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Meek Mill – I’mma Boss (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne, T.I., Swizz Beatz, Rick Ross, Birdman & DJ Khaled) [Dirty]

Wed, Nov 9, 2011 by

Meek Mill Imma Boss Remix Feat Lil Wayne, T.I., Swizz Beatz, Rick Ross, Birdman & DJ Khaled

DJ Cosmic Kev just premiered Meek Mill‘s “I’mma Boss” official remix featuring Lil Wayne, T.I., Swizz Beatz, Rick Ross, Birdman and DJ Khaled on Power 99, but Flex comes through with the CDQ version! You can listen and download the Jahlil Beats-produced track below and I will update this post as soon as the dirty version is available. Updated with the explicit version.

Who killed it ❓

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  • To Haters

    LIl Wayne got it!



  • Bj

    Wayne Is The Man!

  • low


  • Jones Face

    I point the pistol at you like a camera phone! #YMCMB

  • Amurph

    Damn hot as hell, rocking it wayne

  • Amurph

    @low – the fuck you smokin, spills boi, hell na

  • I heard this shit at 8 o clock when it came out.
    And guys don’t mind @low because this nigga says stop listening to wayne and listen to soulja boy like wtf? kill yoself



  • asai adame

    Weeeeeeeeeezy over everyone bitches!!!!!!!!!!!


  • When they released this shit on power99 the dj played this hoe back from 8:00 – 8:41 and this hoe still playing.

  • If she don’t respect me then she can respect this dick

  • CCB

    gud shit NIGA YMCMBMMUGK

  • desmund

    everyone killed it dope shit YMCMB+MMG

  • tuer


  • lilwayne>allrappers

    this shyt bangs!

  • Amurph

    @187josh187 yeah the poor kid probably like 13 and heard real rap like pac and shit haha

  • 1)T.I
    2)Meek Mill
    4)Ross (can’t choose who should be 3 or 4)
    5)swiss beatz(hardly even said anything)
    6)Birdman(I hate to hate on the stunna but he needs stop reusing some of them lyrics like shit)

    Either way all of them went hard equally except Swiss and birdman.
    TI was on another level though


    t.i killed it, then wayne honestly

  • C.Mason


  • Dedication 4

    30 second verse … 2 swizz beat verses and one 30 second wayne verse … smh

  • Dedication 4

    That was garbage lol … 30 second verse smh. They gave Swizz Beats 2 verses smh..

  • Had a couple seizures call em setbacks, everybody praying for me I respect that, woke up in the hospital where my checks at!?, then I put 8 chains where my necks at?!
    Ross snapped!

  • Patterson

    Ross and TI were at another level, Meek Mill and Wayne were tied, Wayne verse was too short.

    If they were smart they could have cut out Birdman and Swizz Beats then give Wayne a full minute verse at the end.


  • @Patterson Well said. They shoulda kicked off birdman and swizz beatz and gave wayne a long verse T___T

  • WEEZY is the best rapper alive WEEZY went hard like always YMCMB all day erryday!!!

  • MMG


  • Mr.G

    They played this song for 47mins straight on the radio….crazy remix

  • Chito

    Thats my nigga Wayne killed it

  • Wayne Fan

    Anyone post waynes lyrics….can’t hear on my phone.

  • Ortiz

    Everyone went hard, as the song kept goin they kept stepping it up. Meek Mill went hard on his remix. Best mix I’ve heard in a cool minute

  • Hunter

    its alright

  • Jojo Killa

    Weezy killed this muhfucka yaa heard #YMCMB

  • yung_money

    wow shit hott erbody got off but i gotta say t.i killed it the most hands down by the way i was just listening to take care and the first shit up there dat OVER MY DEAD BODY STRAIGHT FIRE

  • spazzz taylor

    wait why he ay shit one time i dont get it weezy

  • wayne fan

    @spazz taylor. Wayne says fuck one time..not shit one time…one time is slang for police…he only sayd the word fuck one time…….get it…fuck one time. Aka fuck the police……gain smarts fool

  • Petie24

    Thought wale was supposed to be on this shit? Shoulda replaced birdman wit him. That would of been hard!

  • money like mark cuban?
    That nigga worth 2.5 billion

  • Petie24

    Real shit nigga.

  • Tunechi Lee

    Wayne needs momentum and rythm in order to do well, Wayne is not too good at short verses.

    Giving him only 40 seconds is a bad idea. He did okay for the time he was given though.

    I liked TI’s verse too.

  • wayne fan

    Wayne is truthfully @ his best when he’s immulating another niggas flow & when he’s spittin fast….drought 3 no ceilings sorry 4 the wait shit…naw mean.

    Verse dope. Gnar as fuck. Sick as shit. Okay I’m forcing it.

  • wow this shit wont let me post

  • ugh getting tired of this site when it doesn’t let me post T_T

  • Can’t post the lyrics since its not letting me post T___T

  • This is wayne’s verse.
    Sorry if I get some of this wrong.
    Look, I be probably on my skateboard, tryna learn a new trick
    I just fucked the avatar, now I got a blue dick
    Money talks, bullshit walks if the shoe fit
    You pushing up daisies, daffodiles, tulips
    I’m in my zone, I’m Angie Stone
    I point the pistol at you like a camera phone
    I’m Young money, cash money, I’m not human
    Boy I’m tryna get money money like Mark Cuban
    If she don’t respect me, she gon respect this dick
    The World is an asshole and we the next big shit
    Damn right I gang bang, tell ‘em blood up slime
    Fuck off, I had to say fuck one time
    get it?

  • Daknite

    T.I. Went in

  • delweezy

    ti went in den wayne but did dey all did dea shit

  • Junie

    T.i. And meek mill killed it wayne was ok drake shouldve been on here tho

  • YOLO

    Wayne fell short once again smh and 1 time is not slang for the police dumbass to the dude who said that

  • Jaime


    1 time IS slang for police … how do you not know that ???

    they been saying that since the 70’s lol.

  • wayne killed it 🙂 ymcmb 🙂 awesome song 🙂

  • Jaime

    Wayne verse was short but he still had the 2nd best verse.

  • real-talk


  • real-talk

    Drought 3 was my shitttt nigga.

  • Tez

    This Song Is Old Its Been On The Radio For Weeks In Dallas

  • Ak

    I Want The Dirty Version Now!!

  • Ben

    Stunna’s verse wasn’t half bad. I do agree he says “shine every summer” too much…
    Don’t get me wrong, Birdman’s a great rapper though.

  • Joc

    Lil Wayne murked the entire beat.

  • real-talk

    This nigga ^^Ben^^ said birdmans a great rapper.

  • Daknite

    who said birdman was a great rapper listen to his billionaire minds mixtape he said shine every time on the grind in every fuckin song gtfoh

  • FInally that Meek mill release that record,although im still waiting on Tune to release Put Tha Light On Me Record ! WHEN IS IT COMING?????

  • Josh

    wayne does’t kill verses like he use to,..his verses use to stand out in songz now he just soundz avergage…

  • scooty_mofo

    didnt even know what he said at the end of his verse

  • Josh

    i wish wayne had that drought 3 or no ceilings flow on this

  • Lil Wayne & Birdman kill this mother fuckin’ track ! <3

  • nothing special

    waynes verse was nothing special.

    t.i.’s verse > all

  • Jon

    Am i the only one who thought weezy said Fuck HOV, i know that aint right but thats what i heard the first time….


    fuck swizz beat i cant understand him. where the dirty version?


    @jon yes, i heard it the end of waynes verse f*******z

  • Most-Shady

    Swizz beatz was like a lost dogg in dis his girl wud have done a betr job!!…and birdman wat can I sai “we shine every summer” boring…

  • Jays

    Damn, T.I.’s hungry!

  • joey

    lil wayne kicks out two fans waiting in front of his crib!! wshh

  • Tweezy

    Id have to say that DJ Khaled killed it!!!!!!

  • 100%

    @joey that nigga dont play…everybody thinks wayne a fake blood and all that but any TRUE weezy fan knows he be with a group of bloods all the time from his city..niggas he known forever…

    i wouldnt try him. even tho wayne rich he still a hood nigga in heart.

    “you can take the nigga out the hood but you cant take the hood out the nigga”

  • Destroyed

    “Oh fuck..I had to say fuck ONE TIME”

    Wayne killed everyone with that line.

  • joey

    dat nigga weezy said” get the fuck out of my neighborhood” lol,….wayne a real blood

  • yung_money

    @JOSH i agree my nigga it was a time when wayne jump on yo remix he was the fucking song now he just another nigga on it cause t.i. stole the show real talk dats how u kill a fucking track wayne was ok but goddam enuff wit the bubble gum raps this a street anthem and he still coming with some pop shit smfh shoulda put jay up there he woulda murdered it and call me a hater all yall want look at my fucking name how can i hate truth is truth wayne rhymes ain’t getting no better and im not gonna take up for the nigga when he keep coming with weak shit dam he been home a year now and only killed 1 feat and dats hustle hard rmx, pushed c4 back 4 times and it still won’t all dat to be honest sorry for the wait was better then the dam album lyrically and now he just sitting back laughing at yall dumasses up here dickriding saying erthing he do go hard dats why he dropping trashy music cause even tho it’s trash it got wayne name on it so yall gonna buy it no way in hell c4 shoulda sold a mill first week not how that shit sound but it’s weezy let’s go get it

  • Ali Wayne Morocco

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! WTF .. i fucking get crazy !!! u know what I mean
    Weezy is the best for dis era

  • Mmoloki

    Rozay then Tunechi! Stunna is whack….he doesn’t hv anythng else to say in songs

  • R3m1

    TI’s back that s for sure

  • Jc

    Wow some ppl I swear. Birdman a great rapper? Birdman would be the very worst if it wasn’t for rappers like fuckin Gucci and soulja boy. Lol birdman is garbage as fuck and he’s annoying….kill urself

  • Weezy & T.I killed that shit. Given T.I’s abit more hungry than Wayne, reason being his got a lot more to prove than Wayne now, but god damn they killed that shit.

  • Mmoloki

    @Jc, i agree with u 100%

  • Wayne fan

    Wayne hasn’t fallen off stop sayin that bullshit. The nigga changed. Big difference. Wayne still says some of the most creative shit. U want the drought 3 wayne. He’s gone,has been for a while…get used to it. If u want weezy to be another bout you do it.

    @yolo don’t “correct” me with the wrong answer dumbass.

  • Kai

    Birdman killed it

  • shaaanlink

    @JC you did NOT just compare soulja to birdman. damn! you crazy ass soulja boi got that dank shit and ur jealous ur not uptown in a phantom shinin erry day so stop hating on the birman cacaw!

  • @yung_money this nigga t.i went to jail and has just been making raps in there, then he went to jail again a little while after he got out for another year. This nigga probably got so many fire lyrics he can make songs for days. And plus they gave wayne a short ass verse but its still good

  • Jason

    Ricky Rozayy!! i don’t no if i gotta be the one to say it, but i think he mite have had the best verse on that track. its like he died, went to rappers heaven, then came back and rapped like this. props to rozay, killed it.

  • Tune

    The best tothe worst verse in te song

    1. T.I.
    2. Meek mill
    3. Lil Wayne
    4. Rick Ross
    5. Birdman

  • Cash Money Wayne killed em like always bet you cant remember a line from any verse but waynes..

  • mrx

    i wish i got a quarter for every time baby says “we shine every summer” or “we da bizness” or “been about money” or “born stuntin’ ” “uptown” etc..

  • josh

    how come every song wayne comes out yall say he killed it,….wayne didnt kill it he just did okay on the track…

  • @Danny M What happened to I Can’t Feel My Face? Still waiting on that.

  • fell off

    this nigga came on the track talking about skateboards and ya’ll saying he killed it ?

    damn … this site… smh

  • @Danny M Is I Can’t Feel My Face still in the works? Everything on juelz twitter is about him going to a party or performing somewhere lol? I haven’t heard anything about recording ICFMF since C4 came out and Juelz said wayne sent him songs to record verses on for the album.

  • Jaime

    “fuck … I had to say fuck 1 time, get it ? ”

    that line is going over A LOT of peoples heads.

  • LilDuke1

    damn wayne went in..ima wait to download da dirty version

  • Damn he rocking good you go lil wayne <3

  • adog

    wat does he mean with that fuck line

  • Maybe it was just somthing to say who knows(:

  • ….


    “fuck 1 time ” means fuck the police.

    1 time = police

  • thank i really didnt know that(:

  • yortsed

    lmao niga t.i. had the best first even with all the editing niga stunna need to stop nig i can spit better than dude

    real shit im not a boss, but niggas bodys get found and no minutes from my sleep get lost, hating im guessing everybody wanna see how big my ego is, guess you find out how loud the crowd yells when im fucking the bitch, blow the top off i aint gotta talk about the flow you hear what i am spittin, niggas and wanna be’s get on there knees then start lickin it up off the ground that it land on use a number two pencil to kill your ass fbi gona need a scantron 3000 old niggas rapping about gucci and the money they be smooching if they were real theyd be rapping about powder, but the kind that comes out of there tits or the pampers they need for there trousers

  • Tray21

    Fake ass wayne fans

  • TTC

    Yo look its Jasper Dolphin, Hodgy Beats, and Left Brain in the picture!!!

  • krashaun

    Lil Wayne is da man he for a harder then them all

  • luigeezy

    Honestly T.I came in harddddd!!!!…wayne’s got the 2nd best verse(thatz cuz he was given just 40sec!!) and wtf is swizz doin on this???!!..guess Luda would have been a good replacement!!!

  • Eazy Frizy

    the world is an asshole and we the next big shit… thats some wayne punchline

  • Wayne went hard but I thought I’d never say this but I think rick ross went harder then wayne(in this song)
    Don’t hate please just my opinion

  • tuer

    Wayne demolished that hoe

  • Lilduke1

    that “fuck one time” line..mean fuck da police? how “1time” = da police lol somebody explain dat to lost as fuck lol



  • dummies

    1 time is an old slang for police.
    wayne didnt say the word “FUCK” at all in his verse until the end.

    = “i had to say FUCK, one time” that is a double entendre, a line with 2 meanings.

    he had to say the word FUCK, and he had to say fuck police.

    if you still dont get it you’re an idiot.

  • dummies


    Dr. Carter: “excuse me if im late but like a thief, it takes, time to be this great(discrete) so just wait”

    “got a pistol on the playground, watch the gun-play”

    “too paid to freestyle”

    La La: “hip hop addict, hip hop addict, man i swear im on top like the attic(addict)”

    “wittier than comedy, nigga write a parody, but i aint telling jokes…apparently, a parent(APPARENT) yeah my daughter be the twinkle of my eye”

    A Milli: “sister, brother, son, daughter, father, mother-fuck a copper”

    “okay you’re a goon but whats a goon to a goblin? nothing, nothing, you aint scaring nothing”

    “it aint tricking if you got it, but you’re like a bitch with no ass, you aint got shit”

    Lollipop: “he so sweet make her wanna lick the wrapper(rapper), so i let her lick the rapper(wrapper)”

    “that pussy in my mouth had me lost for words”

    “i get her on top, she drop it like it’s hot
    and when im at the bottom, she Hillary Rodham(ride him)”

    Let The Beat Build: “believe that like a true story, rims big make the car look like its two stories(1st story in the other line), if i hop out that’ll be suicide(suicide doors)”

    “no BACK(=paralyzed) seats call that paralyzed”

    “i tote a tool box, bitch its hammer-time(gun time/mc hammer time), so excuse me as i nail em to something”

    “like a silk wife beater and a wave cap like the wave pool
    at Blue Bayou and I wave fool as i blew by you(blue bayou)”

    “nigga fuck your plan, fuck your man, you aint a pimp
    unless you get the same bitch to fuck your man, and fuck your plan, and all my bitches know thats my plan, oh god damn theres my sam-ple, playing(simple plan, from the bitches line) like its my band”


  • dummies


    3peat: “i dont give a motherfuck, get your baby kidnapped, and your baby MOTHERFUCKED(baby mother)”

    “if not now than never, dont you ever fix your lips unless you’re about to suck my dick, bitch swallow my words, taste my thoughts, and if its too nasty spit it back at me”

    “i just do this shit for my click(clique) like adam sandler, i control hip hop and imma keep it on my me bitch watch me bitch watch me, but they cannot see me”

    “young money baby, yeah we right here, imma make sure we BALL(ball up and cry/ be rich) til we fall like tears”

    Phone Home: “im used to promethazine in 2 cups, im screwed up(messed up/dj screw)”

    “no brake(no taking breaks) lights on my car-rear(CAREER)”

    Comfortable: “bedroom in the bank, baby we safe(bank safe)”

    “im through talking so imma let you ‘face(baby face the singer on the hook/let her face the facts)”

    “i will never 1, 2, 3, forget(4 get)”

    Tie My Hands: “they talked that freedom at us
    and didnt even leave a ladder(for the katrina flood)”

    “my whole city’s under water, some people still floating(still in the water/some still getting by)”

    Shoot Me Down: “i aint kinda hot im sauna, i sweat money, and the bank is my shower, and that pistol is my towel, so stop sweating me coward”

    “i would die for ours, ride for hours(ours), supply the flowers(drugs/funeral flowers)”

    “d-boys are the only alphabet boys i know(not DEA/or FBI)”

    “my picture should be in the dictionary, next to the definition of definition(example of repetition), because repetition is the father of learning, and SON(father in previous line) i know your barrels burning but please dont shoot me down”

    “let me talk to my daddy, poppa i did it to em, im a bastard(made it with no dad)”

    “watch(with your eyes/wrist WATCH) me get high like TIMES UP”

    “i see ya boys hating, and i see ya girls naked”

    Playing With Fire: “the bitch say im hot, and i say no bitch im blazing
    Like, what the fuck you expect im a motherfuckin Cajun(the people/spicey hot food)”

    “i feel caged in my mind, its like my flow doing time, i goes crazy inside(like a person in jail), but when it comes out its fine(like when ppl get out of jail) wine, wait, watch(watch him/wrist watch), see i get better with time like a watch”

    “Osh B’Gosh(oh my gosh), Posh Spice husband(david beckam) couldnt kick it like i kick it(how wayne kicks rhymes), bitch i KICKS(kix) it, no cereal”

    “hey pussy, play wit pussy or play pussy(get fucked either way)”

    “i dont rap, i film movies, with my rap, you can call me Mr. Directors chair
    yeah, and thats a wrap(rap)”

    “you can see the(ci-ta) Cita(mom), see the(ci-ta) Cita in my features”

    Nothing On Me: “get you 3(3rd verse,4 get(forget you), like the number after 1, imma get me 2(of most things that he wants)”

    “its weezy F YOU(baby is after F), now you gotta have a baby”

    “my money dont fold nor bends(benz), mercedes”

    “i got a 44. and a K(AK), like 8 stacks(4+4= 8, k+8= 8000)”

    “fuck your city and your town, i state(says) facts”

    “after mine there will be nine(nein, german for no), damn i mean there will be none, i will be ONE, of the greatest things you’ve ever felt, you’ve ever seen, or heard, Car-ter, hov-er(better than jay-z)”

    “i’ll bring ral to your fune(fune-ral), damn I mean funeral, funeral, you say tomato, I say tomahto(tomorrow), you say get em, I say got em, yeah i got em”

    “you better keep paying me, you dont want my problems, ill be wildin like capital one, what is in your wallet(steal from you)”

    Mrs. Officer: “she knows i get high, above the law(weed/above the law)”

    “i said ‘lady what’s your number?’ she said ‘911’, emergency only! head doctor perform surgery on me(like an emergency)”

    Misunderstood: “aint it funny how people change like Easter Sunday(changes every year)”

    “what are you asking? if I dont have the answer
    It’s probably on the web(internet), like i’m a damn tarantula”

  • @Dummies Was he on probation when he made those songs?
    Answer: No

  • I’m not saying that he needs weed to rap because he had a few fire verses since he came out but he’s at his best when he has weed and you all know that.

  • dummies

    @187Josh187 I don’t care what he’s on or isn’t on. All i’m trying to prove is that, he simply isnt good as he used to be.

    If you go song for song C4 vs C3, every song on C3. He was much more clever on C3. You can tell a lot more thought went into the lyrics on Tha Carter 3.

    Nearly every C3 track had a theme, storyline or single emotion for Wayne to wrap his clever rhymes around.

    To quote wayne from da drought 3, C4 “was a whole lot of nothing”.

    And for you to say he needs weed..I’m not buying it. He should be able to deliver with or without a drug. I doubt it’s even about the drugs. The man just doesn’t have the hunger to spit a dope ass rhyme on a song anymore.

    The first 3 Carter’s sounded like Wayne had something to prove, a chip on his shoulder. The 4th sounded like dudes ready to retire, and maybe so, I mean shit hes only talked about his plan of retiring, 10 times this year.

    C3 = Heart, wordplay, double entendres. C4 = similes, word images, punch lines that don’t cohere.

    and if you really think about it, nothing he has put out since Carter 3 has been as good. and he was on drugs during most of that time. Dedication 3 wasn’t near C3, though it still shits on C4.
    No Ceilings lyrically isn’t good as C3, but yeah it shits on C4.

    all i’m saying here is, he was still on drugs after c3, and nothing quite matched it.
    if you ask me Wayne will never be at Tha Carter 3 level again.

    he was on weed when he made IANAHB, that shit was straight trash.

    I applaud weezy for wanting to retire in a few years, maybe he realizes he doesn’t have it anymore.

  • dummies

    And btw, Wayne’s ego is way too big. For him to put out that garbage ass album Carter 4 and call it growth as an artist.

    Somethings wrong with that man. Someone in his camp needs to hop off his dick and wake his ass up.

    and it doesn’t help that ignorant ass fans like the ones on this site dick ride everything he puts out.

    I can’t believe that poll on the side of this site says Carter 4 is hands down everyones favorite album. You’re all foolish for that.
    All that poll tells me is, you’re all a bunch of little ass kids that like pop music, not hip hop. And it tells me everything Wayne said on Tha Carter 3 flew over your small ass brains.

    Yup, no one on here likes the good old Wayne, you all like the faggot Wayne. The dude that says shit like “The worlds an asshole and we’re the next big shit”

    I really don’t know who Wayne is anymore.


    @dummies i got the answer leav this site and talk your bullshit on youtube! all know that the old wayne was better but everyone change in his life.

  • ronie

    fuck.. dat shit is sooo goooddd… i love it

  • dummies

    all weezys lyrics are simple now and rehashed.

    for you little kids with small brains on here, go look up that word “rehashed”.

    that word sums of Wayne’s style of rapping these days.


    @dummies obivious you are a hater who finally found a waynefansite straight up bitch! leav this site lol u spamming shit.

  • graczus112

    birdman is a legend

  • shambo

    yeah i dont get why retards like fuckeminem just hate on people who want wayne to make good music again, you dick riders will like it still don’t worry you can still jack off to his little laugh at the beginning of the songs i mean clearly you guys think anything he touches is gold

  • shambo

    i agree with dummies tho his ego is way too big…like he thinks hes the greatest and only listens to his own shit…lol hes scared to listen to drake and nickis a joke to him cuz hes all like oooh im not happy wit wat she doin when he hasn’t heard her best verses prly. His mixtapes don’t go hard anymore he straight rips the original artists flow and changes the words, not makes a totally fresh song out of it like he used to. clearly he doesn’t even listen to his own shit or someone in his crew is a retard cuz he used to be soooo good now he is a complete joke you can guess what hes gonna say before he even says it..they say love is da da da lifes a bitch da da da my girl pussy taste like dadada

  • shambo

    lil kim just dissed him saying he sounds like birdman aka trash now which is completely true but birdman pulls it off, with wayne its like watching the rock jump rope

  • @dummies i think u are jobless cunt face bitch…wasting ur time posting irrelevant shit on dis site Wayne ain’t even gonna read ur hating shit at d end of d day man.

  • Shambo and dummies are probably Gayz fans who can’t get over d fact dat Lilwayne’s on top of everything concerning hiphop right now, dis nigga did a mill first week in his last album and yall still claiming he fell off. I bet Gayz and kanye’s long ass careers haven’t produced a first week platinum album sale before.

  • knuck if yu buck

    dummies is a secret wayne fann and he don wana admit it


    @shambo u listen to lil kim haha what a faggt then LEAV THIS SITE DMAN & STFU WITH YOUR POINTLESS TEXT


    @knuck if yu buck i bet dummies is a j.cole,eminem or 50cent pussy fan.

  • Haters gotta respect d fact dat Wayne wen’t 2 jail, came back, nd he’s still on top of dis hiphop shit…dat album c4 surely getting him grammies nd yall irrelevant haters be saying it’s wack, u hatin niggas can go jerk off nd watch lilwayne fuck all ur mothers ha! ha! ha!.

  • @fuckeminem, i think dummies nd shambo are probably fans of rihanna, justin bieber nd shit like dat. They sound like fucking retards dat knows no shit about hiphop.


    @F.E.M haha ,you forget lady gaga & this 2 gays boys have no hobbies and visit this dope fansite!

  • I just heard a remix of she will featuring a verse 4rm T.I

  • weezy F

    gotta say T.I Went hard …and wayne was average

  • shambo

    @fem i hate jay z bro

  • shambo

    @fuckeminem no i don’t but she dropped a song today or last night and i give anything a listen before judging it especially if it says lil wayne diss its pretty ignorant not to

  • hahahaha niggas talking about wayne ego is 2 big now and shit n he dont listen 2 drake or nicki minaj albums but what yall dont no is the songs they make gotta go thru him first n yall saying he not making no good music shit u niggas tripping he still on top of this rap shit even though he not trying no more he’s getting old n he wants nicki n drake 2 have there time n the spot light he dont wanna out shine them he wants them 2 do better than him n if he gets back 2 his old way then they wont b n the spot light n he dont want that wezzy no what the fuck he doin

  • sikcoo

    lmfao dummies c4 is by far waynes most diverse album! fuck you talking about!! how to love n she will n john n mirrors .67. ,mm,bb!! nigga please!! then he put other artist on this mothafuka! nigga yu sleep! no c3 can fuck wit none of those songz! PERIOD

  • Topher86

    I want to talk to everyone on this site, if U watched da Carter Documentary, Wayne told everyone that his next album wont just be about Hip-Hop. He said, he trying to change the game 4 every artist. He told to expect it to be full of rap,music and singing. I am not comparing C4 to C3. no, but Wayne, in C4 wants to touch everybody, the women, the young, the lost, the found and don’t know where they are. And if U try to find that in C4, U will find it. it’s how U listen to it and interpret.

  • @topher86 I agree with u on that one

  • dummies

    i used to be a wayne fan. and i would gladly become a wayne fan again if he started making better music again.

  • dummies

    wayne’s most diverse album is Carter 3.

    wayne’s best album lyrically is Carter 1

    wayne’s best album overall is probably Carter 2.

    carter 4 isnt the best at anything. shits garbage. look at any review on any site, they’ll tell you the same..shit you dont even have to do that. just listen to the lazy ass lyrics on carter 4. a bunch of random ass songs with no meaning behind it.

  • @Dummies you said IANAHB was with weed. It was BUT most of the songs on the album were leftover songs that he had that he put together on his album since he was going to jail so he had to release something. Only song he actually took time into was Bill Gates and Right above it. Nicki even said YM Salute was made years ago, and tyga said he didn’t even remember recording his verse. He just needed an album to hold him down for a little while until he gets out and that’s what he did. So I don’t even count IANAHB as an album it was more of a scrap of his leftover songs that didn’t make cuts.

  • georgiboy87

    wayne is the god of rap/hip-hop now live with it

  • boston

    i think they all killed it except birdman



  • y u mad

    @Topher86 much respect. you are definitely a Lil Wayne fan… i also remember him and Mack Maine saying his album C4 wasnt going to be conceptual but just a showcase of talent. And it was. I honestly believe C4 was better than C3. I dont care what they say


    u niggas hatin on wayne our nigga weezy drop the most songs on the music industry u fuckin dumbs da drought 1-3,prefix & suffix, the drought is over 1-6 where is 7?
    dedication 1-3(4) should be come this year i hope No ceilings.Tha Carter 1-4.REBIRTH.i am not a human being. UNRELEASED SONGS/freestyles.i bet wayne got enough of 2003-2011 songs.that nigga is a workerholic if u dont realize that u just blind of your brain.that nigga is a legend.

  • jay h

    T.I. – best verse hands down. talk about murder, that shits crazy

  • six1twan

    T. I-Fisrt
    Baby last of course

  • Topher86

    Let this be the last Comment I guess!! Wayne puts his all there for the fans to listen!! whatever he gat on his mind he gives us, whether good or bad nor like atha niggaz who just put out their best on Albums, but wayne got out of jail and released. 01. Road to C4 mixttape,02.Sorry for the wait mixttape 03. C4 and then like 100s of collabos wit otha mafakas, if U can’t appreciate that,,,, DIE….

  • I appreciate all the music nigga putting out but he dead juss fell off im about to quit being a fan if he doesn’t save hiphop :/. its a cole world for now in my opinion. wheres the hunger nigga sounds bored on every track

  • Codeine

    Wayne’s ego is what makes him the best :3

  • Kendrick

    wayne please retire…..the game doesn’t need u any more


  • georgiboy87

    man fuck yall if u don’t wanna be a wayne fan anymore then go fuck with j cole cause he’ll always be in the shadows along with wale,souja boy, gucci mane, juicy j, diggy simmons, future etc… them niggas only hot for a month then its what happen to whats his name? idk what yall thinking wayne verse way the best people sayin ti killed it because they refuse to give wayne his props or you can’t hear…

  • georgiboy87

    1. wayne – just listen to his lyrics & youll understand + if he went first that along would have been the end of the song after rick ross

    2. rick ross – he took what happen to him & made that shit kinda epic

    3. ti – cause his verse just well with the song + energy was flowing high

  • NY Kiddd

    i fucked an avatar now i got a blue dick -_____- really wayne? his rapping just gets worse and worse…

  • damn wayne went in dats a true fuqn boss………. if she dont respect me she gone respect this dick the world is a ass whole in we da next big shit DAMN RITE I GANG BANG TELLEM BLOOD UP SLIME FUQ I HAD TA SAY FUQ ONE TIME……. O!!!!!

  • Darwin

    TI killed this track. Always respect to Wayne, but no one roasted this as hard as TI.

  • Love to wayne he has change alot!<3

  • I like this one!!!!!!!!

  • <- YMCMB

  • denilson gabriel hamerski

    fico ótima a musicaa eem
    weezy eternooo

  • Ashish

    nice song definately better than original one

    and tunechi rocks

  • its kyk yhu guyz yhu rock da globe n’ ain’t nobody iz kula da yhu

  • Andre youngz

    Weezy, that n***a gt it made he killed it, dope as fuck….”fuck i had to say fuck one time”

  • f*ch white and black ppl

    My dick

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