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Lil Wayne Discusses Hurricane Katrina, His Trukstop Skate Park, Learning To Kickflip & More

Sat, Oct 20, 2012 by

Earlier today, Lil Wayne made a special appearance at the “Dew Tour” for the Toyota City Championships in San Francisco, California. Weezy watched his friends skate at the competition and performed live for the fans who attended the event.

In the clip above, you can watch Tunechi discuss Hurricane Katrina and explain the reason why he decided to open his Trukstop skate park in the Lower 9th Ward Village of New Orleans, Louisiana.

After the jump, Wayne talks about attending the Toyota City Championships, skateboarding, learning to do the kickflip trick, and more!

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  • ckrash

    that first video was real dope
    it was like watching a movie for real

  • Burb

    That boy Tunechi a real G

  • smfh!!!

    been skating a year and stil lcant do a kickflip smfh

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  • Terry

    Every sk8er should back Wayne sk8ing simply because he’s doing alot for the sport; economically. And that was a great thing Wayne did by building that park. This is an excellent spot for a sk8 park. Much needed.

  • dope fuck all you hater go suck a dick

  • Tune

    He’s an amazing person. We sooo need more Wayne interviews too!

  • aka stfu already

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  • Farva

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  • dank

    Fool can hardly ollie … not even a foot. Can only pop shove it. Which is so easy u can learn that before even being able to Ollie and he really only slide shove its doesn’t even pop.

    Back in the day if someone repped skating so fucking hard and couldn’t Ollie a foot or even kick flip there was a word for it…..POSER!!!

  • Chris

    I’m so Happy for Wayne and all this great stuff he’s doing its really cementing his legacy.

  • Eshall

    Love you! Your heart is in the right place!

  • TrukUrLif

    Fuck y’all haters

  • Gaha

    Just think about this way

    Wayne probally has 100 millions of dollars more then he could ever spend

    And you saw his hometown people all living in the streets and lost all their propeirty
    That wayne not uses a bit of his enormes wealth to rebuild the city he can from

    This make me see clearer that once a artist reaches the big money he becomes a selfcenteres asshole only thinking about himself and how to expand his wealth

    I remeber a studio session where he said hes nOt visiting neworleans anymore because his moms doesnt live there no more, but had the nerve to call his champagne d’orleans wich is french for te city he doesnt want to visit hahahaha

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  • Greatest Line Ever!

    That 1st video was some real dope and interesting shit Wayne

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  • The Enlighten One

    Hello Mr. or Mrs. Siege/Infamous and whoever this may concern. You go everyday and check this website for new post, and on every post you comment on what this man is doing. These comments are negative and disrespectful and also uncalled for. You might hate this man but you come on a fan site for his fans (not created by him, and probably never seen either) and sign up to talk about him. You waste your precious time and life on commenting on what he does to provide for his family. While you could be doing so many better things. You talk about what he does or does not do. You have no idea of what he does cause you are unable to be with him twenty four seven following what he does. Instead of talk about him how about embracing that he has followed his dreams and you do the same. Also wizzle is not one of Lil Wayne’s alias that is Bow Wow’s alias just to let you know that. But you truly have to choose something better with your life then to hate cause that won’t get you anywhere. Plus who waste their time signing up on a fan site not show support.


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