David Banner – Yao Ming (Feat Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz)

Wed, Dec 14, 2011 by

David Banner Yao Ming Feat Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz

Check out this new single from David Banner called “Yao Ming” featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz aka Tity Boi. This track, which you can listen and download below, will appear on Banner‘s upcoming The Make Believe Album.

Download: David Banner – Yao Ming (Feat Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz)

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  • mezza


  • Ecko

    oh yeah, finally first b*tchaaaaas

  • Ecko

    Well…almost. Nice song though

  • YEAHHH this record sicc TUNE!!!!!


    david banner on the beat hoe

    good song weezy da best

  • WEEZY went in like always YMCMB all day ERRYDAY

  • Silver90

    Does anyone watch workaholics? I swear this beat was on in the beginning of the episode when they quit drinking for a week lol

  • Ezekiel

    This is fucking sick

  • mattyswizzle


  • ogeezy!

    Dude workaholics is so fkn hilarious ..

    Weezy killt da shit

  • Heep

    Best verse I heard from Wayne in awhile…
    World in my hand and I’m about to make a fist

  • junie

    Waynes verse was wack in my opinion but the song is dope

  • amurph

    strait fucking fire wayne

  • JC

    dope wayne….man i think its gettin to a point where people are expectin too much for wayne y’all need to relax this song and sleazy remix show waynes gettin back to bein wayne. He hasn’t made music sober in a long time, i’m sure it can’t be easy to adjust. look at eminem it took him awhile after he was sober

  • Unknown

    For the main fact wayne went ti jail, it doesnt matter wat he does people will hate n say he fell off n shit, yall ecpect too much from the dude truth is he will never be the same guy he was back then, cuz if u can tell me u the person u was years ago u b lyin… Wayne doin his best n gavin people who are will to listen to music enjoy it…. It makes no sense hate on all his songs ur opionion my ass its annoying to see shit fuvk yall, weezy the best

  • ardian


  • junie

    How u gettin mad at an opinion grow up my nigga dam i aint hatin i just think the verse wasnt good its like havin a favorite basketball player and sayin they had a bad game thats all it is stop cryin

  • guest


    Do you really think that he not sober ? he pops pain killers and all that crap. The only thing he doesn’t do anymore is smoke weed. I guess its the weed high that makes him good.

  • malcmalc


  • Unknown

    I nver said he dont pops pills or he not sober@guest

  • beleedat

    Beat is HORRIBLE. Name of the song has no point. Great verse from wayne tho, keep it up


    Dope song

  • Y U MAD

    Junie have been smoking dog shit? That verse is hard, stop stopping lil puss

  • Weezy is tha Beat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mr boston

    only thing wack about this song is that (look at my daddy shit) other then that i fucks with it and it’s good to see wayne getting his work ethic back up studio wise cause his verses are getting up to par again he still not stealing the spotlight on every feature yet like he use too but atleast he not saying stupid shit anymore wut we need is a wayne and dj drama mixtape that’s when he really on his shit


    i feel wayne become stronger now the probation is over now put it on weezy

  • Lil_Tune

    @fuckeminem his probabtion isnt over for another like two years..

  • Dee

    twitter dot com slash Iceey the model

  • Alex

    hahahaha look at dat nigga on the background smiling like a mothafucka

  • LAST !!!

    Best verse I heard from Lil Wayne in awhile…

  • flystealth

    Weezy fuckin wid it!!

    Weezy flyinstealth

  • wayne could do alot better

  • jdblacky

    wayne u are d bomb.

  • youngmealticket

    boi my pack be dumb loud

  • youngmealticket

    @mr boston… you couldnt have said that any better brother

  • this shit go hard πŸ™‚ dope πŸ™‚ wayne killed it πŸ™‚

  • Jonathan

    Weezy fuckn kills this shit YMCMB nigga

  • yoloswaggym

    tunechi going back to prison for merking this track #YMCMB

  • Dee Boyy

    Two Chainz Went In On Dhisx . #3Hunnit

  • Alice Darko


  • Damaris Veloz

    follow me on twitter πŸ™‚
    I love you.

  • dg

    you want this 80% proof straight
    but can you handle the weight
    nevermind the feather weight
    i want your dad
    wipe that smile
    i just wanna see you mad
    acidic flow
    when ya come around me now yo\
    i flight straighter then light past your flight
    you wearing chains
    im wearing veins
    ya wanna see see bruce banner
    im gonna show you something madder
    you want a collar
    i don’t need one holler
    no gimmicks
    walk up and give me
    tick tick im sicks
    been waiting
    nah hahaha you wouldn’t get it
    so come fetch it
    i want you like you want me whaaaa
    what kind of bullshit is that
    subliminal shots
    they too hot
    money talks
    but real shit walks
    i need hungry
    cause i love greedy
    it would take someone like me to understand you
    forgiveness isn’t on the menu
    neither is your venue
    want wild
    release my soul no karma im gonna alarma ya
    sorry shorty can’t find ya
    if i had a target
    god couldn’t find ya
    lay it down like you asking me to bow
    now you see me now
    rehab calling she said your mother a sav
    fetal distress
    under arrest
    put you to the test
    fuck the rest
    one on one
    im done dad?
    im going in like i sin
    alright man
    born bad
    ya dunno the half of it shiet
    one time let me put down it down for a fucking brother
    who wished for his mother
    here it is
    got you by the throat and wishing you built a moat
    staring at me like i’m some fucking goat
    ya wanted play
    fuck your may-day i lay it down all day same day get ready
    to go
    ya whole team cream
    ride me
    ask me who needs a legend
    walk you the end
    delete it forget it some and get it
    thought i was over
    grenade don’t duck for cover
    lover this aen’t no love song and it aen’t a hit
    from my bong
    aen’t got the heart of a thousand men
    why you speaking for them then
    make me look stupid in front of my friends
    shit having you walking on them pins

  • Anthony


  • dg

    mama told me never open my mouth
    louder then a mother fucker
    quiet like a monster
    silence the rockstar
    gag and ball
    no blinds
    i came inside
    made you mine
    insane with this nine
    like it came straight from the pine
    burying my evidence
    no essence
    finish my sentence
    make you the jury
    no hurry
    only i can judge me
    forgive me
    invoke thee
    i fuck thee
    line sight i just might go nuts
    whatcha know about these muts
    leaving cuts
    bakeing so much soda
    yo mind came out like mine
    accidental mental heart made from the metal
    ittalic form
    i conform
    my money
    couldn’t afford me
    walking on air
    laugh as you stare
    i don’t care
    sleeping walking stalking
    i couldn’t turn my back on the game
    but the fame is so lame
    just wanna be heard
    so i could scream her name
    ha ros-e

    evil serpent aen’t got time to repent
    wish i was heaven sent
    this soul just wasn’t meant
    i dunno how to switch
    too bad im living this life bitch
    aen’t ever been a snitch
    rhymes in time
    means im just less
    ran out of ces
    leave you feeling meaningless
    timeless rhythym not my specialty
    so come sit next to me
    watch throw my eyes
    see through the lies
    nothing unsaid
    i meant what i said
    leave your body for dead
    a cash flow for my romeo
    hitting clowns in my rhodeo
    2 horns
    louder then korn
    headoketos no mentos
    like i meant this though
    in line swine lets get intertwined
    i dont mind no mind nevermind
    hallucinations in my stadiums
    i am the medium
    patient is my doctor
    im out the back door
    no floor
    my heaven outweighs my reality
    cold body’s inside meh
    sorrow remorse of course use force
    inside out clout
    hurt me
    pain inside
    i died inside
    that leaves me outside
    so for my nigga’s i ride

    schizophrenic just might panic
    leaving you how i found you
    dissapear without the pair
    gasping for air
    i don’t share my lair
    what you know about satan
    like a nightmare im aware
    god lives
    like im blessed
    yes i’m meant
    yes i can leave you bent
    psyche me out
    would be like your eyes on mine
    headless mistakes leaving the stake
    bodyless lake
    underground lifeless fear
    im in my gear no eye’s
    smile i’m just that wild
    mind of a child