Timbaland – The Party Anthem (Feat Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Missy Elliott)

Tue, Jan 1, 2013 by

Timbaland The Party Anthem Feat Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Missy Elliott

We first heard a preview of this song last year, now here is the CDQ version of Timbaland‘s “The Party Anthem” song featuring Lil Wayne, T-Pain, and Missy Elliott. Even though the track was recorded in 2012, this is the first Weezy feature that we have received in 2013!

Tim released “The Party Anthem” today as part of his #TimboGiftBag series on Twitter. You can stream and download the record after the jump below.

Download: Timbaland – The Party Anthem (Feat Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Missy Elliott)

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  • onchi


  • amurph


  • Amurph

    Now let the haters hate

  • Finally this shit is here !!! This is fuckin hard …

  • SVSI

    Sick beat but T-Pain on a song just sounds outdated. Future is the new T-Pain.

  • dwayne carter nigga the B.R.A

  • Casto

    Hot as fuck

  • BroskieYMCMB

    So, Uh… Where Did Weezy Go ??? *I’ll Wait………. Nowhere!

  • jostein

    its nice! T-pain goes hard like always!

    Lil wayne do what i he always do; kill the track!

    Missy elliot got the flow!

    Timbaland did his good shit!!

  • @Eshoher0

    @Eshoher0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wood

    shit crazy. tune killed it…again!

  • MrNinoBrown

    Every year gonna be his year hahahahha Tunechi In this fxcking bxtch!!! #IANAHBII #2013

  • Trey

    Wayne gonna flood this year with features too ?

  • i ain’t got no worries

    how is this song called ‘the party anthem’ when it fuckin sucks

    this song compared to other ‘party anthemes’ like ‘gangam style’ sucks

    timbaland should of called this ‘the average anthem’ or something similar

  • Mbminas

    Dope as fuck

  • Nak Nak

    Wayne’s verse was fucking FIRE… Y’all wanna know why? Not a single this was said about eating pussy, trukfit, and skating. What he did talk about was real gangsta rap. Red flag, broken jaws. This verse was perfect to start 2013

  • ^stupid monkey

    song sucks

  • Mitha

    Tunechilee is amazingly awesome at every fuckin thing!! So proud of this guy Tunechi

  • Steve-0

    @i_ain’t_got_no_worries did you seriously just compare this to “Gangham style”

  • ratz

    is that justin bieber with wizzy??

  • Meltunechi

    TUNEchi Fan forever

  • YMCMB_weezywayne

    Missy Elliot sounds like a man 🙁 maybe her and lil twist can switch their voicies ?

  • Triggerman

    i wish wayne will do a verse about Seige this year that would be amazing i bet he will make Seige cry like a little bitch

  • WayneFellOff

    Nice flow from tunechi

  • Please wayne feature with macmiller or wiz khalifa and fuck rap about something good like you did in carter III
    Man i love all of ur songs but i want more meaning full songs

  • Eshall


  • xxx

    nice verse


    It seems like Wayne just doesn’t even care about raping on some of these songs…. It’s rare when he kills somethIng now.

  • C’mon guys this song is gr8 Ilike it show some LAMBERGHINI MERCY 🙂

  • Lilsmuv

    Dis shit iz BOSS

  • jonnz

    weezy killed it .good to see him try a bit harder. still killing the game.. dont retire..”your music will never die”.

  • @jonnz young money’s president he go hard as HeLL i like her verse //// LADY’s & GENTLEMAN THIS IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE ……with no competition

  • TTkilla

    Fire from Wayne and Missy Elliott!!!!!

  • Don

    Lil Wayne – Rich As Fuck [RAF] (Feat. 2 Chainz) Have u guys heard it its on youtube Wayne the best

  • Danny. What yu doing? Upload rich as fuck. Its on youtube. If yu thought bitches love me was good. Wait to you here this

  • @testedweird

    Fuck !! ..Mad song
    If yall avnt heard “Rich as Fuck”
    Yall missin some good music

  • Jeffree!idlewild

    Cool Tims.

  • best verses timbaland and wayne tpain ruined and elliot sounds shit

  • zay

    if he uploads raf this site prolly could get shut down cuz i think its a leak

  • Jazz Jolanski Future YMCMB Rapper


  • MoG

    R.A.F, that’s what he is when it comes to music

  • Jazz Jolanski Future YMCMB Rapper

    Very clubbish.. Lol