DJ Drama Talks About Lil Wayne & “Dedication 5” Mixtape [Video]

Wed, Jul 3, 2013 by

On the red carpet at the 2013 BET Awards, Vibe caught up with DJ Drama and asked him about Lil Wayne‘s upcoming mixtape, Dedication 5, which was announced last month.

Drama explains that the mixtape is coming “sooner than people think”, confirms that Weezy has already started to record freestyles over other music artists’ instrumentals, and if it is hard for him to get Tune off a skateboard and into a studio.

He also mentioned that the skits will be back on Dedication 5 like how they are on the first 3 tapes in the Dedication mixtape series, but not on the fourth installment.

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  • RyanM

    Can’t even wait

  • Lil


  • Vedvik music

    Thats good

  • I Ain’t Nervous

    Hope it drops this month.

  • slick

    Yes sir! Hopefully he actually goes in this time with those lyrics that make u think. Smoke. Drink. Do whatever u gotta do to give us that wayne we all miss! D5

  • n9ne

    drama need to learn how to put a hat on properly

    his head is way to big anyway

    hats dont look right on a head like that

  • What beats should he or could he do???????????????????????

  • Ducksick999

    I hope for these instrus

    Kanye- black skinhead (wayne better put a low dark voice on this could sound very dope)
    Lil B – i am god (even without spitting this instrumental is heaven)
    Drake – started from the bottom (cliche ass song but instru is nice)

    Hope some out of the box shit though
    I would like to hear him on some more rock rebirth shit

  • Empire

    He gotta spit over that UEONO beat

  • Vedvik music

    I hope he is jumping on a new jay-z song and diss him on it! hahahahaha!

  • bad decisions

    glad the skits are back……..they are always hilarious lol

  • Don

    I absolutely can not wait man!!!!’ I know he Finna kill it I hope it’s like 20 tracks or close to it U.E.N.O definietly needs to be one oh and I would love to hear him do started from the bottom honestly can’t think of any more but shit I know whatever it is he gone eat them up man for real WAYNE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sir. T

    Lol.. Most def Rocko’s ”YOU DONT EVEN KNOW IT” is there.
    Just waiting for the release date.
    @ZukisaniT1 (On twitter, I follow back)

  • Wayne should record on that beat off of kanye west called new slaves and power trip by j cole dat would be dope

  • Don

    Versace? Aww man i bet he would really kill that beat Smh just can’t w8 man

  • The songs he should do
    5 am in torronto
    Heaven afternoon
    Black skinhead
    New slaves
    Bound 2
    Let nas down

  • lil tune

    I like the new wayne and the old wayne, but shit if he does anything like D3 or D2 he would definitely shut up all his haters and all hip hop critics. #tunechi #weezy f baby!

  • Kidd

    You know whats great about this he will be listening to more current artists and he will try hard to out do them and knowing that the mixtape weezy will appear on that jadakiss feature i am sure that the mixtape weezy will appear on this mixtape

  • zakk

    I would love for Wayne to kill these songs

    1. uoeno
    2.started from the bottom
    3.poor decisions skin head
    6.power trip
    7.don’t kill my vibe
    8.mad city
    9.fucking problem
    12.poetic justice
    13.nothing on ya
    14.pour it up letter
    16.ain’t worried bout nothing
    15.bound 2
    16.dis ain’t what you want

    ..and I hope it will be good as no ceilings that was a classic…and by the way is Weezy off probation??

  • Khosta

    I want him to do money trees and that’s just how I feel.

    I hope it has that “drama give me somethin else I’m on fire” type of wayne

  • Don

    @Zakk that actually look nice except for bad lol but I would love to hear him kill those

  • Eshall

    Excited!! Don’t have any suggestions 4 Beats For Wayne to rap over. Most the time the first time I hear a beat is when Wayne tears it apart.

  • Iceberg slim

    1. Bugatti ft boo 2. UOENO ft Tyler The Creator 3. Poetic Justice 4. Started from the bottom 5. Show out ft 2chainz/ skit 6. RIP 7. Guap. 8. Wicked games 9. Bad ft nicki minaj 10. Don’t kill my vibe ft future 11. Still in this bitch ft drake 12. Pour it up ft nicki minaj 13. Skit/Kenny Lofton 14. All gold everything ft Gucci mane 15. 5am in Miami 16. Levels 17. Ain’t worried bout nothin ft TI & Gudda Gudda 18. 50K/skit 19. Power trip. 20 bow down/been on 21. Trap house. 22. Hello. 23.Versace 24. Dedication (look what you’ve done instrumental)

  • Tez

    He needs to get on dat “problem ft bad lucc “like whaaat” beat & go no ceilings flow on that !!

  • Speaker knockers

    Put wayne on dat “problem ft bad lucc “like whaaat”” beat instant classic wayne at his best !!! Beast mode!!

  • Cool n Dre

    Agreed kopy ! Put tune on that “like whaaat” beat it’s a lyrical crime scene about to happen !

  • Renmaster

    What it drop tomorrow lol


    also if u get a spare moment check out my 2 new vids on my page and comment feedback and sub if you enjoy what you hear!

  • philly c

    I wanna hear him rap over Backseat Freestyle !

  • yesssssssssssssss the skits are coming back!!!

  • Barry carter

    Wayne need to do the like whaaatt beat forreal. That would be a classic! And he needs to do levels!! That’s my only suggestions.

  • LuvTunechi


  • pharell

    everytime Wayne is about to drop an album or mixtape I always say “its gonna be DOPE! ” but when it comes out its always a letdown…
    so hopefully he brings that fire cuz I gave this nigga so many chances its not even funny

  • b.dubb

    if Wayne mentions his dick or eating pussy I’m slam dunking dis mixtape in the recycle byn..

  • Loyal fan

    1. Aint worry bout nthng
    2. Backseat freestyle
    3. Let nas down
    4. Bad ft shanell
    5. I am a GOD
    6. We up!
    7. I.F.H.U
    8. Molly ft Kidd Kidd
    9. Skit
    10. Started frm The Bottom
    11. Bitch dn’t kill my vibe
    12. Poetic Justice ft Gudda Gudda
    13. Born Sinner ft The Weekend
    14. 5 am in Toronto ft jadakiss
    15. La familia(responding 2 jay z)
    16. Skit
    17. U.O.E.N.O ft currency and jae millz
    18. Guap
    19. R.I.P
    20 A Dedication(heavern’s arm beats)


  • !?

    I just listened to Versus by Jay-Z and let me say he killed “Tunechi” in 51 secs
    Hahaha (jay z laugh)

  • Khosta

    Didn’t y’all hear Bugatti freestyle? He already raped about pussy, scateboarding, killing people on the tape. It will be just like dedication 4. Don’t say I didn’t tell y’all

  • Loyal fan

    The reason y he won’t rape bout pussy, dick, skateboard etc is because the tape will be release in december and Weezy will be OFF probation….. So lets wait nd c the bst tape in the history of HIP HOP

  • Don

    Say he gotta out Drake in here I was devastated when he wasn’t on D4. I miss those Wayne and Drake killer collabs like ransom and stuntin

  • trey

    Is he dead

  • erick

    i just got this idea. for tha carter I and II you know how wayne had those tracks, fly in &out and walk in & out, well for carter V wayne should have tune in and tune out. i think that would be sickkkkkkk

  • erick

    @khosta bugatti is not gonna be on D5

  • erick

    @loyal fan i hope he does versace! i felt like he should of been on there with drake.

  • erick

    @b.dubb wayne has mentioned that in everything he’s ever done. don’t act like its new

  • erick

    i think he would destroy “villumianti” hopefully better then j. cole i dont think wayne could pull off power trip that beat doesn’t suit him but with wayne who knows

  • erick

    or forbidden fruit!

  • Kidd

    @loyal fan it wont be released in december didnt you watch the video he said it will be coming much sooner than what people think im gonna say it comes out mid september

    @khosta wait a minute wasnt d4 where green ranger was on and cashin out and not to mention when he killed your so called favorite rapper flow on magic

  • Kidd

    1. 5am in Miami
    2. U.O.E.N.O.(ft. Gudda Gudda)
    3. All gold everything(ft. Jae Millz)
    4. Levels
    5. Versace(ft. Kidd Kidd and T.I.)
    6. Skit #1
    7. Like whaat(ft. Drake)
    8. Swimming pools
    9. Started from the bottom
    10. Skit #2
    11. R.I.P.
    12. Bitch dont kill my vibe(Pusha T diss)
    13. Aint worried bout nothin(ft. Mack Maine)
    14. Open letter
    15. Fucking problem(ft. Tyga and Gudda
    16. Skit #4
    17. Dope
    18. Still in this bitch
    19. Poetic Justice(ft. Jadakiss)
    20. La familia(ft. Birdman)(Jay Z diss)
    21. Dedication 5(ft. Gudda Lil Twist and Nicki Minaj)(Clique)
    22. A Dedication(Ghetto Symphony)

  • Kidd

    Number 16 is skit 3

  • Kidd

    Oh and bugatti ft boo

  • tony_montana

    He should definately remix New slaves & ghetto symphony…I feel like he would kill those if tried hard enough.versace & open letter too, I don’t understand why people would want him to get on “black skinhead” though. I hope he doesn’t go toooo0 comercial on this though, like I hope he doesn’t remix songs like “all gold everything” and shit…

  • Don

    @Kidd lol tyga already did a fucking problem

  • Kidd

    Oops my fault

  • New

    New Wayne remix came out called all the time.

  • realshih

    I remember the first song from no ceilings came out and it was swag surfin,it had everyone hype goin crazy waiting for the mixtape…the buggati freestyle didn’t cause any buzz and people don’t seem to be so hype for it cuz Wayne is so predictable these days..

  • Tie


  • Don

    @New what?

  • Kidd

    Aye yall if you like real hip hop check out my nigga starlitos album cold turkey on itunes and google play

  • New

    Idk if new but I just saw it


  • Kidd

    @new idk where you been but that song isnt new its been out for some months

  • Khosta

    @kidd don’t lie, they killed wayne. Flow had doper punchlines than wayne on magic..

  • Khosta

    Big mac mc chickens menu

  • 93green7

    tune kill some type of way .

  • Kidd

    “Fishtailing out the parking lot like salmon, she swallowed all my kids bitch we couldve had a family, the way I smoke the purp disappear straight vanish, smoke fire spitfire puff the magic dragon, tunechi”

    @khosta he killed anything flow said with these bars and im sorry if you think flow was ever or will ever be better than tune than you dont know about hip hop first of all the best rapper is kendrick lamar but my favorite is wayne I say he is number two but could be number one if he wanted to so if your saying that flow is the best rapper listen to kendrick 6foot7 freestyle or any song on his album thats not on the radio

  • YMAnonymous

    There is a versace freestyle by wayne

  • Khosta

    “my flow is retarded I think I got a birth effect. High way to heaven, pow! Where the fuck your choufered at? These niggas softer than the pillows on my sofer set.
    I’m fightin myself, cuz I don’t see no competition.
    I don’t write I draw that pistol make your face a compesition. Pow!”
    got kendrick’s album cuz I’m a fan but it’s dissapointing. Flow’s mixtape with christian R is way doper.
    Wayne’s verse aint shit to those lines I quoted. Wayne’s second for me. Acehood is third then it’s kendrick

  • Kidd

    @khosta alright i really dont wanna go back and forth but im wondering is this your favorite rapper list or your best rappers list? Its really a hige difference for example the top five rappers in my opinion are:
    1. Kendrick Lamar
    2. Lil Wayne
    3. Nas
    4. Drake
    5. J Cole
    but my favorite rappers in order are:
    1. Lil Wayne
    2. Don Trip
    3. Kendrick Lamar
    4. Starlito
    5. Eminem
    I respect it if flow and ace hood are in your favorites but if they are in your best rapper list i cant respect it or even understand your view

  • Kidd

    @khosta also i dont see how kendricks album is disappointing and it is also labeled as a classic from the last 20 years i believe its like number 15 on that list and thats a lot to say about someones debut albumand first year getting recognized

  • New

    Like I said I just saw it idk if it was new

  • patriots

    i know wayne bout to do something different cuz aint no way he cumin out wit a new dedication for no reason he must of heard people complaining and now he’s has some things to set straight wit his fans and HATERS see the difference between wayne and the other vets is that they cant be like how they used to. wayne is the only vet who can tap into his old ways. cant wait cuz wat does on mixtapes is crazy cuz he really takes that person flow on their song, uses it and it’s better than the the original D5 lets go

  • Don

    @YMAnomyomous how you know?

  • Khosta

    @kid somethings wrong with you. Kendrick better than wayne ? Have you forgotten scarface, gossip, missundrstood, dr carter, mr carter, i know the future, dedication 3, 6 foot 7 foot, pussy money weed, tie my hands, pray to the lord, president carter, trigger finger, God bless Amerika, renegade freestyle, walk in, fly in, fly out, amillie, Spitter, cannon freestyle etc ? Kendrick will never touch that stuff

  • lil tune

    @khosta, those songs are deadly as fucks, kendrick won’t touch that through his entire carreer

  • Kidd

    @khosta im not saying kendrick is better than wayne ever was he cant touch the c3 or no ceilings or anything before that im saying that hes better than lil wayne right now wayne can take back his crown if d5 is legendary though but wait your saying that flow is better than wayne now thats dumb kendrick would murder flow any day and so would tune

  • YMAnonymous

    @don im close with YM

  • Don

    @YMAnoymous oh ok cool

  • Don

    @YMAnonymous do you know what he is gonna drop next like what song

  • Khosta

    Dude get the wolf mixtape and brothers from another colour. Flow better than any rapper in the game. When he goes autotune he murders the old autotune wayne

  • lil tune

    @khosta, nigga u out of yo fuckin mind if u rlly think flow would murder old autotune weezy, no1 back then could murder weezy, so wat makes u think flow could!

  • Glenn

    @khosta you dont know music at all flow cant never fuck wit wayne and then you dont know nuttin about flow the two mixtapes you named are not that good nigga go listen to heroic by flow thats his coldest shit he ever dropped but he could never fuck with wayne tho

  • versace

    Flow better than Jay Z nigga!

  • Kidd

    Im trynna tell this nigga he dont know rap especially if he said that flow is the best rapper and flow isnt in the top fivr in youngmoney theres lil wayne then drake then cory gunz then tyga then gudda then it might be flow if hes better than nicki lol

  • Dedication II was the hardest Lil Wayne kill That shit like the carter II Wayne Was Up with all these niggas hating on you!! I guess them niggas dont believe you the best! Them niggas can die a 1,000 times and maybe they’ll come back a real nigga. Wayne fuck with them Turnkey Gulfport Ms niggas James Graham dat nigga down this bitch and James Graham Been supporting you buying all yo albums I fwu nigga even if you dont give a fuck about me and tell Drake i said was up? And tell nicki I said if she seen that mandingo and pinky porn I’ll hit her like that and leave alone im fucking G

  • tony_montana

    Khosta is a retard people, he’s really dumb! I’m not mocking the kid or anything but the dude is really,genuinely stupid. Read all this previous comments if you don’t believe me, he always says the dumbest shit ever, I swear! So do yourselves a favour and just don’t argue with him, or you’ll go crazy. Just saying!

  • Don

    I’m just ready for a track list and a release date and possibly one more song off of it

  • YMAnonymous

    @don hes not sure if he will release another song or not

  • Don

    @YMAnoymous ok well what about a track list or a release date?

  • Khosta

    Niggas didnt y’all hear flow on autotune? In the pour it up remix? And year I also think heroic is his best shit but man that album with christian was insane. Even ma girl friend listens to Flow and she sick of Wayne.
    “like over feeding stevie, I’m wonderfull” – Flow

  • YMAnonymous

    @don he has only gone over 4 songs for the tape so far. The release will be early September unless something changes.

  • daReal214

    All I need from this is a release date, and I’m hoping Wayne does a Love Sosa freestyle, that will go hard!

  • Don

    @YMAnonumous ok preciate it

  • Don

    @daReal214 lol hell ya these bitches love Weezy!!!!!!! Ha that would go so hard

  • Kidd

    @dareal214 thats negative the song is too commercial and it would be a dumb song ro remix no offense

  • Kidd

    By the way i just heard the audio to jays diss to wayne its horrible if you havent heard it then just looj at the lyrics and imagine chief keef rapping it wit his weak ass

  • real talk

    looking forward to wayne new mixtape it’s always his best shit hands down but i gotta be honest and im not a hater ima a fan before yall start that shit but he really gonna have to go in stupid hard if he wanna over shadow MAGNA CARTA HOLY GRAIL cause that shit classic and i don’t give a fuck what nobody say bout it thats just real talk and yeah again im a wayne fan ppl

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  • yo for some reason i feel like wayne been hiding i been in this webstite for 3 weeks straight i dont see danny post nothing … damn danny were is wayne at n doing

  • Tru

    So just do me a a favor and don’t do me no favors.
    Flow definitly goes harder than gudda gudda. Double G good but sometimes wack

  • Kidd

    @tru you right he is sometimes but hes consistent enough and i like his verse on gunwalk
    “Lame rappers that talk tough, get a broke jaw starstruck”
    Its reminiscent of lil waynes quote from six foot seven
    “These motherfuclers talking crazy like they jaw broke”

  • WeezyKB24

    wayne has probably been in the studio all night lately… trying to get D5 done since the tour starts tomorrow.

  • Don

    @WeezyKB24 I hope so

  • Kidd

    @weezykb24 actually hes gonba be working on the mixtape on tour like he always does his mixtapes on tour thats one of hos trademarks.i guess
    By the way if that kb24 is for kobe bryant which i think it is then we are in the same boat

  • lewis

    he should completely flip tha script and do some crazy song. like spit over Billie jean or something. something a lot of rappers couldn’t do. only Wayne. I dont think he will diss Jay. not after the pusha t diss lol. 40 glocc diss was good on its good.

  • Uhm wayne gets betta wth tym you cant expect hm to always b bout gangstr rap. . .hes kinda tired of running th game lets all gve hm a chnce

    Wyne is th best

  • mer..

    Lol everybody talkin dumb shit, let the man do what he do best…besides, @Don an @YMAnymous been kicking knowledge this whole time lol..
    Keep us informed tho

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  • arth

    d1 is good, d2 is the shit, d3 is stuuuupid crazy!!!, d4 was dope, and i bet d5 will make them look ridiculous!!!!! the best mixtape series in all the fucking world!!!

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