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Episode 4 Of Lil Wayne’s “DEWeezy” Series & Rough Cuts From Commercial [Videos]

Mon, Sep 10, 2012 by

In the video above, you can watch episode 4 of Lil Wayne‘s “DEWeezy” series that shows him arriving in style to South Africa and skating in Australia. This clip shows how hard Weezy works as he travels from the studio to the stage to the skatepark, as well as adding the audio from some of Wayne‘s interviews where he talks about how hard he works and why it is important. Click here to watch episode 3.

In related news, you can watch 3 rough cuts of Tunechi‘s “DEWeezy” commercial after the jump below that will be shown on TV to advertise Mountain Dew. The advert is being directed by Chris Robinson and if you missed when I posted some photos from the video shoot, click here to check them out!

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  • N-e3zy


  • u suck

  • Wayne


  • ymcmb the fucking alpha & omega

    that beat at the end of the video sounds hard as fuck

  • Adult

    For the dude asking if Marley G had died on the previous post, I guess the first video answers your question lol

  • No loveee

    All those Deweezy clips looked exactly the same to me hahaha, WTF??

  • Weezy F.

    That commercial looks good, hope it shows on our TV in Germany

  • sinclaire

    no worries is the song of the year so far

  • Banned From TV

    not wearing Trukfit and he’s braids are in. Old.

  • Sushi Baby

    sushi sushi sushi
    i dont love them hoooeesss

  • Wayne

    Wayne is wearing trukfit lol

  • Tee.G.O.Dee.

    is it weird that when weezy got on the plane he was rockin addias, a fitted bulls hat and a louie bag? no trukfit = old clip?

  • superlabel

    why do stakeboarding when anyone else says you suck

  • Tuna Roll

    wat does wayne have against wearing pants? skaters don’t wear shorts all the time because their knees get banged up and pants make it less painful. if u notice wayne wears nothing but shorts and he has not one scratch on either of his knees. poser much?

  • @tuna roll

    @tuna roll, shut yo fagit ass up fuk jeans he a real ass nigha, he aint worried bout scratchin his knees u fuckin fagget. if u have millions, I think id buy a fuck load of crazy shorts n shit u fuckin faggit

  • Tuna Roll

    ^get raped you fuk boy

  • vinciwayne

    Tunechi ma man I choose the first one. U d flyest

  • volcomnukka

    Man I been skating for years and was always looked as a misfit. Now those kids who called me a misfit are trying to be like me and I don’t like it! I love skateboarding, but FUCK the “skateboard movement”! 3/4’s of them can’t even kick flip!

  • me, LT

    @ Weezy F
    Why should it be on tv in Germany when u cant even buy mountain dew here?

  • Detroit Kills D4

    Like wow weezy skating is not OG or piru it’s pussy yo five Uze gonn soft nIgga. I rep soo woo bangas all dey errydey. You a chief blood nahz you a puzzy Wayne. Got piru on your chest fake ass blood come to Compton west side bitch all dey erry dey kno waht I’m seyyin yo.

  • silas

    who knows the song that plays at the start of the clip