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Juvenile – Picture Perfect (Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman)

Wed, Sep 19, 2012 by

Juvenile Picture Perfect Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman

We got a B.G., Lil Wayne and Birdman collaboration back in 2010 with “Back To The Money“, now here is a Juvenile, Wayne and Baby collabo titled “Picture Perfect“. The song was produced by Mike Will and all 3 artists have a dope verse!

You can listen to “Picture Perfect” after the jump below, courtesy of Complex.

“Bitch it’s Tunechi F Baby, I’m a original Hot Boy”

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  • zack


  • officialmeta4


  • juve


  • officialmeta4

    k… now 4th

  • officialmeta4

    k 3rd 5th and 6th

  • Throw back CMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Truuu

    Holy shit birdman went in on this like fuckkkkkk

  • hot boyz

    now we need a turk and wayne collabo, is he out of jail yet?

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss nigga hotboys shit

  • Wiz Khalifa

    Weezy hook and verse >>>>>>>>

  • Money, money & money

    Dont sleep on Juvie verse and he about to get locked up soon for a long time 🙁 So no hoy boys reunion any time soon 🙁 🙁

  • fuck off with that tunechi shit

    wayne gonna start saying tunechi f baby instead of weezy f baby now…..smh

  • Banned From TV

    OK this was good, BUT WHAT THE HELL IS “TUNECHI F. BABY” ???

  • Big Nigga

    First song “tunechi” has gone in on in a minute. Weezy F was always better but got damn all 3 niggas killed this shit

  • Carissa

    wayne killed it but “tunechi f baby” ummm

  • Last song they did together was Ya Heard Me and that was outstanding IMO. I definitely need more Hot Boys collabos in my life….

  • stan

    mike will destroyed the beat

  • xicano101

    IMO Wayne’s verse had good(not outstanding) lyrics, but NO flow what so ever(the hook had a decent flow). Anyone agree or think differently?

  • Big Wayne

    Lilttle Wayne not had a bad verse in a while now :/


    TUNECHI F BABY >>>>>>

  • All Verses Are DOPE

  • Jsharp


  • jose

    does anyboy know what he says when he says “my dick feel like a prisoner …………….”


  • lloyd

    brings back beautiful memories 🙂

  • 2unechi

    @jose he says “my dick feel like a prisoner cuz this bitch got lockjaw”

  • wowo

    My dick feel like a prisoner cuz this bitch got locked jaw…

  • Kaplun

    lil wayne killed this shit…wow

  • tunechi f baby

    Y’all bitches need to stop crying who fuckin cares about him saying tunechi f baby it’s just another nickname I fucks with u hard tunechi no Frank ocean keep doing ur thing

  • Sid

    New logo danny ?

  • ♪YMCMB♪


  • Original hot boy

    Birdman went hard on his verse

  • weezy f baby for fuckk you

    weezy back

  • HAHA SPPONIN WIT UR BITCH U DO THE DIRTY DISHES LOL … birdman lame as fuck yal are retarded as fuuhhh lol tunnechii

  • it hard as hell everybody did gr8 lil wayne want crazy on the track dope track! young mula babyyy n wayne voice when he said it n this song

  • birdman jr

    fuck a bitch for some truckfit but the old way is way better then skateborading wayne

  • yeah wayne use da flow we all want on da hook

  • gmoney

    snapped on it

  • inferno23

    got this downloaded new fire ringtone

  • where did you download it at

  • deezybaby

    mars bars!!!!!! aint nobody trukin with weezy right now

  • James

    Mean song!! Birdman went hard but talks abou the same thing in every song he come from uptown with his niggas ridin round town gettin money oh we’ll haha, lil Wayne’s verse is best! He went hard YMCMB TRUKFIT TRUK DA WURL

  • Birdman is fuckin retarded

    I was suprised shit went in like a muhfucker..juvveeee killed this shit damn. Weezy kills everything. I always wondered tho with all that Money Birdman has how the fuck can he not get better ghostwriters..he always talks bout the same “uptown,bottles, being a stunna, money and sumtype of shiny gun” lmao seriously birdman ruins alot of songs..its just perplexes me how close they supposedly r but wayne only spits intelligence and flames tracks and birdman sounds worse than almost everybody i know PERSONALLY THAT RAPS..its sad honestly..birdman pay for sum better bars

  • where can i download this at

  • DOWNLOAD link ??????

  • Edstar

    Wayne makes my body tingle
    I would love to see what he can do in 5 years!!

  • nice weezy went in like always so did juve and birdman well done i be bumping to it

  • Meltunechi

    Y’all should quit it,birmand is a better than a lot em niggas…he went in on this…He has money(alot) so his totally free to talk bout it…I fukz with this song hard!!!

  • Meltunechi

    Lol,meant Birdman

  • Lil Wayne fan
  • nayvadius

    Mike Will Made It

  • mook

    Wayne never had a bad verse y’all nut asss niggas just don’t no music if u don’t hear right then listen with your left ear

  • tune

    Hey danny what do you think about weezy’s verse?

  • K Dawg

    wayne could easily go hard and go bak to his old style if he really wanted to…..and this track proves it…..this shit is beyond dope!!


    i hope we get more hot boys back together

  • sweeetnest

    Juvee is soooo sexy with his countraccent. lol Better than GOOD music is PERFECT music!


    my name is wizzle f
    i suck dick then im like f
    my flow so stupid stupid retarded
    aliens from another starr
    got a bag full of birds tho
    fuck u them and yo hoe
    i put money on my feet
    then i walk around the streets
    i put money on a picture
    then i look at that picture
    i put money on money now what that is
    gay money
    hair like pasta
    truckfit by that truckload
    put pasta in a bowl

    im gone
    killed it!
    young mulaAaA AHAAHAHA!

  • sweeetnest

    hey…Birdman billed it too!!! am i the only one who thinks Birdman’s rap is sexy as hell? not just today but always…especially on the Carter (I).

  • Philip

    Don’t burn up, hot boi… Tunechi_f 4ive

  • Lmfao

    Dude seriously you guys r on fuckin drugs..real wayne fans know birdman sound like a fuckin idiot in every song..HE WENT HARD??? Did u listen? High flyin this ballin this and ENDS EVERY SENTENCE WITH NIGGA. NO FLOW NO LYRICS SOUNDS LIKE a can you guys appreciate waynes lyrics then say sumbody with such wack verses is good? Fer real blind loyalty is horrible..


    above me you fuckin retarded

  • these niggas went ham

  • ….

    Wayne has the stupidest fans ever. You ask them why they think Birdman went hard and they say because he’s rich lol … smh nothing but kids on this site.

  • tune

    hey danny is this song going on an album?

  • Lmfao

    @fuckeminem @meltunechi u guys r fuckin idiots hahahaha this guys right^ bunch of stupid kids..talkin bout how much money he has…OMG DUDE R U SERIOUS?? NO WAY THIS IS A LIL WAYNE FANSITE AND UR INFORMING US THAT THE FOUNDER OF A COMPANY NAMED CASH MONEY, HAS A LOT OF MONEY?? I never woulda guessed…broke niggas smh! And fuck eminem ur a dumbass eminem is one of the best rappers to ever live..theres a difference between being a fan of wayne and being a fan of music..u just sound ignorant. Eminem would rip weezy a new asshole in a rap battle dumbass..

  • tune

    fuck lmfao and anybody that love him!


    @Lmfao when i talked about birdman he killed because hes rich?? smh kid stop consume drugs…



  • jc

    LMAO Birdman is ALWAYS garbage. he can’t rhyme with anything but “nigga” he is terrible. dope verse by juve and wayne

  • Faded 3000

    I AM NOT A HUMAN 2 needa drop quick this nigga is hot as fuck right now NO WORRIES is my shit dudes mixtape almost broke this website and his MTV performance wasnt a fuck up like the John shit

  • miyo

    Birdman might be wack.. But what are you doing to contribute to HIP HOP? Nothing.. So let Baby do his thing

  • miyo

    @Faded 3000… I think wayne tryna make a new “Hip Hop” so to speak… Have you heard My homie still and No Worries.. The instrumental is kyda of a pop kyda stuff

  • weezy writes for baby “and we bang like bumper cars/ you know i stunt shit cuz i write all stunna bars”

  • kenny v

    oh shit that’s the shit wanye need to be on with this new album YMCMB !!1

  • YMCMB Jordan

    this shit so fucking sick, you know wayne kills it when his lyrics make you smile and think best rapper alive!!!

  • Emily

    Amazing song

  • Meltunechi

    emmm,hating ass niggas could suck a dick…Birdman did super good…fuck boys leave the site for us fans…Perfect Picture!!!!

  • smokedot
  • Lil Kenchi

    @ Danny M whatever happended 2 Danny, d danny we knew used 2 post download links 4 the songs stream links. Danny will u pls stat posting download links lyk otha websites do caus its annoying havin 2 go 2 anoda website 2 download our favourite rappers tracks PLEASE…

    • I have to be careful, because posting download links can shut this website down.

  • WolfGang666

    Ok now Wayne went hard

  • @ Danny M how about u make another website with nothin but downloads of lil wayne and if it shuts down you will still have this site and u can always create another 1

    • If you sign up to the forums, the download links are always posted there along with rare tracks, Wayne-only version of tracks, etc 🙂

  • Lil Wayne Killed It!! That’s What I’m Talking About!! Uh, Tried To Fuck The World Can’t Fit, Pockets Fat As Saint Nick, All I’ve Got Is My Niggas, “Cause A Bitch Still Ain’t Shit” Bitch It’s Tunechi F Baby, Imma Original Hot Boy, My Dìck Feel Like A Prisoner Cause This Bítch Got Lockjaw!!

  • Trizzy

    @Danny, from your personal point of view, which Wayne do you prefer, the old Wayne or this new Tunechi

  • dan

    damn weezy you will always be tha best


    @D4 Hoe You are dumb

  • Tony Montana

    youtube + lil wayne girl pants @ HoodRavenEnt


  • fuckeminem hes retarded


  • sam tunechi

    Danny pls how many records has my nigga tunechi sold in his career. Pls I need it urgently. If anyone could help me out I ll be grateful.


    the amount of morons that come here to say pointless things about the man called wizzle makes me sick.
    there is no old or new dwayne. there is a man who changes alot who sold out and who has a couple personality disorders but he is the same fucking person u dumb fucks
    and if this faggot ass bullshit site were to shut down who should care? little wayne is the only nigger in rap that blogs ever song he releases like some kind of fat jew. who needs this? all this is is a way to show weezy f. baby tunechi that we dont approve of his muzik.

    if this site didnt exist and wizzle didnt blog like a teeenage girl then that would mean he made music for the sake of music instead he makes gangsta rap rock n roll poser muzik that yall fagot eat up in a second and ask for more.

    so if the site werent around we’d have faggot wizzle shit and then we’d have the rest of real hiphop.

    keep doing ya thang homie u got everybody mad at ya… when they tell u to stop or tell u U SUCK ignore them cuz u tunechi lee bruh just say fuck and if they are of the other sex stick ur dick in they mouth nigga. u know the drillz weezy hate them for hating u and that makes everything all right 😉 u fucking nigger

  • the anti tunechi

    all u are is a fuckboy nigger with some faggot ass nicknames that u made for urself. stop making muzik! u have no real talents and u look like a demond rockstar from the gutter. take a bath cut ur hair and put some real pants on lil’dipshit.


    wayne>eminem for retard

  • Birdman


  • LEVI

    this is basically waynes song

  • QB

    “My dick feel like its in prison cuz that bitch mouth got lock jaw”….wayne still got them punchlines..

  • JOel G.

    Finally Something AUthentic As This Track From Dem!!!

  • CasTo

    Yea Hot boy free #turk and tunechi f baby iz truly the G.O.A.T …….

    Go weezy,

    Love from AFRICA

  • adole

    Tunechi F baby……..BOSS

  • ♪YMCMB♪

    Is this gonna be on iTunes?

  • trukfit813

    wayne is the best 20 years strong tune tunchi weezy f baby wayne but i have to say tunechi f baby is the new wayne hes a cocky rapper and hes the best in the game in my book hes better than pac biggie nas idc who hates it but thats how i feel

  • Dope!