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Lil Wayne Attends Heat vs. Lakers Game x Backstage Footage From 2011 BET Awards

Sat, Jan 21, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Courtside At Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers Game

A few days ago, Miami Heat took on Los Angeles Lakers at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. You can view a photo above and a photo after the jump of Lil Wayne sitting courtside at the game eating some popcorn.

Also after the jump, you can view some footage that has only just surfaced online of Tunechi backstage at the 2011 BET Awards from June 26th last year. In the video, you can see Weezy dancing on his own backstage and then performing “Hustle Hard Remix” with Ace Hood, DJ Khaled and Rick Ross. What you all might find funny is how much Drake, Cortez Bryant and Birdman was loving the performance from the front row 😆

Lil Wayne Courtside At Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers Game

Man, it’s been a slow week with Tune news.

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  • andrea


  • Weezy F. Lakers

  • tunechi

    That guy want some of the popcorn’s XD

  • GetGnarley

    wayne got that white man scared

  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    YMCMB! Next time wen u mention Weezy,Drake or Tyga, don’t forgt #YoungGod106. Follow dat! Mula!!! YMCMB or Die!!

  • EYE


  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    drop music or drop dead “tunechi wiwi”

  • danny put this song up i dnt think youve used it yet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RULSemZSNeI

  • Look @ Tune enjoying himself @ tha game. he deserves it man works his ass of on them records !! still waitin on tha put tha light on me track. when will it drop?? atleast a DJ track with 2mins….

  • danny i mean this song i put tha wrong link its weezyand curren$y i dnt think ive seen it on this site so throw it up

  • put it up danny

  • EYE

    He needs to drop I am not a human being 2 already!!

  • ogeezy!


  • seleena

    im big fan of wayne,, but his swag sucks nowadys!! come on guys wtf is ths??? again #1 fan ,,wish wayne gt ma msg!!!its not cool ..his old sawg way better i used to comment on every video anything n love wat he wears..

  • superlabel

    where’s Dedication 4? wtf

  • AllieRaeTunechi

    holy shit!! wayne is looking sooo hott in the video of him at the BET awardss<3. when he is backstage dacing. omg!! so hot! i love himm<3 weezy till i die team tunechi all dayy!

  • Amurph

    dam id like ta score me a pai of dem j’s hes wearin at the lakers game. shit they smooth

  • datlum

    @ GetGnarley —–> that’s not a white man you dumb ass. Check out facial features and tones before you assume someone’s race. And being not black and having a suit doesn’t automatically make you white.

  • tk

    someone know when Nino Brown 3 drop ????

  • yton65

  • MOP15321

    My nigga Wayne got the cement 3s on, no1 better complain how hes dressin lol

  • Michael

    what song plays at the beginning and end?

  • Nik

    weezy da best !

  • zOozaru

    Ugh wish I had Dem Jordan 3’s LOL’z vans and chucks for me O(X_^)O

  • 187JoshM187

    Wayne got them black cements on.

  • dread rasta

    Damn look at all these homo annes. Y’all on here studying his outfit like some vagina at a golden globe party dreaming about pairs of shoes how wack is this. U happy a nigga posted a picture of himself in the shows YOU want rather than posting up some musik on his blog.
    Suck some cock annes

  • Karita

    i dont think the white man was scared, hes just sitting with weezy, who would be looking normal then? xD

    sorry bad english, im norwegian ..

  • Don’t know if any one has brought up this topic yet, but have ya’ll hear that “strange clouds” remix ft young jeezy and T.I, if you did then ya’ll would agree that both there verse were garbage!!! And some of ya’ll haters were on Wayne’s dick because his verse wasn’t all that either, but his verse I’d 10x better than jeezy’s and T.I’s put together and that’s a fact.

  • MOP15321

    @Dillion i completely agree, but ppl hate on wayne cuz thats whats “cool” nowadays smh

  • ceej

    Haha woooow wat a great performance Wizzle but where’s ur sk8board??? Lmao
    Hustle hustle hustle hustle hustle hustle

  • K Dawg

    His work ethic is definitely going down….he hasn’t dropped any music since C4…..and that was like half a year ago

  • ….

    lil wayne has a mixtape coming in the spring.

    IANAHB 2 this fall.

    first single off LFLS 2 coming this spring.

  • good performance by ymcmb, u guys should come to Antigua & Barbuda sometime

  • Fan

    Hey guys is there anyone who remembers the name of a unreleased Lil Wayne verse, which was to be featured on Shanell’s song.. I just want to listen to it… it’s a dope verse. Anyone please reply if you remember the name..

  • Awww Snapbacks

    Check out custom snapbacks video.. I custom make snapbacks hit me up if y’all are interested!!


  • Idiotsiswear

    Runnin?? ^^ I love wheezy <3

  • i love god

    I think its called so good or something like that

  • drew_77

    fuckkin video has been removed asshole

  • MJ

    what ever happened to “waynes world”, the song that wayne told rollingstone would make MCs quit rapping?

  • ogeezy!

    INAHB2 probly on his birthday again…

  • ogeezy!

    N wat happen to that YMCMB album countdown >>>


  • Ambition

    Damn fuckin video is down, wayne not completely dressing like a faggot now. Hopefully he steps his music up now. Black cement 3s on feet!!

  • Most-Shady

    Is The She Will Video Ever Coming Out..??

  • #GrimGenius

    im praying on wayne’s next album there are features from artists he never worked with before. I would love a weezy & kid cudi collabo or a wale collabo, reply if u agree

  • leandreezy

    fack ##m young Nucho bitch

  • Gayzy

    Where are them fluffy boot shoes? did he broke a fingernail?

  • Rachel

    That number isn’t in service………but congrats that’s big…need to do it myself.

  • Rachel

    “bitchin camero bitchin I ran over my neighbor…”

    -dead milkmen

  • Rachel

    It’s a song, punk rock, hmmm
    Is anyone else concerned about the sanctions against Iran?

  • Rachel


  • Rachel

    Weird, I had originally responded to something that isnt there now……fixing credit or something with a phone number attached, tried the number to no avail. I just need to fix my credit. Soooooo Wanye, more music please!

  • Frut

    Why would we be concerned by corrupt politics preparing another war in middlle east? United States really are the land of freedom…

  • Katy

    Didn’t Weezy always say he would retire at the top of his career?

    swag is dead.

  • wtf is wayne wearing? this nigga dont dress like he used to

  • lucas

    video is down please reupload

  • Jermaine


  • Mrs Carter

    Wayne is always eating popcorn, i like popcorn! so much love for Weezy <3