck up. Now you speak for everyone who bought the album. Go kill yourself

  • wtfizzy

    I cant respect your opinion in hiphop if you think wayne hasn’t fell off…I’m a fan..I don’t think c4 was horrible but shit like s4tw is doodoo.I don’t even bump that shit anymore..I miss mixtape wayne..fuck this lil tunechi shit

  • Quantrinic

    Nah you’re just too wack to evolve with his style. He’s by far better then he was. Proves to me how stupid you are for thinking otherwie.

  • wtfizzy

    If lyrics like “Young Money CMR, blood like a scar Weezy F Baby and the F ain’t for Flaw” are the products of lyrical evolution in your opinion. Then sir I suggest you retire your ipod,

  • Quantrindic

    And you quote one of his best songs ever. Now I know you’re out of touch. Nigga say what you want you’re fucking wrong. Everyone in the music industry knows this too. Get the fuck outta here

  • wtfizzy

    One of his best songs ever..lmaooo.why cuz at his shows he says it acapella,and stresses every line? Gtfoh.I ain’t saying wayne sucks overall but this nikkas rap powers got left in rikers or something

  • Phant0m

    C4 was an overall good drop imo just not as hard as it should have went… Wayne still got it in him we see that on tracks like 6 foot 7 foot,mirrors, megman(no ceiling type attitude,) just he knows he is he slacks IMO. listen to red bandanna from t-streets mixtape Wayne demolishes that track h needs this attitude for everysong to gain alot of his fans respect. we want that i told ya,sky is the limit, hustle music type of wayne . hope next mixtape is fire cause sorry for the wait was a waste of time lol

  • quantrindic

    Sleeping at the top, nightmares of the bottom (Self Explanatory)
    Everybody wanna be fly till you swat ‘em(everybody wanna be cool and live that life i.e. the game until they get caught the way he did and he has the double entendre or the fly and getting swatted)
    But who am I to talk? I ain’t shittin’ roses(saying he himself got caught)
    We in in the same picture but we all got different poses (self explanatory)
    Now I’m looking in my rear view, I see the world in it
    I try to slow down and I get rear ended(How he tried to slow his life down)
    Pause! like a red light, I’m dead right(
    Highway to Heaven, God do you see my headlights?(Though he’s doing what’s right he may end up dying)
    They say: “you don’t know what you’re doing till you stop doing it”
    Well call me clueless cause I do this(Saying he’s still living that life)
    Attention all shooters, I’m a shooting star (double entendre. someone who’s famous yet is a shooter and an actual shooting star)
    Life is a course and I’mma shoot for Par(another double entendre with the word course. he’s trying to validate his way of life though it’s violent)
    Searching for today, instead I found tomorrow(Searching for today as in searching for a better day by hustling, yet he found tomorrow, he found an ever evolving style in rapping)
    And I put that shit right back, man I’ll see what I’ll find tomorrow(He keeps changing his style and looking towards the future)
    Young Money CMR, blood like a scar
    Weezy F Baby and the F ain’t for Flaw
    Uhh, uhh

  • quantrindic

    It’s like I have it all but I don’t have to worry
    Married to the money, a true love story
    Only God can judge me, I don’t need a jury(Saying how he doesn’t care what people think of his life style)
    Nothing standing in my way, like nothing’s my security (Sick metaphor)
    Back to my journey, that bullshit don’t concern me(double entendre. going back to his jour, he doesnt give a fuck about it and the literal having his back to his journey)

  • coolio

    Okay I’m walking on needles, sticking to the point (obvious)
    Yeah the streets is talking, I’m familiar with the voice (saying how he’s still about that life)
    I’m a gangsta by choice, I hope my son’s choose wiser
    And don’t call me sir, call me survivor
    Uhh, yeah, uhh

    If you niggas ain’t down with this then you ain’t about this life.

  • wtfizzy

    Lmfao you just like wayne over emphasizn on that can write it in brail,send it to me in smoke signals,its still a MEH song

  • Quantrindic

    Ohhh straight. My bad. I thought you didn’t understand the song but you’re just a fag. Nevermind then

  • waynes world

    wayne is deeper than you think. his lyrics hit on more than what he says. that’s why I like wayne, he deep and he always teach me something I wouldn’t have known if he never said it. “I rock to the beat of my drumset/I been at the top fa a while and I aint jump yet but im ray charles to the bulllshit na jump up on that dick and do a full split”. man wayne the ish

  • wtfizzy

    U mad? Lol fuck outta here. @ q

    Stop dickriding so hard

  • quantrindic123

    What’s with you fags and the term “dickriding”? Nigga, why do you think rap legends like busta, nas, bun b, and andre 3000 went in so hard on his tracks? Because they not only respect him, they recognize the height of his game and thus the level of the cd. They bring fire because they feel they have to. Weezy almost hit a million on his first week and the recession is hitting super hard. He’s not only on the top of the rap game, he’s on top of music period. That’s why he’s setting records and getting in the book of records.

  • weezy F

    i got say C4 was better than C3 (LYRICALLY)!! but his attitude and flow was better on c3…most of the songs on c4 he sounds bored or like he doesn’t care anymore…

  • wtfizzy

    Ok gaga and j.bieb sell mad records to..that don’t mean they are great musicians..that’s just mean he got mainstream appeal.

  • quantrindic

    Dude let me ask you… Why are you on a lil wayne fan site arguing with a lil wayne fan about how good he is? I’m here and arguing cuz I’m a fan. Why are you on this site period? Especially in the comment section of a post. Seriously, amaze me and justify your purposes. You’re a fucking idiot and a loser. And I’m not being harsh. You think you fool people? You’re pathetic. There’s no rationale to what you’re doing except hating. The fact that you’re even arguing with me proves how infatuated his haters are. They’re even more infatuated than some of his fans.

  • ytone380
  • LIl Torrie

    weezy da best

  • @junie your names sounds like a shemale …. dumb no friends hehe

  • Georgiaboy87

    Y’all people gotta be slow 
    Why do I see haters that should have been banned already from this dam site still up on here… Maaaannnn fuck juine, idiotsiswewr, Jamie & all you other haters. The reason why sails is down because you can get it free from anywhere he’ll YouTube go the whole thing + at his concert he even said you can download it fo free cause he don’t care anymore. C4 was his best album now the reason why so e hoes sayin he could of did better was for the fact that everybody thought it was just gonna be a, a Millie on steroids or no ceilings on steroids. See the thing that makes lil Wayne unique is that he’s unpredictable you never know what you gonna get because he’s veristale like that. When you here other rappers you know what to expect like em & busta you know they gonna rap fast pause every 10 words & make it rhyme, gucci you already know, wiz gonna rap about weed/rolling air planes, Rick Ross moving fake cocaine, birdman money, jeezy (my nigg) trapin flippin chicks/bricks, wacka pills/weed. Wayne you just never know like how did how to love.

  • Georgiaboy87

    Wayne is bigger than rap so on his album you just don’t see club/car bangers for people (dudes) but you see songs for girls, then he made on for people who did cocaine/drugs on novacaine, then he did one for a bitch braking his heart how to hate & so on & so on. Each song have it’s place on the track for a reason when Wayne raps he just don’t do it for hip hop but he do it for the world. I can debate everysong off the C4 is the shit if you got it just take a moment to listen carefully & you will see they all have meaning (lyrics to deep)

  • scrappy

    @junie lol honestly I shouldn’t even wast my time… but to answer u yes it does make sense to me … ppl write songs about what they know about wayne knows about bein on the top , pussy, drugs, money,cars, and growin up in the street b4 he became sucessful… I mean realy wut do want him to rap about? emmenim writes about bein depressed and stanglin bitches mostly..or drugs.. or shit about kim and is daughter…and other say they the best and ganstsas. Thug. Bloods. Wayne hit the best rapper 3 years ago then he went to tryin to grow as an artist and musician rebirth. How to love. All that is distinctly not old lil wayne. Its growth. The man said he wasn’t the greates ne more.. even put it in his song … yeah the tables turned, but I still sittin at em….soo just chill if ya don’t like the c4 listen to his classic shit. Me I like most of what he does he is a hard workin artist yes some is crap but then again not many other artist or rapper kill every song…back when u had to buy the whole damn cd for like 2 or 3 one remember that…..

  • @junie @quan get life u pathetic kids… i bet u cant spit a verse haha

  • Muzik

    Weezy the best.fuck haters and pretenders,stop dickriding haters. Weezy the best

  • man i gotta say i agree wit @geogieboy87. Wut other rappers lyk em, 50cent (wu realy fell off) busta, luda, pitbull, wiz, gucci, cole nd da rest YOU ALWAYS KNW WAT THY GNA CUM OUT WIT ND WT IT’S GNA B ABT. nd tht is realy boring. wit wayne every song is diff. every year he has a diff style. i cn tke ya’ll bck 2 the block is hot straight up2 c4 non of thse albums sound da same. em 4 eg. frm hs first album 2 da lst no chnge at all shit is always da same nd thts a shame!

  • cesd

    lmfao what type niggas entertain bs?? smh why argue with niggas claiming weezy fell off and he selling a mill in a week?? anigga who breaking records???? HATING ON WAYNE IS GETTING OLD..shit is childish arguing with niggas on a fansite. we all on here for 1 see the latest on the bra.point blank period! and some niggas here to waste there life and talk stupid

  • bryan

    weezy,d ones who say c4 was da bomb r ur haters,we ur tru fans gota tel u dat d album wusnt dope at al,i expected u 2 sound mor matured lyk eminem did on recovery,u gota take ur lyrics 2 anoda level

  • yung_money

    man straight up the nigga wayne ain’t falling off we just hear him to much all da mixtapes, features, remixes da nigga on erthing and why ppl judging him off c4 da album was average because he mixed shit he did 2 years ago before jail with shit after jail so of course it’s sounds random he shoulda did the whole album fresh but fuck it it was worth 10 fuckin dollars let’s be real the whole fucking game dropped duds this year not just weezy wtt, cole world, red album, we waited for all them shit’s and none of them lived up to da classic type hype they were getting there all good albums but just that good not great so besides sells all them niggaz fell to meet expectations and that’s why niggaz don’t care to give us fire tracks no more they just tryna out sell each other

  • president

    junie…if you want to say carter 4 is bad say it’s bad. don’t compare it too other albums otherwise it makes you look like a dick rider of other artists. Carter 4 isn’t amazing but seriously cole world was a letdown. WTT wasn’t even good. Recovery was eminems second worst album and lacked any kind of lyrical finesse he ever had. Best album this year though? techs album. Tried to buy into the kendrick Lamar hype but section 80 wasn’t that good.

    lil Wayne fits in a category of rap for me. In that specific rap style he is the best without a doubt. His songs are fun and have amazing production and beats. He will Sprinkle a few gems throughout the tracks and you know he won’t stay on a particular subject too long. If I want stories I listen to nas as he tells them best. If I want the best flow I listen to tech n9ne. If I want the best metaphors I go to chino xl, if I want to listen to a battle rapper I listen to canibus. If i want to kill myself I listen to waka flocka flame….he’s awful.

  • ronie

    i fuckin love c4 …i still think c3 was a little bit better but c4 is crazy as shit …waitin for c5

  • wakwaka

    There are no gems on c4, the production fucking sucks, cole world was a let down and yet still 3x better. Wayne doesn’t even flow right anymore he just takes other peoples flow and changes the words. I think every album this year was better. WTT was way better cole world shits on it finally famous was better goblin doesn’t even belong in a comment on this site. Every song is just him talking about stupid shit like pussy and money over and over with little shreds of meaning throughout. His delivery is painful to listen to “ash my blunt in my Grammy aw-ard” UGH Its disgusting compared to what he used to do. He just doesn’t give a fuck anymore he just wants to quit and be a skater. The best song on this album is probably megaman and people say it sounds like a mixtape song….you know an album fucking sucks when that is supposed to be a good thing

  • wakwaka

    I’m fucking done with this site. Georgiaboy jump off a fucking cliff. C4 is his best album LMAO whata bunch of dick riding FAGS

  • wakwaka

    and the reason haters get you so mad is cuz you know they’re right deep inside but go ahead let your favorite rapper put out this nursery rhyme trash and just be clueless as to what he can actually do. Wayne is a fucking joke right now

  • youngmoney


  • WayneVSJayZ

    How crazy would this be:
    An album called “the battle”
    There would be 10 songs. 5 for Jay Z, 5 for Wayne. They battle it out. Each person does every other song. In other words, Wayne would get tracks 1,3,5,7,9, and Jay Z would get tracks 2,4,6,8,10, or vice versa. That’d be sick as fuck.

  • young stunner



  • Georgiaboy87

    @wakwaka is a bitch made raised by a slut with no morals
    I bet we know who your favorite rapper is wack as lame

  • young money militia n i am d commisioner.lilwayne rules!ymcmb for ever baby.c4 n c3 n so on.da bomb.
    ** lil jamie**



  • Idiotsiswear

    Yo ok why is it that on songs where there is no hook why is it Wayne is not the only writer Wayne need help to come up with that bs intro from Mack I understand for hooks and shit but c’mon just look at the album credits ok now onto the next half there use to be a times when Wayne just flowed straight through a sound smoothly and changing his flow sometimes every few bars but it fit together so perfect he was even doing it in jail the light up verse but now Wayne has the same boring lazy sounding flow he pauses alot drags his words he says one thing then the next bar is on a totally random subject He was nice on up up and away though I’ll give him that

  • Idiotsiswear

    I was listening to hulstlaz musik I was listening to songs him and juelz did I was listening to fireman weezys ambitions I’m me gossip that light up song I was listening to shit like that today wondering where did that Wayne go and when would he return stop calling us haters for saying what needs to be said like others are saying we know he can do better it’s not like we saying Wayne been garbage his whole life know we saying we know he can do better and this was a poor excuse for c4 but for some strange reason no matter how much we say we are fans but not fans of c4 and Wayne can do better for some reason you never get it and always respond saying we are hater and if we hate Wayne so much why are we on here its like y’all seriously can’t read then y’all saying other actual good albums was trash compared to c4 if you could actually listen to a Wayne song without being a Stan and saying everything he does is great be honest when it garbage you would slap yourself for saying c4 is his best album ever or the best album this year

  • to all the people on here saying bulshit about wayne and sayin C4 is the worst album of the year… yall must be smoking sumthin.. yall know numbers don’t lie and wayne is the most consistent rapper to ever do it.

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  • mizzyy8

    Lol. Yall some emo ass kids that need to get off his dick. I promise yall that lovin him right now under 18. Only started likin him cause ur friends liked him. Yall stupid. Especially the dumb fuck that said c4 better than c3. Stupid ass kids. Most yall white huh. Ask yall moms for money to buy it. Yall say the dumbest ignorant shit ever. Fuckin losers. … stick a thumb up ur ass n listen to sq4.fake ass posers

  • mizzy8

    And nah fuck em they dont know nothin if they say we hatin wen we tellin the truth.. wayne fell off. N if u think hes as good as he was. Im tellin u theyre posers.its fact. I loved wayne. Never got enough. Still dnt jus his old shit . Yall need to think harder yall. Fuckin kids. Dnt know nothing

  • Frisco916

    The bigger you get the more critics will arise and critisize. Like they say, more money more problems. In weezys case, more fame more haters. If you dnt like it then cut ur ears off. He obviously did.somthin.right to have so many ppl critisize his work. The dude is skating lol..u think he gaflying fawk what ppl think? Lol. Hes great because.where he came from, and how he overcame hatera.and ppl who told em he was wack. Big ups weezy, even if I dnt like cuz of.personal preferance, ill still bump ur shiet.

  • Frisco916

    Even if he has.ppl argueing what cd was better it still proves that you listened to it. What matters to an artist is that they leave in ur head..did weezy not do that? I understand its not hating, guys just got bored of.listening to.em..its not that he fell off, cuz shit I still listen to his shit.when he.was w the hot boys. He dis his part. He doesnt have shit to prove to anyone. Not any of you can fathom or even understand the level of comitment hes.made to his career . Pls. Hes a growing man and has a life apart from rap. Uall sittn here talkn shit about em then yall needa find out what wayne did so ppl can talk shit about u like u r to him 😉 haha..n thats real

  • Frisco916

    And one.more thing…what do you ppl think c4 would do? Make u.cum out ur ears know when its ur bday n u expect a dam mercedes.for ur 18th? N then u get a lexus? n ur not happy w that? Well what about the dam 18 years of ur parents gave u? Did weezy not give you guys alot of shit to bump, relax, fawk, get Yall treating em like dr. dre. Have respect for a guy who gave u his all. Cuz I know for dam sure I can find u.on another blog sayin hes better than any other rapper. B real w urself and learn to give respect and credit when its due.weezy deserves it.

  • dat kul

  • emthebest

    weezy and hes nursery rhyms please em the best bitches and all you mindless nerds should play in a punk rock group like your fucken hero leave rap to the pros bitches. this bitch sounding like he needs water in every track c4 sucked and i just posted this to get you mad eminem bitches. fuck this fan site let me checkout a em site cus you motha fuckaz sound like retards oh by the way just see how long wayne can keep drizzy below him, shit sorry drizzy aint below that skinny wearing faggot he’s right above him lol cum kill me bitches!!!!!