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Does Lil Wayne Look Like A Crabapple?

Thu, Oct 10, 2013 by

Does Lil Wayne Look Like A Crabapple

For a new segment of “Mean Tweets” on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Jimmy got a bunch of music artists to read one terrible tweet that has been wrote about them on Twitter. These artists included Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Pharrell, Kid Rock, Backstreet Boys, Big Sean, Katy Perry, 2 Chainz, and of course Lil Wayne.

For Weezy F Baby‘s message, someone had tweeted that he looks like a crabapple. Like Wayne himself, I don’t even know what a crabapple is and when I googled it, I got a bunch of plants… so it doesn’t make sense at all.

“I don’t know what a crabapple is, fuck all y’all”

This skit was filmed back in June when Tunechi made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live for an interview!

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  • Tasha


  • lol,”i don’t know what a crabapple is,so fuck all yall”…lol,i too don’t know what the hell that is…

  • Love Live Life


  • kevin


  • liltune97

    Tune doesn’t look like a fucking plant but he does smoke that kush

  • Bawse

    Nah he looks like Lil Wayne to me.

  • Great

  • Eshall

    I think crabapples are cute. I think Lil Wayne is freakin hot.

    • PC M


  • Its simple #crabapple means crab and apple

  • Wise


    I think you should keep doing the titles like this one. “Does Lil Wayne look like a crabapple?” It gets us more attention to it.

  • Lil ZeeTune

    Tunechi say fuck yall,i say fuck yall too

  • huh

    what da truk is a crabapple???? Sounds tasty

  • Weezy Baby

    Lil Wayne doesn’t look like whatever the fuck that is. He looks like a successful, multi million dollar rapper that’s proud of everything he’s done, along with his fans, proud. He looks happy.

  • peeion

    this was dumb

  • Lil Wayner

    Kid rock was like what is this device?

  • kristii

    Lil Tunechi so sweeeeeeet 🙂

  • Maria_latina_wayne

    No Wayne dose not like it and not 2 chainz god stop hate on them

  • john vems glass

    fuck all haters and feed them with hot bullets

    • Rachel Vaughan

      U sound dumb as a doorknob. None of u ppl are lol Wayne’s friends, so quit attempting to jump up his ass.

  • Kidd

    @DannyM i agree with @wise it really caught my attention

  • Frank

    Best crabapple alive, since the last crabapple retired.

  • hahahaha! That is just funny! How can anyone look like a crabapple? hahaha! I am sure there are worse things to be compared to!
    BTW, Yall dont know what a crabapple is? Let me break it down for you. Its a small apple. It grows on crabapple trees. In colder regions. It tastes very tart, and it is yummy good for pies and preserves. You’re welcome:)

  • Gabon

    Kesha is super fine in this video whoo hope she got ass

  • asdfghjklkjhgfd

    look it up on urban dictionary

  • Googler 2014
  • Mrs.carter

    No da fuck he don’t and this nigga rite here never tell no lie on lil wayne it’s terrrrrrrriiiiii

  • karen

    wtf aha who ever said that is dumb af it doesnt make sense

  • Shane Centers

    A person whose face is scrunched up and not proportionate to their already small head. That, along along with a weak chin makes you a crabapple.

  • PC M

    As soon as I saw that I was all like “Holy shite! He DOES look like a crab apple!”