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Drake – The Motto (Feat Lil Wayne & Tyga) [Music Video]

Thu, Dec 22, 2011 by

Here is the official music video for Drake‘s “The Motto” single featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga.

The song was produced by T-Minus, and the visual was directed by Lamar Taylor and Hyghly Alleyne of OVOXO.

E-40 and Mistah F.A.B. both make cameos in this video that was shot in the Bay, along with the mother of Mac Dre, Wanda Salvatto.

Drizzy‘s Take Care album, which has already reached platinum status, is available in stores now!

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  • pussymonster


  • jj


  • B.Weezy

    Oh my God, Becky, look at her but!

  • jj

    Shit go hard

  • TunechiBlessMe
  • dread rasta(@k@ ceej mofo)

    Crackiswack pure cocaine is where its at… where be da dedication mixtrap?

  • ThatsTheMottoNigga

    that north facexsupreme jacket drake is wearing is too dope! i want one

  • Anne

    My night was kinda fucked up then this dropped & put a smile in my face ๐Ÿ™‚ when Wayne laid back on that car I imAgined myself on top of him. Lol so cute!! This video is soo fire!! Wayne what am i doing here ?? when youre there ?? I need to be where youre at. No lol dead azz ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anne

    Imma watch it again & again & again again. S/o for putting e-40 & mistah fab in that bitch. Mac dre luv ๐Ÿ™‚ !!

  • Melissa

    This shit right here is on point!!!!! HOTT AF lovin it….


  • Mike Jay

    I’m done with this Fagget Ass Nigga Choice Of Clothin ! He Like that rapper on the Boondocks who try and Make Gay Clothing Cool !

  • maria

    I love this video and i have ben waiting for a long time. and im watching it again and again.

  • Jaime

    I’m sorry Wayne … I was a fan from 2002 till now …

    But after seeing you wear women’s jeans and UGG boots .. I just can’t defend that. I’m done.

  • OlamideWAYNE

    what a dope vdeo………….YMCMB Till the death of me

  • im glad waynes dressing like this so all the haters can go away

  • Dylan Stimeling

    Sick ass video i watched it like 5 times in a row GREAT VIDEO! and i like the way waynes dressing too fuck the haters

  • i was expecting sumthing beter dan this!

  • @TearDropptune

    for y’all hating on wayne swag. i can only laugh at y’all.. y’all must not really know what swag is!! its about having personality and been different FROM EVERYONE ELSE U DUMB FUCKS. niggas can’t be all wearing the same shoes and shit. put some colors and variety to make you different from everyone else. men y’all need some lessons on how to dress. haters.


  • Nice shit…Weezy a beast

  • dope video ๐Ÿ™‚ the song goes hard though ๐Ÿ™‚ ymcmb ๐Ÿ™‚


    swag fuck you 90s retarded niggas the time is over.who else wears only white & baggy pants? no one.

  • this song is not that great.

  • slob

    this shit took fucking forever to load. just put this shit on youtube

  • Slob On My Knob like Corn On Da Cobb…

  • Tejuan’ee

    nigga be slippin hard fuck youngs merchandise. Niggas hella bootsy lookin back fo 22nd bryant nigga

  • Dj Basscal

    Sick song dope video

    Wow birdman didnt make a cameo ๐Ÿ˜€

  • former wayne fan

    wayne is gay now i dare anyone to give me a post prison song that compares to the shit he dropped before.
    and u want swag look at his swag when he used to rock chuck taylors with a white tees neck vees and glasses are versace.
    not skirts and uggs
    y’all trippin i used to be as big a wayniac as all off u but if he aint gonna bother with it why should i.. i walked around all year saying carter IV is better than watch the throne is when truth is im bumppin niggas in paris while typing this
    wayne has one more shot, as soon as hes off probaton and he gets back on weed and syrup, then youll see hes gna put an end to his gay attire and go back to real shit…. till then rip weezy…and hello tunechi.

  • woa

    the bass in this song is too cheap… shuldve made better bass!!

  • ur not a real fan if u stop liking somebody cuz of how they dress thats just stupid and retarted go to a skateboarding video for that shit


    fuckin retarded fuck off of this site if u just hating then suck kanye west leather skirt!!

  • Frutman

    Gay ass boots and gay ass watch,
    weezy f baby and the f is for freakin gay

  • CIA

    Wayne’s looking like a fuckin crack addict in this vid…


    haha @frutman youre a big dumbass i see your gravatar you moron. frutman cia eminems dick fuckin cunt.

  • rayman

    @frutman you sound like a fuckin groupie ass nigga soft ball pussy. fuck biggie

  • eatadick

    do you see my dick too… no you cant it’s right in your asshole biatch

  • Nikita


  • lmao

    You’r a buch of fags in love with a crack addict

  • weezybest.

    @eatadick have you friends? just wondering faggots like you search site,video of wayne and writting no senseless shit. shut up and fuck off before i find out where you life.

  • waynes world

    weezy best rapper alive fuck the other! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • wayneincolombia

    Many people, here there are people so stupid that breed envy like the tattoo’s Wayne, is better if they is gone directly to SHIT!

  • Lil Weezy

    Weezy shoes ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  • ETunechi

    Weezy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best rapper alive

    te amo nigga

  • LIL tunechi doing something different as usual. He prob never took that video serious you could tell!

    hahahahaha just getting every1 to talk about him smart move tunechi!

    weeezy flyinstealth!

  • dread

    Wizzle is a obamanation to music… I would rather listen to Nikki minaj than anything weezy has produced in the last 3night months..


    waynes world biatch

  • 187JoshM187

    @dread Wtf is a 3night months?

  • dread rasta(@k@ ceej mofo)

    Fact$:tha carter is no longer cool. lil weezy can’t sing. Lil weezy can’t play guitar. Lil weezy is weak on a sk8board. And now I can safely say weezy ain’t no superstar dancer either … what is he Doin with his head in this video??? Real talk… give up entertainment and go get a job at bojangles dwayne.

    And the f is for
    #Wayne fell offfffff

  • Dre


  • dread rasta(@k@ ceej mofo)

    Obama says don’t ask don’t tell… well all im saying is don’t listen to little Wayne!

  • Xicano101

    It’s funny cause it’s kinda dedicated to Mac Dre but Tyga is from LA so he likes the Dodgers, and probably hates the Giants…yet he is on this song that was even shot in the Bay. Haha

  • These haters amuse me lmao get off this site u punk bastards stop waisting yo life hatin and do sumthin to make music better..if yall think wayne sucks u make a fuckin song and make more money than him but im 100% sure u cant so stfu and keep u thoughts in ur head BITCHES ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anne

    I also like how they put Mac Dre’s mom? In the video. That was awesome:) YMCMB is the truth. No hate in Wayne or Drake’s blood you fuck niggas & honkeys need to take notes. Thats why they get along so well & are 2 of the best artists on the planet. Wayne is #1 !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • WeezyFAN

    @ anne are you hot

  • chronic

    wayne’s cross on his necklace is upside down ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • 50centsuckslol

    son of bitches i bet you never would say that in waynes face u fuckin bitches your mom should slap your fuckin ass bastard haters get a life or at least friends ๐Ÿ˜€

  • dread

    Wow how’d u get all that from the video. All I see is a long overdue mediocre video to a less than mediocre track that little Wayne produced only so he could try to outdo drake. In any case all he’s doing is sitting on the hood of an expensive red convertible… there was no musical talent in this song aside from the drop of talent it took for the dj to mix the beat. Do u hear what im saying? I don’t hate little Wayne… I don’t give two squirts of piss about him.
    Besides its obvious that neither weezy nor his bs record label can hang with the greats like jz or eminem so to all the slutty female supporters out there and mindless nigs who bulb weezy f baby in there daddys cars go find urself a dread headed bf and stop dreaming on this site(that goes for the males too)

  • dread


  • ima guess mediocore tracks sell a million records huh wow the haterz will never see as u can see u guys started wayne when he did the jay z diss other than that everybody has been on his dick its sad and im being honest haters you guys been hating on wayne since the rock album and he is still here what does that tell you

  • ctwins3644

    the only way this guy can stay relavent anymore is buy wearing rediculous clothes..this was the best wayne verse ive heard since smoke somethin, and before that we have to look back to like 07(for consistent solid verses)…there is absolutely no way you all can truly enjoy his music anymore, unless you came on board after c3…i give him 2 years before hes off the face of the earth..and 2 years bc for some reason he still has a HUGE following right now so itll take a while to forget…IF HIS NAME WASNT LIL WAYNE AND HE DIDNT HAVE THE PAST HE HAS YALL WOULD REGARD HIM AS A WAKA FLAKA/GUCCI MANE TYPE RAPPER

  • ForGodsSake..

    Cheetah northface, green rain boots, and mc hammer clothing. What the hell are they thinking? YMCMB is starting to look like a bunch of clowns

  • Mj

    @the guy above me

    Actually, in two years Wayne is off probation. So if anything, hell be back on his grind

  • wito montana

    wayne is color-blind !

  • dread

    @ctwins3644 & for gods sakes, truth!
    But I hope he keeps fucking up so he’ll be gone sooner. Gangster my ass… that pussy little Wayne ain’t gonna get shot up cuz he hides behind bodyguard

  • Im a little white boy and i suck lil waynes dick every day he is the best rapper on the planet and yes i also listen to eminem gay z and gay fish nas or andre 30000000 but wayne is the best

    fuck all of yall mother fuckerss

  • shit-face

    why the fuck is wayne wearing green boots

  • Man i Got GooseBumps

  • dread

    One last comment. If Wayne says he’s fucked up and smoking shit in “leaves” in EVERY song he made since nail why r some ppl still expecting him to take probation seriously and that he’s gonna somehow miraculously start making better music when he’s “drugged out” again lolz y’all bullshitin urselves… what u seen lately is all he’s capable of. His music isn’t going anywhere… and half the ppl on his label do better on tracks without him using recycled raps. Shady said it best.. all little Wayne does is sip syrup till he burps.

  • @dread u’re a mentally retarded faggot. Get off Wayne’s dick boy, bitches like u makes him famous.

  • dread

    Its a free country douche. Don’t cry tho I only stop by occasionally to roast little weezy baby.
    Its people like u that defense his dick that make me rite tho.
    …u ain’t gotta come to me with a comment y didn’t u say something u likes about this shitty video instead?
    Cuz u know wanes a bullshitter?

  • @ctwin36 Lol at ur stupid comment, u must have a pussy or something, cus ur comment potrays a bitter bitch. Wayne’s been hot 4 more a decade now, wat makes u think he’ll fall off in 2 years time. Wayne’s d reason why hiphop’s relevant today, his team is d biggest movement in d fucking rap game , he’s pratically on top of er’thing as far as hiphop is concerned dis year, nd it’ll remain like dat until he retires. U shouldn’t hate on a nigga getting d money, fame nd power through hard work, bitches like u die poor nd irrelevant.

  • @dread lol dis faggot elicit cunt faced bitch must really think Wayne’s reading his comment ha ha , u’re as irrelevant 2 life itself, probably only relevant 2 d gay porn groups nd d mentally derained people, no one knows u aside those, not Wayne, not me nd any mentally stable person. U should also learn how 2 type properly bitch, i have’nt seen u before but i know ur life sucks donkey dick bad.

  • To the Bitch that said Wayne gnna be gone or in your own words “off the face of the earth” in 2 years… Well I highly doubt that. If he ever does fall out (which he won’t) I’ll be you’ll start to see a decline in Hip-hop sales soon after his gone! Not just that Wayne is HIP-HOP period!!!.

  • MACK

    check out this last video!!! this shit is kray!!

  • real-talk

    Cmon nigga…….. Green uggs??? like foreal?


    fuck faggots i hate if people search people they dont like….
    fuckeminem fuck jay-z fuck kanye west(leather skirts on chicago concert)

  • Most-Shady

    Does Anyone Know When Will The Video For She Will Come Out..??

  • Y U MAD

    Lil Wayne not a fool.. He wearing that to piss off haters after the criticism lately. Trust me thats how you destroy haters DO THEM IN THEIR FACE. And those who are saying he will done soon.. Keep dreaming!! Dude is not going
    anywhere not anytime soon lol YM

  • chyskae

    this song is blessed

  • Chantel

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy <33333333333

  • lennie


  • kipds

    only wayne have niggaz hiting up his fansite to spew irrelevant trash!…i mean food for thought,,if you searching to hate what does that say about wayne?? lmfao nigga stay on bitch niggaz minds! i never search people i dont like and then comment on the shit! like just some shit i would never do cuz its bitchassness! PERIOD

  • RealTalk

    Not bad video.. but the shoes are awful!

  • A

    green uggs and womens leggings…..damn wayne…dont let that lil b pretty princess shit get to u after one song. i been a tru fan since his small part in “back that ass up”, squad up, all that…out of 5000+ songs in my itunes 1183 songs pop up when i type in lil wayne….but cross dressing !?!?!?!? r u serious?!?!?!? im shocked and appalled on sum real shit….hes is lucky that his bars n work ethic are ridiculous and on another level cus any self respecting straight MAN doesnt condone cross dressing in anyway…thats some weird tranny shit.
    WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT HARDBODY WEEZY. he still spit that hardbody shit but he been doin so hoe like things lately

  • Ryan

    Evryone who is talking about his boots…. Thats what he wants you to do. He wants ppl to talk about him. U rlly think he wore those because he thought they wwre fashionable? I dnt think so. Stop talking about him if u dont like him.. Then mayb he wont be as famous..


    Yea fuck faggots you got that right


    I bet you fuck a lot of them, that s why you come here

  • YMCMB_Fan

    We waited all this time for the video to come out, And this is what we get…drake driving in a car and wayne and tyga leaning back on a car…THAT WAS FKIN RETARTED…there was no point in bringing out a video for this if that was all they was gonna do. AND THEN I WAITED FOREVER FOR THIS SHIT TO LOAD, JUST PUT UP A FKIN YOUTUBE VIDEO.

  • Idiotsiswear

    Watch wayne stans go run and get them a pair of bright green homo thug uggs or whatever them shits are

  • Idiotsiswear

    Ya boy Wayne is gonna start wearing dresses and skirt and watch all of y’all defend him still saying that’s swag foh it seems like wayne and drake are both on a mission to destroy their own career Wayne with his wack rhyming and womens clothing and drake with his trynna be gangsta threatening people then singing and acting emo ass ymcmb might be on top but it’s officially the weirdest label shit is a circus ran by a confused drug addict

  • JayWalkinJustin

    Im A Wayne Fan Hard Body But WTF???
    Why Is He Dancin Like That???
    This Isn’t A Laffy Taffy Video!

  • Kyiv (Ukraine)

    Hey, I am a Wayne`s fan!
    But i can`t close my eyez on such shit as it`s trash green shoes.. That`s not cool, at all!
    I did like Weezy`s style back in 2008.. Even the hiphop rock style in 2009, but not this..
    Anyway, i got love and respect for that dude for what he done allready. He`s still my fav..

  • D zobes

    Alright fuck the haters. Wayne is a fucking boss & those green boots probably cost more than you’re damn life. Stop getting on this site to talk shit pussies.

    YMCMB til I die__****$$$$ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Freezy

    I just got the same shades Weezy wears in Chris Browns ‘Look At Me Know’

  • @idiotsiswe Wayne shit>>>>>> ur life.


    @idiotsiswear LOL wayne never wear skirts… kanye wears leather skirts with gay-z on chicago concert ๐Ÿ˜€

  • That Kid

    They put Tyga in the video.! Yess :D. Great video & stop hating on how Wayne dresses thts him so let him be.

  • LIkeMe

    Great vid

    luv you wayne!!!!!!!

  • d-boy
  • Idiotsiswear

    F.e.m get a life you on here like everyday defending this clown who most likely wouldn’t pay you any attention if y’all met. @fuckeminem I said next he’s going to wear skirts and dresses and y’all still gonna defend him you call jay gay but show me one time where jay went on 106 and park and or rap city and kiss another grown ass man and then call it jail house love show me a pic of jay and dame or kanye or any dude doing gay shit can you? An yea the boots probably cost a grip but does that make it ok to wear? So Wayne could wear high heels once they cost a lot of money? That’s what you’re saying? It’s not hating if it’s the truth. You lil stans is mad? Uggs stock probably just shot through the roof thanks to you fag swag stans


    @idiotsiswear if u hatin why u then still here ? i just wondering.responds back & give me a good resion or you just like gay-z who not responds back to weezy .

  • @idiotsiswe dis clitface she-male be asking me 2 get a life ha ha, is dat d best insult u can come up wit.?

  • @idiotsiswe u’re a bitch made nigga just like. ( Gay-z ) Try nd finger ur pussy tonight at d sight of Wayne’s picture, ha ha u know dat nigga’s more sexy (no homo) than dat camel face Gayz.

  • C4>>>>Gay-z discography, dem haters know dat d fucking truth ha ha. Wayne’s be steady shitting on Gay-z’s life 10,000 feet 4rm d top now. So i’ll advice d haters, don’t hate on a nigga runnig d hiphop game right now, instead yall should try nd encourage ur fav rap artist 2 catch up wit Wayne cus they 2 slow 4 my liking.


    people forget about his mixtapes he proofed that weezy is on a another level than jay-z . wayne dropped so many mixtapes ( official & unoffical so damn if u hating that u you retarded.wayne songs>jay-zs songs just sayin now fuck off who disagree

  • ogeezy!

    I swear haters just love talking shit about when weez kissed stunna..but the fact is that’s all they got on him..haha idk bout ya but if bird man rescued me from the ghetto n made me a rich MF I would kiss that dude,,

    Aw I’m sayin to da haters is fuk em


    wayne-29>jay-z-42 old ass nigga with the biggest lipps in the game fuck that gorilla youre a dead monkey”im raw ” stfu now

  • Idiotsiswear

    Telling you to get a life wasn’t suppose to be and insult really get a life. “clitface she-male”??? Really though? Corniest shit i ever heard kill ya self right the fuck now, And nigga you gay who says some shit like this “Try nd finger ur pussy tonight at d sight of Wayneโ€™s picture, ha ha u know dat niggaโ€™s more sexy (no homo) than dat camel face Gayz.”ย saying no homo doesn’t change the fact that what you said was beyond gay no wonder why y’all love Wayne what kinda nigga says that though them this other nigga talking about his lips and the nigga above him talking about he would kiss birdman if he made him rich nigga you gay and thats not all I have weezy f baby stands for weezy fucking baby that’s gay the women pants now uggs?

  • Idiotsiswear

    Yo Wayne is not shitting on jay jay not even going hard sure Wayne out sold them but c4 is garbage all I hear playing is wtt songs how does Wayne run hip hop? Just because you sell a million doesn’t mean you run hip hop if that’s the case at one point in soulja boys career he ran hip hop gtfoh he’s wack lyrically Wayne is garbage how could he run hip hop? How could Wayne be the best rapper alive? Lyrically Wayne is garbage you can’t be the best if there’s people who are better than you see Wayne sucks so bad now you can’t even use what he’s doing now for your argument y’all gotta use what he did in the past to help your garbage argument


    shut the fuck up@idiotsiswear i bet you wear leather skirts with kanye lol you still not repsons to me….you didnt got a good reason why you here????haha

  • Idiotsiswear

    I’m here cause I can be here nigga you need a life you literally was waiting here for my response all these hours nigga I don’t wear skirts but I find that funny wearing skirts is wrong to you right but Wayne wearing uggs and women pants is not it’s swag? If Wayne wore a skirt I bet you would say that’s swag mood musik 4 and mm4.5 is better than tha Carter Iv and sorry 4 the garbage

  • Idiotsiswear

    I mean sorry 4 the wait* no that mixtape was garbage he need to apologize for that garbage he called a mixtape and then apologize for that poor excuse for a cater album

  • youalreadyknow

    It’s like Lil Wayne is trying to ruin his reputation dressing like that, maybe to turn the spotlight to Drake. You shouldn’t hate on him skateboarding tho, I bet he does it to take his mind off drugs while on probation. I wish somebody dissed Wayne, maybe it would turn him back into that mixtape monster

  • youngmealticket

    everyone gets way too mad on here and takes this shit way to seriously. just settle down a little bit


    @idiotsiswear shut the fuck up the only one good sone is send him our love the rest is gay as fuck

  • Idiotsiswear

    Nigga first of all no mood musik mixtape is wack 2nd send him our love is on mm3 I said mm4 and 4.5 nigga you said shit is gay but waynes poor excuse for music isn’t? Waynes women pants and uggs isn’t gay?ย 
    On mm4 the whole mixtape shits on c4ย 
    Black cloudย 
    Pray for them
    Sober up
    Remember the titans
    If all else fails
    Follow my leadย 
    Stuck in the moment
    No idea
    Come along is wack? You probably too dumb to catch what he says

  • Idiotsiswear

    On mm4.5 realestate,implodes,down fall,spring training(where he dissed canibus and arsenal) is gay? Are you fucking serious kill your self Joe kills Wayne anyday nigga one of his songs could body the whole c4 shit his remember the titans verse could body that whole album and s4tw


    fuck shady records boy fuckin gay groupie fuck joes butt

  • Idiotsiswear

    Who you just proved how gay you are. Fuck shady records nigga j don’t care about shady records saying that doesn’t offend me I don’t own shady records and I’m not signed there why would I care? But anyway shady is still better then ym hands down lyrically Wayne and the rest of them don’t stand a chance now off that honestly are you gay? Seriously you call other people gay but you say the gayest shit you saying @fuck joes butt” nigga that’s gay smfh off that can you honestly say c4 is better than mm4?

  • youngmealticket

    yall are both gay

  • I like wezzy fresh swagg …I wanna dress like wezzy im not gay but I will like to wear those boots for school damm I like wezzy skinnies n boots

  • Dr Heimlich

    Awesome song, nice video too

  • Kayla Carter

    What kind of shoes does he have on?

  • J – Money

    I heard he wears ugs.

  • Me Lurv waynE soO mch dat I cnt spnd a dae witout listening 2 his songs…#oneLove <3