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Lil Wayne Parties With Kendrick Lamar At Bamboo Nightclub In Miami [Video]

Mon, May 13, 2013 by

In the video above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar making an appearance at Bamboo nightclub in Miami, Florida for “Prestige Sundays” on May 5th.

During the clip, Weezy F Baby raps his verse from “Bitches Love Me” and can be heard on the mic saying: “Shout out my nigga Kendrick Lamar in this motherfucker, one of the realest niggas in the motherfuckin’ game. You fuckin’ with us? I’m too old, you know what I mean? I’m ’bout to let one of these young niggas take over.”

Other music artists who can also be seen at the club are Mack Maine, Lil Chuckee, Lil Scrappy, Boo, and Fuke. Click here to view photos from the night!

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  • Homecoming

    Wayne is still a better rapper than Kendrick

  • Polo D 703

    1st in this hoe!!!!

  • keto

    lmao he forgot the lyrics smh

  • Wsup 1st in this hoe

    Wsup 1st in this hoe

  • lee

    tunechi the best and wl always be. I dnt feel kendrick he is in old school hp hop

  • jae millz

    you cant tell me that nigga did not look high at the end…..thats why he fucked up the song performance

  • jae millz

    bit when is he off probation?

  • Ymcmb dragon all up in yo mamas wagon

    Sip sup I said waup

  • Ymcmb dragon all up in yo mamas wagon

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    Hole do something with y’all life’s ya nasty fucksss!!!! For goodness sakes!!!!!!fuckers!!!!

  • Me

    He got a lap dance LOL

  • Zeedwesh a.k.a Lil ZeeTune

    lol tunech best rapper alive yall nigga ill

  • Rock

    What happened with Boo ?

    He knocked Weezy’s hat off but I could not hear what he said 🙁

    Anyone know what was said ?

  • Bawse

    I feel embarrassed to be a fan of Wayne when he be forgetting lyrics to his own songs!

  • YunG based god

    kendrick lamar = most overrated rapper in the past couple of years

  • Khosta

    Ahh maan wayne givin Kendrick the crown but kendrick is wack Wayne!

  • Young Pizzle

    lol @ Wayne rapping the wrong verse to that song and then correcting himself

  • tony_montana

    S/o to all the kendrick lamar haters in this bitch…y’all a bunch of bitch ass niggas for hating on kendrick for no reason what-so-ever! Smh

  • K

    Who ever says Wayne is better than Kendrick Needs a reality Check. No Lie from Carter IV and Before Weezy was Killing, he needs to wake up now. Kendrick is on point, if you don’t believe me just listen to M.A.A.D City, Backstreet freestyle, The Jig is up (Dump’n) and dying of thirst. Weezy doesn’t touch Kendrick now

  • realone504

    well saying that Kendrick is better then weezy is fucking dumb saying hes hotter is another thing…..this is Kendrick 1st album weezy been in the game for 20 years 10 albums more mix tapes…wtf 111 hits on the top 100 more thin any one else…i want to see Kendrick.. 20 years from now…..u need a reality check…Kendrick got to put way more work in to be in the same fuckin planet Wayne on…and Kendrick knows DAT that’s y he goes so hard

  • ibr

    wayne dreads fucked up

  • trebles garcia

    Kendrik is koo but he needs a long run ti catch up to weezy.. Wayne eats these rapers up. Any day.

  • weezy is more than anybody,kendrc need to workhard,weez isa legend even if he iz young

  • junglefever84

    Fuck you, you no good low life piece of shit racist. How dare you come on here and talk like that. I bet you are jealous. Or maybe just angry cause its you who smells bad or your mommas house that smells terrible. Your the reason I look at my daughter everyday and thank god for her. She is part black,white,hispanic,and indian as well. More beautiful than you or yours could ever be. Your mother should be ashamed of you unless Shes just as ignorant as you. You are jealous and racist and its quite pathetic. You should grow up and possibly get out the gutter you live in and learn to accept people for WHO they are not the color of their skin or how they smell….REALLY………

  • LuvTunechi


  • Britt Fos

    Wow you can’t even compare lil Wayne to kendrick. Kendrick is by far better than Wayne lyrically and personally. Wayne doesn’t rap with substense and if y’all think he does you need help. Kendrick has life through his lyrics and flow. He raps about real things and not all this shit of the world like weed and getting fucked up all the time. Wayne is GARBAGE. King kendrick forever