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Video: Lil Wayne Gets Emotional On Stage In South Africa x Freestyles For The Crowd

Wed, Dec 14, 2011 by

While on tour in Cape Town, South Africa last week, Lil Wayne started getting upset on stage before going straight to performing “Every Girl” with Mack Maine. Weezy was finding it hard to speak because of his emotions, but do you think he was being serious or just joking around? 😛 Watch the video above to see for yourself!

Also, hit the jump to watch Tunechi perform a 2-line freestyle at the same show (“I’m in the crib butt-naked bitch, my dick want to be the next black president”), before the crowd starts to get excited and Wayne tells them: “Now see, can you see what the fuck happens, so just imagine if I was to fucking leave forever, would you miss me?”. Tune also performs “Miss Me“, “Drop The World“, “Steady Mobbin’“, “I’m On One“, “Motivation“, “Mrs. Officer” and “Mirror“.

Lil Wayne’s short freestyle of the top of his head and performs “Miss Me”.

Lil Wayne’s performs “Steady Mobbin'”, “I’m On One”, “Motivation” and “Mrs. Officer” with Shanell.

Lil Wayne’s performs “Drop The World” and “Mirror”.

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  • MoonMan

    ^ FAG!

  • Nick

    I was there and it was amazing!!! The man is a straight up legend!!! Would of liked to hear more of the freestyle but the concert was the best!!!

  • WeezyFAN




  • real-talk

    nigga been hangin out with drake to long

  • Tunechi

    He was not being serious, I thought he was serious until he started to perfrom Everygirl. He did that too on the concert I went to in August

  • Tageslichtprojektor

    of course hes just joking around u cant be that emotional for real and perform every girl after

  • Joy

    he is the absolute best and if anybody got something to say about him just listen to dem lyrics and you will fall in love with it YMCMB over everything i love him he is the most lyrical rapper that has ever lived i love his music and him so much he is a legend and there will never be anyone else out there better then him , he has been thorugh alot of things an dhe still rises above everyone else , he has the best work ethic out there and all these young people , like myself , look up to him and try to achieve our dreams cause once wayne got to the top he is never coming down so everyone else might as well give up , Tunechi is the greatest and always will be, im the biggest wayne fan there is <3 i love you DeWayne Michael Carter <3

  • tune the man


    Dedication 4
    I Am Not A Human Being 2
    Rebirth 2
    Father Like Son 2
    I Cant Feel My Face
    Like Father Like Son

  • Cherice

    This guy can always put a bigger smile than his on my face. I love his greatness. 😀 He is greatness. He’s so inspiring.

  • AGA

    Oh My God i wish 1 day i can go 2 see that show, i love You Weezy, great videos guys…Baby come to europe plzzzz

  • mr boston

    yo that’s fucked up wayne can’t freestyle that shit should be too easy by now anyway im glad his flow and delievery coming back 2012 gonna be a big year for wayne as far as lyrics go cause this year he was like tim tebow ugly with rhymes, the team carried him, ymcmb are winners but he got all the credit it’s not a diss im just saying funny how that shit the same to me but all in all i see him killing alot of shit in the future

  • Logan

    it was all a joke…he’s done this at all of his concerts this past year haha when i saw it back in august i was expecting something totally different. crowd got trolled completely and still doin it

  • lhlm

    he gave this exact same speech at the melbourne show

  • WEEZY is the best rapper alive Thank god for him and bless his family that’s the YMCMB team too we winning!

  • Step

    He did the same speech in montreal, but he didn’t feel like crying like he did now… so I don’t think the crying part was an act.

  • Dylan Stimeling

    Weezy is the best! Ive been to two of the i am still music concerts this year and they were two of the best times of my life im a HUGE weezy fan one of the biggest for sure my ipod is probably 93% Weezy i mean his lyrics are just crazy and his work ethic is amazing i admire Wayne and would give anything to meet him one day

  • best rapper alive 🙂 i think wayne was serious.



  • Chris

    I think all true Wayne fans can agree with me when I say before Wayne puts that mic down and steps away from rap he should make an album call “best rapper alive” that would be so epic!

  • Here’s an article on Weezy’s performance in Cape Town, South Africa- read it!!!

  • I WAS THE PERSON WHO FILMED THIS, you can see my youtubechannel (

    You know how crazy Weezy is… And he was loving the crowd, I bet that were too many emotions at the same time! Or he was faking. I wasn’t really close to the paint that I could see real tears.

    Please subscribe to my channel and follow me on twitter @ValterSSwag.



    found finally the song. lil wayne – my girl dope song.

  • guest

    good to hear Wayne use autotune again … as long as its not all the time lol.

  • giih

    he is so cut WEEZY <3

  • giih

    cute *

  • Topher86

    W-EE-ZY. Let me tell you guys! everything that @ of you already knows.

    HE IS THE BEST EVER. not just in rap. he is an Icon in Music. So let’s bow down and support the Icon!

  • Drecko

    Gangster D u rock man u da best n best of all u still in ur prime bt u fuckin up these old grndpa ass rapperz/jz, kanye etc, without effort shout out 2 da best rapper alive tunechi YMCMB is running dis shit*

  • Best Rapper Alive….Music is nothing without wayne.YMCMB the f*ckin greatest

  • Demetri Hope

    lilwayne is the best rapper ever by far

  • MIKE

    hey,YMCMB, ya the best, i like the way you love each other, may God bless your love, i love u. MIKE FROM AFRICA