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Lil Wayne Surpasses 15 Million Mark In Album Sales

Thu, Jul 18, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Surpasses 15 Million Mark In Album Sales

According to Chart News, Lil Wayne surpassed the 15 million mark in album sales this week. This means that since Tunechi started his music career, altogether all of the albums that he has released have sold over a total of 15 million copies.

US album sales: @LilTunechi tops the 15 million mark in career album sales this week.

Other artists in hip-hop that have sold more than Wayne include Eminem with over 42 million album sales, Jay-Z with over 29.5 million album sales, and 2Pac with over 29 million album sales. Of course like you would guess, Tune‘s highest selling album is Tha Carter III.

Congratulations to Weezy F Baby on another great achievement ❗

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  • RuffBuff716

    Congrats tune

  • uDENI

    Wayne stay winning

  • RuffBuff716

    Oh shit was 1st….can’t wait to see tune at darien lake performing arts center on the 30th

  • CArt3r


  • shyne

    Congrats Tunechi

  • Chrizzey

    We will break the 20 millon mark with the carter 5!

    Congrats Weezy F Baby!

    • Patrick

      ahahahhaha r u stupid

      il be surprised if it goes plat

      • Fuck tha Fame

        What Wayne album hasnt?

  • LP

    Full respect to em, jay, and pac, but they were releasing their best albums when people actually bought albums. And they weren’t giving away full-length mixtapes for free

    • Patrick

      you couldnt give anything for free in the 90s

      and also it makes no sense to give out free music onces ur really big

  • Loyal fan

    Congrats my Nikka Tunechi!!!! Danny any news on dedication 5 ?

  • dipset

    This is a great weapon to use in an argument with people who hate lil wayne

  • 666

    look at eminem’s sales. no one is overtaking him anytime soon lol.

    • Patrick

      no1 wiill



    • Patrick




  • KingZ

    ^^ Congratz 2 Wayne & i agree with @LP. Wayne has put out album material on mix tapes. Those numbers would Be a lot higher if Wayne didn’t give us free music…But he does it for us fans.

  • raw tune

    eminem is white so he dont count here

  • TruTH

    DAMN 42? Keep grinding Wayne

  • CLB

    that wassupp but where tha music at ready for devol and D5.

  • Just got off the phone with Danny he sead weezy is half way don with d5 and the best song so far is uoeno

  • tony_montana

    No one can Phuq with Eminem, no matter what anyone says! He’s just always killed shit! @raw tune, you’re stupid!

    S/o to Wayne though, dwayne Micheal Carter junior stays winning!!! Congrats to him!

  • babcy

    Wayne doing it big at the time when nobody buys physical albums anymore,respect to this motherfucker! #richgang.

  • love lil wayne

    hope he goes even farther

  • love lil wayne

    hope he goes even farther than were he already is !!!!!!

  • Edo

    Ok this means that Eminem, Jay-Z, 2Pac & Lil Wayne are greatest rappers of all time….just like how Kanye said!

  • khosta

    That’s weak Wayne

  • Tune go hard. .i wish Carter5 dont come soon since its his Final,i wish he drops a few more.Im S.A’s number1 tune fan..Buh i dnt think I.A.N.A.H.B 2 is availeble for sales here..Allready g0t it on ma fwn buh i’d buy tha mutha_f@KKa


  • Congrats Weezy. A lot of people r forget one MAJOR thing doe…. Lil Wayne is also known as “Mixtape Weezy” I bet there is more free lil wayne song, than paid for songs by Weezy. I seriously love him for that. I mean I will never go hungry for a lil wayne song cause there is so much to choose from. Thank u Wayne. Your fans love u !

  • Sir. T

    @Edo Im witchu, he is.
    Just waiting to see what his haters will post. Yung mulah baybehhh!!

  • Are* songs *

  • I doubt they’ll be anothr rapper that will reach those numbers

    • Patrick

      what numbers

  • Angel

    I bet Macklemore will take second place behind Eminem soon.

  • dalow

    I’m 17 yrs dic year so b4 I was introduced 2 weezy,eminem was my favourite rapper bt since D2 weezy nd eminem share the number spot 2 me(number dnt mean sh!t 2 me weez n wayne stay winning) proudly S.A

    I wuld 2 c a collabo or 2 4rm those guys tho may ad drake…MARSHAL MATHERS…..follow plz on twitter @DALOWHLONGWANE n happy 2 Nelson Mandela

  • Hi! My name is Tunechi

    50 was even more

  • weezy the best!

    Lol 50cents first two albums did big numbers,that was get rich or die trying and the massacre…the rest of he’s shit is weak,wayne will probably pass jay and tupac…but eminem is too far ahead,and weezy drops too much free music so big upz to wayne u doing good bruh!

    • Patrick

      he wont pass 2Pac or Jay

      unless he realses 6 more albums or summin

  • Bawse


    And he aint even finished yet.

    • Patrick

      he is not a legend

  • Masipala

    Congrats to LilTunechi for passing 15m…you the best ever seen…

  • Kidd

    @angel yeah that will definitely happen and macklemore hasnt even hit platinum

  • Chelly

    Notin but win

  • LilMomma

    Congrads Love 🙂

    Enjoy your Day!

  • larry

    back then people had know choice but to buy albums that is why they are ahead


  • volcomnukka

    @Angle…….Macklemore???? Really??? Really??? MAcklemore is trash

  • president carter

    At least tune up there with the legends

  • U r a trip hopefully mb meet u at comcast dont live where I use to but u knew that if u want ill give u # n address we rap together

  • weezy f

    Please tel me what’s special about mackelmore people? He makes a whole lot of corny music,he aint hip hop…I don’t play none of he’s music coz he’s wack but yeah he’s like the shit in america but here no1 fucks with that dude

  • trickster

    I nu its going to happen! Twas only a matter of time(^_^)tunechiiiiI

  • There’s only one more possible person who could get on that list and its Kanye West. But congratz to Weezy for reaching that mark at a time when its so fucken easy to download albums illegally. Eminem’s numbers are just unfair, his got to much damn white boys buying his shit, and most of those are from before 2007 when illegal downloads weren’t as prevalent as it is today.

    • Patrick


    • Patrick

      but lil wayne started in 1999

      so he had the same chance as em

  • Mr Nino

    Congrats Tune Even with all these mixtapes and free songs you give us you have surpassed the 15million mark in albums sales. You the best. I think even.if Drake is the best right know in the game and everybody fuck with him it is gonna be hard to surpasse his boss Wayne it is not the same level.

  • Mr Nino

    Congrats Tune*

  • Mr Nino

    Damn just 3dayz untill the album drops and it still aint got leaked tho #RichGang we winnig

  • MrNinoBrown

    Damnnn man I spoke too soon the album was leaked a few minutes ago… And Damn there is a couple hits on this and the songs where Wayne features are crasy tho especially Bigger Than Life!!! Danny M I know you will love this shit the all 3 killed it Baby Tyga & Wayne… Chris Brown did his thang also #RichGang

  • Choppers make tem niggas dance

    Ti&LIl wayne always make hits damnnn #HaveItYourWay
    “I let Marley Shoot em cause i’m a convicted fallen” #PaintThaTownRed

  • Of course ems first. Hes a legend. Waynes stickin in there with 4th tho. Ill give em that. But mixtapes this niggas a god. Noceilings.. ahh. I miss the old legend wayne. Not clown tunechi

    • Patrick

      lil wayne aint 4th

      • Fuck tha Fame

        He is

  • Nick

    @Simneazy how do you not have a physical copy of IANAHB 2??? It’s at every single Musica in the country…

  • Nick

    On another note though and like everybody has mentioned Wayne may have sold 15 Million Albums but you have to include mixtape downloads into this as well. His mixtapes are better than 90% of his albums so yeah add the numbers.

    • Patrick

      its sales u cock

      u dont sell mixtapes there free

      it would be stupid to count them

  • Flow

    Rich Gang album has been leaked. Well we can tell birdman put everything together for this album. Some songs im like why. Birdman need Mannie Fresh. But the album is kool nothing big. #ymcmb

  • john

    50 cent sold over 20 million

    • Patrick

      in 4 albums

      alot better than lil wayne who has sold 15mill in 11 ahahahah

  • corbin wells

    If you count his mixtape downloads he got at least have 25 million sales.

    • Patrick

      u dont sell mixtapes u fool

  • LuvTunechi


  • matti @ b

    Congrats tune!

  • Zach Minty

    For those who are saying 50 cent has sold more that is probably because you’re thinking about his worldwide sales; the 15 million album sales is only including the records Wayne has sold in the U.S. alone.

    Also Eminem has sold 100 million records WW the 40 mil is for the US sales only….

    • Mbminas

      nope idiot..

    • Patrick

      50 has sold more than wayne in america

  • Drake is qoinq to take over those #’s if these rappers keep rappinq about the same shyt except differrnt beat & flDnt believe me, just watch.!
    Jay Z said “Drake is like Kobe in the qame”

  • Drake is qonna take over those #’s if these rappers keep rappinq about the same shyt except different beat & flow..
    Jay Z said “Drake is like Kobe in the qame” and its true! Drake is cominq out with some shit’ tht ppl never expected.. Yall thouqht he was just an R&B sinqer… Smh
    This niqquh qot talent and crazy flow.!
    Dnt believe me, just watch.!

  • Shady

    Pussy ass niggers, y’all be acting like the carter 3 was waynes debut album, going on about leaked shit and stuff,the guy had his debut album back in 1999 and lets nt forget he has been in the music biz since 96 almost the same time as Em. So what advantage does Em have over wayne?

    • Patrick

      good point

    • King Keish

      Em is white and has Dre. Wayne is black and has Bird. Big difference.

      • Avp4real

        Wayne doesn’t have bird anymore he’s Tryna get out of cmb if you’ve been keeping up with the news, and sorry for the wait 2

  • Makaveli

    2Pac sold more than lil Wayne in just 2 albums(all Eyez on me & greatest hit)

  • Avp4real

    Okay, Eminem has sold 100 million world wide, I’m a dedicated Eminem fan, yes Wayne has sold 15 million compared to eminems 100 million, but lil Wayne has countless mixtapes and combining those figures theoretically the numbers are the same, they’re equal, Wayne just gave out more free music that’s all. Both are legends and both are up for greatest rappers of all time, y’all trippin hard as fuck over this