Video: Lil Wayne Performs Skateboarding Tricks On His Roof!

Tue, Nov 15, 2011 by

“I’m probably on my skateboard tryna learn a new trick”

In the video above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne skateboarding on the roof of his Miami crib, which one of his homies filmed.

Now before some of you start moaning in the comments section saying: “this ain’t news“, I’m posting this for the people who don’t have Twitter. This is very rare to see from Weezy, as he never normally uploads any videos of himself and as you can see in the video, he is improving at skateboarding a lot!

Oh and if anyone didn’t notice, it says “Dhea” on his skateboard 8)

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  • flystealth

    Weeeeezy flyinstealth!!

  • carlos

    First nikka

  • Weezy

    Niqqa u aint first! ^

  • Timez

    His girl dhea most probably bought him the board for christmas lol

  • Evolução RÁPIDA. To gostando de ver isso =)

  • Lex

    I skateboard and im black lol. This nigga should be learning to ollie kick flip etc…this ramp shit is the easiest to learn. Flip tricks and grinds and grabs are where it’s at. Street skater for life

  • ayyye my nigga nigga wezzy is finally learning how 2 do more tricks instead of goin back and forth on that shit

  • chito

    its cool weezy nice

  • gaaggiii

    think the “Dhea.Story” is over ?!
    thats not really lovely to spray the name of your girl on a board while you jump on it with your shoes nd shit……….. haha but, think its better for him…….

  • Junie

    He should stop this skatin shit cuz he aint improvin i could understand if he does it for fun but u can tell he does to get better and he aint gettin better

  • Tweezy

    lol his skateboard skills are like his guitar skills…. (fill in blank here)

  • steve

    how long does he plan on keeping this skateboarding shit up……..hope he doesn’t keep on doing this in 2012

  • Tageslichtprojektor

    keep goin tune one day u will have your own video game like tony hawkLOL…
    cool to see him with supras again!!!

  • OVO

    @jimmy f baby really? Why is that your name

  • OVO

    @jimmy f baby dude why is ur name jimmy f baby u a dick rider

  • young CEO Cam Prince

    so he still can’t do shove its or ollies yet ?

    I skate, but I don’t wanna see rappers skate … I wanna see rappers RAP.

    Drought 4, No Ceilings 2, Dedication 4 ANY of those will do, just drop something !!!

  • ya’ll niggas

    Ya’ll niggas need to quit haten. wtf does it matter if he does skating? cause none of yall have legit reasons other than, you don’t like it. grow up you fuckin homos. ya’ll prob adults arguing bout a rapper skate boarding? does that seem a lil wierd to you at all? get a life cause obviously Wayne has one, cause he don’t give a fuck bout yours.

  • wtfizzy

    Lol that is not skatboarding..that is wayne riding a skateboard lmao…if I see wayne ollie just once ill give him skate props..other than that get back to rapping

  • JohnnyB

    some nikka shootin a gun in the background on the roof

  • 504

    This nikka wayne dun changed so much he a fake ass nikka cuz im from NO and it no dam bloods out there it aint no women jean wearin nikkas no skaters nun of that dude is a illuminati ass sellout nikka

  • youngsly.gmt

    @ yall niggas fuck u mind ur business if u dont like it dont talk about it u digg

  • Keith

    Lil B is god #BASED

  • Cop Em’

    This nigga has gotten way better, keep doing what you want Tune; Fuck Haters

  • 504

    This nikka aint from NO aint no skinny jean women pants kissin other nigga shit in NO he a mutthafuckin illuminati sellout and yea he is illuminati check his old song in the streets this dude is a discrase fuckin faggot ass bitch nigga

  • erickgreen

    nice, skillz!!

  • Aleezy

    No ceilings 2 is dropping soon

  • Kara

    We need no ceilings 2 nd tO the haters Wayne skating is more than a gimmick he’s fucking trying to get better , he’s passionate on trying to learn how and improve but really Wayne keep skating but don’t fall in the way of our music that’s all I ask.thanks

  • damn.

    he did a 50 50 grind..impressive.

    hes getting better.

  • damn.

    @wtfizzy are you fucking dumb? watch the video with him and the 4 year old, shows wayne doing an ollie.

    and he did a 50 50 grind in this video. that shit takes practice.

  • Swagg

    Do anybody know when weez f baby get off his probation sentence… Jus wondering cus tunchie sucks… We want that real weezy f baby

  • @Aleezy how do you know No Ceilings 2 is dropping soon?

  • haha

    @Swagg, yeah wayne gets off probation in 2 years.

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    he getting better

  • Lil wayne is so trash he has always been if u want to hear a real rapper listen to big sean…u fuckn wayne dickriders!!

  • @Contrell I don’t know why the fuck people come on this site to hate. I understand that you’re entitled to your opinion but if people like lil wayne then they like lil wayne. Stop trying to convince them saying he sucks and suggest other artist to listen to. Everybody has different tastes and likes different types of music. Who cares if he sucks or not if the person in enjoys listening to a artists song, why the fuck would you try to stop that just because you don’t like that artist?

  • alicia

    Just stop hating guys, for real.. if you don’t like Lil’ Wayne, isn’t it a waste of time to be here on LilWayneHq reading or watching what he does or is doing? True Lil’ Wayne fans don’t hate what Lil Wayne does, they go out and support it, and understand why he does it. Its just so sad for people to be here and wasting there own time to hate on a man who has done made something of himself. Let Lil Wayne be, and if you are a ‘True Fan’ and talking shit, it means your not. Stop hating and support him.

  • LOL

    big sean’s terrible.

  • iamnotastar

    Go Weezy Go

  • That Kid

    Damn my nigga wayne got nice at skateboarding. I wanna see him learn kick flips & ollies tho. & to all the haters stfu & get off this website, ya no lives coming on this juss to hate. Let us wayne heads support a rapper we love to listen to

  • Jd

    Lil b is the wackiest rapper that bigga will never be popin the wackiest I ever heard in my life

  • yung_money

    yo real talk niggaz ain’t hating just cause they not feeling alot of these post or alot of his verses why da fuck ppl keep saying dat even da niggaz up here talking shit was atleast fans of wayne before i mean goddam erbody don’t gotta support skateboarding, skinny jeans, and pussy eating in every fucking song i support wayne when he tru to himself foreal wut grown ass blood walk around in womens jeans and boots sucking on a fucking lollipop with a fanny pack?? and kissed a grown ass man in the mouth twice on top of that?? that’s not fucking hating that’s original fans wanting to know wut da fuck happen to dude i know ppl change for the better but only his money growing the nigga style, rhymes and gang membership should be questioned but that’s hating to yall. im still a wayne fan just waiting for some more fire im not gonna comment on how awesome or dope this bullshit is he been on lately when it’s not but wait that’ll make me a hater or a fake fan smfh fuck outta here

  • lilwayneFAN6721

    surprised no one is talking about his clothes. hes not wearing any of his “whack” shit yall talk about. he actually got some real shit on

  • @ovo bitch cause my name jimmy fucking baby no homo 2 the mutherfuckas that got that,stupid brain n gone think im fucking baby no …..n uhh i aint no dick rider u a dick rider bitch y yo name ovo trying 2 drake n shit

  • slim thug

    damn man you tha shit yo music rocks and yo fame keeps growin just stay outa jail i dont get caught doin my shit

  • Weezy is nice but i still think flo rida is better lyricaly and if anyone disagress prove it then

  • georgiaboy87

    yall people hating on him but how many people can afford to have a skate ramp built on their roof yet alone skate on one… YMCMB

  • All deez punkass niggas on this website i feel like knockin yall out cum holla @ me ill show ya

  • @ yung_money when someone goes on this site everyday and says the samething over and over and over and says “Wayne fell off”, “Women Jeans”, “Listen to *fill in the blank* it’s annoying. I swear who cares if you hate wayne or don’t like his music anymore he still gettin money. That’s why I don’t hate on any other rapper. You don’t see me saying gay – Z like everyone else because it’s stupid. They all make more money then me in reality and doing something with their lives(not saying I’m not) but they’re making thousands and millions so why would I hate on a nigga being successful? This site needs to be shut down with all the annoying scrubs that come by and say the samething everday like there gonna change everybodys opinions when obviously nobody gives a FUCK!

  • erokz

    this is what b*tch azz weezy does now??? instead of making music with his b*tch azz ….weezy 4 life though

  • that’s whats up 🙂 i love wayne 🙂

  • @jama peterson if u really think Flo rida is better than Wayne, then i’ll have 2 tag u d biggest fool 2 ever surface dis earth… Ya’ll cunt face haters are so pathetic.

  • Best rapper aliveee!!

  • best skateboarder alive..

  • @danny m y dont you block tha haterz??? tho they makin diz site popular


    good shit weezy

  • Take Care

    He was wearing Supra Skytop II’s to skate in haha

  • Y U MAD

    Yo impressive, he is getting better and better. I respect that. #YMCMB

  • yung_money

    @187josh187 i feel u bruh but erbody up here say the same shit erday the minute a post come out niggaz up here saying im first or awesome pics, dope song wayne and wayne killed it but when otha niggaz look at those pics and listen to them songs and come hard they a hater. i can’t speak for erbody but most niggaz up here feel like u gotta agree with erthing or u not a fan now that’s annoying who cares how much money he making is he sending us any? no we making him rich but if so atleast drop some hot fucking music again is all im saying and like u said the main niggaz up here callin ppl haterz screaming fuck gay-z and fuck eminem in every post wut da fuck r yall then i listen to way more artist then just wayne and thats the real problem up here most of these niggaz one dimensional if it ain’t wayne or if wayne ain’t featured they don’t like it anyway the whole wayne rhymes got garbage, womens jeans, fanny pack, sucking a lollipop do get said alot but would u agree dat these r facts when niggaz say em wus really sad is how emotional some of these ppl can get ova a fucking opinion or comment to a nigga they’ll neva meet smfh

  • @yung money… Go ahead nd eat a dick bitch.

  • oh damn, that ‘DHEA’ thing broke my heart …. hahh

  • yung_money

    smfh@ f.e.m is one of them niggaz im talking bout see how he got emotional on a fucking comment dat didn’t concern him goddam shame how niggaz dickride bitch niggaz like u won’t even jump in a fight for yo homeboy but you’ll be a internet gangsta to defend wayne get a fucking life nigga besides coming up here reading otha niggaz comments and responding i can care less wut another nigga say bout a rapper do u have a fucking job??? do u have kids?? a fucking family???? goddam it’s way more important shit in this world then u and @ fuckeminem pumping yall pom pom’s every fucking day homo ass niggaz man every fucking day go wayne go, weezy my idol, fuck gay-z, his outfit was so dope, i like dat song but only wayne killed it, my fucking god erbody up here fuck wit wayne but only yall two cocksuckas take it to another level fucking obsession is wut it is a nigga can say wayne shoes ain’t tied yall gonna snap yall not wit ym and neva will be so act like a normal fucking fan u carry it like u wish it was u instead of birdman he kissed calm the fuck down there’s opinions and theres fucking facts

  • Lil Weezy

    Great….!!! 😀 😀 😀

  • malcmalc

    @yung_money i feel yu but like if u no wayne is falling off whats the point of keep saying it over and over like he actually gone read this shit , ppl that come to this site like lil wayne for who he is and how come yall calling him fake if he truely enjoying what he’s doing he would be fake or a sell out if he stop dressing wierd and start dressing like every other nigga just because other niggas tell him too ..smh

  • malcmalc

    @F.E.M man come on though yu the type of dude that give lil wayne fans a bad name i like lil wayne too nd he s my fav and idol but u take it to the extreme nd u bash every single opinion u see with “eat a dick” or “wayne for life” lol seriously if yu gone bash some one atleast give a good opinion on why.. i no wayne can do a lil better but i liked blunt blowing and mega man and abortion i loved the lyrics i thought it was funny when he said i just fucked a avatar now i got a blue dick hahaha just the fact that he haven fun in the booth gets me hyped

  • Sander

    PHEA! xD

  • ousainou

    lil weezy can do anything beside,he is talented.

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    @yung_fake is the strangest homo ever

  • @macmalc nd yung money ya’ll can go ahead nd finger ur pussies nd jerk off 2 ur mothers moan while i fuck her, u bitch made niggas. They call me a dickrider but i sure get more pussies dan all ya’ll faggot hating bitches on dis site.

  • yung_money

    @fuckeminem shut the fuck up wut the fuck is a yung_fake do u know how stupid u sound only thing u eva say dat make sense is when u up here kissing ass now go put on c4, get in the pheatle position, stare at yo huge wayne poster and beat yo dick like u been doing u fucking cheerleader smfh fuck wrong wit these dudes


    @yung_money you continued this shit u damn jehova devil worshipper fuck your self and your gay-z poster!

  • @yung money fuck u nd everything u stand 4, u nd dem other bitch ass hater ain’t got shit on me, i’m on dis site 2 support d greatest rapper alive nd dats wat i expect 4rm everybody here. If u’re an hater u shouldn’t be here, get on ur fav artist site nd support him too, dats hw it should go.

  • Fuckeminem i’m sick nd tired of dem hatin cocksuckers like yungbitch, jama peterson..e.t.c on dis fansite. I think danny should block dem 4rm entering dis site, nd saturating it wit bullshit.

  • @yung money i saw ur post u wondering if i had a wife, kids, job e.t.c. well i’ll like 2 inform u dat i ain’t got wife, kids, nd dem shit like dat. I’m only 18 years old, nd i can only make do wit fucking ur mother, nd dem other bitches around me 4 now. When d time comes i’ll get d wife nd dem kids. nd as 4 d job i don’t need dat shit, infact i got so much money on me, i could easily feed u, nd ur broke ass family 4 a year straight up.

  • yung_money

    lmfao it’s 2011 is niggaz really still using momma jokes dam where they do dat at and im 21 nigga and in the marines my girl and daughter well takin care of since 18 i did something with my life and left the hood how bout u besides dickriding on a computer, and poppin shit behind a keyboard cause in a nigga face u would get the shit beat out u i seen 6 year olds in iraq with more heart then u lil nigga like i said i’ll say wut da fuck i want anytime i want where the fuck i want yo uneducated ass to slow to realize ima wayne fan just not of some of these last songs and post lately i don’t have to shout it to the world like yall cocksucking groupies erthing homie do ain’t gold and roses smh can’t believe im fighting for niggaz like u kill yoself

  • @yungmoney…u really a bitch saying shit like u 21, u in d marines, who give a fuck about all dat.


    @yung_money u prove that you gay

  • yung_money

    lmfao goddam shame niggaz take the time to read every fucking comment a nigga write and i said dat cause u talking bout u got enuff money for my whole family lmao nigga plz u broke u a bum yall niggaz ain’t nowhere sitting on a fucking computer all day in yo parents crib do something with yo life besides riding weezy’s lil nigga yall kiddie comments is funny oh i fucked yo mom last night smh u 18 or 8 nigga and @fuckeminem just buy a burner and pull da trigger forest gump ass nigga blah blah blah blah gay i mean goddam do u get a ssi check u retarted fuck make some sense sometimes fucking dickriding, broke ass, bum ass , lazy ass niggaz

  • Cabrall

    Sick skilz ryt thr,bt no offence bt i thnk m bttr¿

  • Dam ya’ll niggas writing paragraph’s over nothing. Writing a page essay aint gonna make a nigga stop talking

  • JayCoach

    look at the boss killen shit!

  • @yungmoney stop acting like a bitter bitch.

  • Shambo

    yo drake challenged wayne its goin down my money on drake tho no lie

  • Georgiaboy87

    You g_money you not in the marines bra cause I’m leaving for it December 5 I be around marines all the time & can tell if you in it or not & you are not I feel like beating the shit out of you just for lying on us

  • Georgiaboy87

    You ain’t been to no Iraq boy nor are you there now cause your ass wouldn’t even be up here every 5 minutes just to talk shit or the same shit over & over agin… You that one nigga I just wanna beat for false claming the marines

  • Georgiaboy87

    I hope they dont delete my comments cause I won’t you to read them… No kid in Iraq have heart they all brain wash into killing or hating a place they know nothing about there’s nothing G about it… Them men will you kids your mother & anybody else just to kill one American

  • yung_money

    @georgiaboy87 fuck outta here with shit u don’t know about i am a fucking marine im stationed at fort myers base in arlington va im a e-3 lance corpral now how bout u ??? u the fucking phony ain’t no goddam deployments on dec 4 lying ass where u stationed at ?? wus your rank?? exactly trying pull cards and u got exposed ain’t u the same nigga always up here talking bout how u blaze to wayne songs a marine blazing wow don’t eva disrespect

  • georgiaboy87

    lil kid you flexin hard still i bet a good ass beating will bring you back to reality… im leaving for bootcamp dec 5 boy.. not one time i said i have smoked up on this website so get that shit straight… i know you aint googleig shit about the marines boy everything you say is something you found off the internet i be with real marines & you aint not lance corpral bitch & when i go in boot camp i’ll be a e2 nigga thanks to the people i got to join… kids be false claiming anything these days

  • Lilo

    he is getting better!
    keep at it, do what you love, & have fun! =]

  • LIkeMe

    Where is the countdown of YMCMB cd ?

  • LIkeMe

    Where is it Danny?

  • Keep the lil wayne i like(:

  • jj

    omg, who cares. i just wasted 5 quick minutes of my life…

  • I dont recollect

    He’s not riding a sk8board he’s dickriding Dhea. Im getting like these bliebers….I fucking hate that wack ass bitch. He’s just doing it to make females jealous. He doesnt even like her that. He’s over exaggerating. Fuck that bitch!!! I cant wait until she gets the fucking boot. She can go deep sea diving w/ the fishes…Fucking hairy ass booty hairy ass arms She needs to take a dive in some Nair

  • I hate love

    Yea grind all on that bitches name then do a mondo pop & break that shit. Or fall off & go krrazzy @ smash the fucking board all on the ground. I would love to get a hold of that board & fuck it up really good. I’d rage the fuck out. Now that i think about it..nice fucking board 🙂

  • Playlist Music

    I remember when Wayne first started Skateboardin. look at this video He was weak af but now hes really out tryna do big thangs

  • Cacah Bueno

    larga esse skate porra.