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Nicki Minaj – Roman Reloaded (Feat Lil Wayne) [CDQ]

Fri, Feb 24, 2012 by

Nicki Minaj Roman Reloaded Feat Lil Wayne

I believe this is the second official single from Nicki Minaj‘s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album, which will be released in stores on April 3rd. The track is called “Roman Reloaded” and features a verse from her Young Money boss, Lil Wayne. You can listen to the Rico Beats-produced song below:

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  • D


  • MOP!%#@!

    first finally

  • Hodson

    So there will be a video for this if it’s a single Danny?

  • BOI

    SICKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WENT HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robby

    Why do people insist on trying to be “FIRST!”…

    Lol…then ya’ll look dumber when you’re not FIRST!!

  • C.Mason

    Wayne went in!!!!

  • Bang bang

    Can’t wait for dirty cdq version, it will sound so much better

  • huh

    That does not look like DHEA in that pick ..Wayne is messing around..MEDIA TAKEOUT check it out..Still luv u wayne…


    follow @RoryJamesShaw

  • weeeezy

    “Take bitches to school, then I Columbine these hoes.”
    Finally… a Nicki Minaj song from the album that I actually like!

  • Josh

    Why are all these blogs posting that it’s the CDQ version. There are still Funk tags all over this bitch. Accurately post please.

  • Lucci_Mania

    Not Bad

  • This song goes hard Nicki and Tune always make the best collabs…YMCMB WE WINNING.

  • Sick track Tunechi went in so did Nicki.. i liked that WEEZYS verse was pretty long, but the cdq dirty version is gonna be even better. NICKI IS THE FEMALE WEEZY and LIL WAYNE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE and YMCMB IS THE BEST TEAM WE WINNING!

  • FollowMe@YoungMaseDatsMe

    Just Downloaded It!!! Sick! !! @Tunechi !!!! Eat Dat Pussy Make It Num She Can’t Feel Wen She Come!!

  • Eddy weezy

    I dønt know why, but i love lil wayne.ymcmb nicky keep the flag flying.

  • Wheezy

    Yoo sounds to me like WEEZYSSS BACKK.. He finally rounded and is back

  • Martian

    I don’t like nicki/roman because this isn’t roman I expected something way better from roman!!

  • yeahhhh

    i think wayne’s back for sure. in the past 2 months he’s had raw features. FADED, ROMAN RELOADED, WHY STOP NOW, ALL ABOARD, THE MOTTO, HYFR. all those verses are fire

  • @Hadson , Yes there going to be but not soon because they still working on other albums. #YMCMB

  • joseph

    is it me or does it sound like weezy’s old flow is slowly coming back….his latest features he’s been goin hard,…i feel like my idol is coming back!

  • des

    niceeeee ymcmb wayne went n

  • Zack

    Ohhh shit that nigga weezys back!! When’s I am not a human being 2 commin out?

  • erick

    didnt like the chorus the verses were pretty dope especially waynes haha sick!

  • Byrdboi

    Shit sucked…. Clowns

  • erick

    and whats with wayne and his thumb and asses haha i guess we know dheas fettish

  • my ex wanna work it out bitch try yoga

  • wayne intro was so ill on this track

  • MoonMan

    more like an E-40 “my sh*t bang” ymcmb remix

  • Jaime

    only the dickriders still think Wayne is good lmao. You faggots can’t see that Nicki Minaj killed Wayne ? lol.

    freaking delusional.

    Go on Facebook or twitter and see what everybody think about Wayne’s verse.

  • HUH..

    Oh look…. yet another shitty Minaj song and a shitty wayne verse. Wayne is far from fallen off. He’s landed face first on the jagged rocks at the bottom of the cliff.

  • this jaime a idiot on twitter they sayin wayne verse was the best part niggas stay hatin but i guess you aint doin ya job if you aint got haters

  • Jaime

    @91 stunna

    you one of the most delusional lol.

    you still think Wayne is good.

    even Carter 3 Wayne is better than this.

  • dog i aint stupid he aint on that level rightnow it has nothin to do with talent its not havein his drugs

  • he still went in on this i aint gone lie

  • That Kid

    The fuck.? Wayne’s nice on this. Idk wah ya haters talking abt. He killed it.!

  • scooty_mofo

    how can you hate on waynes verse?

  • Matheo22

    WTF is that ? :O Sorry Nicki but i don’t want to hear trash like that & i think this album gonna be whack !

  • MicKyru

    I have been missing my girl nicki happy she back killing niggas in bitches YmcMB Blood lil Wayne WELL be GOD OF HIP HOP SOON

  • Daknite

    when is he gonna drop the first single from i am not a human being 2?

  • Yelawolf is the best rapper alive

    most of Waynes songs these days arent about anything. He just puts shit together that sounds good. I am a huge fan though but C4 was completely different than C3.

    Maybe he should write his raps down on paper again. Give them more thought? Somethin that means somethin like “Mirror”.

    I aint hatin i just want the old Weezy back and I think he might be gone for good

    yall can hate now…go

  • Ed!

    Bang bang bang bang:) Shit dope Men

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  • AJG

    Wayne nd Nicki going haaaaaaard!!!! YMCMB all day errrday…….. Nd by the way, I have the dirty version haha, get it off hulkshare

  • Weezy

    safe to say everyone is pleased with this track haha. just like everyone else said, sounds like the old Wayne is back, got some pretty raw/witty punchlines like we all used to love and no skateboard references haha. love it.
    weezy is charlie sheening!

  • boomboom

    Double Ha

  • Skillet

    The beat: Fire
    The verses: GARBAGE

    Yea Wayne got his old voice back but the crap that he was rappin was straight trash.

  • tunerfish

    damn some shit that finally goes hard as fuck! where can i download that beast? why aren’t there no more download links on ??

  • AJG

    If u looking for the dirty version, go to hulkshare




  • ….

    the flow is on point for Wayne but the lyrics are not all the way there yet.

  • Junie

    Lil wayne shouldve never been on this song nicki was good by her self he sounds horrible on this foreal wayne is really trash now

  • Biorh Harris

    I think weezy f is comming back, slowly….

  • frea

    funny how bitch niggaz come to fansite and spew negative insight 24/7. lmfao #tryharder life goes on, you wasting yours hating

  • AJG

    @Junie fuck u dipshit, stop hating, go back to fucking ur mother

  • AJG

    @Junie fuck u dipshit, stop hating, go back to fucking ur mother u not needed on this fansite

  • junie always hatin talkin bout its just an opinion i used to be a fan no nigga you were a casual listener but hey whats new

  • Babsie

    The Why stop now feature, and this one is two good ones apart from his drake and tyga collab, wayne has been falling way down I think these are good and is a change hopefully his hunger is back and we will get that classical weezy back but as far as these verses are concerned waynes still a long way off of the awesome rapper he Used To Be But He Remains my favourite rapper irrespective I’m A Fan, Not a groupie

  • Katy

    I couldn’t even listen to the whole thing it was that bad to me. Nicki ya dun fell off doll!
    Def will not be buying that bullshit

  • YMCMB_Fan


  • NoAgreements

    Fark im over this wayne shi* him throwin random lines into a track. for example – all aboard mann wtf! throwin fool azz lines together to try smash a beat but theres no meaning, structure..

    i been hard fan for years,years,years, loved every release in different ways but dawwgg damnnn…

    wayne start writing so you can gather thoughts in one topic an in that song.


  • ole destructive ass nigga watch me break the bank

  • fly fucking dungas bitch

    waynes verse is aight he sounds dope on this but the song is weak as fuck trash single lol i don’t get it nicki spits fire on peoples shit but her own music is wack as fuck

  • Young_Mulla

    fuck yeah. this sounds like high wayne! The best is back in the building!!!

  • rakey

    lil wayne ….lets something be done….but i like urs lollipop song………

  • ray

    yo i thingg whu nicki kiss tunechi put ya made my day super happy roman reloaded muisc is cool

  • YM til the death of me

    Lil Wayne is still amazing, that rap was great. He’s still got it. <3 Tunechi forever, just because he changed doesn't mean he fell off, he could come back, but Imma fan no matter what. YMCMB

  • Bree

    Thats wats up:)!
    luv yooh nicki and wayne<3

  • mykel

    luvly track

  • Ever though about Young Money T.V

  • Mr. Yes Sir !

    God is great all the time ! Yes Sir !

    Weezy !