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Limp Bizkit – Ready To Go (Feat Lil Wayne)

Sun, Mar 24, 2013 by

Limp Bizkit Ready To Go Feat Lil Wayne

We first heard a preview of Limp Bizkit‘s “Ready To Go” single featuring Lil Wayne over a year ago, now here is the full CDQ version!

Limp Bizkit will release their upcoming album, Stampede Of The Disco Elephants, at the end of this year. The rock band have also shot a music video for “Ready To Go“, which is their debut single on their new label, Cash Money Records.

You can listen to the Polow Da Don-produced song after the jump below:

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  • Zane

    FIRST!! 😀

  • goo


  • Deontretre


  • Josh


  • first in this bitch

  • tee

    that artwork is creepy shit

  • amurph

    Dope, ill fuck with it. Danny have you heard the leak yet of IANAHB2? It’s dope no?

  • Zane

    Dope verse for wayne. I think he should do more like this 🙂

  • PK

    Download link ?

  • Luke

    Song is kinda sorta dope….different but dope!

  • WeezysAngel

    Green lights all da way!! Touching the Gold Digger! I luv me sum Lil’ Weezy!!

  • take kare

    yes i always enjoy weezy on these rock songs

    he killed it



  • Yoooooo

    “I got the pistol on me, guess I went POP”

  • me,lt

    I like it … could get a rock banger

  • OMG..DOPE ASS SONG,They Bringing ROCK MUSIC BACK and Did I Hear CLASSIC Carter 1-2 Lil Wayne?

  • Jason

    This song rocks ! LB has always been my favorite band glad to have lil wayne on a track !

  • Crimson

    never really been a fan of limp. except for the keep rollin song. but this is good. and wayne dropped a good verse. wish he did more songs like this

  • Leandro

    i love it \m/ `+´ \m/

  • Eshall

    Good to hear the real version. Hurray that Limp Bizkit is back on the scene atleast for now. Love Lil Wayne and he rocked that beat. I’m ready to go!

  • Steve-0

    finally something that does not have the word pussy or dick in it

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  • this verse is not of 2013.

  • Yo

    @Steve-0 TRUE

  • First

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    lmfao- you stans are so predictable. stop gassing lil wayne up. this shit is hot garbage. I even got the pussy ass niggas who run this site deleting my comments. I guess the truth hurts dont it. you sissies need to be gangsed raped by long dick gorillas and then shot dead one by one. lil wayne you diert monkey, stop making rock music, you bitch…..we all know you aitn shit in hiphop no more, so now you trying to hop on white peoles dicks… fucking bat face seizure having donkey…..its over nigga..

  • @official_X_

    @Little Wayne Killa

    U Really need a Long Nap

    Quit Hating,There’s no point hating on wayne
    U should kno better

    He still remains the best

  • drek8

    this verse is def not anything recent from wayne. sounds more like pre jail to me or when we first firstt came back

  • Worse than them Little limp biscuit faggots

    I’m so angry right now someone kill me

  • dope af

  • Mike

    Tryna figure out if the person on the artwork is a dude or not
    But Weezy gave this song so much energy!, deff my new favourite song

  • JTheMan

    I expected worse.. Cool song.. Dope verse from
    Lil Weezy

  • volcomnukka

    Dope Lil Wayne verse, however I think Limp Bizkit was a terrible investment. Unless Lil Wayne is on every song in this new Limp Bizkit CD than it will be a flop! Not being a dick I’m being a realist Limp Bizkit is 90’s and it’s 2013 people! You guys only like it cuz of Lil Wayne don’t lie.

  • Declan

    I’ve got ianahb2 I preordered it off amazon it’s amazing!! It’s crazy how they released it 2 days ago and yet it’s not out until tomorrow my favourite ? Days and days and god bless Amerika trust me its a good album!!!

  • Listen to me

    Limp biscuit is not and never was”rock” fuck little Dwayne and Also why can’t I get no respect??
    Stop using my name and little wayne needs to die

  • Oops

    Oops don’t fuck a little wayne.
    Stone him !!!!!!!!

  • LittleEl

    Limp Bizkit still go hard. All you haters hate on them but yet when people hate on Weezy its they’re “haters” or “jealous” or whatever. Double standards, it goes both ways!

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  • Lol dope verse for all thise cheap ass fagots who visit this site to check updates on lil wayne and then write hateful comments you are a stupid ,foolish gay ass bitch why check on him if yu are a hater ,that’s pure jealous ,I guess yu wish yu had wat he has lol stop hating and get money your pussys #wayne kill fuck you gay shit

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    This song is just awesome…. lil wayne I love you, I wanna stay on your dick please.. I will suck it everyday, I’ll brush my teeth with it, and have it as breakfast and dinner…. please give me your dick and all the lil wayne fans out there I want even your dicks also… please please give me your dicks

  • Lilmannerz


  • Martyfact

    sounnndd dopee!!! wow

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  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    stop crying bitch. fact : lil wendy is a homosexual, thinking of dick , is what inspires him to write his faggot raps. Every one in hiphop is claiming Kendrick Lamar the new king in rap…….lol, lil wendy done fell off, he the top dog no more….Kendrick Lamar would rhyme circles around lil wendy, and Kendrick lamar sucks too. how shame ful for lil dwayne…….r.i.p little nigga….

  • Lil Wayne a kill your ass

    Wayne killa yu suck dick like a bitch you cum guzzling slut

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    I’ve been a dick for so long I can’t take it anymore. Never thought I’d admitt this but Little Wendy is dope, I feel like crying while saying this but his the best rapper alive…

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    LMFAO- lil dwayne stans aint built for war. a weak army would laugh at you clowns. I dont blame ya. look at your ido. he’s a victim himself. motherfucker loves that gay shit. just look at the image above, and see what he’s trying to expose to you moerfuckers. any way, Its all good, cause its only this bum ass site that praises that junkies new album.on other sites there straight bashing that garbage, and right fully so. I see wayne now wring his own rhymes, cause there pure trash. nigga sound , like he use to take the yellow bus…..on all the carter albums, this faggot ass nigga had ghost writers. look up ”Gilly the kid”. he use to write all of waynes rhymes. now the little faggot is rapping about dicks up his ass and skate boarding. just yesyerday I took a shit and lil dwayne was in my toilet, thats how shitty he is. nigga so fucking ugly, babies cry blood when they see him, mirrors break when he looks in them. you had a little nice run wayne . hope you saved your money you junkie coke head….r.i.p

  • Lil Wayne a kill your ass

    Why do yu dumbfucks come on here if you hate wayne so much yu no life mf retards

  • Khosta

    @Little wayne killa, we don’t blame you. Lil wayne is creatin it to where thats the artist he has to be period, where a motherfucker just gotta like him, that’s a superstar…

  • omar

    Lil Wayne Killa… Answer One Question For Me….Who TF DO YOU LISTEN TO??

  • @omar he listen 2 wayne obvious hw come he knows wayne’s album already if he don’t listen 2 him. Wayne is the beast and i dont find anything interestin about kendrick lamar’s music

  • omar

    @lillee lol yea i don’t listen to Kendrick like that either… Just Young Money and G.O.O.D Music…. Wayne is still the Best Rapper Alive

  • Khosta

    @lil lee yea kendrick lemar is far behind wayne, wayne’s on top of the game like field lights

  • Wayne kills any and everything…..

  • Tunechi for Real

    @Lil Lee…yhu’re right, obviously that Lil wayne a killa is so fake azz niqqa that he keeps runninq around this site every min just to get info about waynes new drops buh bitches azz niqqa I don’t knw why yhu keep actinq as if yhu’re hatinq on wayne when yhu love all his sonqs and still yhu pretend they ain’t gud. come why the hell did yhu even download them?? Sincerely yhu need to go purchase some brand new life and start livinq nd nah js actinq as a hater…why don’t yhu stick ya damn azz to whoever yhu call ya fav rapper’s fan site if at al he got any and stop postinq here for God’s sake!

  • Everybody

    Please stop.

  • @tunechi 4 god sake.. I thnk they dont visit those site bcoz they dont find wat we find in here their so called favourite rappers dont drop often they’re nt featured much as wayne and 2 tl u the truth a hit is nt a hit without tunechi

  • @tunechi 4 real.. I thnk they dont visit those site bcoz they dont find wat we find in here their so called favourite rappers dont drop often they’re nt featured much as wayne and 2 tl u the truth a hit is nt a hit without tunechi

  • Khosta

    @lil lee: word

  • Featuring Lil Wayne

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    yeaaaa str8 gayyyyy

  • @Official_X_

    @Little wayne killa
    U claim kendrick is d best ryt now,yet his album didint make 250k 1st week

    U just need dis rest braah…u need a seizure

  • real talk

    smfh it’s sad how the same niggaz come up here every fucking day on every fucking post just to write long ass paragraphs hating on a nigga who successful i mean dam don’t yall niggaz have school, a job, a bitch or something smh seems to me yall whole life is waking up clicking on a fansite to a nigga yall hate so much??? yall up here more then danny and he love em all this shit yall talking ain’t gonna change the fact that these niggaz up here still gonna support him and he gonna continue to talk about the hoe’s he fuck and all that fucking money he making so real talk takes notes u lame ass, hating ass, broke ass, to much free time ass niggaz the shit getting old and outta hand

  • Devontae

    & fUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • KingTG

    I am Not a Human Being 2, itz dope ,TUNECHI fans go and support your Real Nigga, trust me u wnt b dissappointed, a couple of rock tracks, n plenty of Hiphop tracks datz some Best Album ive ever heard by Wayne. There is no track dat flops in dat album. U cn hv ma word

  • KingTG

    All im sayin is go n buy dat Album IANAHB 2 tomorrow.

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    Okey okay guys!!! I admitt it,lil Wendy is the best rapper ‘at the moment’ and I want to tell you guys that I am a faggot and I don’t care, Siege is my boy friend and we do Anul all day

  • i want a video for God bless America or Romance any1 with me?

  • alex

    good song usually hate lil wayne but with good rifts and beats and the fact he is with limpbizkit it is actually pretty good

  • btunechi

    @danny do u know there is a leak already for the imnahb2 it was released like 4 days ago

  • Khosta

    @lil lee I’m totaly with you but Instead of Romance let it be back to you and God bless America

  • wayne you NEED to meet me. Jeff.

    listen to the rebirth, his 2nd best album. plain and simple. Carter 3, rebirth

  • jeffrey2412

    weezy killed it !!!!

  • flystealth

    Its so GODLESS America!!

    IANAHB 2 classic!

  • Rashaad M

    This is shockingly really good! Thought it would be weak but Wayne went in.

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    lol, stop patting each other on the back you delusional stans. the rappers I listen to, dont diserve to lil wendy in the same sentence as them, this bum ass site aint worthy of mentioning those greats. but lets get clear, last time I bopped to lil wayne was in 1999, when juvenile came out, and I was at a house party. I never bought no god dam lil wendy music or cd’s, get it straight motherfuckers. this faggot caught my attention the miunute he was exposed to be a homosexual, butt raped phoney. I dont buy his bullshit lies. I live by the code, you stans are brain dead, is your idol a blood or a skateboader, or a hipster, or a villiage people. fuck out of here. never was a fan of this loser. and I camr by this site by chance, didnt even knew this bullshit existed. now that I found it, I can tell the truth to you gased up groupies fronting like lil wendy is an immortal legend, that donkey aint even worthy of drinking 2pacs piss. 2pac would’ve straight smack the shit out this booty popping donkey if he was alive. trust me nerds, no fan here, never was, never will be, but I will shit on the nigga. fake and lame niggas get exposed not respected….says alot about you groupies. fucking baby fat having little homos……fuck the suburbs you donkeys…


    This isnt from 2011, 2012 or 2013. Definatly from around 2008-2009

  • Marcie

    Not a fan….I mean recording w/ Limp Bizkit? Come on….Lil Wayne, if you want to do rock then record w/ a real artist. This shit is unbearable!

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  • conny

    Lil Wayne smashes this song, LB brought back to life

  • tune2mie

    crazy joint, madt art concept …

  • Rat

    This song would have been a hit without Lil Wayne.

  • Jeremiah

    Weeez u krazy (öääääö) coming 2 get ya..

  • @Lil wayne Killa fuck you! Don’t worry about people who judge yuh without knowing you. Remember,Dogs bark if they don’t know the person.I think you don’t know lilwayne!! He’s the best ever and he is gonna remain that forever!! Team*tunchi*forever#

  • B2rhom

    I love me some Limp Bizkit. I even have some songs made by them in my ipod, but I don’t think they went hard on this track. Wayne’s verse was amazing. I didn’t really think he would fit in there, but he did and it was nice.

    Thanks anyways.

  • _____go weezy go_______go_______weeeezy________ymcmb__________HQ_____

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