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Mystikal – Original (Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman) [CDQ]

Tue, Dec 13, 2011 by

Mystikal Original Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman

The latest Cash Money artist Mystikal links up with the CMB boss, Birdman, and his new CMB label-mate, Lil Wayne, for his debut single on the label called “Original“. This is Mystikal and Weezy‘s second collabo in the past 2 years, and you can stream/download the track below:

Updated the link above with the tagless/dirty version!

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  • Bleezymula

    First in this BiiiiTch

  • joey

    waynes verse was aiight


  • byrongeorge

    song went in my boy wayne snapped and mystikal went in y.m.c.m.b

  • Jonathan

    Weezy killed it come to boise idaho again

  • Jasmin_Kiana

    I luv yhu weezy ! #YMCMB

  • Xicano101


  • Billy Bob

    itd be nice if Wayne actually tried these days. but classic big money dont give a fuck syndrome has happened

  • CCB

    DAMN birdman actually is on the chorus LOOL

  • Amurph

    fire this and get slezier are strait fire

  • nixon68

    When is I Am Not A Human Being 2 and Rebirth 2 dropping Tune??

  • D-Lop

    I really like this song…Birdman was nice on the hook…Mystikal wasn’t bad…but Weezy, I was feelin that verse…it wasn’t spectacular but it was really good, and his swag carried it to another level
    The whole vibe of the song reminded me of I’m On One

  • real-talk

    why is wayne train a TT on twitter?

  • albertRuiz

    www dot twiiter dot com slash iceeythemodel

  • jaylay

    wayne killed this shit

  • birdman is poo poo hahaha naw but wayne aint even get off on this shit ,

  • Jonathan

    I know he got arrestes we he came down here to boise

  • Jonathan


  • Drake feat Lil wayne, T.I., Nicki Minaj, Jadakiss, Rick Ross Lord Knows Official Remix Download @ Hot Fire!!!!

  • wayne killed it 🙂 and birdman killed it to 🙂 ymcmb 🙂

  • wooowoo

    fuck that. when is i cant feel my face coming out. ive been waiting for that since o6 FUCK

  • wayneitbaby
  • Gangsta_H

    fuck hat3rz bitches.. wayne murdered shit of this hit.. big ups to birdman n mystikal!YMCMB

  • Okkie

    I do not understand is now lil wayne in illuminatie? :(:(

  • Bongani_B2

    Made Something out of Nothing thanks for Nothing….. Weezy killed it haterrs


    @okkie ?

  • Okkie

    @ FUCKEMINEM I see on youtube, that lil wayne in the Illuminati with all his clothes so

  • Hell helal

    Lil wayne is the king of rap

  • ben

    @Okkie for the last time, you people just made up what is now known as “The Illuminati” because you couldn’t accept the fact that sometimes fame can change a person and they’re mortal and can die by other ways than murder.

    The original Illuminati disbanded back in the 1800s. smfh

  • dreadrastanigga

    Wow that’s music? Shit

  • guest

    lil wayne made 47 milllion on I Am Music Tour. Most for any rapper since …. LIL WAYNE in 2009 We Are Young Money tour 100 mil.

    Lil Wayne has the two biggest highest selling tours in hip hop history.

  • WEEZY snapped BIRDMAN snapped mystical snapped they all went in very good song YMCMB all day ERRYDAY

  • WeezyWayniac

    DMX much?

  • Xicano101

    Wayne used to diss Mystikal with BG back in 1997 when they released their “True Story” album and now he is on his song? And he is signed to Cash Money? Haha

  • If i had a dollar for everytime birdman said “candy on the paint” anyway good song though, mystikal’s dope and always been dope. Wayne did his thing like always, his verses are getting a lot better then before.


    didnt kno dmx changed his name

  • I Hate EMINEM

  • Thanx For the FULL song man

  • zack

    I am a big Wayne fan, and been for years. but he fell the fuck off. Im actually really disappointed. I can’t even argue with the people that say he’s not the best anymore. I have no argument, I just want the old wayne back.

  • Al

    Mystikal killed it fo sho

  • boikanyo

    follow me @boikanyojjr on twitter

  • tee

    the song is wack AF except wayne part

  • hi world how is weezy and reginae

  • Tygamania

    That nigga Mystikal can go but he’ll be on in a few years, he just need more experience brah.

  • hakeem

    lil wayne and ym will kill 2012 true fan

  • Young Flo

    Wait till wayne sign me, Im goin in

  • NicK

    Tygamania Mystikal has been around for god knows how long. And smh at people who said Mystikal was garbage a couple months ago, the man has been going hard ever since he came in the game

  • Redd

    Mystikal killed it one of the rawest rappers in itttt Lil Wayne really didn’t know what to do wit this song cause Mystikal style is to animated for Wezzy.Dont get me wrong Lil Wayne can go hard but not on this song im sure he feel the same just listen….

  • ronny_joe

    Okay the shit was hot Mystikal has been and still is one of the rawest rappers from the south. If you say he was aight choke yourself. Mystikal go H.A.M.

  • Frosty Vee

    mystikal: ruined dis song, but as always weezy saves de dae.

  • punk

    Mystical was tops on this song come on guys give this guy a credit will u

  • crush

    this is my 2012 favourite song .. Talking about the video , mystikal goes dope .. Gr8 verses by mystikal n he flows very gr8