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Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV Goes Platinum Worldwide First Week x Has 12 Songs On Billboard’s Hot 100

Sat, Sep 10, 2011 by

Lil Wayne Tha Carter IV Goes Platinum Worldwide First Week x Has 12 Songs On Billboard Hot 100

Even though Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV album sold just under one million copies in the first week, the album did still go platinum worldwide by selling over 1.03 million! The 964,000 copies Billboard counted are just sales from the US. We already know C4 debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart, but it has also topped the United World Chart too, which is another great accomplishment for Weezy. This album marks Wayne‘s second highest first week sales behind Tha Carter III that sold 1.05 million in 2008.

Tunechi just keeps on winning though, because now Billboard have reported that Tune has 12 songs simultaneously charting on the Billboard Hot 100! Only The Beatles have topped this achievement, having placed 14 songs on the Hot 100 in 1964.

14 – How To Love | 16 – Mirror featuring Bruno Mars | 24 – I’m On One with DJ Khaled featuring Drake and Rick Ross | 26 – Motivation with Kelly Rowland | 33 – Blunt Blowin’ | 40 – She Will featuring Drake | 52 – Megaman | 79 – It’s Good featuring Jadakiss and Drake | 84 – How To Hate featuring T-Pain | 90 – Nightmares Of The Bottom | 94 – President Carter | 95 – So Special featuring John Legend

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  • YS


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  • Priceless

    Way to go Tune :]

  • kmac_1983

    all Hail Weezy….call it ‘Bad Weather’

  • weezy b3rd

  • hashemrizk

    YEAA!!!! Wezzyy the BOSSS!! Tha Carter V 5 mill first week

  • theBroKing

    it says 11 on the billboard site though?

    • @theBroKing – I know, but if you look on the Hot 100 chart, there are 12 tracks with Wayne on.

  • Frank

    Go Weezy Go Weezy Go..!

  • They Yell Skate Wayne!

    Damn this nigga has come a long way from Hot Boyz to this… He truly is the Best Rapper Alive..

  • Adreezy


  • Rodah

    It’s 11 tho…all from C4. Weezy does it 🙂

  • 1.3mill world wide first week? damn nw wu on earth cn say WAYNE ain’t the best rapper alive? come on be honest ppl (specialy the h8ers) wt other rapper had 12 song at the same time on billboard hot 100? NOBODY! wat other rapper had 4 albums on the albums chart 200? NOBODY! WEEEZY DA BEST NW HATER JST BOW DOWN 2 THE KING ND WT HM TAKE THE THRONE

  • lil tune

    C4 bitch

  • Does he says something about the Jay Z Diss????


  • sweezy

    weezy tha best!! Ahaha he’ll always be winnin…..leego! C4!!!!

  • best album of the year no one can beat them not cole young jeezy no one!!!!

  • @Danny M u know anything about dedication 4???

  • Waniac

    Wow hes really a dann good Rapper And im
    Happy That He is so succesfull
    Wezzy Go <3333

  • #TeamTunechi

    Wow Amazingg !

  • sweezy

    huh! Not even anyone’s future albulm’s too come(:

  • Rodah

    Oops….I meant 10 songs are from C4….
    King Wayne


  • kush

    “dammmmmmnnn congrats lil wayne you shitted on the game again lol” -big sean

  • aaron

    wayne wins again!

  • patrick

    1.3 mill? damn that was fast. shoutout to everone who supported


  • Loco


  • yung_money

    love him or hate him da nigga got da game in his pocket man straight up congrats nigga only da beatles had more dam dats big shit give credit where it’s due

  • Vaginosis

    cool but how to hate and so special do not belong

  • Yeah! C4 d best album of dis year.. Fuck yu Jay Z n all u haters.
    Weezy d best rapper alive!!

  • Harshaw

    thats a punch with brass knuckles in da face to haters and other rappers! 1997 to now and the futer thats a dynasty man ymcmb 4 lyfe!!!!

  • YoungGod

    YMCMB BoY! C4! Yeah dis is deep ohh but we go deeper!

  • Rach

    Wow !7!7!!!! Congrats!! What a Record!! Weezy iz really John Lennon. No hes Wezy F. Baby!

  • junie

    sellin amiili doesnt make him the best rapper alive so stop with that we’re just some devoted fans who want to see him win but hes not the best rapper alive hes one of the best but not the best

  • The Original CEEJ!

    I want to sit on 12 dicks

  • Hotmama

    Lil Wayne I’m 37 and iluv ur shit that’s eats up

  • @Junie. u are crazy boy. weezy beezy best rapper ever in life no one got his numbers tupac and big just started the game and had a good story but some people that say that tupac and big are better cannot name me 50 songs from the top of their heads with wayne i could name hundreds. which is why hes the best rapper ever. even tho his shit fell off a bit but he gon get back into that mixtape mode

  • @Marci Da Don i agree @Junie u faggot get outta here the site if u dont like him!!! damn

  • @junie Stop HATING !!! Or GET OUT OF HERE !!!!

  • greaminati

    @julie, he’s not saying he’s the best but he’s asking ‘who’s better?’
    I’m not also sayin he’s the best, buh ​i know he’s greater than the reST! #teamtunechi

  • greaminati
  • 5 letters

    Hey Danny do you know when that Strange Clouds song is coming out?

  • junie

    lol if thats hatin then yall sum idiots i said hes one of the best not thee best and thats hatin….. seriously cmon man wtf i saw a comment that said weezy is officialy the best rapper alive so i said hes not the best hes one of the best and u call it hatin if u dont like what i said dont reply plain and simple and @fuckeminem my dude ur the biggest hater here like ur so fuckin stupid and ignorant with that dumbass name

  • @junie u funny its still a wayne FANWEBSITE NOT EMINEM OR J.COLE….smh retarded…

  • junie

    @fuckeminem stfu my dude like are u really slow or somethin how old are u smh anyway…….@marcidadon for u to sit here and say wayne is the greatest rapper ever just because of record sales and body of work is a slap in the face to the greats that came b4 him like pac big nas jay z those guys are one of the greatest they were and are great lyricist lil wayne had a few ghost writers one in which i know personally so how can he be the greatest ever now dont get me wrong he is one of the best out right now and has been for years but he dam sure aint the best ever sellin records doesnt make u the best he just has a huge fanbase jadakiss doesnt have fans like wayne but hes a true lyricist now u can argue that he might be the greatest of the 21 century along with eminem but not of all time

  • MAX B

    @junie ur right i mean u gotta look at it as rappin not record sells or work ethic like we talkin about straigth up lyrics like spittin some crazy shit like jay or em or big wayne is nice he does spit some shit but he has been slackin a lil bit with the carter 4 bein a prime example waynes good but he aint the best by a long shot

  • @junie really u sounds like a shemal omfg shut the fuck up fake fan so many fake fans and haters here…

  • ricardo laguna

    only the Beatles in 1964. lil wayne and now in 2011 is not amazing?
    where are the envious have to say about this pure jealous idiots saying that their music sucks weezy good to say about this?
    I’m glad the album tube global impact too thank god sold extremely well and it says much for being the best rapper besides being the best hip hop singer in the world is the best singer in the world

  • Daknite

    C4 Blew up now its Drakes turn.

  • Beer

    tightest songs on C4: She Will, Blunt Blowin, Mirror. WTG WEEEZY!!!

  • MAX B

    the best songs on c4 are president carter its good and blunt blowin

  • L J

    😀 I’m so proud of him! I wish I could give him a big hug! he works so hard. Love Love Love him 🙂

  • Mossy

    weezy the best rapper of all time!! without question! amazing body of work, just truly blessed to be in his era! im so thankful god

  • Teehee

    damn, i am so happy for him, good job, Wayne!

  • Guys vote for him for the bet hip hop awards and spread the word so your friends can vote also. Every vote counts.

  • kendrick

    junie is annoying as fuck. stop arguing with people god!

  • guess who

    i agree junie you need to chill the hell out dude.
    but anyway im proud of us fans getting that mill again. #teamtune

  • im_ill

    another mill, my nigga wayne kant b fukked with straight up!



  • tasha

    yeah im happy for wayne too. and i also voted 6 time today i hope he wins that award

  • ToNy27

    go to bet .com and vote for the homie wayne in the “peoples champ award” cat.

  • bianca

    i voted !! but umm shoutout to wayne for hitting amilli again and shoutout to us that supported for making it happend

  • TyeDye19

    Well Pac and BIG are dead. Thats why we say the best rapper ALIVE. No disrespect.

  • Zeca f. Baby

    Tunechi is makeing history with these numbers and with hes ever reales fans !!!! He is in balance with the lengedary artirts like the beatles and ect. Its for an hip hop singer is historic !!!! And no doubt now he is the best rapper alive ! Numbers dont lie bbbbiiiiaaaattttcccchhh 😀

  • ogeezy

    Good shit tune!! I wonder wat song weezy gana be featured on take care…?

  • ronie

    yeaahhh WEEZY da best 😀 no homo I love tune

  • Junie

    @ogeezy the song is called The Real Her

  • mmoloki


  • Georgiaboy87

    Weezy the best rapper to ever walk this earth if Jesus would have rap or spit a verse then Wayne would be number 2. Lil Wayne is like modern day Shakespeare how they both created words & changed english. I just graduated how school some months ago my english teacher in including on of the councilor had us studying Wayne in class now thats gansta my nigg… YMCMB

  • Georgiaboy87

    Typo high school not how


    his lookin skinny dawg, shout out from sweden dough, C4!!!!

  • ogeezy

    Dam that’s fkn cool im pretty sure it’s gana be

  • swagg nation

    Lil Wayne is just a metaphor/punchline rapper so theres no way he can be best rapper alive when all his songs are just random lines bruh

  • ogeezy

    Can’t believe I missed the concert yesterday..fuck!

  • C4fan

    Congrats Weezy! C4 is the shit! Young Mula Baby! YMCMB!

  • LIkeMe

    This is a LEGEND man!!

  • lol

    Junies wack lol

  • #TeamTunechi

    @Junie Yea Youre Right And All But The People On Here Like His Music So They Gonna Argue With You About It Cuz In There Eyes He’s The Best – . & @FuckEminem This Aint No Diss To Wayne So Dnt Trip !

  • this nigga junie hatin on niggas opinions now smh but anyway congratz to the best artist on the planet he not just a rapper no more like he said i wanna be known for more then rap i’m a musician and thats the fuck truth 1.03 milli incredible 12 songs on the hot 100 so dope he is officially B.A.A


  • on the real wayne top 5 dead or alive and i aint talkin album sells

  • Junie

    whos opinion am i hatin on its called disagreein my nigga all i said was he aint the best but hes one of the best and im still a hater smh

  • nah you said that cus someone said he was the best you been hatin strong lately on every accomplishment

  • Idiotsiswear

    Ok @FUCKEMINEM if you’re typing how do you sound like a shemale wow you make sense anyway saying Wayne is the best rapper ever is the biggest lie y’all ever told first week sales don’t mean you’re the best cuz if they do mc hammer and soulja boy are some of the best rappers saying If Wayne is the only rapper you know you cant say he’s the best ever maybe u can say he’s the best you heard but not the best ever

  • Idiotsiswear

    Waynes best album couldn’t hold a flame to nas average album which is gods son directly relatives and untitled (Aka the nigger album) to me so it damn sure can’t fuck with stillmatic or illmatic and junie is right Wayne had a few ghostwriters and lostent to t streets mixtape tell me d danger on track 3 don’t sound exactly like him they have the same flow and corny punchlines

  • Idiotsiswear

    Wayne has 12 songs on the billboard that don’t mean shit Wayne has fans that will buying his garbage hot or not over and over and over and over the billbiard 100 and 200 list doesn’t mean it’s the best those lists only goes by sales dillion saying what other rapper has 4 albums on the billboards list Wayne has 3 and eminem has 3 and a EP but that doesn’t mean shit if all you Wayne fan bought 1 copy of Waynes album he wouldn’t be no where near a million

  • Idiotsiswear

    Wayne punchlines are corny anyway of the week lloyd banks could destroy him lyrically his punchlines are better and fabolous is better then both of the wayne not nice like y’all pretend he is Cassidy fab banks em nas tech are better so are alot more people like all member slaughterhouse especially Joe budden he would demolish Wayne so would j Cole papoose jay electronics jada styles all of them Kendrick hopsin lupe Earl sweatshirt

  • lol

    Fuck outta here wit that nas bull shit ,no Wayne ain’t the best Rapper ever but he fa sho is one of the best ,so stop tryin to compare everyone like fags they all got different styles and names 4 a reason they are different fuckin people they ain’t posta rap the same dumb ass no one can rap like Wayne jus like no one can rap like nas or jayz or pac and all the other greats,and yall just fuckin wack for even sayin he has a ghostwriter, tstreets is wack lol

  • Assmilk

    fuckeminem = fake fan

  • man wayne the best goin rightnow nas maybe the goat but he in retirement until he drop another stillmatic shit aint nobody on wayne rightnow he got it on lock just pure fact

  • lol

    This dumb fuck jus wrote a whole book lol wow mayne how come all those rappers ainn on top huh ? Tell another story lol

  • lmao @lol

  • shadmoney

    Stop comparing rappers, they all got different styles. Weezy is one of the best

  • Idiotsiswear

    When y’all say Wayne is the best thats comparing just because Wayne sold a million doesn’t mean he has the game on lock record sales don’t mean you are the best @lol ya dumb ass should’ve never responded you just look dumb ok I never said t streets was nice I said listen to his mixtape track 3 d danger sounds exactly like Wayne and I’m comparing him to other rappers because you stans saying he the best ever Wayne is garbage if all he’s doing is trying to be a punchline rapper he sucks at that to banks and fab got that category on lock sales don’t = the best maybe those other rappers don’t have stans like Wayne or loyal fans maybe the have broke fans or maybe they don’t get enough airplay so nobody knows them

  • greaminati

    Lil wayne, jay z, BIG, 2paC
    Alive=lil wayne
    Cos Jay Z is kinda dead to mee!!!
    Conclusion: lil wayme is the Best RaPper Alive

  • Idiotsiswear

    Wayne is overrated maybe couple years agao you could’ve said Wayne was one of the best but now he garbage says the same garbage and has wack lines like “blood like a scar” “all about my riches my name should be Richard” with a catchy single anyone can be overrated and sell like wiz khalifa nicki soulja boy mc hammer (mc hammer trash went diamond) Wayne got overrated because of singles like lollipop and how to love stans would buy your album because your that person that sang their favorite song and they in love with you (make and female) and they would call you the best just because your that person that sang that song the love how can you say c4 was the best album ever it’s trash

  • Idiotsiswear

    Ok forget everything I said now I wanna try to understand you fans y’all say Wayne is the best rapper alive I just wanna know why what males him the best can anyone answer that?

  • TyeDye19

    I think Wayne is the best because his lyrics have the most depth. Everybody talks about depth like its what the rapper IS saying… but thats not really it. I mean somebody like eminem may talk about really deep subjects, but he tells you exactly what he’s saying. So really there is no depth to it… it’s still good, but everything is right there on the surface for you. The things Wayne says may be random but they are also very self expressive. There is heavy meaning to almost all the shit he says you just have to actually dig for it – thats what DEEP is. Most people wanna say wayne is the most clever rapper but Nah i argue he is definitely the deepest, nobody out right now has as artistic and expressive music as he does. He’s basically the Jackson Pollock of music.

  • TyeDye19

    I tend to get a lot of sideways looks for saying that but its my opinion. Weather or not you agree is fine. But thats why he appeals to ME. If you go read the countless reveiws of his best albums from the great music writers you will probably read similar. Maybe not everyone realizes that’s why wayne is appealing but it seems that most people who analyze music have noted that about weezy

  • you sir are correct

  • Idiotsiswear

    listen to mood musik especially mood musik 4 you want depth try that you want dope bars try that listen to black cloud or stuck in the moment fuck it listen to the whole damn mixtape it’s all dope and if you say tha Carter IV is better than that you are a clown

  • r3xvstheworld

    He says all about my riches my name should be Richard because Richard by definition is to be in power through wealth.. just like what was said before Wayne is different because of individuality.. nobody can says he sucks or he’s wack.. he’s being him.. how can anyone alive judge him on being him?

  • Idiotsiswear

    There is no second meaning to Wayne music it’s not deep it’s shallow materialistic bs he’s superficial Wayne is garbage now there’s nothing to sit down and try to understand listen to pray for me you can’t tell me that any song on tha Carter IV is better than that then close to the end you could hear the pain in Joe voice I’m sorry he’s just better then Wayne in every category except for sales

  • Eminem is the definition of lyricism and Eminem is the best rapper without debate. Lil wayne is the second best. FFOE BITCH

  • junie

    ok put it like this if wayne was rapping like soulja boy and sayin every single thing he says and soulja boy was rappin like wayne would yall still be callin him the best rapper alive i think yall would yall say hes the best based on who he is and what he does not his lyrics and how could he be the best if he had a few ghost writers smh and i know one of em lol

  • johnny c

    eminem jay z nas bstah biggie tupac great lyricists one of the greatest rappers of all time u cant put wayne in that category because he aint that good anymore jay z is 42 and he spits straihth fire on wtt i mean thats better than c4 by a long shot

  • johnny c

    only good song rapping wise on c4 is president carter other than that its the same type of elementary school rap that u hear on every dam song lol smh and we get hiyahhh call that shit karate wtf is that lmaooooooo

  • weezy F

    ok i listen to wayne alot but i dont think hes the best rapper alive actually i think EM is better…but some of yall say wayne is the best rapper alive and some say he really suck and i respect your opinion so everybody got their own opinion and yall should respect someone’s opinion

  • jerel g

    if their was a hall a fame tune just hit it for a.sec time they should have just said this is waynes world and to night hes fuckin some other niggas girl lmao tune is to nice with this rap shit lol still get that c4 ppl

  • every 1 keep supporting wayne to increase his sales dont just stop after his first week sales

  • Chris

    HE did it again thatta boy…even tho this aint my favorite i still got my copies…this boy has this game on lock go coach go

  • damn that is nice 🙂 that’s whats up 🙂 good for you wayne 🙂

  • ogeezy

    @idiotsiswear it’s my name should be richer not Richard lol

  • Juan monroy

    You guys are stupid WEEZY is the best because he put his fucking life in this shit.
    1) no artist has more songs than him
    2) Wayne is and has been a gangster rapper soo wooo
    3) he murders any beat
    4) no one has hit two consecutive continuous album tha sold millis first week
    5)eminem says the same depressing shit
    6) sway from MTV said Wayne has been the best since PAC he lived it
    WEEZY has it on lock for a long time GOUNS LEAVE YOU. ON A STRETCHER

  • Michelle

    Damn how many times is @Junie going to submit comments under false names so it looks like some people agree with him/her?

  • The Original CEEJ!

    Does anybody here wana fuck my little ass? I feel so hot right now

  • first @idiotiswear my name is Dillon not DILLION! Get is ryt or dnt use it! nd 2ndly dude the EP of Em nd 5’9 dnt count coz thts not a solo release nd 4 albums on da charts by 1 hip hop (or male) artist has neva been done b4 dude nd thts gna stnd long. nd you “idiot” (4 a lack of a better wrd) wayne has 4 Carter II, Carter III, I Am Not A Human Being & Carter IV so dnt h8 Em only hs 2 🙁 booo hooo 2 hm.

  • youngkheazy

    wayne i love ur song especially blunt blowing track

  • eminem sucks smh..

  • fuckfuckeminem

    @fuckeminem smh u soudn liek a stupid get off u fake fan get life bitch

  • junie

    @Michelle thats not me doin that i dont do dum shit like that whats the point of doin some shit like that on a fansite cmon grow up maybe its just people that feel the same way i do dam yall so fuckin insecure about this nigga wayne fuck i gotta do that for like how is that benefitin me like really u sound stupid foreal

  • junie

    fuckin dum bitch michelle shut the fuck up foreal(wayne Voice) dum bitch that shit kinda got me mad fuck i gotta make false accounts for on a dam fansite like really bitch……… i aint that fuckin desperate u dont even know me at the end of the day so what good is that doin and im not even hatin either i just said he aint the best hes one of the best u dumb dykin ass bitch go play with ur wac ass pussy ugly ass bitch go eat a fuckin dick and @ogeezy it is richard btw look at the lyrics

  • @fuckfuckeminem whore… waynefanwebsite not eminem u dickrider

  • beeazy

    lmaoooooooooo @junie but anyway congrats to weezy man hes just breakin records and achieving everything hope he wins big at the grammys this year

  • junie

    im not a big eminem fan but @fuckeminem like really whats the point of that name in all seriousness do u hate the man that much hes just a rapper

  • @junie actually, hate I his fans because them on wayne songs go and unsensory write….i know eminem is good but wayne is better on my option

  • Records!

    Okay listen people if anyone is hating on wayne now they are insane. He broke a mad record with that billboard shit.right behind the beatles thats an accomplishment. Let me say that once more. Right behind THE BEATLES…. Hmmmm

  • @Records! yes!! the beatles are the best after Michael Jackson that is amazing that wayne break the record damn!!!

  • junie

    @records jayz has11 number one albums hes right behind the beatles who have 14 and he broke elvis record who has 10


  • yeah that richard line is dope

  • Lol …

    Ighht juniee ma nigga dont stress this website you think differently , we all wayne fans lil wayne on top right now you cant argue dawg . Dont waste your time on writing essays on this websites because weezy fans wont stop gettin at yu niggaa . No disrepect my nigga . Nd all you niggas stressin junie dumb as fuck , you dont gota reply to his shit, jus let it go you kno he aint gon stop smhh.

  • i hope wayne is on nas album”life is good”

  • junie

    @lol stfu my nigga dam i aint say nothin negative about the nigga all i said was he aint the best hes one of the best and im the worst person on this site gtfoh with that shit foreal my dude stop it u proly been a fan since c3


    Yall suckin junie dick hard it aint like he talkin major shit or something he’s just voicing his opinion he’s a true fan unlike half of yall who knows that sometimes your not gonna like what weezy does but dickrides anyway half of yall dont even know the name of weezys first song ever

  • WEEZYFAN1 im fan since 2006 thats wayne

  • jason smith

    its crazy how the best songs on tha carter 4 wanyne aint even on smdh

  • Lol …

    Junie i never sayd anythin bad bout yur comments dawg , i dont pay mind to you . Its just annoyin how you nd other niggas run lip on a website . I juss sayin you shudnt waste your time on writing essays because the fans on dis site also retardedd nd dey gon keep goin at yu . Im a lil wayne fan but i aint disagree on your comments nor agree . I respect wut yu say.

  • Haters got to hate fans jus got to appreciate

  • @Junie

    Who’s your favorite rapper or in your opinion the best rapper ever?

    I say Wayne would be better if he rapped about one or several topics through one song, trying to get a point across or a story like Biggie & Pac.

    To me Wayne is the best I’ve heard & my favorite but I know he isn’t tha God of this rap shit. He needs to go back to Tha Carter & Carter II style.

    He started all these Mixtapes & features just so he can prove he can rap. But he thinks all people love him for that. He should do 50/50, both Mixtapes, raw ass Mixtapes with crazy lyrics that would make a rapper want to quit & great albums that can win big amounts of Grammies because they are good & isn’t your album always supposed to be your best as of now?

    He just thinks that now that people, most people claim he’s tha best & sells so much records he’s on top. He is but he has to keep it consistent, he did great in tha past, so were Big & Pac & others. But we’re moving on & so should he.


    ‘Cause all us REAL fans can only say why you were, ’cause I haven’t heard a song of Wayne that has actually been put on replay on my iPod.

    Except for “Rollin'” he went in on that song but because he had flow & lyrics.

  • Daknite

    Drake Taken over free spirit the shit.

  • Lol …

    Junie i respect wutchu say dawg , wayne my favorite rapper , i aint sayin he da best i dont sweat all of his music because he comes weak in some . But he is on top of the game right now and he is one of the best rappers alive . I personally dont consider tupac , biggie etc best rappers because they aint alive nd i personally dont listen to dem . They were raw as fuck dont get me wrong . Truee it would be better if wayne went back to how he wus back den but he jus bein smart nd making money dawg .Das all he cares bout .

  • junie

    there is no best rapper ever or best rapper alive in my opinion because there are aot of different styles out there and to me what u do as far as sells and grammy awards doesnt make u the best rapper that just means u worked hard and u got songs on the charts when u say best rapper u should talk about lyrics not body of work i mean lyrics and u cant put wayne first on that list considering that he says some corny shot sometimes like imma huge wayne fan idc what ppl say but in my eyes he aint the best dead or alive hes one of the best along with jay z nas pac eminem kanye west t.i. andre 3000 jadakiss those are true lyricist plus wayne had a few ghost writers aswell so u cant really talk about the body of work if some of it was from someone else and trust me i aint hatin im just keepin it real and this is a reply to @junie

  • junie

    @lol i guess ur basically sayin hes satisfied with where hes at so he doesnt put that much effort into his music i defenitely agree with that considering what i heard on tha carter 4 its like now that hes at his peak he just does it for the money and he does it to support his kids maybe thats why the best rapper alive thing went away

  • junie

    my fav musician is wayne i dont have a favorite rapper btw

  • The original CEEJ!

    Nobody cares about me anymore? I just want a naegger dick to rape my mouth, is that so much to ask?

  • Lol …

    Yeah , at the end of the day he jus doing it for the money . But i respect wut yu say . Ight daww , these are like my first comments on dis website i dont do dis lol , Im out .

  • tunechi nigga

    get the fuck outta here u hatin ass bitches waynes been the best alive fuck tupac and big there dead RIP tho but stll why u gonna be on here talkin shit junie and idiotswear both y’all some bitches nobodys on waynes level and they haven’t been since c1 c2 c3 d1 d2 and d3 so go fuck eachother in the ass bitches weezy is the best he will always be the best and he’s gonna be a legend like bob marley and john lennon love u tunechi aka weezy no homo

  • junie

    ur ignotant as fuck foreal i said wayne is one of the best how is that talkin shit u a faggot ass nigga go suck his dick or somethin half of yall gay ass fans would die for weezy smh i say one thing thats clearly not hatin and yall get mad like a bunch of bitches on their period im done for today foreal smh

  • mr weezy iana

    @tunechinigga thats some major dickridin my dude you goin ham foreal it aint that serious itss just a fansite calm down u suckin major dick

  • Jra

    You know with all the critics this album should sell like 200k but Weezy puts the critics on there necks when he does those numbers but i think weezy has to reinvent himself and sound more hungry i mean hes good now but it would be better if he got real hungry cuz then he would bury other rappers to the ground

  • Idiotsiswear

    Yo deadass if you thought that line “all about my riches my name should be Richard” line was dope please kill yourself no wonder why you think Wayne is the best because he spit elementary bs that you can understand any other rapper would confuse you and dillon maybe when I said your name it was my auto correct that kept changing it maybe it was a typo but imma call you dillion because you trynna get tough with ya bitch ass

  • Idiotsiswear

    I seriously don’t understand you though are you retarded last time you said Wayne has 3 albums no other rapper had that many on the charts before which is complete bs because em had 3 albums and a EP like I said he had 3 and a ep you dumb shit the billboard 200 list doesn’t mean shit and you saying no other rapper had 4 album on it is bs if you ask me how would u know that? Did you check that list every week since it was created? I’m sure EM and PAC had more then 4 or 4 it’s nothing special they just pic the 200 albums with the best sales every week so at anytime Wayne could get knocked off the charts the list doesn’t mean it’s the best albums ever

  • junie

    @idiotsiswear they think any thing wayne says is dope like this nigga said and we get hiyah call that shit karate smh wtf lmaooooooooooooooooo

  • Idiotsiswear

    @junie word these niggas is dumb. I was trynna post a whole gang of wack Wayne lines but Danny wouldn’t let me @Juan monroy you a Stan first off all you could have the most songs that don’t mean you the best I’m pretty sure lil b has more songs then Wayne and because sway said Wayne is the best since PAC font mean shit cuz that’s complete bs sway a dickrider he changed ever since he cut his dreads he coonin shucking and jiving for MTV EM say the same old depressing shit Wayne says the same old depressing shit Wayne not a gangsta he ain’t blood neither are u Wayne don’t murder any beat and the sorry 4 the wait craptape is proof only good song was sorry 4 the wait and rolling but he stole gunplay flow and lines on Rollin he just takes people flows changes the words

  • Idiotsiswear

    All Wayne does is brag about money with wack punchlines if you gonna do that do if right listen to niggas in Paris jay flow on that songs is better than Waynes flow on the whole Carter 4

  • @ idiotsiswear u think u could do better then him? dumb ass bitch gtfoh

  • @Junie & others

    Every rapper is a player in tha game. Every rapper has a different quality that makes him stand out. Michael Jordan is to most tha best player ever to play in tha NBA. Doesn’t mean he’s tha perfect basketball player but overall he’ll go up against any player & dominate. Wayne is tha Jordan.

    He’s worked hard to get where he is. Respect tha man’s hustle. I know for a fact if making a pop song would get more eyes on me to sell & get money I would do a pop song. Yeah underground shit is better but we all love money & gotta’ have it to eat in life. So why not?

    Wayne is human don’t let tha alien shit get to y’all. He ain’t dropping good shit maybe because he’s tired or fuck, even bored of doing this shit. He does it for tha money not for us remember that.

    He has a life & millions of dollars. Let him do him. You don’t have to dick ride everything he puts out or does. & You don’t have to waste time trying to change people’s minds. Be a grown ass man & do you.

    Wayne at tha end of tha day is a normal person but just with a lot of money.

    Y’all are pathetic talking about him so much. Good or bad, y’all still talk about SOME nigga that just happens to be famous.

    Why is he famous? For what he does. Apparently he’s doing something RIGHT because he has y’all talking.

    Okay he’s Wayne. So what? I’m a guy & I’m definitely gon’ brag about another man nor his accomplishments. That’s some gay shit.

    I respect his hustle.

    Oh, you don’t like Wayne or what he does then go out there & show tha damn world how to do it & be better than Wayne.

    Just try to be better than Wayne at this rap shit, see how it turns out.

    He’s just a regular person but happens to be great at what he does or did.
    Now stop worrying about him like he makes a difference in your life or affecting it much.

    & Awards are an honor you dumbass, wouldn’t you know after you got yours in your boy scouts?

    You get it because you deserve it & for what you did to deserve it.

    Fuck I ain’t talking shit but grow tha fuck up. & If y’all are kids or teens I guess y’all are an exception ’cause y’all know no better apparently.

    Give Wayne respect for what he does because he actually is what he does.

    He worked his ass off.

  • MOP15321

    Damn wayne is just breaking records everywhere you look. i think hes the best ever but album sales n his recordss dont automatically mean that, but when ppl look back on the best musicians or rappers there gonna look at the things weezy has done like having 12 songs on billboard. He truly is doing legendary things and he most defiantly has the rap game on lock and maybe even music in general,no dick riding

  • hey i love lil wayneee to deathhh!! imma be in ymcmb some dayy! check out my pageee!!

    and this is the first song ive everrr spittt!

    i go in secondd! imma wayniac!

  • ceejstfu

    junie said he was done,then 10 minutes later came back and had a conversation with his self! HAHAHAHAHA Nigga you a hater! stfu.and you already said on here that you created that name too. so dont go there! NIGGA YOU PATHETIC smh

  • junie

    @ceejstfu what tha fuck is u talkin about u sound retarted i dont do dum shit like that grow up my dude dam hop off my nuts

  • Georgiaboy87

    Ok people ima tell it like this u put em, jay, nas, topac, biggie & all your best rappers in THEIR PRIME none of them can compete with Wayne in his. All u gotta do is check the rap sheet in others words the stats lil Wayne dominates them all.
    Fan base
    have the most songs/lyrics
    Record sales
    Hottes features
    Most top features
    & in every other category
    Even my teacher had us studying lil Wayne
    Not only that Wayne have been noted by 2presidents (George bush, Obama & Bill Clintion) no other rapper have

  • Michelle

    @junie You have the time to come to this fan site everyday and say the same shit. What you trying to proof? We get it now so just shut the fuck up or say something positive. It’s not like Lil Wayne is losing money because you think he’s not the best. And please go learn how to typ properly. Like how old are you? Telling me to go play with my pussy or to go suck a dick? Please..

  • I don’t know what the point of hating on a lil wayne fan site is. Your entitled to your opinion but when you come everyday and talk about the same thing you said yesterday your just wasting your time cause your not changing anyone’s opinion, but hey it’s your life. :\

  • junie

    i never said nothin negative i just disagreed on what other people said sayin hes the best when hes not and im bein a hater……. i been a weezy fan since the block is hot i dont come here to hate i come and say what i want and if you dont like it dont reply plain and simple you gettin worked up for nothin its my comment leave it at that why should someone elses opinion efect you you have your own views on wayne as well as i do

  • junie

    its like dam man hes just lil wayne a talented musician that people listen to yall niggas defend this man like hes god i just come here to voice my opinio and its never negative its always me keepin it 100 deadass never no hatin shit like ceej or some some shit just stop letting someones opinion effect you your opinion is your opinion stop being so mad about what someone else says u control your own thoughts

  • the Original CEEJ! Muthafucka!

    alright so ur gonna let other people talk shit to eachother on this site and then not let me use it to give my opinion? thats fucked up.
    and preesh for all the hate on my name since i aint been here. i see u been really hung up on my absence.

  • ^LAMES^

    lil wayne is the sell out and yall buying.

  • TheKokaineHeadLiNER

    Lifestyle MusicEP>>>>>>>>

    the EP has finally drop today

    Yal better get familiar yo! shit cray!

    be sure to download it for free below:

  • forever winning

    please follow me on twitter @TooCool__2Care, need 200 by the end of the week #TeamFollowBack

  • President

    I think weezy has the potential to be one of the bests. His conceptual songs are songs that can’t be fucked with. Dr carter is a prime example of that. If he sticks to the point and then builds around it with his wit then he wouldn’t get half the amount of hate he does. The speech at the end of president carter? What if the whole song was like that? Mirrors? another great song born from a concept. I could list more and more songs with a concept that are some of his best songs that could easily stand up with the greats but he just doesn’t do that. I wish he would sit down and say “next album I’m going to work with concepts” if he did I’m sure it would be his best album.

    The potential is there for greatness. He should leave the raw rapping for his mixtapes and focus on concepts for his albums. I really think he just needs the right people around him for that. Swizz beats if I remember said he likes working on concepts with Wayne for his beats he would give him. Dr carter and Anne came from that. On his features back in 07-08 he would always atleast hint to the name of the song or talk about the subject.

  • africa

    1st of all T.I is wack…I remember wen eminem was talked about as being the best after recovery because of his album sales,now weezy does it,but he can’t be da best,so weezy has to rap the way u want to be the best?cumon,jayz bin consistent?no,NAS?no,but here’s wat happens to tha best,they don’t stay consistent but sell a mill,I kno I kno record sales don’t say shit bowt a rapper being da best ryt?lyrics do,there’s a mill weezy fans who like weezy lyrics n 300k fans who like jay z n kanye lyrics combined,lorl numbers don’t 5 rappers?1wayne2kanye west3jay4EM5andre…thank u all

  • R3m1

    This damn site needs some moderation…

  • R3m1

    and by the way @africa you need to put Nas on this list

  • Michelle

    @junie I never called you a hater. But you must admit you spend to much time writing the same damn thing. Like why do you keep replying? You should follow your own advice “If you don’t like it don’t reply plain and simple”.

  • ayo

    i just wanna giv a shoutout to my ego and all the white fans for the support of buying double and triple copies and making one of our fav rappers dreams come true.. dis is stated live and direct from tha southside skatepark era… and uh, fuk yo opinion!

  • any word yet on how mch carter 4 sold in its second week?

  • I jus wanna start off saying @Junie u a weakass,hatinass,wackass DICK dude!! Why must u get on here & “Go Against tha Grain”?!! PAC,Biggie,Nas (especially),nor Hov has done numbers like what Tune dewin now I’n 2011…..smh phuck all dat I’n tha Past shit…Weezy tha Truth Bruh!! I bet u wuz tha person he told STFU at tha show….cuz dats wha u need 2be dewin now!! ….anyway #YMCMB tha Bizness!! S/O 2all u TRUE Weezy fans…tha album iz amazing,but Me personally being who iAm….”Blunt Blowing” iz tha hardest shit Eva!! #C4 Salute…..& u @Junie Wayne said & iQuote “Sum of us are Lovers but most of y’all Haters,Weezy Fans has built a Wall…..@Junie u jus WALLPAPER!!

  • Mr.Campos9

    is there gonna be a dedication 4?????

  • Idiotsiswear

    Lmao this NIGGA said blunt blowing is the hardest shit Eva then posts those wack ass lines nigga that shit ain’t hot seriously now I know why y’all love Wayne and his nursery rhymes cuz you to dumb to understand someone else nigga was so wack the hook saved that song “PAC,Biggie,Nas (especially),nor Hov has done numbers like what Tune dewin now I’n 2011” you serious PAC and big is dead big got a diamond album and his other album is 4x platinum in the use the rest of his albums after he died went platinum PAC has a diamond album all eyes on me is 9x platinum it’s about to go diamond PAC sold over 70 million and jay sold over 50 million nas all his albums are platinum or gold

  • Idiotsiswear

    Gtfoh with that bs the last time nas released a solo project was 2008 untitled which was still better then tha Carter 4 then this Africa guy saying t.i. Wack you got to be shittin me t.I. Wack??? Yup you a Stan t.i. Way better than Wayne Nigga a million people didn’t buy c4 more like 400k they just bought multiple copies of this garbage “I put up a wall and they just wallpaper” “blame it on the money the money is the bad guy smoke so much good that I don’t have have a bad side” “I think I’m getting sick I’m feeling illegal” “If these wall could talk they probably won’t shut up I need some wallpaper before they start to fuss” so y’all telling me that’s hot?

  • Georgiaboy87

    Ok people ima tell it like this u put em, jay, nas, topac, biggie & all your best rappers in THEIR PRIME none of them can compete with Wayne in his. All u gotta do is check the rap sheet in others words the stats lil Wayne dominates them all.
    Fan base
    have the most songs/lyrics
    Record sales
    Hottest features
    Most top features
    & in every other category
    Even my teacher had us studying lil Wayne
    Not only that Wayne have been noted by 2 presidents as a legend & is on their iPod (Obama & Bill Clintion) no other rapper have

  • bhard

    Hot damn weeezy that’s some crazy stuff right there lol


    Congratulation to Wayne, Wayne is the greatest rapper ever. Wayne lyrics, vocabulary, and metaphores are greater than nas, jay z, kanye west and eminem. Wayne accomplished shit that jay z never accomplished with his last two albums going platinum in a week. Wayne has more Grammy than jay z. Wayne made 50.8 millions dollar on tour in 2008 in one year. Jay z never made that much on tour in a year. Wayne is more versatile than jay z. He raps, sings, and does rock music and jay z doesn’t. Wayne is a real street nigga and jigga is a hoe. Wayne has 12 songs in the top 100 and jay z doesn’t. So for all u bitch ass pussy ass hatin ass and yes sorry ass niggas Wayne is the greatest, and will continue to be the greatest for a long long time.


    Wayne is the best, his swagg is magnificent. Wayne go way harder than jay z, nas and eminem. Wayne has cold lyrics and his style is like no other. Jigga is a pussy cat and Wayne is a real G. Wayne can spit his lyrics from the top of his head without writing. All them other rappers has to write their shit down. Wayne vocabulary is very high and his lyrics is off the planet. And yes Wayne does have a degree in psychology from the university of Houston. So for all u bitch ass niggas, and Wayne haters eat a phat dick bitches.

  • Georgiaboy87

    It seems like M BIZZLE can recognize greatness when he see it
    & what Wayne did to that fan was 109% g-shit
    1 When he asked like 8 thousand people to be quiet that one bitch was still screaming repeadtly now you heard her on vid so imagine how loud she was by all them people close to her (she wasn’t evening say the lyrics, just screaming like somebody was trying to rape/kill her)
    2 even the crowd wanted her to shut the fuck up notice how he ask where she was at & everybody pointed that hoe out
    3 even thou he was rapping nightmares of the bottom he added a twist to it by thanking his fans by saying “I do it all for y’all” something like that

  • Idiotsiswear

    Jay-z has 10 Grammys Wayne has 4 “Wayne lyrics, vocabulary, and metaphores are greater than nas, jay z, kanye west and eminem. Wayne” really better than nas nasty nas seriously? Jay and EM to damn are you high Waynes 2 tours grossed over 50 million combined I am music and Americas most wanted doesn’t mean Wayne got all of that money jay sold out madison square garden how many times? And has how much more money? Wayne can’t sing for shit and he raps on rock beats or tries to sing with that annoying autotune doesn’t mean it’s rock Wayne has 12 songs on the billboards but not all 12 are his songs jay had 11 number 1 albums Wayne ain’t no street nigga jay sold the drugs he rapped about he shot his brother and stabbed un jay was always in the hood and still could go back he had oprah chilling in Marcy projects in 09 Wayne rap about hollygrove this hollygrove that when was the last time he was there???

  • Idiotsiswear

    “Wayne is the best, his swagg is magnificent” what kinda gay nigga are you so his swag which is some odd future bs makes him the best women jeggings is swag? Wayne vocabulary is high so is nas and jays what’s your point? Wayne had cold I repeat had cold lyrics and his style is like a landfill nothing but garbage but it’s funny this guy said Wayne is a g Wayne a g lmfao Wayne claims blood behind the safety of bodyguards and 20 people or infront a green screen

  • Idiotsiswear

    I mean I could pick out one line from jay that kills any way verse one c4 “like short sleeves I bare arms” think about that if you wanna go punchline for punchline Wayne can’t I repeat can’t fuck with fabolous nobody is more whitty then fan listen to how he destroyed the right above it beat with that short verse look at how he embarrassed Wayne on the Carter 3 and on salute and on anything they do together and on that’s not love Wayne had to use old verse cuz fab probably would’ve went harder and shitted on Wayne as usual Wayne can’t see fab lyrically

  • Georgiaboy87

    All them rappers u named are irrelevant this is wayne’s world & you are just a tourist
    Bitch nigga let’s go line for line in the lyrics catogeroy lil wayne mixtapes is better than every dam album he put out nobody ain’t hearing that old nigga
    That’s why he did an album with kanye cause if he would have did it buy himself that shit would have sold 50,000 copies kayne sold 400,000 copies not jay
    Short sleeves so I bare arms, I know kids who can do a better job than that is he retarded he should let them other niggs write his lines like usually

    Fab my ass see check this out fab came out with a song called throw it in the bag I know yo punk ass had to heard it & jay came out with the death of auto tune song somethin like that go to “datpiff” look up lil Wayne no ceilings mixtape & listen how he destroyed both of them songs. Once you do that shit I’ll bet you change your dam mind

  • Georgiaboy87

    There’s a reason why this man sells & let me tell you something the reason why jay z even sold out madson square garden is because the tickets were dirt cheap
    The world wants lil Wayne where ever he go what he do makes headlines
    The reason why he’s popular cause beyonce she been makin the most money out of all of them the last 5 or so years. Oh yea jay z is business & clothing including the club & other shit is worth 450 million same goes for p diddy who is actually worth more that means they don’t got that much money but if were to sell everything that’s how much it would cost & since this economy is messed up they worth lesser now
    With that being said is that jay or puff could actually have like 60 mill in the banking account
    Now birdman & lil Wayne both each received 100 million dollar pay check form the rap game YMCMB made all their money in the music game now imagine if they were to pull off a move & start different clothing lines clubs & other shit like puff did them niggas would be billionaires!!!!


    First of all no matter what u say Idiotsiswear that sounds fukn gay. Ain’t nuthing fukn gay bout me. Im a real street nigga and Wayne is still the greatest alive to me and millions and millions of other people. Your name sounds gay to me. And Wayne go way harder than fabulous. He has more fans and sells more albums. Fabulous sounds more like faggett. I see now u just a Wayne hater, give credit where credit is do. And Wayne C4 Album is way better than kanye west and jay z garbage ass shit. Wayne had more sales the first week than jigga and maybe album had. Wayne and young money will be on top of the rap game a long long time so u can just luv it or hate it. Wayne is the greatest and keep doin your thang my boy and keep shittin on these bitch ass hatin ass niggas.

  • Idiotsiswear

    Wayne lyrically can’t fuck with fab m bizzle gtfoh with ya bitch ass u ain’t no real street nigga fuck is a m bizzle sounds like a bone thugs n harmony reject nigga please Wayne can’t fuck with fab lyrically fab is a whitty nigga fab a beast Wayne can’t fuck with loso I do t care who sells more fab lyrically will demolish Wayne and he does young money ain’t gonna be on top of nothing drake yeah I see him having longevity but nicki and her gimmicks is getting old she on her way out once her fanbase grows up Wayne aint get no 100 million dollar checks if he did he would be number one on the forbes list hands down who else on ym is gonna blow not chuckee mills is a cornball now gudda is retarded streets iight sometimes twist I don’t see it Cory could rap but can’t get a good enough buzz t-pain what he gonna do prolly write hooks

  • Idiotsiswear

    Mack Maine I can’t lie just listen to his verses he could spit except for that got money verse shit was trash short is like 24 or some shit and he sounds like he 10 he could spit though but I don’t see him blowing up neither shanell tyga got the fame but can’t pick the right single to save his failing career so idk what young money is gonna be on top of but it sure ain’t the rap game jay z net worth is 450 put jay actually has that much money on top of his net worth and those msg tickets was not cheap and that line like shorts sleeves I bare arms us crazy if u can catch it Wayne damn sure can’t do better blood like a scar really gtfoh but back to fab vs. Wayne go line for line punchline for punchline fab got Wayne beat lyrically Wayne can’t fuck with fab his word play is crazy and fab is a really street nigga unlike Wayne

  • AGA

    Thats amazing…wezy did a great job and btw the pic of this post …Pretty 🙂 Go Weezy

  • Idiotsiswear

    “Your goddamn right I’m feeling myself 
    A chauffeur no sir, I’m wheeling myself 
    Looking for a chick chilling for self 
    So I can show her the suicides and talk her into killing herself”

    “Its loso croft, you can call me tomb raider, 
    we brake in homes, we the livin room raiders, 
    snatch wifey, 
    come back for the groom later, 
    throw her in the back of the van like she on room raiders”

    “these bitches done got real bad, 
    so now i pull out, 
    and leave em lookin’ like a got milk ad”

  • Georgiaboy87

    I see u live by ur name u is a fucking idiot I swear!!! Wayne destroyed fab & jay on no ceilings is fab even alive that nigga a dust bowl nobody even mention that nigga ass no more except for you. YMCMB has sold more albums than another record company, label or group I think except for micheal jaskon but anyway YMCMB is the most dominating record label ever & longest raining.
    If lil wayne’s wins in lyrics then he wins in word play, punch lines & flows which he does
    Sorry 4 the wait is better than fab whole career. Lil wayne is Jordan, Kobe, wade & Lebron, magic all combined cause when Wayne die it will be a holiday nigga the world will morn this icon & there will not be another one like him

  • Idiotsiswear

    “Now I hardly b parkin in the p’s, 
    cuz the system in the SL make it shake like it got parkinson’s disaease”

    “they come at me deliberately, 
    becuase of the green rocks, 
    they thought the jesus piece was the statue of liberty”

    “you dudes don’t know what doin the damn thing means, 
    most of yall got beer money with champagne dreams”

    “I’m so – ny like the folks who made playstation”

    “I bet your man can’t do it like me, 
    his veins don’t pump pimp fluid like me, 
    he’s no where near or like me, 
    and he probably think keepin you in check is buyin you a pair of nikes” 
    man this ain’t even his best like I said Wayne can’t fuck with fab

  • Georgiaboy87

    I wish you would have said u came up with this shit cause this is on some souja boy level shit gucci mane go harder than this

  • Idiotsiswear

    @Georgiaboy87 you a clown sorry 4 the wait sucked fab is better than Wayne lyrically any day how did Wayne destroy fab you bugging fab destroyed Wayne on every song they did “YMCMB has sold more albums than another record company, label or group” you got to be shitting me ymcmb didn’t even sell 100 million Elvis and the beetles both sold 1 billion+ albums Mariah carry barbra Streisand elton John and many others sold over 100 million ymcmb is not the most dominating record label nor longest nothing you need to get your fact straight stop being a Stan

  • Idiotsiswear

    So if Wayne goes harder prove it if the Carter 4 was so good find me 1 line thar could beat one of fabs lines Wayne is on some soulja boy shit “all about my riches my name should be Richard” “now we get hiya call that shit karate” seriously and it get worse Wayne can’t see fab lyrically stop being a Stan are you that dumb you can’t catch fabs lines think about them

    “I bet your man can’t do it like me, 
    his veins don’t pump pimp fluid like me, 
    he’s no where near or like me, 
    and he probably think keepin you in check is buyin you a pair of nikes”  seriously c’mon you saying Wayne is better your lying Wayne not whitty like fab “I’m so NY like the folks who made playstation” that not even him going in “I swear to god the next nigga I give it to is go to a place fed ex can’t deliver you”

  • tunechinigga

    idiotswear forreal dude go fuck urself u say ur a fan but ur killin on him all the hatin niggas can suck my dick waynes the best and will always be the best

  • tunechinigga

    idiotswear…. here’s one

    sometimes we question shit that there is no answer to but i just built a house on i don’t give a fuck avenue

    talkin bout baby money i got ur baby money kidnap ur bitch get that how much u love ur bany money i kno u fake nigga press ur breaks nigga i take u out that’s a date nigga

  • tunechinigga


  • Georgiaboy87

    You a lame dude his c4 is better than fab whole career you the only one reping that guy
    Nigga go google how much YMCMB has sold go check that shit out boy I know my fucking facts
    go google that shit boy you out here arguing about yo weak fag is better than lil wayne. Wayne is greater than hip hop will ever be hip hop can’t even contain this guy that’s why he the only rapper to successfully cross over to rock, pop & r&b. Fag would wish to live a lifestyle like lil Wayne but he can’t cause first of all he doesnt even posses the talent let alone nor the skills. I hate the fact you compare a grasshopper (fab) to a god like (lil Wayne).

  • Quincy

    @idiotsiswear u say that wayne lyrically cant fuck with wayne ok how about this line
    Stop analyzin, criticizin, you should realize what iam and start epitomizin legitimate I got the heart of the biggest lion im confident like fuck em all pullout dick and ride it or,

    Last year they had the grammys and left me in miami sleepin on a nigga like im rappin in my jammys I was rappin wen u were sleep I was rappin wen u were in jammys mel gibson flow, lethal weapon book em danny
    Cmon man fab is very good but cant fuck with wayne

  • Fuck wayne


  • r3xvstheworld

    @idiotsiswear nobody’s been able to rap from NY since big, in my opinion, you’re the fuckin stan, whatever that faggot shit is, stfu and stop arguing about other peoples opinions, who the fuck are you to say who’s wack and who’s not? I didn’t know you’re the hip hop analyst and decide who’s good or not..

  • tunechinigga

    waynes a beast bitch
    nobodys ridin his dick bitch we’re spittin facts u pussy

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  • Idiotsiswear

    Damn I can’t post what I got to say let’s see if this posts though @r3xvstheworld that’s was complete bs nobody could spit since big? All the legends still could from krs 1 to big daddy Kane to nas a few members from the wu rakim so you telling me loso can’t spit you telling me big pun couldn’t spit and jay can’t spit jadakiss fab dmx styles p to? Lloyd banks? Mysonne Cory muller st cyr? Joel Ortiz? None of them could rap? Juelz vado nobody? Damn

  • Idiotsiswear

    tunechinigga those was some wack ass lines from the c4 honestly do you actually think those was better then what I posted?

  • Idiotsiswear

    No matter what I try my response to Quincy won’t post but Georgia boy stop using google everything on google isn’t true all the links they give you to some bs websites cash money ain’t no where near one of the best selling labels neither is young money akons label sold more then the whole young money with lady gagas first album sales alone

  • Idiotiswear

    What kinda bitch runs this site that posted but my response to Quincy which was shorter wouldnt post georgiaboy Wayne ain’t no god you are obviously a Stan Fab lyrically crushes Wayne all the time prove me wrong

  • r3xvstheworld

    @idiotsiswear only one exception from that list, big pun. Ill name names better than all them, big Krit, chamillionaire, trae, big Moe, big hawk, lil wayne, lil boosie.. and the realest most under rated rapper today zro.. not saying all of those rappers suck from NY, I ain’t a judge.. its my opinion, but no one from NY has had a song I like since big pun or biggie, ny songs don’t click lyrically or the beats. And one song Wayne killed was throw it in the bag, killed Fab on his own song.

  • Idiotsiswear

    Wow lyrically really the only hood rapper there is zro fab killed Wayne on his own song right above it you ain’t got nothing papoose would serve all of those nigga so would Ortiz and fab banks is u high zro tells stories and raps fast no one in NY had a song you like since pun ok yea thats you NY songs don’t click lyrically or the beats? Some of the best producers are from NY my bad our beats don’t sound like some generic bs same shit over and over sorry then you said lil boosie c’mon son he garbage with his bitch ass voice big krit seriously gtfoh

  • Idiotsiswear

    What are you that dumb that the shit NY rappers say go over ya head so lil boosie better then nas fab Mysonne papoose fab Joell Ortiz you gotta be shitting me yea you probably a southern nigga that hates the east coast man k rino go harder then everyone you name he from the south you coulda said him but you say big k.r.I.t trae the truth lil boosie and those other niggas seriously who’s next soulja boy gucci mane mike jones riff raff YUNG la fabs throw it in the bag wasnt suppose to be a lyrical song but you wanna go there fab killed Wayne right above it beat in his short verse papoose will demolish ya list

  • Idiotsiswear

    Kendrick Lamar crooked I hopsin Earl sweat shirts and other west coast cats would destroy your shitty list damn how you say boosie though that nigga is trash who’s next webbie those niggas is garbage They learned how to spell Independent so they turned it into a song dumb niggas hell rell could take ya list out my god you named lil boosie of all people and Wayne been garbage let’s be honest now c4= trash

  • Basis

    No disrespect 2 the east or west but all the best rappers r from the southern n C4 is the best n its a fact

  • r3xvstheworld

    @idiotsiswear nas fab Mysonne papoose fab Joell Ortiz? lmfao southern rappers and even west coast rappers don’t make songs about just money and don’t need any punchlines to make a point if they wanna be relevant they make the point w/o BS, Wayne is an exception because when he wants to he doesn’t use punchlines. Over my head? Ill recite a few Fab lines, ” she trying to kick it but I told her this ain’t karate class” ha… “im back like a gun cocked, I’m so cool That if go to hell all I’ll need is my sunblock” if you’re so cool why would you need sunblock ? Smh.. , right above it, any one who says fart bars is automatically weak, come on coulda done better, you’re probably some little teenager with nothing better to do but sit around and listen to songs all day at your moms house gtfoh..

  • r3xvstheworld

    @idiotsiswear and lil boosie has other more deep songs than independent, maybe if you’d take the fucking time to listen to his shit youd realise how dumb as fuck you sound, and that wack list I said? That’s the realest there is and probably the realest there will ever be not to forget ugk or slim thug. Papoose?! You just need to slap yourself this is 2011 not 2001. And as far as being a Southerner I live in Cali dumbass, real recognize real so of course you wouldn’t know what real music is. And you said the only hood rapper there was zro? You really must be an idiot trae tha truth ain’t hood? Bog hawk? Bog moe? All of suc? Ugk? Smh you do t know shit.

  • r3xvstheworld

    @idiotsiswear and Wayne is about individuality if you couldn’t already tell, smh you judging a man saying he’s wack on how he expresses himself seriously .. if Fab is so much better, he’d be in Wayne’s shoes now would t he. And like I said before who are you toosie say anything? Have you been to the south or the west coast? Or are you just a stan who sits on a computer on YouTube like a bitch or better you probably ly sit on worldstarhiphop all day too! I’ve been to the south I was raised in the south for twenty one years and i live in the west, I’ve even livef in the east coast.. from personal expirience I can say who’s fake or real IN MY FUCKIN OPINION see I can admit its my opinion and not sit and think I’m absolutely right all the time.

  • Mr.Campos9

    @idiotsiswear fuck you nigga

  • Idiotsiswear

    Ok I’m on my iPhone do yea when I said hood I actually meant good but I accidentally hit “h” but anyway back to you I never said boosie ain’t have deep songs I listened to him but he’s not a good rapper he corny eastcoast niggas don’t make songs about only money either and the fart bars thing goes with what he said “these niggas don’t touch keys (kilos) except for when they start cars they just talking out they ass those are fart bars I’ll bring the toaster where ever you poptarts are” I’m not some teen I live alone and I do listen to music alot even when I’m working ya list is wack except for ugk and zro And as far as being a Southerner I live in Cali dumbass yea I said you’re probably I never said that it’s a 100% fact your from the south

  • Idiotsiswear

    then you said real recognize real nigga please I hate when niggas say that c’mon son how “real” could you being you’re on a fansite praising a women jeans wearing lip ring having man kissing dude? stop it I dont know shit and you telling me I don’t know music nigga please don’t be mad cuz the guys you named most of them are trash papoose is nice and could take out ya whole list you talking about this is 2011 not 2001 nigga please papoose still spit the same joell Ortiz is nice nas is better than your whole list Joe budden and fab  Immortal Technique jada styles p busta, and dmx is the realist nigga and yea I don’t use YouTube and I dont be on worldstar maybe once in a while don’t mistake me for u

  • Idiotsiswear

    I been to the south I use to live in Florida I been to the west coast I use to live in Canada I been to Europe and damn near every country in the Caribbean so yea and you saying if fab was nice he would be where Wayne is nigga Wayne is overrated every rapper I named could do what Wayne did better than him yea even some of the ones you named none of them are where Wayne is cuz real don’t sell these days women pants men and fake drug lords is what sells I said punchline for punchline fab is the better rapper that’s all Wayne does is use punchlines all I’m saying is fab can do that better then him so could banks Ortiz it’s not a opinion it’s a fact

  • Idiotsiswear

    But back to the I wouldn’t recognize what real music is nigga please you telling me Wayne is real music even though he says the same tired elementary bs all the time and lies about doing this and that is real music really??? But nas ain’t real music? Papoose aint dmx styles p jada? Fab budden joell? Mysonne banks krs1 big daddy Kane kool g immortal tech talib ghostface Raekwon? Damn I don’t know real music you’re right I’m sorry Wayne is the realist thing ever

  • Idiotsiswear

    But back to the I wouldn’t recognize what real music is nigga please you telling me Wayne is real music even though he says the same tired elementary bs all the time and lies about doing this and that is real music really??? But nas ain’t real music damn
    ? Papoose aint dmx styles p jada? Fab budden joell? Mysonne banks krs1 big daddy Kane kool g immortal tech talib ghostface Raekwon? Damn I don’t know real music you’re right I’m sorry Wayne is the realist thing ever

  • r3xvstheworld

    @idiotsiswear how are you gonna say ugk. And zro but not suc? Florida is not the south .. and canada? Really? You sound like a dam fool who don’t know what shit is south and west.. prasing? I ain’t praising nobody.. did I ever once say Wayne is the best? No. And judging by the way you talk you’re a teen atmost a 20 year old smh

  • Idiotsiswear

    Florida is the south it’s the southern half of the east coast I been to Houston Dallas I been all over you telling me you use to live this place and that place and you been here and there so I’m doing the same the rest of that shit idk WTF you trying to say I don’t know if you thought I said Canada is apart of the south but yea I didn’t oh well you right though I don’t know real music Wayne is the realist musician ever Lil boosie to

  • Jay

    @FUCKEMINEM…. dont hate on the white boys…

    after a 75% sales decrease after the first week he’s not touching any numbers ever put up by EMINEM….
    When your sales don’t plunge like that over the coarse of several months you end up with 10x certified platinum albums like EMINEM..has wayne done that?

    oh yeah, Rolling Stones magazine labeled him(Eminem) “The King of Hip Hop” haha!

    but not to hate on wayne.. just you.. Big ups and congrats to Weezy and YMCMB for holding it down! Can’t wait for Take Care to drop next!


  • EzMane

    I’m a Wayne fan, but honestly the album sucks really bad, hands down the worst of Da Carter Series, only reason it went platinum is because of his popularity, hype, big fan base, but not because the album is good, i and like many others expected it to be great, but truth is, its not, biggest disappointment of the year and please people dont be delusional

  • Him

    Hot Hot Hot in case you didn’t see it yet check out the official #nextinshow review of The Carter IV

  • Jamal

    Wayne me and my lil bro really feel like yu are the best rapper alive and i have all of your music from squad up to the carter IV, to every mixtape you have came out with. I dont mean to suck up but you Dwayne Michael Carte Jr, Lil Wayne, Tunchie Lee, Weezy F Baby are THE BEST RAPPER IN THE HISTORY OF RAPPERS IN OUR OPINION.!!! I HOPE YOU NEVER STOP RAPPIN CAUSE THAT WILL BE THE DAY I STOP LISTENIN TO MUSIC. i FUCKZ WIT YOU HANDS DOWN!!

  • Jamal


  • Rianne

    he LIL with capital C is a ugly as helllll little gremlin, smurf or whatever…… LIGHT skinned girls only fuck him for his money so…i hope he is broke in a year……..

    then what……

    he and his skinny legs can chew on that…….all the way from EU thank Goddd nobody likes you here anymore retarded ass,,,,,

  • Rianne

    yeah on postion 82 to 100 woeoeii great ….not

  • Amin Chowdhury @Toronto Music