Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Meet At Mayweather & Cotto Fight [Pictures]

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Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Meet At Mayweather & Cotto Fight

After Floyd Mayweather Jr. beat his opponent Miguel Cotto last night at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas to take the WBA light-middleweight title, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and Justin Bieber all made their way in to the ring to congratulate him on his win and undefeated record.

Fiddy and Weezy also had a little conversation face-to-face, which is actually the first time they have both met since 50 started beef with Tune a few years ago.

Check out some photos of Floyd, Wayne, 50 Cent and Justin all posing together with the belt after the jump below.

Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Meet At Mayweather & Cotto Fight

Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Meet At Mayweather & Cotto Fight

Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Meet At Mayweather & Cotto Fight

Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Meet At Mayweather & Cotto Fight

Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Meet At Mayweather & Cotto Fight

Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Meet At Mayweather & Cotto Fight

Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Meet At Mayweather & Cotto Fight

Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Meet At Mayweather & Cotto Fight

Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Meet At Mayweather & Cotto Fight

Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Meet At Mayweather & Cotto Fight

Lil Wayne & 50 Cent Meet At Mayweather & Cotto Fight

“All about a dollar, fuck two quarters; Bitch I pour syrup in that vitamin water”

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  • Denzel


  • Mac Miller


  • mome


  • skool

    50 putting a fake smile in dat first pic lol

  • Ed!

    Wayne and 50cent!!!!••Wtf and what the fuck to Justin there crazzzzy Pr Shot;) Wayne is the no.1 you heard!!!!!!

  • simplesam

    50 cent is irrelevant in music right now

    Wayne >>>



  • Uh, ain’t it crazy how shit be

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  • Cheez in the trap

    @ everyone hating on Justin bieber
    You all are faggots if you don’t realize Justin is a fucking g. That kid is making like 50 mill a year more than you will ever see in your entire life and I garuntee that pimp tore Selena Gomez’s shit up like foreal he’s a pimp and your all just jelly.

  • All about a dollar, fuck two quarters; Bitch I pour syrup in that vitamin water

  • 50 cents smile is priceless hahahaha

  • MAAAAAAAAD UNCOMFORTABLE LMAOOOO look at 50 and Tune’s faces looool in the belt pics.

  • The Money Team

    Weezy is a dick-rider, he always pops up when a team in sports wins something, period.

  • rozay tha bawse

    I bet 50 and floyd had a threesome with selena gomez while weezy and Bieber were skateboarding

  • Brrrq

    Where was the Birdman?

  • Millionaire

    Bieber does not belong in that ring

  • Murk

    ^^ haha yes thats prly what happened.

  • Trukfit da wurl

    Curtis putting on that fake smile…

  • ymcmb

    On May 6, 2012 at 7:38 pm The Money Team responded with…

    Weezy is a dick-rider, he always pops up when a team in sports wins something, period.


    wayne is a groupie

  • jeffezy

    WTF! justin bieber..dat gay motha fucka is supposed to b at baby sitting and suckin his thumb…he just spoiled all da pics wid his gay pose..fuck dat asshole. DAMN.

  • game is a snitch

    hopefully this means a collabo is in the works 😀


  • Kay B

    Ppl wsnt it Wayne tht started tha beef btwn him nd fiddy, abt pourin syrup in tha vitamin water nd syin he hopes fiddy dies ugly nd shit lyk tht, thn fiddy responded, yeah it wsnt fiddy tht stared tha feud

  • siege

    and lil wayne is prolly still sippin sizurp.
    these pics are mad funny.

  • a swedish Belieber

    OMB JUSTIN BIEBER !!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Mrs. Tune

    da fuck wit JB??

  • Lucas Ferreira


  • Nik

    fuck that gay justin bieber! why is there a picture of him alone?? he needs to steay away from tunechi! cant stand that mo_fucka

  • metsjp

    50 was like, yo, remember that shit I said a lil while back….my bad….your rich as a motherfucker and I don’t get a record label….Can I get a deal??? Wayne was like…We’ll see. Wonder when Beibers contract is up…perhaps G Unit and Beibs to YMCMB….hahah…that would be an official takeover.

    As long as 50 gets down on his knees and kisses lil waynes skateboard.

  • ^^^

    you’re a moron lol.

    50 has a record label and he’s richer than Lil Wayne too. 50 is worth 300 million by himself, even more than Eminem who is worth 200 mil.

  • stonernigga420

    50 lookin salty as hell when he saw wayne lol

  • Watson


  • This is ma first time i see WeezY n 50!!!

  • LP

    I wish Floyd Mayweather would punch Justin Bieber in the face

  • Famous

    I thought weezy brought 50 on tour a couple times after their beef?

  • Natedawggggg

    I want to finger Justin beiber so hard I don’t know why he just reminds me of my son

  • Danny Prado

    tunechi all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zly
  • DatKidSpade

    @Cheez in the trap how bout u get ya baby wee wee out justin beiber’s ass an stop dickin ridin him cuz he got money an fuck bitches that’ll never look like any bitches uk…

  • jay

    lol 50 cent do not make more money then lil wayne first all & he really not worth more money then him aye nigga do yo research b4 u start sayn shit that aint true

  • sasha09-#teamtunechi.

    Its great to see old rivals squash their beef,n unite for a great cause. Hip Hop is bigger than them stupid feuds,n these two icons realized that. Weezy all the way.

  • eu

    Justin Bieber is such an ugly mofo… just saying

  • lol Danny just had to put that Weezy line after that pictures…..

  • shout out 2 money mayweahter


    both are wearing hats that represent there companies…. except for beiber who is casually outfitted in a greaser jacket. which do u think looks gayer the colorful truckfit fitted hat with ranchhat brim or the black sms cap.
    also like to point out that 50 would stomp wizzle out in a grudge match.
    but yall are probably concered whether hes finally happy or not and the latest gossip on his drug use.


    @DANNY M **********

    Look at the tattoos section and his descography section all the albums are mixed up and all his tattoos are mixxed up…just thought i wood let you know…

    • @ERROR – The pages look okay to me. What browser are you using ❓

  • Tinaphooo

    WoW! Sound like fun that’s what’s up


    >>>HotBoys ReunioN<<<

  • Ayanna

    Lil Wayne Is The Shxt And iDont Give f What None OF Yall Low Life Mf Gotta Say About Him .. And For The Nigga Talking Shxt Umm Wtf Is 50 Cent Doing Now ? Nothing ! So How In The Hell He Richer Than Weezy Your A Prime Shame NIgga Matter Of Fact Dont Even Write Shxt On Here Your A Failure. YMCMB Till The Day iDie Fuck Wid Me 🙂

  • error

    @DANNY M
    IM using my iphone mabi its my phone sorry.
    Ooh Danny can you post the pic of waynes latest tattoo next to his Heart tatt theres a pic of it close up on google… Its a smiley face tatt…thanx

  • ctwins3644

    Maybe being in Floyd’s presence will teach Wayne about hard work and dedication so he can go back to being a halfway decent rapper.

  • siege

    what the point of celebrities going to celebrity sporting events. celebrities supporting celebrities how fucking gay.

    do you guys think bieber and tunechi hang out and spend time together. whats up with the posing for pictures and who is floyd mayweather????? wizzle looks hawt with all the trukfit accessories, what do u mean his tatoos are fucked?

  • Jdot

    Actually 50 aint got a label no more. G unit records wasdropped.. 50 claims it was because he asked for 750,000 per artost for their next contract…
    But lets be real who is tony yayo?
    Banks is the only one who is lyrically gifted ( to be honest the boy is real nice )
    And buck is space somewhere
    They aint seen a dinner platr in a minute…
    Ymcmb is where the money is… For now.
    And haters on beiber, if you dont know by now youll probably never learn…, let me try a metaphor

    Lets say you do maintenance for a plant and yoy making 15 dollars and hour with no bonuses
    Then their is this young scrawny n sync looking dude in there with you with the same title but he making 30 an hour and gets christmas bonuses sick days and paid vacation

    You gonna stand in the corner and wine and clown him or you gonna try to link up with dude and get on that level too??

  • Ibrotunechi @nigeria

    Fake smiles !!
    Em celebrities are attending games(sport) cos em getting paid for it !!!


  • lou

    beaber dont belong there…wtf

  • lou

    I wanna see 50 and wayne make some bad ass music, never know…..go weezy

  • 50 Cent does not like Lil Wayne and the first picture he’s smiling, it must have been afraid haha.

  • swAgOnDeCk

    who iz dat lesbian chick in these pics ? oh shit my bad thats justin bieber.

  • fuck you


  • fuck you





    justin beiber should take all dick in his BIG MOUTH

  • Ama-D

    Fuck 50cent having 300mills… he has been i the rap game waaaay longer than tunechi , but tunechi has achieved way more shit . weezy is the shit! anyone denying that can eat a sac of baby dicks! lil wayne 4 life! nd for a rapper to start skateboarding , that shows that he does what the fuck he wants no matter wat mofuckers saying..!

  • What If Do , Yes Sir !

  • jeffezy

    50 give his sarcastic smile n lukin at weezy n sayin’ remember when i dissed u n u didnt even respond back nigga..weezy is like im al bout my trukfit mothafucka’..YOUNG MULA BABY..weezy get back in da studio n get some dope songs out n no one aint tellin u to stp skatin bt get back to ya roots coz 50 is comin up with fire tracks.

  • jeffezy

    N yeah forgot to mention..pls get dat Bieber gay ass faggot outta here..i mean Music itself doesnt suit dat asshole..he needs to go back to school..FUCK DAT BIEBER..haaaa

  • Slayinignorance

    Actually justin beiber has more music in his left hand than weezy and 50 combined… No I dont listen to his music but I used to peep him on youtube before he got signed. Unlike wayne justin can actually play a guitar, electric and acoustic. He can also play piano and drums and im not talking about standing up on stage with one in his hand pumping out god awful noises. He can actually play these instruments. Plus he has a fragrance line in belk and macys where 100 percent of the procedes are funding research to cure cancer. Dont be jelly cuz your favorite rapper wouldnt know where to begin making moves on a scale that large…
    And also 50 aint been out longer than wayne you c3 groupie!!
    Waynes got 7 or 9 years on 50 do your research since…. You obviously had no clue who cash money was in the 90s

  • stonernigga420

    @Ama-D you don’t know anything do you? Weezy been signed with Cash money since he was 12.

  • Kardyyx

    2 everyone saying wyne is richer than 50…LMFAO….have u ppl ever been off of this website go look up hiphop cash kings from 06-11 and see how much money wayne doesint hav to 50 and the top 5 richest ppl in rap right now is Diddy Jay Z DRE Baby 50….there is like 10 mil between Baby and 50 oh and wait there is no wayne on the list a list by forbes and researched by qualified accountans and lawyers and mangers not sum 15 year old internet accountant who looks up some diffrent websites and do some sums in his head. Also 50 does have a record label i will say that YMCMB is on top of every label at the moment but saying fif is irrelavent he was out at conchella a few weeks ago with Tony Yayo ( his hype man thats is richer than most on YMCMB artist,,,,,seriously who is guda guda, mack maine, lil chukie and jea millz) were was wayne praticing his ollie??

  • Slayin more ignorance

    Let me say again… Ahem. G unit records as a whole was dropped… That came out of 50s mouth himself in a video recording of him at a popular radio show.
    And im not saying waynes got more money than 50, I mean 50 did get a mill for signing on. And get rich or die tryomg was dope and hamd good sales. The movie was straight. The messacre and them video games was garbage amd every cd since was a failed attempt… But ppl probably still bought it. Not to mention gis sponsor ship deals…
    But but but
    It is rumoured birdman tricked universal into throwing wayne 150,000,000 for signing on for more albums.
    Not sure if he did get it, but if you think universal couldnt hand out 150 mill on a wim your out of your damn mind…
    That being said if its true wayne knocks out 50 in a single scathing blow

  • sherif

    Strait G talk lil wayne is a beter rapper than 50 and justin makes alot of money but 50 is the complete package among all of them if we talking real street talk

  • ehm

    Ok. Wtf is jb doing there?

  • Everybodys brainwashed

    Man huh?
    Whens the last time 50 hadddd to be in the streets…
    Floyd is the most gangsta one of them all and i dont really like him that much… I think wayne is on the verge of a breakthrough though
    See he cant go back to the carter 2 style his fans would know hed be lwing about what he was saying
    I think though.he.bout to get his flow together on some conversational tip but adjust the kinks so it fits a wider variety of his long time fans

  • Look at yall bunch of fucking donkeys. haha this Is my first time on this site fucking wannabe Wayne should be lucky he is in the presence of 50 cent aka 40 million worldwide aka 400 million dollar net worth. Respect the legend. Wayne has a good buzz but he will never be on 50′ level so knock it off.

  • Let wayne make a song like Many Men, In Da club P.I,.M.P I get money , He can’t He ain’t capable of. Candy Shop Just a Lil Bit Window Shopper. Sure 50 hasn;t dont anything past three years he still is above wayne on every level

  • Em and fif are like god to you niggas

  • 50 nd wayne dats hiphop stop h8in gys both are d realest rappers.justin is wit wayne

  • I ain’t believing that shit 50 cent and weezy has meet…

  • Bahahaha im crying im laughin at u so hard

    What you mean wayne cant mess with.50 ??????????????
    Get rich or die trying was a classic pop gangsta rap album… But everything else 50.ever done is garbage
    Ill will litrrally instead of putting crap in a bag and lighting it an d ringing the doorbell
    I will put a copy of the massacre and a copy of curtis in a bag take a dump on both copies then wipe my butt with his video game walkthrough guides amd throw them in the bag piss on the bag and throw it through someones window.
    50 can never see wayne lyrically
    Wayne aint tge best but
    Who is 50 cent rapping like
    I get money so dont try me kiddd
    Shady after math amd g unitttt
    Ima a real pimp riding in the lo lo doggg
    Its g unit till the day I fall
    G g g g g unittt

    Hahaha you funny

  • hajj ali

    hey weezy whats up ? are u coming to lebanon in summer 2012 ? pit bull is comin and wizz khalifa to so plzzzz try to come ok 😀 😀

  • lilme

    you pussy ass nigaz saying that JB is making milli like 50 cent ? so you calling him a G ? he made a milli of the baby song not rap song < fuck eminem too < the best rapper is lil wayne or drake

  • Mike g

    50 cent and birdman be talking all the time. Wayne don’t want beef wit 50. 50 actually likes Wayne carter 3 and 4. There was no beef between them like when 50 vs ja rule. For u idiots 50 has way more money for u lil Wayne stans. 50 cent made 500m of viteman water alone before that he about 150m. Forbes doesn’t put all the money on the website. Diddy got a billion and jay about hit a bill.

  • Mike g

    50 cent 1st album sold 20m 2003
    2nd album sold 10m. 2005
    3rd sold 3m 2007
    4th album 500k 2009

    Lil Wayne best had album only did 1.5m

    Know your history before making judgement. U guys are lil Wayne Stan’s to the max…
    50 cent won’t do those numbers like that no more because of the times we are in

  • Mike g

    Justin beiber is on the money team with Floyd and 50.

  • lil w332y

    beiber is rueining da pic!

  • Just for clarity Kay-B because wayne did not start the beef, it was 50 who was jealous cause wayne was buzzing with YMCMB and he felt of cause all he thought about was money and so he decided to call wayne a collaboration ho, so and yes wayne dissed 50 with the track Louisianimal duhhhh hitting him in the face with saying bitch i pour syrup in that vitamin water, good disstrack by the way
    i forgive you for your dumbass ignorance hahahahaha
    YMCMB 4Life and TrukTheWurl

  • Sean

    As of April 1, 2012 50cent is worth 250mil(top 5 richest rapper list) and lil’wayne is worth 95mil (top 10 richest rapper list)

  • WC

    You guys are fuckin retarded. You actually think JB and Wayne are better and more G than 50?!?! 50 is one of the last real niggas left in hiphop today. And I hope he knocks lil Wayne out.

  • Money B

    Fuck u all Weezy fake ass niggas,50 is the real G alive,nd if Tupac ws alive will had signd 50,u duggggggggg.

  • EEZY-E

    wayne he’s jst a small boy he know nthing abut getting rich..50 knows wat he do..wat lil wayne sings doesn’t hav sense wat he know is pussy nd nthing else..nd eminem is richer than lil wayne.