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Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV Breaks iTunes First Week Album Sales Record In Just Four Days

Fri, Sep 2, 2011 by

Lil Wayne Tha Carter IV Breaks iTunes First Week Album Sales Record In Just Four Days

In just four days, Lil Wayne has broke the iTunes first week album sales record with his Tha Carter IV album. Kanye West and Jay-Z were the previous holders of this record with “Watch The Throne”, but C4 has already sold over 300,000 copies digitally and it hasn’t even been a full week 😮

Lil Wayne remains unstoppable with his hotly anticipated, critically-acclaimed new album for Cash Money Records/Universal Republic Records, THA CARTER IV, breaking the iTunes record for first-week U.S. album sales in only four days with over 300,000 units sold. Lil Wayne breaks the record set only two weeks ago by Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Watch The Throne,” and held by Coldplay before that. – EON

This is great news for Wayne and us Wayniacs, but please do keep supporting the album and purchase C4 if you haven’t already bought it, because I know we all want Weezy to get them 1 million copies of Tha Carter IV sold first week ❗

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  • Will

    1 milli

  • Mike smith


  • Edwinl

    Hello everybody! Is it true the projections are now pushed up to 925k-975k? Cause that 1 milli on the way!!!!
    First haha:)

  • belee dat! richer than the richest!

  • Victory

    Yeas!!!!!!!………. keep it coming!

  • L J

    yay! Go Weezy Go! I got the deluxe, didn’t let any of my friends burn it =) They bought their own & they love it! I love it too. I might have to buy one more copy just in case someone tries to jack me or something happens to it :/ I know he’ll do a million the first week 😀

  • Lighters

    That’s just on iTunes ? DAMN ! I’m scared to look at the overall numbers, might be scary shit lol. Probably at 700k already.

  • Mossy

    C4 in thiiiiiis bitch!! we the best yall!! lets get to that mill

  • Jordan

    The album is soo close to a milli its ridiculous! Buy another copy of the album. If you bought it online, buy a hard copy! We gotta get him to a milli!!

  • fuck Gay Z

    yeah 1 milliiii

  • J.R. Youngin

    We got you Tunechi, I’ll support no matter what. Bee lee dat!!!

    Signed: Futre, YMCMB member!

  • is gonna go 1 million,weezy f baby the best rapper alive.ymcmb 4eva.

  • tunechi

    he will get 1.3 – 1.6 milli 😀 you’ll see


    aew sim 😀
    rondonia curtindo d mais lil wayne brasil

  • ely_youngtune

    weezy fuckin baby!!!!!!!! 1 milli nigga, YMCMB! this shit is unreal lol!

  • morris

    LMAo Wayne is carzy when it come to numbers.. damn jay and ye .


    young mula baby 😀 Brasilzaum rondonia 😛

  • junie.


  • nickbealing

    hahhahaa should wipe the smiles off jayz and kanyes wests face,however its hard to wipe kanyes smile as is heads firmly up jays arse lol

  • TuneCarron

    HELL YEAH WAYNE BEAT OUT JAY THAT’S A VERY GOOD LOOK EVEN SINCE JAY DISSED BIRDMAN I THINK THAT FUNNY SHIT THE ALBUM WITH THE SONG WAYNE DISSED JAY Z ON BEAT OUT JAY AND KANYES ALBUM!! good look wayne i bought 3 copies one for the car, one for the house, and one for the ipod! C4 mister carter’s home!!

  • Cool james


  • StarENiX

    Where the haters at? LMAO

    I bought the iTunes Deluxe and Target Deluxe versions. 1 mil first week!

  • Money

    You should say #NoHomo when you say “Wayniacs”…. shit sounds so gay.

  • junie.


  • I’m excited for wayne he’s proving people wrong ! If your are a true fan you will support no matter what or how wayne is dong music ! Waynes a monster beast & etc ! Give his respect period ! #weezynation ! YMCMB! UBG!

  • ztunechi-

    ceejay… did you go on holiday?

  • greaminati

    Why won’t he break records? He’​​S̶̲̥̅̊ got fans from allover! Nigeria, Brazil, Togo, india ,Mexico, even saudi arabia. Hmmm..does that mean that lil wayne is better than JayZ+Kanye west? ​i̶̲̥̅̊ wonder what Drake+Lil wayne album will sell in ​A̶̲̥̅̊ week? Maybe 3milli!! Go weezy
    Aiye e ti daaaa

  • Weezy F. Baby


  • Ms Weezyyy

    Aaaaaaauuuuuuuuuu!!!!! Its Weezy Bbaby!!!

  • uhm ths comment is for tht magazen editor tht ws twk’in abt waynes’s PR. department well he jst proved your stupid fucken ass wrng, wayne nd hs PR. department r the fucken smart’st ppl alive damn tht ws a great move gett’in hm 2 perform last at mtv awards. big ups weezy rains king over ths HIP HOP game!

  • weezydarkroms

    easy for weezy

  • THOR

    Hey All Wayne Fans: If you all want the Carter IV to do 1,000,000 first week, we have to flood his “How to Love” video and promote C4 like crazy. Honestly if something is said about C4 on the top comments for the rest of the week he would reach Platinum easily. I say that because that’s where the most traffic is now from people who can tolerate Wayne but isn’t necessarily going to buy the Album. It’s up to us to promote and push C4 over the top! Let’s do this for all of the hate that Wayne constantly receives…


  • Patron


  • Manny

    “Numbers Don’t Lie And Neither Do I” – Lil Wayne

  • Beatsizzle

    I purchased Carter IV on iTunes as a ‘thank you’ for all the free music over the years.

  • Joseph

    im glad this will do well…but i don’t want this to be his last album,im pretty sure once he finds out he sold alot of copies he’s gonna realize his fans are still here for him..and he’s probly gonna continue doing music

  • Dat’s what’s UP!!!! GETTEM WEEZY! Much love!!

  • dwayne kruza carter

    always prayed for this. never wanted jigga to hold that record!!!!!! yea!!!!!

  • junie.


  • Libra

    How much watch the throne did? On itunes

  • Ivo

    Lady gaga sold 1.10 milion albums in her first week because AMAZON ware seling her album for 0.99 cent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • swagg nation

    Wtf yall mean buy another copy? He my favorite rapper but I’m not buyin 2 copies just so can get more sales…#stopit5

  • LIl Torrie


  • Weezy J baby

    Weezy gonna fly high pass dem haters like dos 2 fools who wanna Watch the Throne for Weezy…fcuk Jay West cos u guys sucks

  • Fishnetballerskis

    who cares it was still better with 10x the effort put into it

  • Fishnetballerskis

    WTT I mean. C4 is trash except for Mirror, 2 Shots, I got Some Money On Me, Up Up and Away, pres carter and megaman. only 2 of em were album songs the others were bonus lol

  • noboty can fuck with weezy.fuck jay-z.i kidnap your bitch hahahahhahhahhahahahahahhhahah the best rapper alive

  • Fishnetballerskis

    yeah cuz the best rapper alive says shit like “all about my riches, my name should be richard”

  • Stillidiots

    Im trying to post a gang of the worst lines on c4 but I guess the Stan that owns this is mad so it won’t go through no matter how long or short I make it

  • Stillidiots

    “blood like a scar weezy f baby and the f ain’t for flaw” 
    “and don’t call me sir call me sur -vivor”
    “I bleed reality I should cut myself”
    “just had a bowl of riches and a cup of wealth and the f is for fuck yaself”


    sorry lil wayne is the best rapper alive

  • #1weezy fan

    Yea dats wha I’m talking about… Yeah, pls weezy fan let’s keep supporting him n get him 2 1million units… God bless u all as u do so… Go Weezy, U da BEST OF D BEST #C4 rocks

  • jonas

    try beat that!!

  • mmoloki

    C4 is so nice!!! Blunt blowin, so special, it’s good, john, 6 foot, how to hate, abortion, interlude, megaman, intro,,,,,,,niceeee! 1st!1

  • jay

    none of this numbers are official they are all coming from 2nd rate sites like this, billboard, itunes, not even real hip hop sites like hiphopdx, allhiphop are sayign anythign about his sales…this is hype to get people to think they missing out and go by this damn near below average ass album

  • ztunechi-

    ceejay… did you go on holiday??

  • ztunechi-

    @jay….Ok Mate.

  • man i’ve gotta mke ths comment, Lady Gaga solf 1.1mil first week cos she sold hr albumat o.99cent, weezy sell’in hs album at $16 nd hs abt 2 sell 900k upwards…? wu’s da best entertainer thre? jay-z & kanye west sold 250k digital in a whle week wen weezy sold 300k in 4days, wu’s the better entertainer thre…? Watch the thron sold 445K first week nd Carter IV sold 300k digital codies in 4days thts mre thn half of wtt’s numbers, wu’s the better entertainer thre? wtt sold abt 650k in it’s 3weeks on sale so far, nd Carter IV has alrdy sold 300K in 4days thts agen half of wtt’s sales for it’s three weeks all togetha so far. NW WU DA HELL IS DA BEST RAPPER ALIVE..?

  • man i’ve gotta mke ths comment, Lady Gaga sold 1.1mil first week cos she sold hr albumat o.99cent, weezy sell’in hs album at $16 nd hs abt 2 sell 900k upwards…? wu’s da best entertainer thre? jay-z & kanye west sold 250k digital in a whle week wen weezy sold 300k in 4days, wu’s the better entertainer thre…? Watch the thron sold 445K first week nd Carter IV sold 300k digital codies in 4days thts mre thn half of wtt’s numbers, wu’s the better entertainer thre? wtt sold abt 650k in it’s 3weeks on sale so far, nd Carter IV has alrdy sold 300K in 4days thts agen half of wtt’s sales for it’s three weeks all togetha so far. NW WU DA HELL IS DA BEST RAPPER ALIVE..?



  • Idiotsiswear

    Best rapper alive?
    “now we get hiya call that sh!t karate” was he serious
    “blame it on the money the money is the bad guy smoke so much good I don’t have a bad side”
    “I think I’m getting sick I’m feeling illegal” who wrote this shit soulja boy?
    “If these wall could talk they probably won’t shut up I need some wallpaper before they start to fuss”
    “but I put up a wall and they just wallpaper”

  • i’ll take u out, dats a date nikka!!!!!

  • Mine a gold digga

    A milli a milli a milli

  • AishThaks

    Tha Carter IV is Album of The Century………LIL WAYNE is Tha Best Rapper Alive

  • Stillidiots

    How many times he gonna say “sticking to the script” or “sticking to the point” or have a line about if these wall could talk or street or have a line about money talking and he stealing lines from a minor
    Cuz i don’t give a fuck I put the ass in assassin earl sweatshirts said that on his album Earl on track 2 Earl “Earl puts the ass in assassin”

  • Broskie ! On My YMCMB Come Up !

    Weezyyy ! No matter what nobody else EVER said , ibeen with you since I was 8 . . im 16 now , & iStill love you & ya music . NoHomo !

  • Ezp

    Maynn i cant find the deluxe hard copy anywhere in th uk :(((((((((((((

  • dafuture64

    Wayne’s C4 blew up the charts……get it cuz it ain’t to far fetch he named it c4 and dats just what he did blewwwwww upppppppppp C4 boom!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SpencerHawes

    you all are fruit loops buying multiple copies…what the hell does anybody need more than 1 copy for? i could care less how much he sells

  • StandStrong

    Look at this lame ass STILLIDIOTS guy! Tha muhfucka comes to a Wayne fan site and wastes his time posting post after post of Weezy lines!! Lol getta fuckin life dawg! We kno really listening!

  • Victor

    man C4 was garbage!!! only thing worth listening to was bruno mars on the song mirrors

  • dafuture64

    Boy yo name is victor get yo lame ass out Lmao what’s a fucking victor oh my bad “the young and the restless” yo need more people!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bloodgame

    best forever believe dat or not weezy is the best

  • dafuture64

    “Ya faker then some titties ya get titty fucked”

  • congrts waynes 🙂 that’s whats up 🙂 wayne is going to make a milli out of this,. he is going to have lots of money. hes going to be rich 🙂

  • weezywee

    EVERYBODY THAT CEE JAY KID IS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Stillidiots <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He keep hating

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  • cjag

    guess nov and kanye are watching wayne on the throne

  • cjag


  • junie

    lil waynes lyrics fell off

  • ronie

    Buy C4 or die… lets make over 2 mils in first week 😀 and over 1 bilion one month:D

  • Ben

    Wooo thats whats up! YMCMB Drake up next!

  • eddy

    i dnt rili knw wrong wif all u haterz..d album’s dope or nt bt d truth it is aproachin 1m copies in barely a wk..fck ye n jay, weezy’s beta dan y’all..

  • 5eba88

    this is how i did to promote the album, i went to, put on a shirt i have thats says “LISTEN TO LIL WAYNE”, blasting the C4 album…u have no idea how many people were bobbing their heads to it this is how people reacted:
    1. people said “Fuck you wayne sucks”…so i would press next
    2. People screamed “I love lil wayne” so i would blast the album
    3. People would aready be listening to the album so we would just talk about it together.
    4. People who like lil wayne on the radio, but arnt “wayniacs” were bobbing wit me and ended up liking songs (just made sure not to play “how to love”)

    It was madd fun and it shows you how popular lil wayne actually is. And how C4 got around so far so fast.

    LETS DO THIS!! C4!!! A MILLI!!!!

    PS. Maybe wayne releases a track for us for reaching the mill like he did with C3

  • Stillidiots

    Nigga please I paid for this garbage so I can complain it’s not taking that much time I’m posting this garbage that y’all say is hot seriously shit is garbage recycled lines and the other lines are garbage shit sounds like he trynna tell jokes he says niggas bitches weed ho money and like about 70 times per song just use recycle lines like life is bitch a movie or life is shorter talk about weed say what goes around comes around or they say numbers don’t lie or they say blah blah blah talk about eating pussy or making your girl cum talk about the walls talking or streets or money talking talk about guns add a few I’m a real NIGGA lines add a few young money’s ymcmbs cash money and a chuckle after every wack punchline and bam you got a Wayne song oh and don’t forget the high pitched voice

  • Stillidiots

    Y’all could call me a hater or whatever but I noticed nobody is saying I’m lying I mean I like mirrors the interlude and the outro the verses on blunt blowing but I like how the beat changed and the hook came in shit was crazy but the verses are garbage and megaman that beat knock but shit is annoying cuz he saying the same shit intro is like 3 minutes of garbage 6′ 7′ is annoying nightmares of the bottom is garbage it’s like he not even trying he sounds bored he could’ve went way harder on she will and once again recycles lines I always hated John it’s iight tho but shit sound like some lex luger every song sounds the same bs

  • Stillidiots

    So I guess the owner is mad he won’t post my comment don’t worry I’ll be back

  • support the best every 1.carter 4 is perfect

  • junie

    i actually agree with stillidiots aka ceej weezy says the same type of elementary school rhymes on every dam song lol the dude fell off lyrics wise

  • Broskie !

    @dafuture64 Haaaa ! Victor ? Lmao , Lame Ass Jitt !
    & @STILLIDIOTS , if you dnt like Wayne , get tha fuck outta here ! He gon sell ratha you or anybody else dnt like him . Sooo stfu !

  • weezy-my-ass2344

    You guys are fucking idiots. Jay and Yeezy over wack ass wayne any day. weezy needs to step up his game enough wack lyrics like what comes around goes around like a hula hoop weak wayne is shit and your all a bunch of idiots WTT bitches

  • Watch-The_THRONE

    Wayne sucks ass birdman should marry wayne they gay

    ONLY reason wayne is selling cause you fucktards are buying four copies each wayne is shit

  • Watch-The_THRONE222

    weezy should stop writing get yeezy and jay to write for hime

    wayne<dog poo

  • Idiotsiswear

    Really? I’m not ceej I’m idiotsiswear and stillidiots broskie stfu I never said I don’t like Wayne I’m just being an honest fan when I’m saying this shit sucks and the fact that everyone keeps buying it he’s going to stick to what sells so tha carter v is gonna be like this album so it’s gonna sound the same and have everything recycled and it’s gonna be trash everyone saying this is the best album no it’s not I mean if you wasn’t dick riding wayne you would see it y’all saying it’s so hot what songs and why?

  • Idiotsiswear

    What song did he not recycle lines on? What the hottest thing about c4 and why? The best thing was the interlude outro mirrors and jada and drake verse on it’s good the beats are hot but what is Wayne saying that he hasn’t said 400 times?

  • Watch-The_THRONE

    c4 is shit stop buying copies

  • Idiotsiswear

    Just because you sell millions of records doesn’t make you nice and if you say it does then nelly is better then Wayne and kayne sold more then Wayne so he’s better and he actually is he writes raps produces directs designs and paints and jay sold way more then Wayne and jay is better Wayne would never sell as many records as jay eminem outsold all of them so did pac and both are better 50 sold more then Wayne but his only 2 good album was massacre and grodt and the grodt soundtrack beg for mercy was group album but first week sales doesn’t mean you’re the best

  • Idiotsiswear

    I take back my last comment. They said in the target carter IV version there was something special from ymcmb, does anyone know what it was?

  • Idiotsiswear

    Ok I didnt make that last comment but wow I got someone pretending to be me wow how gay and I would never take back my comments nor do I care what comes in the c4 target edition you failed at trying to be me because I don’t use periods or commas dickhead

  • Idiotsiswear

    My penis is 3 inches hard

  • tracks

    yo wayne is better now than jay sorry…back in the day numbers dont lie it was reversed but weezy killin it now…..nelly has one of the best albums of all times, yes at that point in time that album (country grammer) killed it….u know everyone bought a copy and was bumping it but the artist that are the best expand and continue to sell shitload of albums which wayne has now done……nelly never expanded or grew and wayne did bottom line…..WEEZY IS THE BEST RIGHT NOW…so pout all you want about the past weezy is the present and the future

  • this nigga is better then jay he proved it to many times oh how dumb niggas forget and he eat kanye to and i aint talkin about numbers nigga but if we talkin bout numbers in the words of JAY-Z WOMEN LIE MEN LIE NUMBERS DONT AND IF THATS TRUE CUS THAT WHAT JAY SAID AINT NOBODY FUCKIN WITH WAYNE NOT EVEN EM its over nobody movin units like wayne in todays game

  • you can keep yellin its whack and thats yo opinion but its fact this nigga got the game on lock

  • man i had a 50 dollars itunes voucher and i wanted to buy the carter IV atleast 2 times to show support but itunes saying they dont recognise my serial code FML lets hope it works before the carter IVs week ends

  • noone got the game on lock like wayne and his gang. him drake, and nicki, man wtf. who the fuck gone stop that kinda train. they gonna be running shit for a while.
    Weezy F, for fuck all the haters

  • #TeanTunechi


  • watch the throne couldve sold more but they didnt want it to leak and carter iv is alright but couldve been better

  • weezy f baby the f for fucking buy cater 4

    lets get to a milli by end of the week bitches!

  • Jra

    I heard the album the album wasnt what i expected but never the less a solid album and better then the rest on the competing

    Jay z and Kanye west collaborative album Watch The Throne – Defenetly got some crazy songs but how long before you start skipping and is it just me or did kanye kill jay z on the album. 1st week (weak) sales 436k

    Game RED ALBUM- nothing you could say about game he a cool dude but fails to stay relevant 1st week sales -95k

    Eminem and Royce da 5’9 Bad meets evil- Good album exept for having sombody on the album no one cares and i know eminem is trying to put him in the game but the truth is no one really cares if hes nice theyll just listen to royce and say hes nice and then move on so this is a failed attempted in trying to push an artist but respectable

  • c4

    thats my niggaaaa

  • Idiotsiswear

    Not only does Wayne have dick riders he has gay fans what kinda nigga pretends to be another nigga just to talk about his penis so you have penis on your mind smfh you better be a female anyway I fucked with country grammar but the rest of his albums was just club records and love song nelly is not lyrical just average my point is just because you sell lots of records don’t mean you nice lyrically because mc hammer went diamond and soulja boy went platinum and I don’t know what y’all smoking but Wayne dont got nothing on lock drake is nice because drake knows music it’s like he studies it experimenting with different genres and sounds letting different things influence him nicki is pop I wouldn’t even call her hip hop just pop nicki changed and Wayne repeats the same things every song am I lying?

  • Idiotsiswear

    This is the Carter 4 challenge since y’all saying it’s so hot tell me what’s so hot? Name 5 songs on the album where Wayne doesn’t repeat his self (interlude outro and the love songs and how to hate don’t count) name the hottest lines on the album for me the hottest line wasn’t even that hot it was we jack-son then light up the L Samuel then tell me which verse had some deep meaning besides mirror and the end of president Carter doesn’t could it wasn’t a full verse and name a song where Wayne stuck to a topic and wasn’t all over the place. I mean you would thing on a song called blunt blowing that it would be about smoking blunts and shit a weed song but no he couldn’t even stay on topic then the lines are garbage “all about my riches my name should be Richard” really???

  • Idiotsiswear

    Oh and “I still got division like a line between 2 dots” that was iight but yea I dare you to do the Carter 4 challenge all you who keep saying we hating for telling the truth I dare you to do it

  • zack

    @idiotsiswear ok, im not mad at you at all. I am I die hard Weezy fan. I understand where you’re coming from but Carter 4 is amazing. There are deep songs with meaning, how to love, how to hate, mirrors, so special, president carter DOES have a meaning, abortion sort of, (my favorite song). Um oh yeah novacane too. And other songs are cool. But I do miss the old Weezy where everything flowed smoothly, he’s still the best to me, lil Wayne has made way more music than anybody has ever made or ever will make, he does it for the fans, he’s the most versicle musician. Yes he does get off topic, but every rapper does it, and Paynes always been doing it, even drought 3, its what makes him so unique, he’s style is like no other. He can do it all. Honestly I think carter 4 is a classic, BUT im disappointed in the intro, because im comparing it to 3peat and fly in, and the intro is trash, but it would be cool to see the old Wayne. Still my favorite rapper. I think dedication 4 will be amazing too.

  • zack

    There’s some spelling errors , stupid spell check!!, you can figure it out lol

  • Jimm

    junie idiots cee jay and probably any other name that agrees with anything one of those names said is obviously the SAME PERSON.HAHAHAHAHAHA dude why???? like nigga know tune the bra but damn you borderline insane and have no money to show from all of this immature bs you talking about

  • JEAN

    Has reached 1 MILLION???

  • Idiotsiswear

    I am not cj or junie I am stillidiots and idiotsIswear I am one person with 2 names “idiotsiswear” and “stillidiots” seriously is it that hard to believe more than one person hates this garbage and zack I said which songs have meaning besides mirror I said the love songs and how to hate don’t count and president Carter had no meaning people say I’m hating but yet nobody has proven me wrong by doing the c4 challenge correctly I said Wayne recycles and has so many wack punchlines and I proved my point so how is that hating I presented facts

  • Dopeboy

    Im gettin crazy of all the Hate…

    Whatkinda no-lifer goes to a blog about wayne to hate on him…

    menn whats up with yall

    music is taste, and if u dont like tunechi then what are you doing here

  • Dopeboy


    nightmares of the bottom – how life can fuck you over and over but you still have to keep on going….

    She will – it is a pray to Big Mason

    abortion – illuminati

  • Dopeboy


    sorry for posting shouldnt have given a hater attention

  • Idiotsiswear

    I woke up this morning dick rock hard ashes my blunt in my Grammy award you can save you bullshit on your memory card If this real business then you niggas unemployed jumped on the celly called makaveli he said he was gravy I said I was jelly looked in the mirror said yous a ill nigga then I ran to the money like track and field nigga now I think I’ll have me a coffee with 6 sugars

  • Idiotsiswear

    Yea I’m trying to post the rest of the song and the comment won’t show up so yea from that song you figured out he was talking about the illuminati really? Smfh

  • Idiotsiswear

    And from that garbage song nightmares of the bottom you got this meaning

    “nightmares of the bottom – how life can fuck you over and over but you still have to keep on going….”

    Wow you funny deadass son I learned that weezy f baby the f doesn’t stand for flaw and he blood like a scar lmfao you funny tho

    And from the song she will you came up with this
    “She will – it is a pray to Big Mason” lmfao where do you get this from are you high?

  • Idiotsiswear

    Wow Wayne what semi retarded fans you have so what’s next blunt blowing was about the government? How to hate was about how to love? How to love was about how to hate? Mega man was about prison?

  • B3@$TM()DE


  • weEzZy F

    @Idiotsiswear are you retarded ??? if you dont like the album just dont fuckin listen to it …. . you may dont like the album but there is people who like everybody got different taste so please SHUT THE FUCK UP !!!

  • Idiotsiswear

    am gay like slim shady.i love to suck cock. wayne suck c4 suck fuck yal

  • Idiotsiswear

    am gay like slim shady.i love to suck cock. wayne suck c4 suck fuck yal

  • S

    Its funny because its obvious how pressed Idiotsiswear is. Hes here literally every day commenting on how much he hates the album and finding every way he possibly can to shit talk about Lil’ Wayne… If you hate him so much why the fuck are you here still posting? This is how you know people who hate have no lives… If you hate the album as much as you make out why do you feel the need to waste your breath and keep going on about it. People who like the album WILL keep listening to it and WILL keep NOT GIVING A FUCK about what you have to say. Please stop embarrassing yourself here and go elsewhere.

  • Idiotsiswear

    Ok I understand people have a taste in music but if your taste is the same thing over and over you must have autism people getting mad at the truth people responding to my comments yet none of y’all can come up with a reason why you like this garbage or do the c4 challenge and to the other person who said I’m here every day no I’m not I been on here almost everyday since I payed for this garbage and only for a few minutes at a time from my phone maybe the rest of y’all use this site from the computer but not me but if you noticed that I been here everyday then that means you here everyday so if I have no life then you dont and I’m not hating on Wayne just this poor excuse for c4

  • Idiotsiswear

    “People who like the album WILL keep listening to it and WILL keep NOT GIVING A FUCK about what you have to say. Please stop embarrassing ”

    Ok if you responded you give a fuck and I’m not embarrassing myself really ain’t nothing to be embarrassed about

  • S

    You’re so dumb its funny… The reason i know you’re on EVERDAY is because i read through peoples comments on this article today and i can SEE THE DATES AND TIMES next to your posts, therefore your whole

    “but if you noticed that I been here everyday then that means you here everyday so if I have no life then you dont and I’m not hating on Wayne just this poor excuse for c4”

    argument is invalid (embarrassed yourself for a second time there).

  • S


    I responded because from what I can see quite a few people are telling you they really don’t give a shit but you keep preaching here and thinking what you say holds some importance, when its you just sat there mad at the fact lil waynes album is doing so well in the first week its been released because YOU don’t like it. Get the fuck over it you loser…


  • S

    “am gay like slim shady.i love to suck cock. wayne suck c4 suck fuck yal”


    haters gonna hate…
    shouldn’t you be supporting the people you like listening to instead of being sat on your phone hating on a Lil’ Wayne fansite?

    no one likes a hater, especially one as delusional as you

  • Idiotsiswear

    “am gay like slim shady.i love to suck cock. wayne suck c4 suck fuck yal”

    You responded to a comment that wasn’t made by me it was made by one of you stains.

    “shouldn’t you be supporting the people you like listening to instead of being sat on your phone hating on a Lil’ Wayne fansite?”

    Being sat on my phone? Well anyway this is a fansite true but just because you’re a fan does that mean you have to praise wayne on everything he does even if it is garbage? And you’re the delusional one

  • Idiotsiswear

    “You’re so dumb its funny… The reason i know you’re on EVERDAY is because i read through peoples comments on this article today and i can SEE THE DATES AND TIMES next to your posts, therefore your whole”

    I forgot to put either you’re on here everyday or you go through all the comment but even worse you actually went through all the comment and payed attention to the time and date I’m mad you damn straight I am only because this is a poor excuse for an album the beats and features saved Wayne with his annoying voice wack and recycled punchlines this album could sell 1billion copies that won’t change the fact that it’s trash

  • Idiotsiswear

    Everyone keeps saying I’m hating on Wayne and c4 no I’m being honest mirrors is like the only song where he wasn’t repeating the same old garbage nobody is hating if it’s the truth prove me wrong everyone keep saying this is his best album you got to be a Stan this shit sucks ass you got to be kidding if you think this is nice I mean it’s the same shit every song plus Wayne got killed on his own album by po who been garbage ever since he got out with his confused wanna be Muslim then Jewish ass now he talking about he blood smh well anyway how can you call me a hater if I’m showing proof? When I say he repeat the samethings and has wack lines I can show proof

  • r3xvstheworld

    Fuck proof nobody cares, you’re getting so worked up trying to make every fan think your OPINION IS FACT, which its not.. your argument is you constantly saying “prove me wrong prove me wrong” hip hop Id about self expression, how are you really going to argue about how someone expresses them self? If he does or if he doesn’t wanna “recylcle lines let him do him get over it..

  • tana. RSA

    I’m laughing people are hating the guy as All they know is good, damn listened to his album its a classic. You know how people are they need a video first to confirm if its a gud track or not…. I look gud even if on a broken mirror Weezy F baby

  • ttunechi1

    idiotswear ur fuckin lame bro listen to weezyf don’t fuckin listen to it if its garbage c4 is good cuz everything that nigga does is good stop hatin cuz u don’t got his life money or fame i hate ppl like u STOP FUCKIN HATIN tunechi is the best ever just except the shit…..

  • p-town-ballerz

    It be wise to stfu you fuckin haterz you all mad cuz you aint got what lil wayne got and that be money stop trippin and be glad i dont know where ya live

  • Juan monroy

    Wayne sold 9.7 million copies

  • lilwaynedicksucker


  • Chass

    I was hoping lil wayne would have the biggest selling Album of the year, but I dont think he will beat Lady GaGa, its gonna be tough…. GaGa sold 1.5million copies of Born This Way in the first week and is currently at like 5 million copies sold worldwide after only 4 months

    i dont know if Wayne can beat that, but we can try.!

  • tbh’ if he can beat jay_z ‘s old ass hes the shit. illumnati aint shit broo…….(sergant gudda) (at)

  • cj


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