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Lil Wayne Receives Nominations For “How To Love” & “HYFR” Videos At 2012 MTV VMAs

Tue, Jul 31, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Receives Nominations For How To Love & HYFR Videos At 2012 MTV VMAs

Lil Wayne‘s How To Love” music video has been nominated for “Best Video With A Message” at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, which will take place live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, at 8PM EST on September 6th. The other category Weezy received a nomination in was “Best Hip-Hop Video” for his and Drake‘s HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)” visual.

Congratulations Tune

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  • bestrapperalive


  • SO HAPPY FOR HIM!!!! Hopefully he wins more…he deserves ♥

  • Pill popper

    Finally a picture of Wayne were he is not wearing trukfit lol

  • jostein

    itz Good how to love get nominated! that video is so good!

  • shit

    congrats weezy

  • Last King

    Damn I forgot all about How To Love.

    I wonder if we will get a similar song on I Am Not A Human Being 2 ?

  • Last King

    lil wayne got some nice swag in that pic but ain’t it funny how every1 around him is overweight :p

  • Big C

    Congrats weezy f baby!

  • carissa

    i hope we get this week a song from D4 im excited about the mixtape.keep it real weezy

  • tony_montana

    Wanye’s actualy not az short az I thought he izz lol…anywae,congrats 2 him

  • Bee

    Dem shorts are dope and HYFR got to win best video

  • Koward

    Need some D4 news Danny



  • Those blue shoes are wiked!

  • yo

    wat about ‘MIRROR’ video :O ??

  • All I’m Saying Is if Wayne’s “How To Love” Doesn’t Win Best video With a Message, Then There is a conspiracy Against Him. We All know That has Truly Been The Best Video With a Message This past Year.


    haha oh yea how to love had an amazing message… nobody knew what love was until wizzle defined it for us over autotune… but then what about how to hate?
    if htl wins an award mtv might as well give t-pain an award and stop considering the character of the musician at all. hell hitler should get a mtv award if wizzle does.

    fuck yall with a sick dick.

  • Tuna

    how to love is just awful

  • Tuna

    tunechi baby… he’s gonna get 1 for ‘how to love’ buh i dnt think he’ll get HYFR

  • Ibrotunechi

    Mirror video waz also dope buh kinda weird !!
    Those shoes tunechi gat on are awesome !!

    @danny m.. Is that a video set or wat ?? Cause m surprised weezy ain’t with a skate board

  • weezyovermost

    @Tuna “how 2 love” was his best song ever (in my opinion)

    also, I’M JUST SO HAPPY 4 HIM! he’s had a great yer in music & he deserves those nominations 🙂 I LUV U WEEZY!

  • Go Wayne Go

    How To Love is TRUTH 🙂

  • Tuna

    how to love makes my ears bleed i dont understand how you fans can enjoy it. it’s not a good song. plain and simple. seems like fans of sushi like anything he puts out because he hasn’t put out a quality record in years (lyrically not production wise)


    yea forreal, and yall are stupid if u think he’s genuine in that song cuz he has said over and over that he doesnt love or respect women (m.o.b. tattooed on his chest… money OVER “bitches”) and he even has another song on the same album called how to hate.

    you people that support his BULLSHIT are so clueless and hopeless.

  • Tuna

    ^co sign. wizzle is a fraud and it’s ridicolous that he has so many followers

  • Kaplun

    c4 isnt nominated?

    • This is an awards show for music videos.

  • Kaplun

    makes sense…john should be nominated…one of the hardest singles by weezy

  • swag_kingkong

    1. intro (burn) meek mill
    2.theraflu (kanye west)
    3.drank in my cup (krirko bangz)
    4.i dont like (good music)
    5.birthday song (2 chainz)
    6.mercy (good music) god flow (good music) lie (2 chainz)
    9.cashin out (cash out)
    10.shot caller (french montana) idk if he should do it.. kinda old
    11.round of applause (waka flocka flames)
    12.i got this here (big krit)
    13.snapbacks &tattoes (driicky graham) party (meek millz)
    15.same damn time (future) hard play hard (wiz khalifa)
    17.mgk (wild boy) on (tae the truth)
    19.actin up (mmg)
    20.beat it up (50 cent)
    21.dedication 5??? (lil wayne & dj drama)

  • Kaplun

    @ swag_kingkong if that were true, then damn, im really hoping weezy murders those beats

  • realshit

    music is music, y’all trippin
    siege u over analyze shit homie
    nuff said..

  • Death to Sushi

    murder tunechi baby


    haha na, words are weapons and if u just shrug off the blasphemies that wizzle speaks then u are accepting the demonic plague that is his existence.

    when eminem curses and says gennerally bad things he’s speaking on his past and his failures with women, but wizzle throws words around for no reason, and even claims to be God. there is a huge difference b/w foul language and blasphemy.

  • swag_kingkong

    @kaplun i wish he would do those beats… i think mixtape weezy would kill those tracks.. if you not familiar with some of the songs you should go listen to them on youtube thoes beats are sick… and @danny m have u ever spoken to lil wayne personally

  • Kaplun

    @ swag_kingkong ive been following wayne for a really really long time, i dont care what anybody say nobody is better then mixtape weezy….and honestly im tired of defending weezy to everyone that he is finished he needs to do those beats. HE needs to kill them cause they are all hot and finally everyone will shut up. Hopefully weezy wont release carter 5 until probation ends, cause i dont wanna hear sober weezy on a carter tape lol

  • swag_kingkong

    @kaplun i feel the same way even sober weezy did decent on sorry 4 the wait “decent” i dont want weezy to even think about the c5 right now hes only 15 months away till he can smoke weed again… he can wait.. i want him to kill d4 but part of me dont want him to mess it up the trillogy the same way he mess uped the carter series with c4.. well lets hope dj drama can get him back on track

  • Tuna

    sushi sushi sushi i dont love them hoeeesss

  • @antiimalo

    Wayne Has Gott To Win This!!!! How To Love Has More than a Message!!!! It was a Fucking Movie!!! Tunechi forever!


    wizzle is not sober! he still raps about coke and blowin blunts…. and did u forget that steve jobs video.. wizzle shows off a bottle of codiene.

    y’all will make any excuse to defend wizzle it seems. why cant u accept the fact that he’s just a 30 something year old black man with a fucked up body and no morals. he has nothing left and to be honest looking back on his career he never really had anything to offer in the first place.

    if u like lip singing and air guitar listen to n-sync

    if u like listening to a dread headed black man cry about “love” and use autotune while he’s clearly on drugs then listen to rebirth i guess.


    and btw all u how to love supporters… wizzle was the nig that got that girl pregnant and then left her… u didnt know that?

  • ChicoFigueroa15

    Hell yeah weezy

  • ChicoFigueroa15

    Hell yeah weezy!!!

  • good for him but honestly dat 2 nomination he will win nothin i want more nominations thats all and i want see weezy perfomin

  • Wayne lost it and its not coming back

    i just deleted most of lil waynes songs from my ipod all i have left are the carter 1 and 2 and da drought 3. i hate what this man has become and i will not support it. you wayne stans need to clean your ears

  • Wayne lost it and its not coming back

    wash your ears*, get slapped in the face, and get a swift kick in the mcnuggets. you people are the reason he became who he is how he is today. a lazy ass “skater” who feels like he has nothing left to prove

  • Wayne lost it and its not coming back

    you people are the reason he became who he is today*

  • Death to Sushi

    death to the sushi baby

  • Speedy Gonzales

    This pic is from July 04 weekend 2011 that’s why you don’t see TRUKFIT.

  • Death to Sushi

    this giant sushi man is the most irrelevant name in hip hop

  • tina phoo

    wow!the best for the best keep up the grade a work!

  • He should definatly win. I wonder if ianahb2 will be out by then and will get nominated

  • Maxx.beatz

    Wayne need to step on that ‘3hunna’ beat by chief keef that beat so sick bruh!

  • AGA

    congrats already voted 4 Weezy and all da YM

  • @testedweird

    Really…tunechi dint fall off….he’s still d best…no rapper..I rapper can still fuck with tunechi…when yu wanna hate..think twice..dedication 4 is d beginning of a Nu Era…take it or leave it..weezy’s da truth…dnt forget d baby..


    Congrats Tunechi (:

  • donkeykong

    How to love?

    blowing dudes in prison while lollipop is playing in the background

    Men over Bitches.

    Lil wayne sux

  • swag_kingkong

    August 15 ppl hope he do good

  • lets get these nigaz wayne knows da deal niggaZ dat yapps bout wayne in person gonna get soked in da mouth wooooooooooo ymcmb tune all day get dat im not a human being 2 wayne gonna b wreckless on dat d4 lets gettem YMCMB…………………………………………LETZ GET IT

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  • Liz

    Siege n his kkk crew again,or well I say also half of his crew is him lol you guys love to jerk off on here really( you make my theory very real everytime your on here lol) siege . N his crew: Hate, hate hate nuthin else to do but hate on a fansite of who I most dont like in the music industry cuz I have no life and havent made my own hatin site for me and the crew yet cuz im so lazy and dont wanna do shit with my life but bust nuts on this shit cuz I cant get enough of weezy.. Nope, enjoying jackin off to this fansite, I get my only action on here!!…what a team eh Lmao!!!

  • Liz

    Tune keep that fire blazin, smokin wise and blazin hard lines all the way for these hataz! Let em hate, hate, hate, let em fuel to your fire…

    more fiiire…lol

  • Alexis

    He’s most defiantly gonna win!!! <3

  • releaseit

    he got it

  • jay

    that fat piece of shit daughter of his in the background, needs to lose some weight

  • ashley wise

    i love weezy and his love for me and his song was off the chart for a bet video i love that song

  • tina phoo

    the video defiantly is relevant today and it very bold to even be able to make a video like that he nails it every time every one loves that song then hear came the video even more powerful! who wolud have expect that!