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Lil Wayne Plays His “Dedication 5” Mixtape For Mack Maine & Gudda Gudda

Sun, Jul 21, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Plays His Dedication 5 Mixtape For Mack Maine & Gudda Gudda

While there is still no confirmation that Dedication 5 is finished or any news about when it will be released, it looks like Lil Wayne played the mixtape for Mack Maine and Gudda Gudda last night. They both went on Twitter to tweet that they are bumping D5 and how crazy it is sounding. Mack even mentioned that Weezy is still getting better with his music!

“Da homie Lil Tunechi goin kraaazy on ‪#‎D5‬ smfh” – Gudda Gudda

“Bumpin D5…..I don’t know how Lil bro still getting better” – Mack Maine

The host of Dedication 5, DJ Drama, recently explained that the mixtape is coming “sooner than people think”, confirmed that the tape will consist of freestyles over other music artists’ tracks, and the skits will make a return.

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  • shit by future ……… i hope he hop on dat beat

  • Ry


  • Kobe ma niggah

    Im excited
    Hopefully it drops this month

  • Najib

    LA Familia

  • DJ Drama

    I am sorry but I am going to need someone else to listen to this and tweet their thoughts.

    How can Mack even say Wayne is getting better when its obvious he aint.

    I bet you Wayne paid Mack and Gudda to hype up the mixtape.

  • RuffBuff716

    Come on wayne give us another track something to hold us over

  • @Official_X_

    No homo but im blushin alredi

    Cant wait!!

  • badger

    weezy gotta do that work beat by asap rocky for real….. mack is such a yes man lmao

  • Mack

    ha ha dont have no mercy on deese pussy bitches lol we da fukn shit assholes hope u make a million…today ha

  • Mack

    ha ha dont have no mercy on deese pussy bitches lol we da fukn shit assholes hope u make a million…today ha ha dikriders

  • yah tunechi i hope dis year yell be in ma country

  • Don

    I need another track or a track list happy about this news I know he spazzed out. I really don’t want that many features but the only feature I hope does is one with Drake that would make me happy. All Wayne and drake songs go hard. I’m ready man wayne show theses niggas you still the best they losing sight of that

  • Wesjet

    Hopefully he’s got some tracks on it similar to trigger finger. Best shit he’s done in awhile.

  • khosta

    That intro before tap out by detail and future in the rich gange album is so dope it’s unbelievable. The album is classic. Better than We Are Young Money

  • khosta

    @wesjet I agree, his rap in trigger finger is solid. The best of Tunechi not weezy though. But trigger finger is the best of Tunechi

  • karitto

    @wesjet I agree. Trigger finger is the reason why I still say wayne is the best rapper alive. If it wasn’t for trigger finger well…

  • young tunechi

    Yuh if drake is feature on D5 you know wayne is finna kill it. Dedication 5 bitches shit im ready for it i know imma be pumping too it.

  • young tunechi

    Lil wayne should do “feds watching” i know he will murk it if 2 chainz could do it wayne could definitely murk it.

  • Cortez Byrant

    Honestly ya all should know them two are just boosting aka hyping this shit up, and that’s all they do every year. Gudda & Mack is Tune home boyz so of course they gone say dat.

    Once I hear it and I find hits on their that could be for an album of his I’m sorry but I gotta tell Tune take ’em off from that mixtape and give yall some whatever he can do in 5 mins lol

  • Daquan

    I hope he bring dat No Ceilings flow back for this tape

  • Ducksick999

    And not one critical point was given

    Wayne could shit on their forhead and they would worship him even more after that

    Wayne: i eat pussy, that meat pussy went on down and told her girl you have a neat pussy
    Gudda manbearpig and fat maine: oh my god best line ever, pure genious let me suck your ballsack wayne

    Hard to do anything when your surrounded by yes men and gays behin closed doors

    Fuck this shit

  • Bryant WFB

    Wayne Spit to that U.N.E.N.O beat thats all I ask homie

  • truuu

    I never listen to their hype or their release dates. Now all we need is that dumb MTV bitch to say Carter 2 Wayne is back

  • Tif

    All I Know Is This Shit Better Not Sound Like D4 or ianahb2 Because all he fuukkin talked about waz fukkin skatin. So if it do then im done wit wayne because im tired of these damn dogged out shitty ass flows he been putting out lately I Heard That Rich Gang Shit It Sounded Good But He Need to keep dat Flow For Dedication 5.

  • RuffBuff716

    D4 was fire wayne killed all those beatsespecially cashin out,Burn, I don’t like an same damn time fire ass mix tape

  • joshua

    Hands down I want to here d5 but I DO NOT WANT TO HERE (you don’t even know it) smdh. I’m on carter 6 and you don’t even know it. Lmao smdh naw I can’t do it

  • weezythenigga

    We need sum D5 news and a tracklist

  • Deezy

    Wayne got pleanty of dedications he should Cum out with a no ceilings 2 ,3 ,and 4 daat would be smf dope.

  • Loyal fan

    Danny post the track list plz dawg…….. D5 hoe!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ku

    Dhey need to drop more news cause rite now noobody dont know shit about D5 and people keep postin fake news and tracklists dats gettinn me mad forreal.

  • blunt blower

    Dhey need to drop more new about d5 cause rite now dont nobody know shit about D5 and people keep postin fake news and tracklists dats gettin me mad forreal.

  • blunt blower

    Dhey need to drop more new about d5 cause rite now dont nobody know shit about D5 and people keep postin fake news and tracklists dats gettin me mad forreal. lyke watz takin so long

  • GmoneyQ

    I think D5 will be a great mixtape young money has been doing there thing I would love to hear a collaboration with wayne and that new artist young solace that would be so dope!!

  • no ceilings

    He should hop on that versaci…old wayne would kill it bu don’t know bout this one though

  • JTheMan

    I’ll believe it when I hear it

  • Glory

    Young Solace alright but he aint shit to medz da don

  • Greek

    dumbazz Medz & solace part of the same team idiot they got a song together!!

  • Ohshit

    I cant wait to hear D5

  • carl13

    Im from florida young solace been spitting some of the hottest shit now people talking about hime on wayne page thats crazy

  • tune

    we want a remix of ‘la familia’….weezy go hard!

  • Eshall

    D5!!!!! Lil Wayne made a fan for life last night in Camden!!! I am one liberty belle who is glad she crosses that bridge!!!!! D5 Rich Gang!!!!! <3

  • Shrimp Daddy

    Why do some people come here to hate? Obvisously Wayne aint fell off if your still coming to his website for new music

  • trickster

    It looks like people ant setisfied bout wayne… Wayne this wayne that… Stmfu n let the nikka do his thing if u a real fan ul love wt he does. Waynes music make me happy. Keep it up tunechi

  • Turntmaster

    I Hope He Puts Out The Video For Curtains.

  • Trigga girl

    With this rich gang stuff it look lyke the old weezy commin back I hope so!!. I been waiting for a while

  • dipset

    I hope it will have a better quality unlike d4…and hey for the D3 he said D3 YME for free, and for D4 he said D4 hoe I’m guessin for d5 he’ll say D5 bichAss lol :)..what yall think for D5 will be?

  • Yall know I Be High :)

    Wayne said on twitter

    D5 Dec 5th then deleted the tweet. WTF

  • Taylor


  • Cheezy

    My homie got a hook-up to get D5 early imma talk to him

  • cheezy

    I Might be the first one to hear D5 for free

  • realtunefan

    I think wayne gone bring dat D3 style bak for this ccause he had it on bugatti remix

  • sticki

    i can bet on my life its trash trash trash!

  • realtunefan

    stop hatin my nigga tune bout to do it this time just watch.

  • Broskie

    im back at the hit fact and UOENO it.
    im bout to stop the skate raps, D5 gon’ show it.
    yall miss that Weezy F. Baby, haa, i know it.
    well muttafukas im back, let me show it!
    that would be a DREAM COME TRUE INTRO, coming from a diehard Wayniac, i grew up on Wayne. thats it. i can kinda hear it on tha Rich Gang album so lets go!!

  • Don

    I’m just ready for the mix tape but right now I need a track list super bad lol

  • tony_montana

    @dipset “d5 bitchass”?? Nigga that doesn’t even rhyme! ‘D5 slime’ maybe?!

  • dipset

    @Tony_montana yeah nigga D5 slime sounds dope!

  • RuffBuff716

    I’m anxious to see the cover art for D5

  • waynes4ever

    I miss u 2 my love dnt let haters steal our joy msDMÇ

  • meezy

    WTF Is takin D5 Tracklist and News so damn long

  • that nigga tune,yeah that nigga nice!!!

    I got this versace song on repeat ryt now! Drake murked this song gosh wayne need to jump on that beat…and french montana’s aint worried bout nothin’! Those are the 2 songs I hope wayne jumps on…I need sick and breathless bars! Wayne kill it

  • MrYoungmoney29

    I’m giving Wayne this last chance to do something Boom on D5 or you loose one great fan…….

  • wayne better go back and rap over t.l no matter what instrumental, the one nicki kill it on D#3,

  • All day

    You guys need to stop saying you want the old wayne back you should be saying you want wayne to be better then that evrybody has ther own openion on shit just like I think d5 will be the best tape he ever made fuck who dissagre

  • weezywarning

    I agree im givin wayne one last chance to proove he still got it because after 2011 he just been gettin worse and worse. He need to start gettin his shit right or he bout to start loosin fans. Its Gettin really bad we need that old weezy back forreal

  • If hes seriously like done with it or even halfway done then this shits gonna be garbage

  • Terryl

    He should rap off Tom Ford, Versace, and UOENO

  • Stay fly

    Asap ferg work

  • TruTH

    YO i remember when some bitch interviewer said ianahb2 sounded like carter 2….i don’t trust shit but my ears!

  • Ronnie

    He should rap off of “Ali Bomaye” instrumental!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronnie

    He should rap off of “Ali Bomaye” instrumental!!!!!!!!!!!! Some serious heat from Wayne, I could feel it!!!

  • volcomnukka

    @ DJ Drama, Lil Wayne def didn’t pay them to tweet that, but your right. Fuckers like Mack Maine and Tez and everyone else around Wayne are telling him he’s getting better, encouraging him to release sub par raps. He needs new people around him to tell him the truth, they are manipulating him to think he’s still got it. He does still have the talent, he just uses it sparingly. I tell you what though “God Bless Amerika” is one of Lil Wayne’s best songs and IANAHB2 is a very good album. Def better than Carter 4 and Rebirth.

  • Flow

    Honestly I don’t get what yall saying yall want the old wayne back thats like reliving the past. Yall look at where he is at in his life right now. He’s having fun trying to enjoy his life and what makes him happy. Carter 2 wayne was letting ppl know he is the best Rapper but now its like he already proved that. He still going hard, his verses still making you think after 3rd time you heard it, still doing features, and he still putting out hits.

  • Peace Of Mind

    @Flow enuf said man, to all the haters go play “get a life” *dats if y’all got dat track* and dats a dedication

  • khosta

    You motherfuckers need to shut up and be patient. Cuz if he releases this shit now it gon be whack. So shut up and wait. And yeah we apritiate you anticipation but please

  • Edo

    he should rap over Meek Mill’s “Levels” beat…..yeah cuz he’s DETRIMENTAL on any INSTRUMENTAL!!

  • raines

    I guess if weezy asks them to suck his dick they’ll probably do it… Not a hater but when they heard IANAHB2 it was an awesome album, couldn’t be better… The album I heard wasn’t that good..

  • Don

    He should do Dead Presidents 3

  • stizzy

    best rapper alive..ni55az be hating comparin u to niqqaz that take 2 years to drop sme shit..and sounds lame..Lil wayne is js e best perioud..D4 was sickkk #magic with FLO thts sme ill shit ryt er..Green ranger sickkkk..huh Dedication5 ahhh murder ths ish niqqa #woke up in sme new punani/he woke up bleedin like who shot me..#talent ryt eR

  • Im 18 i been aye Wayne fan since day 1 !! grew up on all his shit wayne never fell off expect for that rebirth shit i didnt really understand why he did that album but aye few songs on there was cool but other than that he never fell off & some people might say ” After Wayne got out of jail then he just fell off” but that aint the case Wayne has Young Money now and they on top of they shit & wayne want them too do better than him .. people gotta understand that wayne did what he had too do ina rap game his getting older an has kids so he just wanna chill Live Life so dont say he fell off just let the man be #D5 Hoe

  • LuvTunechi


  • JUnderRated

    Beats that would be hard for Wayne to get on is
    Ace Hood – Pray for Me
    DJ Khaled – Did it for my Dawgs
    French Montana – Trap House

  • Deduction 5..(lil wayne) I hope you freestyle to one of the following(or all) :
    Cash out-the twerk song
    Trinidad James-all gold everything
    Rich homie quan-type of way

  • Datnigga$limm

    Weezy need to kill that Pirates rick ross beat n Jay z la familia beat

  • king-Virtuoso

    Mosdef I’m just waiting to to look at the f-asses of yol hating and doubting the heartbeat of the rap game (weezy)……NONE is the answer to “Who better?”….

  • Llooks

    (¡ DonT see aLl of yo Comments)

    ¡ Just canT wa¡T t0 hear De neW sH¡T fr0m de Best Rapper AL¡Ve Tune,

    oh, ¡ Only saw Flow’s Comment, Tell em Man…