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Lil Wayne’s “6 Foot, 7 Foot” Single Featuring Cory Gunz Goes Triple Platinum!

Thu, Jan 24, 2013 by

Lil Wayne & Cory Gunz 6 Foot 7 Foot Single Goes Triple Platinum

Last week, we found out Lil Wayne‘s “How To Love” single had reached triple Platinum status and now today, another single off Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV album has gone triple Platinum!

According to Chart News, Weezy F Baby‘s “6 Foot, 7 Foot” single featuring Cory Gunz has sold over 3 million copies in digital sales from when it was first released on December 14th, 2010. This also makes the song the third highest selling single from Tune in his music career – behind “Lollipop” and “How To Love“.

Click here to watch the music video for “6 Foot, 7 Foot” and here to read the lyrics. Congratulations to Tune and Cory on this great achievement ❗

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  • Cody


  • pete

    the best rapper alive does it again

  • Breezy




  • HiltzMan

    WAITIN on that new track #terroist

  • gee

    this song was kinda underrated…..soooooo dope and lyrical

  • nino

    Mirror up next with bruno

  • MeLT

    Is Bitches Love Me platinum yet?

  • MeLT

    I think She Will will hit 3 platinum before Mirror @nino

  • Well done !!!

  • sk8er

    they spelt cory gunz name wrong on the artwork…..

  • danther

    @MeLT you are a fucking dumb ass

  • Fine Wine

    Singles sell more than albums nowadays

  • Flexy

    Tunechi is the mothaf*ckn best……

  • Surpp

    Megaman track?

  • Bu!!eT

    hell ya!! go tune

  • Bu!!eT

    congo bro!!

  • weezy is the fuckin problem i have nt heard a wack song from him since he started rap sht



  • tunechi cant be compared 2 this wack ass rappers of today non of all ths pussy ass niggas

  • kidd

    Out of those three songs this one is the best.

  • tony_montana

    @lil_lee then you aint been listenin hey

  • Weezy f

    Tony_Montana Go hate somwhere else gay boy

  • tahir

    Tunechi still winning ..yesterday ,today and as long as he keep spitting ,he gon’ continue winning …fuck haters! …and trukfit already doing numbers too …#YMCMB rich gang

  • Tru

    Get em Tune

  • Tha infamous

    Lets get it. C5 radio hits all day. I love pussy

  • Lil Tunechi

    Boss shit, keep it up

  • Rodger that nigger ;]

    Will do. Bitch nigga. Young mula.

  • daReal214

    Just got word that Lil Wayne will be featured on Brittany Spears “Scream & Shout (Remix) alongside wit Diddy, Waka Flocka, & Hit-Boy

  • maria_latina_wayne

    Congratulations to Tune and Cory on this great achievement

  • damn dats high i think singles of IANAHB2 wont sell dat but i think da album will sell more copies than Carter IV wa you think IANAHB2 will be higher or no

  • sandy’s

    Nd yet he does it again!!!! What song next no worries!!!!! Keep it up

  • ‘Forever winning bitch, I’m on my Charlie Sheen’ Yay Tunechi Li!!!!!

  • Triggerman

    Lil’ Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being 2 (tracklist)

    1.Intro ( ft. Birdman)
    2.No Worries (ft. Detail)
    4.Lay It Down (ft. Nicki Minaj)
    5.Trippy Kid (ft. Flow)
    7.Bitches Love Me (ft. Future & Drake)
    8.Shit On Things
    9.My Homies Still (ft. Big Sean) Mabey He Might Take It Off The Album
    10.R.A.F (ft. 2 Chainz)
    11.Terrorist (ft. Cory Gunz)
    12.Me Against The World
    13.Stay Patient (ft. Tyga )
    14.Rising Up (ft Kendick Lamar & ASAP Rocky)
    15.I’m Still Here
    16.No Respect (ft. Tyler The Creator)
    17.All About Me
    18.Probation (ft Juelz Santana)
    19.Outro (ft. Young Money)

    1.I Ain’t Nervous (ft. Boo)
    2.Bottle’s Full (ft. Mack Maine & Gudda Gudda)
    3.Glory Days

    Itunes bonus
    1.I Don’t see how (ft. Drake & Tyga)

  • sticki

    Guys stop with the tracklist u confusing us anyway i might go with triggerman it makes sense wayne said drake will appear oly 1nce on the album

  • Danny, pls. Can you put Lil Wayne’s Gangsta songs in a place. Just put his Gangsta songs in a place. We need the lyrics. Pls, Danny. Or give me a link to view it.

  • Danny, pls both his own songs and features. Songs he went hard with gangsta flows. Abt dissing nigg@s and those stuffs.

  • Just the lyrics please @ Danny

  • ineye gabriel

    I got my music player stuck on repeat for that demolition track. that track got vibe that me going always I wish weezy could do something like demolition again i would be happy. but its nice hearing that his singles are going tripple platinum. I just don’t know what to expect from IMNAHB2.

  • Siege

    Hey dipshits spread the word. If u didn’t already know ianahb 2 will be just as bad if not worse than the first one. U niggers and bitchs will like it though because nigger Dwayne only talks about bitch niggers shit.
    Danny m post that video of u with nigger Dwayne’s dick in your mouth so that everyone can see who you truly are.

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  • Siege sucks dick

    @siege you wastin ur time bro, no one on here cares what you think

  • WHade

    Funny How People Say Wayne Fell Off But His Shit Be Going Triple Platinum.


    wayne is already a legend this nigga sells BIG.SHE WILL WAS BEST SINGEL OF C4

  • its tunechi hiting on the hip hop artist like forever…

  • Ro


  • That track is great

  • magnus

    it s strong hit bro