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SUPRA Announces Partnership With Lil Wayne For His Own Footwear Collection

Fri, Jun 15, 2012 by

SUPRA Announces Partnership With Lil Wayne For His Own Footwear Collection

Back in February, Lil Wayne hinted that he will design his own shoe line, but he did not give away too many details including which brand the shoes will be released from. Now SUPRA have announced that Weezy has teamed up with them for an exclusive partnership and confirmed that the first collection would be released in early 2013!

SUPRA is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Lil Wayne. A full collection of new footwear designs, inspired and overseen by Lil Wayne, will be manufactured and distributed by SUPRA. There has been a longstanding respect between both parties: the SUPRA team cites Lil Wayne’s music as a source of inspiration, and Lil Wayne has embraced SUPRA and worn the Skytop since it was first introduced to the market in 2007. The collection of new models will launch in early 2013 at SUPRA retailers worldwide, and

This shows that Tunechi is getting more and more into the fashion business, because we all know he has his own clothing line which is doing very well called TRUKFIT.

Are you looking forward to Wayne‘s own line of shoes with SUPRA ❓

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  • jonathan

    first & i’m def getting these shoes!



  • flavz


  • rico

    weezy gonna be in competition with kanye and the yeezys

  • Lil Weezy Wee

    Can’t wait to see what he designs πŸ˜€

  • weezy

    follow @theother_guys and @iOlumideK on twitter

  • didn’t everyone already know he was doing this?

  • elizz

    whats going to be the brand name?

  • SUPRA dummy


    im bout to buy some…. cuz i need some new shoes to walk around in mud with.
    truck fuckfit trck da wurrds wizzle says truck wizzle with a truck. TRUCK!

  • yeah i can say i’m actually looking forward to this, i own a pair of Supra’s and they are real comfortable….

  • celeb

    love sups

  • dee

    should of gone with reebok

  • truck yo gal

    weezy in ths snitch!!th niga u lv to hate ,h wl be evry1 fav since thy cnt beat hm nd fo haters u ar on ths site coz??? yah ask yo slf dat b4 u opn yo wack ass mouth. YMCMB we winning!

  • B.R.A

    I bet they are skateboarder shows. Something like Vans.

  • playaaa

    I’ll rock them no matter what tune

  • never mind ill just cop a pair off the truck like weezy baby does

    FUCK YOU AND WIZZLE AND I GUESS ANYWON THAT LOVE’M cud imma baddaz nikk widda hole latta “love”

  • never mind ill just cop a pair off the truck like weezy baby does

    thiefery is kool if u black and act tough

  • never mind ill just cop a pair off the truck like weezy baby does

    kkk wizzle die

  • never mind ill just cop a pair off the truck like weezy baby does

    rastafarian religion
    ice bling blow and blur
    martian slime read and respond

    suit up little bitch!
    #weezy felloff

  • LaGorce

    If there not gay and over-stylish ill buy them πŸ˜€

  • stop!

    trukfit, mountain dew, now supra… tunechi making mula $$$

  • Beehive

    Supras are swag, I already own 2 pairs

  • Oh pop off !!

    Why did Weezy not go with VANS ?

  • big bro

    interested to see his shoe designs but my question is will birdman get all of this money cus i heard a rumor the trukfit profit goes all to him and slim?

  • wizzlefizzle

    kant wait to kop a pair of these



  • skullboi

    this deal is either for wayne to make more money or because he wants to compete with yeezy…..

  • zibra

    I hope we nigerians get it

  • Never really been a fan of SUPRA, more of a Nike/Jordan kinda guy bt hey, if they designed by The King of Hip Hop, Weezy , then I’ll definitely get a pair πŸ™‚

  • yaeh keep fresh with does supras

  • Tunechi21

    They are kinda skate shoes & mainly jus for street wear. Wayne doesnt really even lile vans . He loves supras , any REAL fan wood knw dat. Already got my trukfit & im GETTIN deez. #YMCMB

  • I’m surprised they didn’t do that sooner. He the reason I started wearing Supra’s, didn’t know what they was at first.

  • zibra

    My nigga is running this shit

  • F.E.M

    Nigerian suck dicks for some truckfit

  • Mj

    Young mula, skinnies and some supras, belly of the beast till it puke us


  • lilwaynebiggestfan813

    Wayne never felt off I hate when wanna be Wayne fans say that shit for real y’all ain’t real Wayne fans stop dick rider

  • YCsep27


  • Rashman

    lil tunechi we need a mixtape on wiz khalifa’s work hard play hard song…. Dat song is too hot mahn pls do something……

  • gangsta_h


  • LilMissSunshine

    Yes, im looking forward to it; only because I’m happy for him, he deserves it. Im glad God is blessing him and his beautiful kids keep doing your thing Daddy! You deserve everything babe muah Much love! Only love Shali πŸ™‚

  • Beast brain

    Y’all hate on wayne way too much get off the nigga dick sheesh. Y’all got too much time on y’all hands and all y’all do is hate with it. How bout goin & gettin u some money? Cuz thas sho what Wayne doin. U niggaz that want em to fall off keep yo wishes to yoself how tf he fall off if he still in everybody mouth including all y’all bitches mouth’s? This nigga got nicki, drake, & loads more thas STILL SELLIN OUT SHOWS. So how has he fallen off? What dream u in? Fuck boys quit hatin fuck deadbeats. And to u niggas on Pusha t dick Wayne killt him off way bac in 05-07 when they were beefin if Kanye wouldn’t have signed him there would be no discussion. What happen to that boy? Oh and not to mention how FAKE Pusha t is! How the fuc u get signed to g.o.o.d music and leave yo own brother hangin with NO deal????! Fake ass nigga. Lame niggaz be quiet

  • Beast brain

    Like Drake said “It’s good to make it BETTER when yo people make it with you” sending a diss/response to Pusha t for leaving his brother (own blood) hangin on gettin signed to kanye’s label

  • sheedyweedy

    Young money

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