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Lil Twist – Flowerz (Feat Lil Wayne & Chris Brown)

Wed, Oct 10, 2012 by

Lil Twist Flowerz Feat Lil Wayne & Chris Brown

Young Money’s Lil Twist has been teasing us about his “Flowerz” track featuring Lil Wayne and Chris Brown for a while now, and today he has finally released it.

The song, which was produced by Diplo and Derek “DJA” Allen, is the next single from Twizzy‘s forthcoming Don’t Get It Twisted album.

You can listen to “Flowerz” after the jump below!

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  • MG



  • huuh

    sooo dope

  • Lil Wayne


    follow @just6kidding on twitter

  • booss

    Lil twist sounds like a gurl

  • YungGod

    About time it dropped lol. I like it, Twist wasnt that bad. I expected him worse voice-wise

  • ChiTown

    This beat is crazy stupid! Shouts to tha producers behind it.

  • jessie

    shit weezy killed his parts haha
    best rapper alive

  • Jay-Z

    this is f-ing garbage jesus

  • huuh

    get the fuck outta here then you faggot

  • Danny Tanner

    wish Tupac still made records ๐Ÿ™

  • Danny Prado

    tunechi all day might get a tat of ymcmb or liltunechi YUNG MULA BABYYYYYYYYYY!

  • Sick!! Weezy kills it!

  • YMCMforever

    C4 leftover? Doesnt sound like it wouldve went with the rest of the C4 songs that well, but love it! Flowerz for the ladies, dicks for the hoes!

  • Dwreck

    I eff wit this track tha long way YoungMulA Baybeh

  • donMATheo

    Really we wait so long for something like that ? I can’t even describe this , big disappointment.

  • Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    Man! All I Have to say Now is ”YOUNG MULA BABY!!
    Weezy’s The Best Rapper Alive no fuckin’ doubt he killed this with Goldie gun

  • Delvecch1

    Seriously , FIRST POST EVER ON HERE , and all I have to say is that track fuckin SUCKS .
    That beat sucks . Period .

    shout out to DannyM , thanks for the website dude

  • Steedy
  • sean

    lil twist voice sounds so awful


    Shit is nice!!

  • Tunafish

    First niggaaa, tune murked it

  • RapGang

    Twist sometimes does good on songs and somestimes does bad on songs. On this song, he was terrible ๐Ÿ™

  • pl4y

    thank god this wasnt on tha carter 4 even though twist, weezy and breezy all killed it



  • stevie j

    tunechi got his flow back

  • Sucked

    We waited over year for this? SMFH……Is lil Twist a girl or boy?

  • Mp13

    Still feel like Wayne isn’t trying his best like he is at skateboarding. Is it just me?

  • ninobrown217

    ahaaa cb on thatbig sean

  • tony_montana

    Definately not what I expected,at alL!! Not really worth the wait…just sayin’

  • Tiyaunna

    to be honest this track is not that good at all, he was advertising it as if it was gonna be a hit. Also why does every single Lil twist puts out he has to have a feature?? show case how good you are and stop hiding behind people like wayne to give you a hit. I see why Dont Get it Twisted aint hit stores yet because if this is whats on there I would hate to see what the rest of the tracks would sound like. Honestly he does better on his mixtapes and he needs to re-evaluate his self. this track was not his best at all, and shame on all yall ppl who rep #teamtwist to accept anything he puts out. Its ok to say this track was BAD! and im a twist fan.

  • ToolMusik

    The Golden Child was a solid mixtape, and this songs is a banger, Twist is definetly getting better, they should of left out Chris and let Twist or Wayne replace his verse.

  • W.T.F


  • Iv been waiting months for this. I thought drizzy was meant to be on this joint. Tune very good .. Retareded beat though holla at producers

  • Lil Wayne india

    Not bad!!!! Weezy killed it! Twists sounds like a girl :p



  • Mp13

    Knock off version of gonorrhea!!!!

  • wix

    Chris Brown just embarrassed both of them…Does wayne even care anymore? Twist is tryna make a splash right now and get to the top…Wayne coming on here and singing in a tone deaf voice is terrible…should have atleast autotuned it… Pick one skating or rapping because clearly you dont have time for both…I loved D4 basically because it atleast had some energy (even though you rapped about the 4 same topics over and over, without fail…as usual… Pussy, Money, Weed, Threatening to kill people because you’re “a blood – YEAH RIGHT” ) The dude walking around in green slime boots, a pink tee, and zebra shorts is a SHELL of what he used to be, and its sad because he used to actually be the best MUSICIAN out there, not even rapper. Thats what happens when you OD on yourself….

  • Lmfao

    ^^ see i dont think thats hating its just true..too many ppl on here wont say one bad word bout wayne cuz this is his cant be a blind ignorant fan. Wayne is so self absorbed he could give a fuck bout what his fans think..regardless of what we think or care he will still be rich, hated, high and gettin pussy. He could make bullshit music for 5 more years and since his name is on it it has a good chance of makin money…after he got out of jail he pretty much said fuck everybody imma do my own thing. But the way he called his own fan bitches and tellin us to calm down for just believing his release dates and then gettin pissed when he doesnt deliver..he has no respect for anybody anymore the fame finally got to Dwayne Michael Carter….smh

  • WayneBrain

    Sick song but what the fuck is with these ads on every damn page? You should fix that Danny, this site was the shit before all the fuckin ads popping up every time you go to any page

  • Matthew

    WIX AND LMFAO, true…



  • YMCMB_weezywayne

    Wtf yo if you a Wayne fan from back then he not puttin out the same shit no more go somewhere else to hate gawddam I’m tired of it of u don’t like it too fuckin bad damn quit your bitchin I like him better now so idgaf bout how he’s not the same or whatever fact is u still buy his music do stfu I always liked him for his verses that nigga always kill it and he don’t write down lyrics on a paper he just go in and he a real nigga. And another thing tupac is fucking dead so listen to his old shit or stfu he over and this isn’t a tupac fan site so hop off a dead nigga nuts. TUNECHI.

  • Lmfao

    Ok well if you like waynes new shit over his old shit, ur either a pre teen or a fuckin idiot..and wayne doesnt write his own lyrics he has numerous ghost writers tha same as every rapper.ITS THAT I CANT FEEL MY FACE SHIT NIGGA! Nothin wayne puts out now will ever touch that mixtape homie so get outta here with that ‘hes better now bs’

  • a

    @WayneBrain get add blocka brah

  • YMCMB_weezywayne

    Ok whatever but another thing how u gonna hate on a nigga for skateboarding cause he wanna do something else but it’s not like he quit rapping. And now a nigga be lettin some other rappers on the ym label get some attention and he is one of the best to me cause he didnt stay the same fuckin rapper his entire career he changes I respect that nigga cause he don’t care bout them bitch ass haters and he gonna continue to put out whatever he want an ima buy it cause I’m a WAYNE fan and he didn’t quit rapping a nigga did rapping his whole life and he is continuing .

  • Chris breezy rules



    Breezy ,tunechi my niggaz.u are my hommies still

  • Wack jak

    Fuck all yaw hatein on twizy the guy is dope ! And Chris kills it every time man love these guys !

  • Drizzy Dreeeeeee

    Chris Brown need to go ahead and join YMCMB frfr! Wayne And Twist Kilt It #YMCMB OVER EVERYBODY

  • YMCMB_weezywayne

    Lmfaoo twist didn’t sound that bad but no Wayne at that age that’s for sure.

  • hsgg

    Everybody changes….wiz did, he used to go off back on prince of the city. Same goes for wayne. I think they just lack the drive that they used to have because they can have anything they want now hah.

  • bahtslats

    Lmao i hate wayne fans so much, most of u are fucking faggots that think u know wayne or something. Dickriders to the max

  • SeanTastic4Life

    WTF when twist came in i thought it was trina or something !!! LOL not hating or some, i love YM but twist needs to watch his flow

  • Lmfao

    Im a firm believer that every rapper is in a way better before they get famous..dude is right Wiz was wayyy better back when he dropped Smokin Good..Meek Mill spit flamez in tha bloodhoundz. Young Jeezys old shit and Freddi Gibbs underground shit dammn..and finally Lil Wayne remember back in tha Day when wayne used to say ive never killed nobody? Now its all bout killin bitches and shit…Fame just turns you fake cuz no nigga around you is gonna call you on it ummm cuz UR FUCKIN FAMOUS AND RICH

  • Von2Real

    Search “Von Trilla- They Ready Freestilly” Spread the word!!

  • Blow Trees

    ^^ this muhfucka wack as fuck nobody search it hahahahahaha

  • lil lil wayne

    this girl on the icture look like nicki minaj in the face but white

  • Katy

    This sounds like some 10 year old boys rapping lmao garbage.
    I really liked she don’t put it down like you though ๐Ÿ™‚ (thx to joe lol)

  • druberg

    lil twistopher i like that song mayyyynnneeee

  • Fwsh_Kid

    @ Tiyaunna Hard times had no feat. On it get a life haters

  • Jazz Jolanski~ Future YMCMB Rapper

    Tbh why u dickz gotta have some row about Tune’s old & new shit? All his shit is dope, u dont agree? 1. FUCK URSELF HOE! 2. U ain’t a true Weezy fan -.-
    To me I <3'd CB's verse towards the end not the start of it though, jus sounded like he was a pop star wanting 2 break into Hip-Hop industry(but Te end got better :3) personally my faves by Chris- Till I Die ft big Sean & wiz khalifa & his song Strip :3

    Btw, Lil Wayne- 10,000 bars.. DOPE! U gotta cheq it out if u ain't!! Also cheq out ice cream paint job (no ceilings) ๐Ÿ˜€

    Btw fuck u hating niggaz out there tht jus download this to fuck about lil Wayne, u waste ur time, downloading shit to hate & searching his vids on YouTube etc jus fuck ur dad an finger ur mum, rape ur sister and wank ur bro, do sumthin useful -.-

    Ty for reading my rant xD

    Lil rap to end~~ btw Copyright so don't u DARE take credit or I will hunt u down, shove a fork into ur eye, and make u WATCH me eat it :@.. Anyway…

    Bitch, ima white Nicki,
    don't u even THINK about takin' the mickey,
    to shut u up all ya need is a lil' dicky..
    Well, u ain't gettin NONE from me xD