Lil Wayne Talks Health, Retirement, Skating & More On “Jimmy Kimmel Live” [Videos]

Wed, Jun 12, 2013 by

Last night, Lil Wayne appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for an interview and to promote his latest album, I Am Not A Human Being II.

Tune talked in detail about his seizures and the story of his serious seizure that happened in March, if he is banned from Miami Heat games, the Chris Bosh wife speech, going to hockey games, confirms he will retire after his Tha Carter V album, what he will do once he retires, skateboarding, and more.

You can watch part 2 and part 3 of Jimmy Kimmel and Weezy F Baby‘s interview after the jump below!

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  • Chiefswizz


  • Terio


  • believethat


  • believethat

    lovin wayne’s hair, much better than it has been recently!

  • believethat

    real niggaas say word, wayne never tell no lies

  • amurph

    D5, weezy never gon retire

  • Bawse

    He should of asked Wayne about Dedication 5

  • peeion

    thats so sad he wants to retire

  • Vee

    LMAO!!! Anyone catch how he called his daughter’s book Princess Diaries? The official title is Paparazzi Princesses LOLOLOLOL

  • Roro

    Omg he CAN’T retire … I loove him so muuuch :'(

  • Mwangi

    How does one subscribe to this site please help via

  • Gman

    Lol. Princess diaries. It’s paparazi princesses. Gotta love wayne

  • Empire

    Thank the Lord for Fuke.

  • gaz f baby

    weezy’s sister is bria lmfao

  • dontae

    ^^^ no she’s not dumbass smfh

  • 2pac

    Fuck wayne I’m stell making music

  • WezzyFbabeey

    Love him

  • YM_All_Day!

    @ dontae yes bria is baby’s daughter,n wayne is baby’s legally adopted son,so yes dumb fuck they r brother n sister!….

  • patriots

    jimmy Kimmel dont know shit bout d5

  • Roro

    I just can’t believe that he’s gonna retire … I don’t want it !!

  • Ed!

    Fuck Jimmy kimmel… He traying to be funny!!
    He’s Not funny Fuck Jimmy kimmel;)

    Free Weezy

  • ted

    The album is flopping so he trying to promote it….

  • Android97RD

    his daughter dosent want to spend time him because she thinks its not cool, LOL, i dont think she has thought about the fact that her dad is LIL WAYNE

  • Roro

    Yeah omg Reginae is so lucky *o* I wish I had a dad like him man

  • Kidd

    Have yall heard this song called spend money with drake lil wayne cory gunz birdman nicki minaj and more i think its on rich gang but im not sure

  • Bitch

    @ed! Jimmy kimmel is hilarious

  • flystealth

    Wayne wearing a very interesting t shirt hmmmmmm

    Weeezy fly stealth!

  • Sir. T

    Well Wayne, in this industry You’re in, its hard to Retire. If you don’ believe me ask Slim Shady. Especially to The Best Rappers. Anyway we’ll see after C5.. Cant wait for D5, I bet Buggatti in der.
    @TEAM_TUNECHI .. Plz follow me on Twitter @ZukisaniT1

  • love lil wayne

    weezy fucken funny if he really retires gonna miss a great rapper 🙁

  • Pls dnt gt smoked^retirement^..i av 2 cry

  • Tunechi96

    love my weezy dnt want him 2 retire cuz he’s just dat good

  • LuvTunechi


  • nathan

    dem bitch niggas tryin make fun of lil wayne…….fuckin kimmel aint funny but he thinks he is……….fuckin fagggot u talkin to nigga who came from below but now whos on da apex of the game JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHEARD

  • Ade

    weezy…..swag or die

  • Ade

    cant wait

  • bkche

    tunes the best! got my tickets for the tour all ready!

  • He is best in the rap industry

  • best rapper in the rap industry

  • young tunechi

    two words you never hear, WAYNE QUITS

  • Josh

    So he had his daughter at 16

  • Ducksick999

    Ooh all the struggle wayne bein through

    You gotta realise that when he signed to cash money at the age 12 he allready was a millionaire back then

    So all the pointless bigging up is just sad
    This nigger neve had a wrong day in his life tillhe decided to use drugss heavy

  • Maria

    Jimmy is hilarious
    And im so glad that wayne is doing good, he looks happy! I LOVE U WEEZY<3

  • never mind

    It makes me so happy to se him smile and to know that he’s doing fine! And even tho I don’t want him to retire, I still think its imoprtant for him and his kids.

  • Henry

    Wayne’s d ultimate… dat niggie is da bomb. he never tell no lies

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