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Lil Wayne – Original Silence (Feat Mack Maine) [CDQ]

Wed, Oct 9, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Original Silence Feat Mack Maine

Out of nowhere, a new Lil Wayne song surfaces online called “Original Silence” featuring the Young Money president Mack Maine.

One of Wayne‘s verses, the hook, and Mack‘s verse are all the same as on Birdman’s “Dark Shades” single, but there is still a dope new verse from Weezy on this track that we have not heard before.

You can listen and download the CDQ version of “Original Silence” after the jump below!

Download: Lil Wayne – Original Silence (Feat Mack Maine)

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  • Tune


  • Danny swagg

    Ham hunnid

  • Bawse

    Recorded in 2011.

  • Good

  • Hell&Back

    Wasn’t expecting this single! Greatt

  • Bawse

    The beat bangs more than on the other version though.

  • Kastriot

    God damn, this shit goes hard

  • Don

    Sounds like old wayne

  • kold boy

    so much new music this week wow

  • MOB



    BILL GATES HOOK >>>>>>

  • Oh Godless Amerika

    Finally an end to that Wayne music drought after D5 lol.

  • Don

    What would really top the day off is if they drop a Big Tymers single

  • Yoooooo

    This woulda been the original version before Birdman stole the song and changed the beat.

    Them 2 verses from wayne, the beat and mack’s verse are all dope.

  • Lil ZeeTune

    Shit Bangs No lie,dats dat Wayne i like

  • Love Live Life

    2 new tunechi tracks in 1 day and the day aint even over yet

  • nerd

    this shit better then that birdman version….this was probly for iamnahb2 and baby took it

  • Lasse

    this is just a mix? you have a part of lil wayne dark shades verse and y u mad and i think the rest is from others songs then but cant say i heard it before

    • This was the original song before it was “Dark Shades”. Wayne’s first verse on this song is new and has never been heard on other songs before.

  • I fuck with this

  • Freezer

    This is nice thanks for upload!

  • lilWizard

    First verse lyrics:
    I’m so twisted
    Lil Tunechi in this bitch, tell them ho’s I’m ready
    Them nigga’s pissed off, call em’ R. Kelly
    I’m higher than a bitch, I smoke that Keisha, Frank, and [?]
    Man all of these broads on my Johnson like Betsey
    Got a card in my pocket, blacker than that nigga Wesley
    Life is a bitch, well my bitch is sexy
    First I’m on the jet, and then I’m on the jet ski
    I make these female dogs heel, like Giuseppe’s
    Man you be poppin’ shit, and I be poppin’ off
    I’m full of alcohol, like a cotton ball
    I just pick em’ up and Mr. G just drop em’ off
    I serve these ho’s, Mr. Volleyball
    Spikes on my shoes, that’s the Lou B’s
    I’m on my P’s and Q’s, smokin’ QP’s
    Nigga I’m chillin, catch a cool breeze
    I build a tree house, if money grow on trees
    Fuck with me wrong, I send your head to your momma
    Death bed nigga, where the fuck is your pyjamas
    Blood all day, period, no commas
    Everybody tyin’ to watch, but I’m timeless

  • lilduke1

    goddamn the first verse hard as fuck! specially wen da beat drop

  • Banger!!!

  • dollaz
  • realtunefan

    Yea he is back

  • Wadup 5!!!

    da drought is over,two new/old songs is all i need to hold me off till a devol or big tymers single!

  • Green Ranger

    The new verse is pretty good but this different beats kinda boring.
    always thought Dark Shades was sick though, even Birdman has the second verse.
    (Prefer when he’s last so I can just end the song then)

  • Denilson

    Danny please arrange this track BROKEN LINK, when I open it says that the file was not found, THANKS

  • dc

    Hahhaa,,,,d@ 1st verse dope
    No liE

  • weezywee

    Awesome song.. expecting more songs like this fm weezyyy

  • Best

    It’s ncie anyway

  • Misfit

    Y’all niggas talkin bout it’s a fuckin drought with wayne after D5 drop TF…. Y’all niggas ain’t real fans..reals fans wouldn’t give af. There go vibe to the squad up wayne up to the new wayne

  • Nathan

    That first verse was lame as shit. It was new. The rest was old so it sounded like the old him.

  • Seriously wayne? This the fuckn 3rd time you used the same hook and then you use a WHOLE OLD VERSE. And then the new verse was wack…. smh. Come on

  • For all you non real fans. This is these verses and hooks are from 2 songs. bill gates. And dark shades. And now its 3 songs. It just ridiculous that hes ran out of shit to say

  • Dubb

    Man, stuff like this is why Birdman gets on my nerves sometimes

  • Nix

    Been a lil wayne fan my whole life. I’m 26. Born in 87. So lets be honest all the REAL Lil Wayne fans who will be honest. Original silence is garbage. No I didnt listen to the ENTIRE SONG, but honestly there was no need. Lil WAyne you losing fans ya heard me. If I hear one mo punch line about how “life is a bitch”….I got love for Dedication 5. Those were some of wayne’s best punchlines. Time to switch that style up wayne. Sounds like you hitting the point of Jay Z. Getting full of the “name” and not the talent. Clarify: Be real, the Holy Grail is garbage (lyrics wise not production). Will the Carter 5 be the same?

  • Nix

    QUALITY vs. QUANTITY wayne. And in response to @Misfit, a real lil wayne fan wouldnt give a fuck??? Naw, nigga a real lil wayne fan would give a fuck. You cant get a “PASS” in this game. Niggas be thinking, oh shit nigga i’ve done so much for this game and shown my talent, nigga i can drop wtf i want. Naw nigga, that shit will get yo ass ate up. Fuck it though. On MY grind.

    Oh and why am i on lil waynes fan page if i dont sound like a fan? nigga i am a fan, im a fan of the lil wayne that gives a fuck about his lyrics.

  • LuvTunechi