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Lil Wayne Stops By Brandon Biebel’s Private Skatepark In Los Angeles [Pictures]

Tue, Sep 17, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Stops By Brandon Biebel Private Skatepark In Los Angeles

At 4AM this morning, Lil Wayne hit up Brandon Biebel‘s private skatepark in Los Angeles, California for a skateboarding session with the Grizzly Gang and the Trunk Boyz.

Just shredded wit da Trunk Boyz and Grizzly Gang at my n!gga Biebz park!! Dope sesh homie!! Truk Team – @LilTunechi

You can check out some more photos of Weezy F Baby skating at the private indoor skatepark after the jump below!

Lil Wayne Stops By Brandon Biebel Private Skatepark In Los Angeles

Lil Wayne Stops By Brandon Biebel Private Skatepark In Los Angeles

Lil Wayne Stops By Brandon Biebel Private Skatepark In Los Angeles

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  • dummy


  • Brinedd

    Wayne you need to announce a new project, I’ve played D5 too much.

  • weezy f

    Nw wayne back 2 wearing chainz must b gettin his swag back

  • Don

    Lol right

  • Don

    Aren’t they suppose to be releasing a single for Big Tymers?

  • sam speed

    no homo everytime i see weezy’s body i wanna get tattoos lol

    no homo tho

  • weezy F

    @Sam speed loool I feel u homie

  • Trizzy

    Lol… Most people on twitter thought Wayne was reffering to Bieber when he tweeted “…Biebz”

  • J stanley

    Lol Weezy F, you call that a chain? That’s a necklace

  • young tunechi

    Shiit I feel da same way too I wanna get me yatted up

  • Slim

    I’ll think there’s people as tatted as wayne, then I’ll remember the PSA and the tatts wayne got after that vlog and I’ll think fuck no! People that are mega tatted and still look cool that is

  • ted

    I find it weird there are guys on here talking about waynes tats….u guys are gay

  • frankT

    I think wayne hates normal clothes lol, he’s been rockin truckfit for an whole year now….

  • Slim

    @Ted nigga what the fuck you want me to talk about? The fact that Pusha T started wearing a weave this Month and nobody called his faggot ass on it? Fuck outta here youngin, I’m talkin bout this niggas TATTOOS that you CLEARLY SEE they’re even on his FACE if you didn’t notice that big ass BAKED and the got damn cross on his mug.

  • Angel

    To them comments above ^^^

    No homo can’t save you.

  • Slim

    @Angel I’ma come over there and slap the snapback off ya head youngin watch ya mouth

  • Rocky

    Yea the big tymers single is supposed to drop this month or October I hop birdman wasn’t lying he does that too much

  • tedd

    @slim ur a fagg..

  • guys check out lil wayne behing the scene footage when making D5… he truly is an amazing rapper… RESPECT!!!1

  • Don

    @Rocky Lol me to

  • realtunefan


  • ted

    @realtunefan Where did u hear that from -_-

  • realtunefan

    @ted hiphopwire

  • Randyberry

    @slim niggas is retarded lol

  • Purp

    Yal wish he would get back on his old shit but it aint gunna happen.. He raped about everything in the fucking world give him a breakkk perminatly

  • Lil suxks now. I remember he would always drop a single every week.

  • Don


  • Don

    @realtunefan I didn’t see it

  • Trizzy

    Wayne will never switch back, he might introduce a new Wayne though. Can’t you fags see he’s been changing his style after every installment of tha carter series… Don’t just hear, listen!! Been a wayniac since the hot boys, and change is what made wayne… Versitility at its best

  • Wayne doing his thing

  • ziMbaBwe

    Cn any1 tel,did Wayne say anyting bwt

  • Tunechi96


  • Ym news

    New big tymers single drops sept 30

  • Slim

    @teddy don’t get outta pocket lil1 I’ma have to give you that A1 ass kickin I like pussy bruh, you the only one thinkin about gay shit here. Out of all the shit you turn tattoo’s into some sexual shit. You Anglo-Saxon fuck boi, I bet you have filthy thoughts about this nigga tear drops. Sick Fuck smh. New niggas. also to anybody outside the fuck boi I’m talkin to reads this, That thing I said about Pusha wearing weave was not a joke. I don’t blame bruh tho he pushin 40 and braids that rat pussy he got on his head.

  • loyal fan

    people are saying bad things abt wayne
    especially drake’s fan……..

  • dalow

    Drake wearing a HOT BOYS t-shirt on the last post of YMHQ.COM wit wayne,juvie,turk n bg on it

  • Kaplun

    Wasn’t Wayne supposed to be on drakes album?

  • IUsedToLoveHim

    I’m was just sitting in this hot tub bored, so I came to check on you… Lol your just as Cute as you wanna be but your still upsetting so oh well! N E Wayz be safe out there Kid, you piss me off but I Love You Pooh! Oh, n you at the flody fight comical but not in a bad way, u piss me off but u still think about u from time to time.

    With Love,was yours lol naw jk Yours truly Princess Loyal!

    <3 🙂 i hope your happy, cuz i am n oh yeah r u married yet?
    Either congrads, i hope all is well with u! Ive missed u a Little… 🙂 Bye Old Daddy

  • trap q

    lil wayne is going to sign young thug from bricksquad he raw too

  • baby

    I luv u

  • youngtaylor

    tunechi. . .u rock man. . .d5 is the boom. .yeah u had me…skating lyk im lil wayne. . .dope sht my nigga

  • Gmoney


  • CheyCheyLuvTunechi

    My Babi My Luv My Wayne ♥♥♥♥♥

  • And Skateboard

    Sessions of skateboard is style! good vibes for you wezzy!