Lil Wayne Stops By Ollie’s Skatepark In Kentucky, Plays Big Tymers On His Phone

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Lil Wayne Stops By Ollies Skatepark In Kentucky, Plays Big Tymers On His Phone

Last night, Lil Wayne went on a skateboarding session at Ollie’s indoor skatepark in Florence, Kentucky until early morning. You can view another photo and a video captured by Derek Medina of Weezy F Baby skateboarding after the jump below.

Ollie’s skatepark also snapped a picture of Tunechi‘s phone, which they used to play music from while everyone was skating. As you can see in the pic, Wayne was bumping the Big Tymers How You Luv That Vol. 2 album that was released back in 1998. I guess this has something to do with the new upcoming Big Tymers album that Birdman, Tune and Drake are working on right now!

Lil Wayne Stops By Ollies Skatepark In Kentucky, Plays Big Tymers On His Phone

Lil Wayne Stops By Ollies Skatepark In Kentucky, Plays Big Tymers On His Phone

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  • MALI


  • Drizzy

    Check yo watch big papi a big timer



  • Happy Easter

    “i need my 100”


  • gaz f baby

    they pinned waynes iphone to the wall so no one would steal it ahahahah

  • tunchi’z son

    fuck all u ,,,,all the around u do not let people be 1st,,,,lol weezy amazing

  • Lil ZeeTune

    5th in dis btch,Cnt waiiiiiiiiiiiit for it tuney go hard

  • D5

    @ mali you ain’t shit

  • Presidentz

    Big Tymers reunion will be a classic.

  • D5

    I can’t weight to hear weezy on a manny fresh beat again big tiymers album of 2014

  • Drizzy

    @gazfbaby lick on big papi

  • Mitha

    He handsome

  • Mixitup047

    Lololol. He has sprint. Cheapest and worst network. That’s funny.

  • Sir. T

    Lol @Gaz.. D5 is the only trending ish on my mind. On every TRUE wayniac for that sake. You aint shit if it aint.

  • Drizzy

    Soon as I see him walk up in the club ima flirt

  • lil tunechi fan since 05

    damn how epic is that.. his fans gets to see his iphone wallpaper and music and his sprint 3g logo and what this man is listening of his iphone

  • brodyb23

    make No Ceilings 2

  • Fresh

    Weezy will probably drop nc2 next year he will be off probation so he can sip seyrup again

  • ctfu this nigga one cheap rich ass rapper he got sprint tho like he cant afford at&t or Verizon

  • Manni fresh beats

    Ok wayne give us d5 we tierd of listening to ianahb2 and that Bugatti freestyle guive us the damn tape

  • Drizzy

    Give big papi 5 dollars ill get weezy to drop d5 after we fuck

  • Fag

    Anyone else think this dude named drizzy is a fag keep calling nigga big papi and shit


  • truth





  • Kidd

    @weezyfbaby j cole not better than kendrick or nas so your statement is false

  • Drizzy

    Tanks to @fag big papi will not tell weezy to drop d5 tonight I hope he make y’all weight till next year

  • Drizzy

    Y’all go buy wiz khalifas onifc album he’s big Papies new friend

  • Drizzy

    Ever since that Versace song I can’t seem to get these hoes off my legg

  • tunechi fan


  • Drizzy

    Weezy verse on bedrock always gets me hard

  • Drizzy

    Big papi lost his bike help me find it

  • Drizzy

    Big papi might grow some dreads what y’all think

  • Fa real for

    Niggas be like..

    Bae I’m switching to sprint

  • @Kidd You are stupid, Kendrick Lamar is good but doesn’t come close to Hollywoodcole and for Nas he is shit Lifes good sucks good kid mad city is ight, you need to educate yourself about hip hop. you are a lil wayne fan SMFH

  • Sandria

    Hoping Wheezy might stop by at the NEWTON FALLS SKATEPARK….. 2night while he in cuyhoga..
    It’s a Lil one but I can still dream big!! LOL… so pumped in a half hour I will get to see him it’s packed here!

  • Drizzy

    Big papi gone start skating

  • Kidd

    @weezyfbaby naw nigga im a hip hop fan you probably like cole cause you can understand what he saying listen to kendricks freestyles or look up what his songs are really about honestly j cole is up there but dont say no dumb shit like he the best rapper he even said he fell short of nas expectations he knows hes not as good as nas and any time he collaborates with kendrick he gets owned

  • Sandria

    Wishing Weezy mite stop by the NEWTON FALLS SKATEPARK!!!! Its only 40mins from blossom music center!!! I can wish BIG!!!! LOL in like 20 mins ill get to see him so pumped right now!

  • Drizzy

    If big papi sell a milli first week ima suck every body nipple

  • Fag

    Yeah this dude drizzy is a fag

  • Drizzy

    Big papi is a forse to be weekend with

  • maria_latina_wayne

    love the video and i love the photo under the video love Wayne smile

  • Drizzy

    Wish big papi had an asshole to finger

  • @Kidd Nas never said cole fell short, he said he was disappointed that he released Work Out, Nas was really impressed with Let Nas Down and Born Sinner, he even did a remix to the song. Kendrick lamar sucks, he had a decent album and eveyone starts dickriding him. stop dickriding, i listen to J. Cole because i can realte to what hes says, how are u going to relate to shitty Lil Wayne?? or Shitty Kendrick Lamar?? Kendrick’s freestyle are terrible so are his songs they are nothing but materialistic things, so next time you open your big mouth do some research. SMFH the intelligence you dumb wayne fans have. Another thing ill add is that you listen to Wayne and Kendrick the two rappers with the most annoying voices in music history!

  • new orlean

    @WEEZYFBABY bitch you sound stupid fareal wayne that nigga I guck with cole dont get me wrong but wayne really is that nigga look at the history wayne really change hip hop 1 of Wayne mixtapes better than cole album born sinner was nice tho but until he have a album like C1 C2 than talk to me C3 was cold to but tha first two was legendary wayne try no more because he dominated tha game it became to easy

  • Kidd

    @weezyfbaby you missing what i said and you just ignored me saying that nas is better than j cole we can go back and forth about kendrick but lets not nas is only rapper right now that is consistent enough to go against any rapper at any time and no matter what you say you cannot say that j cole is better than nas honestly your logic about j cole is faulty if you could see that his style is actually more materialistic than kendrick and the only song on good kid maad city that was about material was backseat kendrick is a real mc so is cole i just know that kendrick is better by the way kendricks debut label album was already named a classic of the last 20 years let see j cole do that and listen to the lyrics on poetic justice and cartoons and cereal he really showed poetry skills if you know anything about real hip hop it is supposed to be poetry to beats also he tells a story throughout the album and lastly the only times i really listen to wayne is either when i listen to his old things or when he drops a project

  • @new orlean you are fucking stupid c3 sucks, c1 and c2 are both mediocre at its best, and don’t get me started on how shit waynes mix tapes are d4 and s4tw are not even rap, wayne didn’t change the rap game he ruined it by releasing his trash he calls “music” to the world, he is the reason America is the way it is, he should never be allowed to release his music ever again. Every rapper laughs at him and disses him and he doesn’t even know it go listen to REAL music like j. Cole, eminem, drake, and kanye west

  • @kidd I’m not missing what you said, Nas sucks he hasn’t been good for quite some time, Nas consistent? Ha that’s a joke he has never been consistent and he will never be. You are in denial kendrick isn’t good and cole is not a materialistic rapper at all, every song on good kid mad city sucks and has no meaning what’s SO ever. Kendrick’s debut album sucked even worse the his second album Coles two albums are much better than Kendrick’s, it’s retards like you who over use the word “classic” it’s sickening, poetic justice was terrible drake was the only one with the poetry skills he saved the god awful song, kendrick does an amazing job at storytelling but storytelling doesn’t mean you have lyrics. And waynes old shit doesn’t compare to Coles worst shit and d5 is going to prove my point. And please tell me who had the better verse cole or wayne??? So stfu and go listen to they ready for what ever cole murks kendrick. You kendrick Stan’s are just as bad as eminem Stan’s (no dis respect to eminem)

  • Go listen to Coles albums and mix tapes and his other songs, you cannot say kendrick is better smh u have no respect for a good artist

  • new orlean

    @WEEZYFBABY eminem kanye and drale have all given wayne props each one has indivdually admitted that wayne was a better rapper than them

  • Kidd

    @weezyfbaby its like you didnt hear me i said that j cole was a good rapper ive heard a lot of his mixtapes and his albums and there is no evidence of potential for him to ever be the best rapper

  • @Kidd their is potential for j. Cole to be the greatest, his production and rapping skills have increased by alot, j. Cole is only on his second album and that shit was amazing, next up for him is the collaborating album with kendrick witch will be dope. J. Cole has the potential be the greatest because with every new album and mixtape he improves indefiantly. I’m not the only one who says this other rappers say it for example Jay z said it and he is one of the greatest to ever do it

  • @new Orleans eminem never said that but kanye and drake did so nize it, tbh I’m a huge lil wayne fan and he’s my favourite rapper and i think he is the best rapper alive for many reasons but i think j. Cole is making better music, REAL MUSIC, besides that wayne is the goat and j.cole is the goat of the new school

  • Kidd

    Alright could everyone listen to they ready by dj khaled knedrick jcole and big krit and tell me who had the best verse because its obvious that kendrick killed j cole if yall listen comment who has the better verse

  • J.cole murked kendrick, kendrick bores me talking about Compton and nonsense like that *yawn*

  • its all about cole he does the corse and the production and he has the best verse wait till the collar album cole will kill kendrick in every song/verse

  • new orlean

    @weezyfbaby em said that wayne was the only rapper he was intimidated by he said that wayne would say something too clever of they went at it do the research

  • Mister Big


  • no he didnt post me a link to it you fucking retard, he said he cant fuck with lil wayne thats all

  • Kidd

    @mister big thanks bruh someone on the same page

  • you are nothing but dickriders nice it

  • nize it

  • Kidd

    How am i a dickrider kendricks not even my favorite rapper and you cant call that nigga a dickrider cause he just recognized what a better verse sounded like

  • stfu ur just annoying me now ur stupidity is pissing me off

  • Kidd

    Just gtfoh saying dumb shit but then cant take it when someone can actually show you youre wrong smfh

  • their is a reason why wayne fans are the dumbest fans and you are proof u didnt show me anything, i can take what u say its just BullShit, u can show me nothing u just look stupid SMFH u dont know shit about rap, coming from a nigga who listens to justin bieber SMFHHHHHH!

  • Kidd

    @weezyfbaby first of all i am a rapper and i have studied most of the legends hip hop fans know and i dont talk about no bullshit like throwing money or nothing like that i talk about real stuff and secondly that justin bieber comment was the lamest literally the lamest insult i ever heard for real

  • DKMMMMMM ur a rapper naw burh justin bieber could rap better than, sit ur ass down u clown

  • Kidd

    I smell a hater and it sounds like youre also a justin fan cause obviously you cant keep him out ur mouth

  • Naw b it’s just the cold truth so suck a dick muthafuckaaaaaa cause no one cares

  • khosta

    I can’t believe you comparin j.cole to Wayne? Wtf? J.cole is sooooo whack, his album sucks AF! Kendrick lamar is Wayne better than that fuckin idiot name j.cole. And Weezy’s no cielings is better than all of j.cole’s albums. Even Rebirth too it’s just underrated. J.cole sucksssss big time, he should go fly a kite..

  • You are a fucking retard go Improve your vocabulary u are obliviously a stupid lil wayne fan so thanks for proving my point u retard

  • What it is

    BAHAHAHAH @WEEZYFBABY man you make no damn sense one second your all ‘Weezy the goat’ then next thing your calling him wack makes no sense man hahah

  • Naw he is the goat but ill admit when other artist make better music bahahahah stfu

  • john dale


  • mOneY on Mind

    Why wayne got a picture of birdman car on his phone?/

  • moneytalks7000

    @ WeezyFBaby here is your proof fuckin retard:

    By the way, the shit u talkin makes no sense at all…

  • Nagoya_chees

    Weezy f forever, repn do ya thang!!

  • you fucking retard he never said that he was better SMFH

  • Why he don’t have the iPhone 5 I know Lil Wayne like new shit