Lil Wayne – I’m Good (Feat Meek Mill)

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Lil Wayne Im Good Feat Meek Mill

A new Lil Wayne song just surfaced online, which happens to be a leftover from the I Am Not A Human Being II album. The track is called “I’m Good” and features Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill.

There are a few other Weezy F Baby records that were supposed to make I Am Not A Human Being II too, such as “Terrorists” featuring Cory Gunz and an untitled song featuring Flow, Kevin Gates and Gudda Gudda. But for some reason, none of these tracks made the final album.

You can listen to “I’m Good“, which was produced by STREETRUNNER and Sarom, after the jump below. You may also recognize Tune‘s third verse from his freestyle in Hawaii back in September, 2011.

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  • tunechileeweezy


  • Flacko


  • Dayne Steele

    How’d it not make the tracklist? Wayne’s first verse was amazing!

  • JGreg

    I’m good

  • Thomas

    DOPEEEEEE AS FUCKKKKKKKKK Should have made IANAHB 2 damn

  • Zodiac

    Cortez needs to get shot for putting Wowzers on the album and not this.

  • Ste

    Yo this is tough. Weezy and Meek both went in. Hard record!!

  • YM1992

    weezy did that second verse as a freestyle a while ago on the i am still music tour, and that meek verse is the same one as that ace hood track ‘goin’ down’ still a banger tho

  • VirgileiZi

    Thanks from france 🙂

  • Michael Ross

    How did this not make imnahb2?

  • Andrew

    Holyyyy fuuuck

  • Caleb Jason Shimidzu

    Still love you music wayne



  • darkman

    that flow and Kevin gates song sounds like it would be a problem, damn….

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  • Zane

    THIS IS FUCKING DOPE!! WHy didn’t this make the tracklist?? it’s hard as fuck!!!

  • McDonalds

    YMCMB nigga, Tune what up?

  • tunee

    This shit is stupid! Best weezy has done in a bit.

  • aaddaamm


  • Ball

    Wanna text us like Austin.

    Weezy killed that line lol.

    I love the way he starts his verse as well.

  • Dat’s that LWHQ Exclusive Danny!

  • TCG819

    This would have been the best track on the album lol

  • Orriize

    Send the link for the flow and Kevin Gates song?

  • lol

    damn wayne went in, She Tried (feat. Lil Wayne) justt got released too

  • kake

    he murked that last verse!!

  • Alkiuris

    God daaam dis shit is hotter den everysong in the album…des bitches mus b out there god daaam mind by no putting this on the album….i bet terrorist ft cory gunz is also cool and dey aint put dat needa….

  • Ricky

    Same meek mill verse of “going down” featuring ace hood on ace’s “starvation 2”, so thats probably why this track isnt on Im Not a Human Being II

  • Chris


  • JTheMan

    Dope track. He sounds hungry.. I hope he wants his spot back.

  • ChrisP

    Seriously wtf… how is this not on the album.

  • eliasw.cox

    Haha, Wayne’s fukkin’ with us or something 😛 How come the only song where he has a nice flow didn’t make the final album?

  • where can I download this track yal ?

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  • LilWayneAddict

    Dope song wish it made the album! People are saying this is also known as”Terrorists” ? Why’s that?

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  • This track is either old or just a mix because Meek’s verse is from Ace Hood’s “It’s Going Down.”

  • dwayne michael carter dmc back

  • tee eye

    lol tune said black car, white lawyer, I’m good!

  • Young Teezy

    tht track iz tha motherfuckin shit tunechi my big bro killed it shout out to da big homie meek mill YMCMBMMG untouchable Mars da home planet nigga Everyday iz Halloween


    Martians 4 Life

  • Yol gotta listen to Tyler the Creator Wolf album, n dis wayne track iz Dope!!

  • monster

    meek snapped
    but so did young tunechi

  • Hi

    It didnt make the album because Meeks Verse Was Recycled & That Would Of Looked Dumb

  • DOPE

    Should be on the album

  • ….


    FUCK YOU WAYNE !!!!!!!!!!1

  • FuckLames

    Ya’ll juz sayin yall like it cuz its a leftova . If it was on da album it wuda been oohhhhh Wayne couda went harder . Diz do go hard doe …….aye scoob ?!! …. Nino Brown 3 would be nice….

  • romie rome

    Jesus!!! I cant believes Wayne … Yo… Nah its clear Wayne did not fell off he just dumb down his music for commercial views another reason this didn’t make thE album

  • B

    Please say the baby.

  • young tunechi

    Idk about yall but best rapper alive went stupid on this track i fuck with it.

  • No ceilinzzzzzzzz

    Take a bullet to the chest, be a man about, stop acting like a little bitch NIGGA.

  • me,lt

    sooooooo tell me why again did they put hot revolver on IANAHB as if there were no other hot and unknown wayne track that couldve replaced this old as song which is better with autotune anyway
    sometimes I want to hit Tez in the face he is damaging waynes career

  • mikzz

    y’all realise meek’s verse is prettie much same as his verse on ”it’s going down” with ace hood

  • Thomas

    That was not Tunechi..
    That Was Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. aka. Lil Wayne aka. Weezy F Baby, please say the Baby ! <3 Fuck Cortez for not putting the good Weezy shit on the Album!
    If the next Album is gonna be like that, Shit will go Down!

  • kurtly

    I am just going to edit the IANAHII track list in Itunes to include this song this is dope

  • Oscar Galvan

    This was never danny’s song it was Vocker’s that released it in the forum. haha lol

  • ryander
  • philly c

    Yo I respect the hell outta Tez but he slipping for not putting this on the album. Oh and note…Wayne hasn’t lost it, he just goes in when he feels like it.

  • dawg wtff..danny if u know weezy or tez cuss him out…wtfffffffff weezy can still spit like this but instead were geting his gay as album that we heard all of it basically with his singles then we get like 8 new tracks and one of them is totally killed by that dumb ass ya hoe in the backround….smdh its all good ALBUM SALES talk nigga floppppppedddd horrible cuz his my favorite////trigger finger hardest weezy song in years..except maybe this

  • Oscar Galvan

    WTF I clicked on vocker’s name and it went to a porn website. SMH

  • Greedy

    tez dont want wayne to shine… like what the fuck!

  • EMILIO87


  • sean

    This shit crazy. Dope! Fuck tez


    Wow that was fucking dope! i know what me and the homies are gonna be bumping this weekend …..ya dig!!!

  • dis shit in and hello out ianahb 2

  • LuvTunechi



  • Quece

    alot of people need to realize that wayne said ianahb is just for fun its not a serious album it. just oyher shit so calm down after ianahb has its run wayne will spit some real shyt unless he goes to his rebirth side.

  • arto


  • Tsulli

    And they say wayne falling off! Pshh they cray wayne wont fall off till he dies GOAT

  • Bunz


  • Hendrix

    The first Lil wayne Meek Mill song i listen

  • Jordan

    Probably didn’t make the album cause meek mill has the same verse on Ace hoods ‘goin down’…

  • BeanTownBoii

    I think we can all agree that LIL WAYNE LET EVERYSINGLE ONE OF HIS FANS DOWN with IANAHB2. I listened to the CD 5-6 times over and over and tried to get something decent out of it and i just couldnt! n i kinda took it personal lol…..u gut 5yr old songs like Hot Revolver on it, and you got “i’m Good (Terrorists) ft. Meek Mill didnt make the cut??? i dont understand how Hot Revolver makes it over “Im Good”. Plus the features were a disgrace. Solja Boy? Trina? no Rick ross? no Meek Milly?
    no TYGA? no NICKI on her own? no Gunna on his own track? if wayne truely retiring after his next album Tha Carter V, He should have took his time n went Dummy on this CD. We still love you wayne. but you can easssily be dethroned by putting out garbage like this….just my 2 cents

  • lloyd_flamez

    kinda pisses that the flow, kvn gates an gudda song didnt make it

  • This song has just killed ianahub2

  • deezyboy24

    Oh my gosh that nigga Wayne went in!!

  • Patriots

    @beantownboi is to dumb as hell said that trina n Corey should have a song on there own smh people don’t know music n actually trina had a nice verse and he doesn’t need rick ross on his album smh keep your 2 cents

  • He still got it.

    Rebirth & the IANAHB series, are experimental records. stop bitchin. as for this joint, it goes hard, Meek goes hard, Wayne goes harder.

  • Dre

    danny does tex really pick the songs cuz hes a idiot if he does, THIS SHIT BANGS

  • Dre

    danny does tez really pick the songs cuz hes a idiot if he does, THIS SHIT BANGS

  • Aimee

    definitely should of been on the album… Wayne goes hard!

  • Carter Lii.

    This shit is danm fuckin CRazy?!!!…jesus Christ.’!!!.old weezy flow.

  • Don

    @Philly thats what i have been sayin bro that nigga aint fell off he just do it when he want to Wayne the best

  • jahjah

    aiiii lil wayne il est trop sal bb….



  • BigGerm

    THis sounds like enkredible from sorry for the wait mixtape dont ya think

  • This fuckin killin y’all bitches

  • azsi

    I think it wasnt on ianahb2 cuz meeks and weezys second verse were already public..and all in all thats just the Inkredible beat (from that srry 4 da wait mixtape)

  • dipset

    Damn!!!!!! Imma keep on rewinding that last verse tunechi went in!!!! FUK seige

  • WayneFanSince97

    im good was his best rap on a while… its sad seeing how downhill his music has become since 2008-09…. i guess you can blame it on jail and becoming sober, as well as his becoming too content with his own success… But there is nothing he has made since 2010 that is even close to his older stuff from his PRIME (2004 -2008). Any real rap/hip-hop fan knows tha carter and c2 were his best albums and music by far. Before he started saying “pussy” 17 times and “dick” 12 times and calling it a “verse”….. smh wayne… what happened to your dedication, desire, and most importantly lyrical talent and style??? – Before you hate on me, know that Lil wayne and CMR is ALL ive listened to since 1997. Until now…

  • WayneFanSince97

    I know most of the people on here are probably too young to actually remember wayne from 04-07…. or especially the 97-2003 wayne… but you used to be able to listen to an entire song, or album or mixtape for that matter without hearing the word “pussy” ONE time… now its included at LEAST twice in EVERY single verse. Its pathetic. He used to be soooo good. Time to go back to bob and damian marley, some jimi hendrix, and maybe some canibus if im in a rap mood. Some “music” that actually tells stories and has meaning.

  • WayneFanSince97

    unfortunately that includes you danny. I wish you were older and got to witness his rise the way I did. Up until 2008 and even 2009 no ceilings, you could listen to a song and have NO IDEA what kind of craziness changes in flow pattern, metaphorical wordplay, and storylines he would rap about. Now, for the last 3 years, you can pretty much “guess” EXACTLY what you will hear in every single one of his verses. SIMPLE REPETITIVE one-line similes that elementary school kids could think of in 10 seconds. And he just keeps repeating, and repeating, and repeating…. and FINALLY people are starting to catch on, as his latest album is doing numbers that are his lowest in YEARS, even after his near-death “scare.” Wake up people. Listen to c1, c2, the suffix mixtape, dedication 2, da drought 3, and TELL ME he has not fallen off since then? PLEASE… you cant!

  • @WayneFanSince97

    Well…it really depends on what you call “fallen off”. My definition of “fallen off” is incapability; to no longer be capable of. I think we all know what wayne is capable of even now in 2013. He still drop the hardest verses when he want to, on certain songs. I think Wayne knows exactly what he’s doing. Of course, you and I dont know exactly. But its a strategy! I personally think he setting us up for the carter 5. I cant remember 1 and 2 off top, but if you pay attention to carter 3 & 4. The very first song on both albums he rapping about coming back from something. If everybody saying he wack as a rapper now. Thats something he gotta “comeback” from. It goes back to him being hungry again, and feeling the need to go the hardest. Atleast thats how it looks to us, its his strategy.

  • wAnIac#

    WTF…….tune made a mistake,this should be in the album!!……its so DOPE!!

  • Dawn

    This should have been on the album what happened?

  • Dawn

    @WayneFanSince97 sorry I read your comment after I made mine but wanted to say I totally agree with you! Back in 8th grade in high school i remenber hanging out with my best friend and listening to hot boyz and nelly. my best friend loved nelly and I loved wayne. of course back then nelly was huge and he thought he won the war between us but I told him just wait til wayne can ACTUALLY DRIVE, he’s going to go off!! To understand you have to look at my best friend and I from a different kinda view we were middle class white kids who were different from the norm! We’d spend hours in his room trying to figure out these rhymes! Anyway, the other day, a friend of mine said “I think I’m finally starting to understand Wayne’s songs”. So that got me thinking… and like @WayneFanSince97 said listen to some of the mixtapes and they have a different tone a hunger to them…I still live wayne, no lie! But his rhymes are more main stream now… But I think I still win out over my BFF Wayne’s totally better than nelly on any day 🙂

  • Khosta

    @waynefansince97 I agree with you 100% that’s what I always tell em. Even in the Carter 1 intro he says “This is the Carter motherfucker I came back around”

  • Khosta

    But a rapper must rap about what he is doing. And if he’s having sex, scating and taking drugs all the time then that’s all he has to rap about. Don’t tell me he has to rap like 2pac when he aint living 2pac’s life. If you’re a rapper then you rap about your life and what you do in it. That’s why he be rappin bout pussy, even in the carter 3 believe me only tie my hands doesn’t have the word pussy in it, the rest has it so he hasn’t changed. And I have pics where he is with a naked lady, probably after fuckin or about to fuck. His latest pics! And in the carter 4, mirror and how to love has no pussy in em. And nightmares of the bottom. If ya said wayne hasn’t produced anythin good since 08 you’re stupid and hatin. You can’t tell me he doesn’t sound dedicated on “mirror, how to love, nightmares of the bottom, abortion, drop the world, that aint me, god bless america, I’m good, dear anne, die for you, right above it and 6 foot 7 foot” please listen to these songs and tell me if he doesn’t sound dedicated! Start apriciatin bitchs!

  • lilwayne4evver!

    check my top 50 lil wayne songs! subscribe if you don’t want to miss the second part!

  • tee eye

    100th comment 🙂

  • arif

    When mack maine said that ianahb2 was wayne just being wayne, he wasnt joking. The only thing was which songs were choosen to be on the album. weezy was being weezy on songs like i aint nervous,shit stains,no worries, god bless americka, rich as fuck, and love me. Love me became a top ten hit. And there were ok songs like gunwalk, beat the shit, and romance and hot revolver wasnt that bad. But he didnt put songs like staring at the world and i’m good. Who knows how many other songs were left out that were like i’m good or staring at the world. I think ianahb2 would be a great album if the song selection was better.

  • kwy

    I like 🙂


    Khosta, Dawn, and @Waynefansince97 Yo i completely agree with ya guys. But Wayne in 2012-13 I think he really doesn’t give a shit anymore and he thinks he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone which tell ya the truth I’m fine with that, I mean don’t get me wrong I love to hear Wayne tear up beats but lately he doesn’t care, where c2 was an attempt to go big/mainstream/make the big bread and then he came out with c3 and that sent him right on top and he hasn’t really moved from that spot in four years, there has never been another rapper that has been in his spot for this long before, so in my opion he doesn’t really care no more about proving to anybody. But I do believe that he will take his time with C5 and really go out with a bang, I’ll bet money that when it comes out its gonna be fucking OG fire.

  • Mdshoedr

    As a business man, I fell Tez and Wayne Meeks fucked it up when he reused same verse, so it was trash in there eyes, but for theses who love Wayne lyrics, it was the Wayne we know bests…Wayne hopefully giving a taste is da carter V.PERIOD

  • Mdeezy

    can down load from, and type inn “Lil Wayne feat. Meek Mill Terrorists (I’m Good) “, adding to Playlist, riding this shit now!!!

  • erick

    okay after hearing this i am convinced wayne is fucking with us haha maybe his master plan is to let people believe he fell off and make his last album his best and leave everyone wanting more? that would be genius if you ask me.

  • Mr_YMCMB

    Weezy shit dope as fuck

  • David Mendez #1 weezy fan


  • Tz

    Am good you lil weyz