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Lil Wayne Will Be Making An In-Store Appearance At Dillard’s To Promote TRUKFIT

Mon, Oct 15, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Will Be Making An In-Store Appearance At Dillards To Promote TRUKFIT

Just like with Macy’s, Lil Wayne will be making an in-store appearance at Dillard’s Inc. store at Jefferson Mall in Louisville, Kentucky on October 27th to launch and promote his new clothing brand – TRUKFIT. This means that TRUKFIT apparel will be now be sold at Dillard’s stores across the US, as well as from their online website starting on October 25th.

The first 300 customers to spend $150 or more on TRUKFIT clothes at one of Louisville’s Dillard’s stores (Jefferson Mall, Mall St. Matthews or Green Tree Mall) will get given a free wristband that allows them access to a VIP party at the Jefferson Mall Dillard’s store on October 27th. The first 10 shoppers to purchase $500 or more on TRUKFIT apparel will also get the chance to meet Weezy and receive a special limited edition TRUKFIT gift!

In other Tunechi news, you can watch episode 5 of his and Mountain Dew‘s “DEWeezy” series after the jump below.

Click here to watch episode 4!

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  • maroeeee

    id there is more promotionns let us know earlyer! FIRSTTTT

  • bill gates

    is that BAM ??

  • Truk Yo Gurlll

    I wish I was going 🙁

  • weezy & bam<3

  • slaughterhouse

    $500 on trukfit….lmfao i dont think so wayne…..dont you have enough money smfh

  • KamZiro

    He Must Come And Do That In South Africa, I Wanna See Him Again Performing In Coca Cola Dome At Johannesburg #WeMissYouWeezy

  • josh g

    danny give me $500 and i will go and tell him about lilwaynehq for you 😛

  • t-rawwww

    that girl in the photo is hot!!

  • rap shit

    wayne you need to spread trukfit in other countries

  • Killah B. Hanson

    Damn, I wish they`d do this in New Jersey, Id dead spend 500$ just so i can meet him. He is & always will be the greatest rapper to me ! Please come to Jersey wayne !





    DAMN I want to meet weezy

  • Chris

    I saw a dude wearing a trukfit tee at the club the other night I gave him props. It was awkward but whatever.

  • ball

    damn wayne and trukfit just keep on winnin

  • CoachCarter

    There is no Dillard or Macy stores where I live =[

  • dyke

    wish i could go cuz i’d spent $2k to meet wayne

  • ??

    What makes him go to st Louis to do this?

    What makes “Jefferson mall” in st Louis so special? Does Wayne just say “hey let’s go to jefferson mall in st Louis”

    I mean really..? Doesn’t even go to one of the bigger malls in America? Lol doesn’t make sense to me

  • Pls Tunechi bring truckfit 2 ma country nigeria we love soo much ymcmb da best team


    He is getting so much money…. Wish he would step his bars up tho.

  • christian

    Hi my name is Christian. My jaw dropped when i read this news. I live 25 minutes away from that mall in Louisville, Kentucky. I have hopes of being one of the first people to be there for this event. I’ve been a Lil wayne fan for as long as I can remember. Heck honestly, he was who made me like rap. about to turn 21 and listened to his music since the 3rd grade. So however many years that is. I’m a huge fan of this site as well. first time I stumbled upon this site was when the release of no ceilings came out. Now what I was going to ask you is what would you do if I wore a big LILWAYNEHQ.COM T-shirt to the event?! I don’t have anywhere near $500 dollars so i could meet him -_- but I want to try and get a party bracelet to hopefully get a chacne to run into him. It would be a long-time coming of a dream to get to meet Wayne. And never in a million years did i think he would come to louisville. So please please please respond to me! And yes this is an accurate email address to reach me at. So any tips, ideas, or thoughts you have on this please respond or email me man! It would be the highlight of my life. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • tha

    dillards is wack.

  • PVC

    @tha.. Of course Dillard’s is wack. Wayne doesn’t care, because millions of people shop at Dillard’s. You have to see the big picture.

    Michael Jordan makes money off of HANES, and that’s sold At walmart.

    its all about selling a lot of merchandise, not putting it In a cool place.


    @DANNY M

    lil wayne is in soulja biys new album

    SOULJA BOY – Red Karpet (Ft. Lil Wayne)

  • siege

    honestly for musicians it should be about music
    for wizzle nigger its about wack music, wack music production, and faggot t shirts.
    fuck wizzle, real gangstas shop at sears .



  • siege

    Suckin a dick cause im a hater

  • Realshit

    Lil Wayne is the definition of garbage his dedication 4 mixtape was horrible big sean’s Detroit mixtape is way better than that d4 shit

    #G.O.O.D Music 4 Life

  • Lmfao

    Goood music is tight but BIG SEANS TAPE WAS a FUCKIN FLOP! Im from michigan bro and shit was weak as fuckkkk. TYGAS well done 3 was waayyyyyy bettter

  • Lmfao

    Fuck that bro Freddie Gibbs Mixtape BFK was fuckin way raw compared to Big Seans detroit shit. Thats shit was nuthin on D4

  • miyo

    Not a lot of people go to Dillard so Wayne is doing a market gap… If Dillard sales increase it will be coz of Trukfit.. Making wayne have an income from two revenues at once…

  • mimi

    I love weezy! deff drop 500 on trukfit!!!

  • Farva

    I wish I could go to trukfit it is my wish to see wezzy I would die to meet him the best raper in the world love u lil Wayne

  • Farva

    Danny I want to meet lil wayne so bed i am his biggest fan ever (by any changes would you be able to do same thing so I can meet him plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
    U would be my hero

  • Tiffany

    Truckfit vip wrist bands go on sale on thursday the 25 at 10 am. The first 250 people to spend $100 in Truckfit apparel get a vip wrist band to come back on saturday to see Lil Wayne. Its a first come first serve, better be lined up outside the mall doors if ya wanta meet him. GOOD LUCK to all his fans, an fyi hes going to jefferson mall in louisville ky because they have sold the most out of all the tester stores.

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  • M@ko

    Aba-cadabra, trukfit on me. Tunechi plz com to NIGERIA. Am 1 of ur biggest fan. Truk ur wurl tour! The Reason U Kill For IT*