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Paris Hilton Speaks On Working With Lil Wayne & How Smart He Is

Sat, Aug 3, 2013 by

Paris Hilton Talks Working With Lil Wayne & How Smart He Is

Star Magazine recently caught up with Cash Money‘s latest signee Paris Hilton at the Asphalt Yacht Club launch event in Los Angeles, California on July 27th for an interview.

During their interview, Paris discussed what it is like working with Lil Wayne, how intelligent he is, and more. Read what she said about Weezy F Baby below:

How was it working with Lil Wayne?
He’s so awesome. He’s so down to earth and chill and so talented. He can just write on the spot and come up with these amazing verses. The song that we did together is so incredible and I’m so happy about it. I was surprised at how intelligent he was and he was just such a gentleman. When you meet some people you don’t really know what to expect and with him, he was just such a kind person with a big heart and I really love him.

The song Hilton is talking about is called “Good Time” and herself and Wayne recently shot the Hannah Lux Davis-directed music video in L.A. last week.

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  • rem111


  • Fresh

    First d5 slime

  • KingZ

    What does she mean “He can just WRITE on the spot and come up with these amazing verses”?

  • Ray-N

    When is this new Paris and Weezy song dropping ?

  • bugatti tune

    lol she called wayne a gentleman…..she obviously dont know enough about him

  • Sir. T

    Im not surprised. He is loved and respected by everyone who knows him. Its obvious his haters dont kno him.

  • Babcy

    This dude gives out too many music that’s Y people don’t like him that much anymore

  • Ibrotunechi

    I thought wayne spent a night in paris ? Nd paris hilton is cute af

  • She Wants The D

  • dipset

    Tunechi writes verses????

  • Kidd

    @ray-n it supposed to drop sometime next week

  • Trukfit_504

    Wayne’s a hero. I got respect for the dawg, he’s a genius and it takes a real person to see it not fakes

  • 30 seconds to young money mars

    @dipset he doesn’t write his shit he just comes with it on the spot he’s a lyrical master mind he dont need to right his shit he’s better than that….thats y he’s the best rapper alive

  • weezy F!!!

    Waynes writing again???? That’s not good news I watched the documentary bwt how he’s writing was affecting he’s music maybe this is why he’s music hasn’t been at its greatest lately…all I’m saying is if he is writing again niggaz in he’s camp better get that pen and paper away from him!

  • Lil ZeeTune

    Truk da wurld

  • Cortez Byrant Management

    Wayne only write the subject having to die with the title and msg of the song. That’s it here’s example.

    Its like I’m on a cliff, and the relationship I’m in I can feel it starting to drift, though I try hard not to worry, thanks to these steroids and my off probation Mary, Mary Jane of course keeping my mind extraordinary blurry, clouds everywhere I’m so high me feet ain’t even near me, as I’m rolling down life’s edge man these drugs starting to scare me. – Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.

  • LP

    Q: How was it working with Wayne?
    Paris: He’s so awesome, I really enjoyed giving him a blowjob to get signed to Cash Money.

  • Birdman

    A freestyle is a rap that comes off the top of the head, on the spot, without thinking. Many ppl have been misled into thinking that Wayne freestyles his lyrics. Google “Lil Wayne Freestyle Radio 1” and you will clearly see that is not the case. He can’t.

    In the “Nicki Minaj My Time” documentary it shows Wayne locking himself in a room all night long just to put together one verse for Nicki’s song. He would think of a couple of bars, recite them on a recorder, then build on more bars until he had 16. Then he would play it back, memorize it,
    and go in the booth to lay it down. The end result was shit like “I said what about them niggaz, she said what about them niggaz?” The same technique is applied to his newer songs, which have been mediocre at best. Therefore he NEEDS to write. He needs to take a month off from skateboarding, touring, fucking off, and WRITE a quality album. If not at least get a ghostwriter, which he’s been speculated to have done in the past.

  • Flow

    Wayne writing yea maybe her verses lol

  • Joseph

    Danny M bro you gotta get off Wayne man.
    You feeding the people bs bro. U know its kids on here but… thats life Get money/TheDevil winning

  • Ymovo

    I think d5 gonna drop this month cuz drake album drop next month also the big timers single is set to drop in sept or oct so I’m expecting d5 I’m midd August

  • fuck bitches

    @birdman The definition for freestyle is a pre written rhyme dumb ass nigga stop hating and get yo money up its not good to hate on another grown ass man

  • Birdman

    @fuck bitches…. here’s some knowledge for you, dumbass nigger.

  • Kidd

    @ymovo actually the big tymers album doesnt cone till next year you’re thinking of the single that they will release in spet or oct

  • Weezytheboss

    Weezy gotta spazzzzzzzzzz out on that versace that’s all I ask and a blurred lines freestyle won’t hurt

  • Weezytheboss

    And Tom foard

  • truth





  • patriots

    @weezy f !! I think your talkn about the carter documentary or 1 of the nino browns but i do think that it was the carter doc. when he said he was on tours and stuff and the bus is loud so he had to write songs for NO CEILINGS and that mixtape probally goes down as not only his best but one of hip hop’s best project so lil wayne writing again is what u should want but wat she meant to say was how he come up on spot(pause) with his verses

  • Tunechi Chubs

    Wayne looks so adorable here, mmm, :). I always believed he was intelligent! He’s just so misunderstood.


    tunechi is da bst rapper aliv n he mykz da wrld goez arund lyk huler hoooooop…especially wen he screeeen young mulaaaaarrrr baaaabeeeee


    Rappers rap bout wat they goin through in life yo.. lil Wayne on top the world. U haterz can go anywer in da world n say lil Wayne an everyone kno him. The point is all u sayin his music bad wit no meaning is cuz his life is full of money bitches and partyin so that wat his music bout…