Lil Wayne Explains Why He Can’t Vote In The Upcoming U.S. Election On November 6th

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Lil Wayne Explains Why He Cant Vote In The Upcoming US Election

Lil Wayne explained to MTV in Las Vegas last week that even though he won’t be voting in the upcoming United States of America presidential election taking place on November 6th, he has still been following and researching up on it.

You can watch a video of Weezy F Baby speaking about the election and why his 2007 gun charge prevents him from casting a vote after the jump below.

“Following it? Yes, I am… Leaning one way? No, I’m not. I’m not leaning towards no one only because I can’t. I can’t vote. Unfortunately, I’m an ex-con.”

“I did follow it, I am paying attention to it and you know for me following it meaning I kinda did my research on who both of these people were and not really about what they’re talking about or what they’re politicking about… but just to figure out who these people are.”

“That’s all I can do from a personal standpoint. I can’t vote, so all I can do is figure out who these people are and whoever you guys choose at least I know a little bit about them.”

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  • curtis


  • Dayne


  • Yes Lawdd

    He would be voting for Mitt Romney anyway

    Like Nicki Minaj

  • I think Weezy should look out for Roseanne Barr…She likes them Cali GREENS!

  • Andy

    MTV suck!! Their videos never play for me :@

  • 007

    weezy is black so obviously he would of voted for Barack Obama.
    Dint forget Barack shouted out weezy a while back too.

  • @fuckeminem

    hey incase ur wondering fucktardniggerboy nobody wants to know ur politics. ur too stupid to impress anone that way. why dont u blog and explanation of why ur last 10 albums where all late as fuck and why u dont remember being in jail 2 years ago.

  • Chief Queef

    @Andy it’s the same with me 🙁


    wayne would vote for barack but he cant..wayne you real nigga.

  • @fuckeminem

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    i hope we get the next single soon.

  • rember on the d4 lil wayne couldn’t say obama
    rember dj drama shouted out for lil wayne dj drama he said you download this mixtape you get up in push that button for president obama november-so dj drama shout out for wayne sense he could not do it-and dj drama said it on lil wayne cashed out at the end of the song…shout to dj drama for that saying that at the end of the song and sorry to hear that

  • Nayla

    Nicki was joking when she said she was voting for Mitt Ronmey


  • i just listen to cashed out by wayne to honor wayne not
    voteing i vote for obama already shouted dj drama n wayne
    19years old n i vote for my first president n things


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  • BoricuaNegro

    fuckin idiots…felons can vote as long as theyre not on paper(probation, parole, etc.)

  • LilHick

    Lil Wayne was registered a Republican

  • Shyhiem Gilbert


    use links from here to post for MTV interviews so us from the UK can watch.

    Thanx for this site been using for many years.

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  • As a tax paying business owner who is also an ex-con I am unable to vote, so why should I be required to pay taxes? It is like being robbed at gunpoint, I work hard and pay my taxes but cannot have a voice in who is in office to spend my money?? I did the crime, did the time and was blessed through marriage to become a business owner but released to forever be a second-class citizen? It’s no wonder recidivism is so high…what is the motivation to do right? I am looking for financial support to start at the star level to pursue reform in the manner of returning full rights to “ex-cons” a term that in itself is false. In our country there is no such thing as an ex-con. We are forever convicts second class citizens imprisoned by our poor decisions for life but all the while we are asked to fund state and federal governments without any say! If you are reding this and share my passion and are interested in this pursuit please email me. Mike Reed at

  • Lmfao embarassed to call myself a wayne fan when i come on this site. You guys r so blatantly wrong and arrogant when u say shit its Literally unbelievable. First of all thats not true even if your not on papers in most states you cant vote with a felony period. Nicki minaj was not joking of course a rich bitch would vote for him. All this racist shit just shows a black president means nothing..u guys are still pathetic. I would vote for obama if i could personally cuz im not a rich asshole and have endured poverty and hardships that i feel he can more relate too. Obama is a way better choice..if ur making less than 250k lol but ppl just hating him for his color is as stupid as liking romney for his beliefs lmfao seriously guys this is a wayne site grow the fuck up ur making loyal normal fans look bad

  • Whade

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  • trevorkolman

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  • Jazz Jolanski~ Future YMCMB Rapper

    Y r ppl sayin’ he WILL vote, when Weezy JUST said that he CANT vote?? Lol.. Stupid assed hoeess… -.-

    Btw, can’t Wayne do tht form thing tht turn him back into a Citizen? Srry if I’m wrong, just watched it on Charlie Sheen’s Anger Managment LOL! Yerr I’m from ENGLAND, brap brap? << beg 2 hard.. xD

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