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Lil Wayne & His Mother Jacida Carter Cover July Issue Of Sister 2 Sister Magazine

Thu, Jun 28, 2012 by

Lil Wayne & His Mother Jacida Carter Cover Sister 2 Sister Magazine

Lil Wayne and his mother, Jacida “Cita” Carter, grace the front cover of the July 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine. The magazine includes a write-up of Cita and Avery Goff‘s wedding that had Wayne‘s brother Semaj, Wayne‘s ex-wife Toya Wright, Wayne‘s daughter Reginae Carter, Birdman, Mack Maine, Nivea and plenty more guests in attendance.

Check out a scan from the mag and another photo of Tune and his mother from the wedding ceremony after the jump below!

Lil Wayne & His Mother Jacida Carter Cover Sister 2 Sister Magazine

Lil Wayne & His Mother Jacida Carter Wedding

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    New tracks?

  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwww:D

  • Wayne looks older then his mom!!! Haha

  • Im sooo fucking gayy

  • Jacida

    WTF is Jacida? Wasn’t it Jacita?

  • Gdjwgbbfjjuf

    Even his little brother is on some backwards spelled devil shit

    Semaj = james


    So we gonna act like noone cares ?

  • chris

    wayne momma bad…. lol. his lil brother like 7

  • Praaaaa

  • Wszystkiego Dobrego 😉 Polska !

  • Martin Spence

    How old is Wayne’s mother ?

  • Juliet.

    Cute to see weezy and his mama together 🙂

  • Kool

    Tune mom a MILF?

  • da come up

    can’t remember last time I seen him in a suit….

  • ashley wise

    good luck congratulations and many years laters of condelences

  • Ak

    wayne be killin the game

  • Brrrrr

    Birdman a don.

  • sweet~mia

    beautiful pics xxx

  • Mrs.Carter

    Waynes mom is 48 or 49. And plenty of ppl have the name Semaj. It,has nothing to do with the devil

  • Dannny boyy this shit is old this came out 3 weeks ago lol

  • the infamous

    wizzle’s mom looks like a fat whore. congradulations on having the ugliest mother in a wedding gown wizzle, and ur nigger brother is a fatass too. i swear niggers and fastfood. theyre like god damn cockroaches.
    #little wayne fell off.

    go eat some cake bitch u should have hid these pictures u fat fuck

  • the infamous

    (shoves entire wedding cake in her mouth)

  • This is the first time that I recall seeing his mom, ever.

  • Lil Wayne


  • Kaplun

    is it just me or did kanye trying going at wayne at “wish you would” ?????????

  • Sunny

    Just had to say Congrads to Mrs.BeautifulCitaCarterGoff You look so gorgeous mom and i c were Wayne gets his beautiful smile. I hope God fills your life together with all the joy and happiness you all deserve beautiful
    Too that boy Wayne Looks too damn good in a tux. i definately like dat shit#Dammmmmn Wayne

  • shrekk

    I don’t understand dis poop ya posted her

  • Ibrotunechi @nigeria

    Dope !!

  • weezy e

    yho infamous wht the fuck…you give meaning to the word “hater”. happy for my nigga Tune.Wonder how much he spend on the wedding?


    fuck that i am not a hater, i am a good spirited person who does good for the world unlike wizzle. i hate wizzle this does not make me a hater.
    die tunechi

  • Lewis

    Birdman looks like a boss in that pic!!!

  • weezy e

    Birdman was checking Tune`s mother ass out…lol lol ….

  • amanda

    congrates to weezyz mom she still doin her thing

  • amanda

    watz ya name infamouse you is fact as fucc real talk u is hater a bitch really how is u really gunna talk like someone elses motha really u must have mommy issues so dont take is out on weezyz mom she is a beautyful and strong women that is liven her life has been sayin for tha passed 14 years NOBODY SHOULD EVA HAVE TAH LIVE THERE BASED ON WAT OTHER PLLE SAY OR THINK YOU LIVE YA LIFE ON UR TREMS NOBODY ELSES if u got somthing to say lil boy u can come to ri an yes u will have a ass handed to ya duces

    weezy keep do u cuz really this lil boy aint got nothing betta to do in his life than bein a HATER

  • AbouraLovesWEEZY

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Shes so pretty 🙂

  • Shorty:)



  • jc

    HAHAHAHA @Siege sayin he does “good” for the world. you are worthless and are a sad human being. this is where suicide is ok. kill yourself ceej

  • Jamie Northrup

    My wife loves these magazines, but they are hard to find in Montreal!

  • CEEJ

    last word is mine. i dont read ur comments unless the word wizzle or fell off jumps off the screen at me

    till next time peace out and remember




    wtffff look at lil waynes shirt in the middle its a upside down crosss………. fucking devil worshipper!!!!

  • Lil Wayne

    @Amanda u talkin shit like ur hardcore bitch i bet ur a fat bitch just like waynes mom so yeah my homie infamous is only saying the truth yeah waynes mom looks like a fuckin pig she needs to go to the fuckin gym an lose some weight u fat ass no incorrect shes a blob hahahaha!

  • Drillz

    bitch if u nt a hater then y a u hatin

  • Cristyna

    Dat pic is so sweet l luv lil wayne and shoutout to his family for raising the greatest rapper alive

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  • Gasmalatwe

    Hey u fuck weezy, ur mum dey bee k3k3, bamboclaude u fuckin bitch watz up dere. U reali enjoyin more charley shoutawt dere haha !