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Lil Wayne Stops By TransWorld Skatepark In California For A Skating Session

Wed, Sep 4, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Stops By TransWorld Skatepark In California For A Skating Session

After his concert in San Diego, California on August 27th, Lil Wayne hit up TransWorld Skatepark for a skateboarding session.

You can watch some footage in the clip below of Weezy F Baby backstage, performing on his tour, and skating with Shuriken Shannon, Connor Champion, YoYo, and more!

Via TransWorld

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  • Love Live Life

    Come on wayne you look strange in tight ass shorts with high socks on

  • Thomas

    Weezy F Baby!! Luvvvvv

  • jay

    yeah, thats dope

  • Bawse


  • spike m

    wayne concert is not finish yet he has a date till oct that info is on lwhq frnds

  • Rich Gang up in dis bitch

    Sick ass video

  • tunchiz son

    nice one praaa

  • eu

    he’s geting better

  • tina phoo

    Looks. Fun wish. I knew. How to skate

  • lil’NDOSH

    What up 5!!

  • Racks

    Drake the type of nigga that chews his homboy food so it will be softer to eat

  • Rocko

    Drake the type of nigga that drives arond the speedbump

  • Ree

    Drake the type of nigga to say his abc backwards

  • tod

    When is he gonna quit this skating shit, when is he gonna realize it aint workin…..hes finna be 31 this month cmon wayne your getting to old for this skating and dressing like a kid

  • dyno

    danny any video from when he performed in phoenix, az ?

  • Tunechi96


  • bloodNiggaShit

    Weezy was always throwing up blood sign on pictures but tunechi always throwin the middle finger

  • Ctuhlu

    Till today i dont understand why Wayne changed everything the style, the Way of rapping just everything i mean why change something that isnt broke to some broke Ass shit? Its like selling a Bugatti to buy an Old ass pontiac fiero

  • Peace Of Mind

    @tod stfu n!g, Pharrell also dress da same way n skates n how old dat n!g? Stop hatin

  • @ctuhlu smh @ u bitchin over d way a nigga dresses. Get a life nigga.

  • Best

    That’s my nigga Weezy. Anyway @Danny why Austin Mahone is not added yet to young money artists on YMHQ?

  • Reach

    D5 is the best wayne tape since drought 3 I was saprised at how hard he went evrytime I think wayne fallen off he hit me with a killer tape wayne is the best alwayse & forever!

  • tha carter II

    @bloodNiggaShit fo yo info. He wuz nicknamed tunechi lionchess a long tym ago nigga

  • Anna

    long as you having fun Wayne, it doesn’t matter! Do you.

  • Kaitlin

    Loved, aall yoour songss intell. U steeped on the flag