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Birdman – Dark Shades (Feat Lil Wayne & Mack Maine) [Music Video] [HD]

Tue, May 22, 2012 by

Here is the official music video for Birdman‘s “Dark Shades” single featuring Lil Wayne and Mack Maine. The song, which was produced by Mr. Beatz, will appear on Baby‘s forthcoming Bigga Than Life album, due out in the summer. Colin Tilley directed the visual and YMCMB’s DJ Khaled, Lil Twist and Busta Rhymes make cameos.

You may recognize the chorus from Weezy‘s “Bill Gates” record… but his verse was crazy!

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  • Calvin

    first BITCH

  • Calvin

    Hell YAH BOii, Fck Wit ME!

  • Calvin

    Thanks Danny,

  • nice verse.

  • Mage

    Wayne Killled it Follow Me @Mag1cc

  • Truuuu

    Need CDQ Danny….

  • vampire

    holy shit weezy is back, he killed it, fuckkkk

  • ROC

    Don’t sleep on Mack’s verse.

  • Tune is ill

    that man colin tilley is the best at these videos

  • yeahhhh

    great flow by tune

  • YeahYaDig

    So whats up with an mp3 download link? I cant find it anywhere

  • Tune

    Tune killeeeeeeed it

  • butters

    hahah weezy with trukfit and skating 😀

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  • YMCMB Bo$$es

    “Party time, excellent, Wayne’s World”

  • Da Martian

    Lil Wayne’s verse >>>>>>>>>

  • whats the del?

    when is the .mp3 coming out?



  • and they said wayne fell off

  • i am not a human :)

    so now it must be time for lil wayne to release the single, right ?

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  • 187JoshM187

    Hopefully IANAHB ll sounds like this.

  • Tony Mosse

    @Danny M

    Hey bro. can you get us a download link and the lyrics.
    Thx in advance

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    DUDDEEEEE what the hell with weezy, this are his old lyricssss and everybody says he killed it?

  • Waayyynnneee Murdered that Track !!! This song go HARD !!! Never lost faith in Weezy. Much love. Keep making GREAT MUSIC. Congrats on the 4 Awards also. XOXO . #TeamTunechi Follow me @lowkey_ImZee .

  • F babyy

    Wayne killed it. He just goes crazy.

  • Finally lil Wayne killed this song!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear the official version.

  • rickylal

    whats with the shitty ass sound

  • not a hater

    his lyrics were dope but im not sure about his voice on this track 🙁

  • please say the baby

    daaamn that Wayne’s verse goes hard af.

  • Jaime

    @not a hater

    his voice is fine, if you listen to Wayne since Carter 1 you would know thats how his regular voice sound.

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    Is There A Dirty Version Cant Even Hear Wayne Most Of The Time. GOLF WANG

  • Mr. Like

    Yes Sir !

  • Wayne 4 Life

    @ DanYMCMB4ever

    The chorus is Wayne’s old verse but his verse on this song is what he killed. also, his swagger and just appearance on this song was just dope. Wayne killed this entire song regardless if he used lyrics from “Bill Gates”. His verse was craze and everyone else agrees!

  • jpalmer31308

    It’s the cdq version, but fucking censored -.-

  • erick

    see im ok if wayne skates as long as he keeps rapping like this! haha

  • oh ok i gotta say this wayne verse was great this is my fave song of wayne of this year so far we gotta see more of this wayne or older wayne but great song doe

  • Schwag

    I am going to need a HD version of the video and the CDQ link ASAP…..

  • whiteboi

    dude wayne goes crazy on this song still tha best rapper alive fuck wid ut


    Any Download link for the DIRTY Version That Is The Only On I Would Like Please Help Me Out. GOLF WANG


  • if he spittin like this on ianahb 2 psssssssssshhhhh its over

  • SymphoniclOve

    Omg this is Crazy :O Waynes Verse he Killed it

  • Christian

    They all killed it but this shows Wayne can make good songs wit the sk8ing swag still think he needs to switch it up tho wear Louis and Gucci one day and then go wit the reckless sk8ing swag

  • tony_montana

    Lil waynez verse izz pretty dope bt hiz lynz arnt new th0ugh,he’ repeating shitt…bt its still hott though,nd da video’s phuq’N crayzeE! #damn

  • Chris

    Wow…. Fucking unreal. Can’t stop listening to his verse. WEEZY baby.

  • vodafon

    a uncensored version? a link

  • druskey FLB Crayz

    If its comin off an “ALBUMM” highly doubt a free download link idiots

  • Weezy Back


  • Lalala

    Got this shutt downloadedddd

  • weezy92
    just downloaded it off this ^^ not sure if its uncensored or CDQ though cause i havent checked yet? haha

  • N-eezy

    love weezy on the hook
    with stunna “like father like son” back bitch !!!!

  • Mj

    Lmao compare his verse here to his verse on that Khaled record. I swear this nigga saves his shit for his own tracks. this got me hype for ianahb2.

    Does anyone else thing that this was the waynes world track that was suppose to be on c4?

  • jeezy

    HIGH QUALITY MP3 download link is in video description

  • @Danny,

    I saw the HQ and Dirty video :
    Maybe you can update the post 🙂

  • Lil Wayne – BEAST
  • Tez

    Lil Wayne’s verse in this song was supposed to be a verse from the song “Wayne’s World”, a song that was cut from the Carter 4.

  • The Great Codeini

    Found the CDQ/Dirty of the video, but for the mp3 I’m still lookin’!

  • if this was supposed to be on c4 im pissedjust this verse was flames

  • hotnewhiphop posted the uncensored version

  • Don

    HD Music video uncencored 🙂

  • xweezy_
  • Here is the official, HD and explicit version:

  • thebasicP

    Wayne KILLED IT!!!

    Need the MP3!!!

    Post it or where’s it on iTunes?!

  • Doesn’t matter

    Update the post with this one Danny

  • wayne just flexed on the whole game

  • EmTunechi

    It’s Tunechi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • goodammmmmm wayne killlllllllll that shyt .mack go soooooooooooo hardddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • lol

    did wayne reuse all of his bars lmao?
    I have heard all of those exact from other songs before….

  • I upload an uncensored version, the quality is not the best, but it’s better than the censored version. At least, you can listen to the real song, the real lyrics, the real explicit version, whithout the fucking protection. Enjoy and leave comments!

  • Volcomnukka

    Lil wayne actually did good here. See guys I ain’t a hater I give props where they are deserved.

  • Danny C

    TUNECHIS BACK! Weezy fkin killed it 😀

  • seth gecko

    wayne’s verse had energy but nothing memorable lyrically for me. I have heard him 100 times using all of these lines with little tweaks. Gotta say that Bill Gates verse sounds badass as a hook. But that entire song was pure charisma

  • @Lol your stupid ass says you heard this verse before, prove to me where because this verse is soooo fucken Dope I’m sure all of us would be saying we hear it before. There is only one line from that verse we heard before and that the last one so Shut The Fuck Up you Idiot!

  • No1TuneFan4Eva

    Wayne fucking killed it, also mixing tht gangstar and skater swag . he’s combone two worlds and fucking kills all tracks , YMCMB we winning , Tunechi best rapper/skater alive

  • im_all_music

    heres the dirty version ^_^

  • im_all_music

    Follow me on twitter @Im_All_Music ^_^

  • waayne086

    isnt this Birdmans song? why people saying he saves his lyrics for his own? this is a feature and its dope, Wayne just done a Nicki Minaj and “shitted on ’em”
    cant wait for IANAHB2!
    and does anyone know or does Danny know if Wayne will ever release the verse he done on Light Up officialy? the one he recorded in Rikers, wonder if it’ll be on that devoL album?

    • If Wayne recorded that verse again in the studio, it would ruin the point of the verse.

      “Behind bars but the bars don’t stop; Recordin’ over the phone, I hope the call don’t drop”

  • “…mack still spitting like he new and improved…”

    Really liked the song.

  • a-cornnn

    why can’t come up with new material, he’s just finding new ways to say old shit, the whole chorus, the shit he said about the grass greener in his garden, bein meaner than the warden, if you scared go see a deacon, party time excellent waynes world, all shit i’ve heard before

  • a-cornnn

    why can’t he come up with new material, he’s just finding new ways to say old shit, the whole chorus, the shit he said about the grass greener in his garden, bein meaner than the warden, if you scared go see a deacon, party time excellent waynes world, all shit i’ve heard before

  • Leah J

    @a-cornnn I know what you mean, but it was still tight! Mack sounds good in this song. Love it!

  • this nigga said “AND IF I GET IN THAT PUSSY IM ON HER WALLS LIKE GRAFFITI” it was overkill from that point

  • Zackery

    This song is the shiiiiit. I don’t get it though everyone is like give me more wayne songs then when a new one comes out no matter if one line gets repeated you act like a girl and freak out like ohhmygoddd really like he said that before like wow and cry about it haha stfu.

  • mufucker tuenchi baby pls update this song lyrics soon as you can. . .

  • waayne086

    yeah true, he might edit part of the verse? we all know Wayne tends to ‘recycle’ some lyrics..

  • Bitch Im from New Orleans
    Rest in peace Magnolia Shorty
    and I come from Hollygrove
    That bitch is wild as a saffari
    I go stupid, I go retarded
    The grass is greener in my garden
    Swagger meaner than the warden
    pow pow pow I aint with arguing, hah
    Leave a nigga leaking
    If you scared go see the deacon
    Got a silencer on the gun but them bullets still speakin
    Got a buncha bitches tweaking
    To tell me all of their secrets
    And if I get in that pussy
    Im on her walls like graffiti
    You’s dead pita bread, you a fed ass nigga
    Im on my vampire, bloody red flag nigga
    Fucking with Lil Tunechi get your head smashed nigga
    Hit you dead on the money call that dead cash nigga
    and it’s .. party time excellent waynes world
    Party time excellent Waynes world
    Tonight im probably fucking another niggas girl
    Party time excellent Waynes world

  • ineye gabriel

    damn . i fucking love wayne on this shit. this is the energy thyat i have been missing and he brought it back . thank you wayne , love you for laif,


    WAYNE Killed IT!!!!!

  • thebasicP

    the scating move at the beginning was nice and matched the talk 😀

  • Yoo Honestly I don’t care what anyone says wayne killed this track

  • BJ

    Yo Wayne Went In ! How Come I Never Heard This Song, Were Is The CDQ Version ? @Danny

  • ImARealist

    Im falling back in love with YMCMB again !!!

  • ineye gabriel

    I just can’t wait for the collabo with GAME what was it called again F.I.V.E tune should all go hard on that ish. Cus he better and should reclaim his throne. I still can’t get enuff of this song mack maine blowing things up, Birdman and his money rap always as hard as ever they all did good on the song and more also the beat is killing. #YMCMB

  • LilTunechi

    This should be on IANAHB2 and everyone killed it!! 🙂

  • Nava

    what a great way to advertise IANAHB2…..& 1st post in a while to almost get to 100

  • guest

    how do u dl it?

  • Ms.Boss#TeamTune

    So on some real shit…..this beat is str8 BANANAS !

    Second, I would like to say Wayne murdered this track as expected and he never went newhere to all the ppl sayin hes bakk !

    Lastly, seriously plz dnt sleep on Mack Maine’s talent this dude has mad flow and not just in this song.

  • Tun3chii 13

    Tunechi You Be Killing Shit Keep It Up Bro Fqk Them Haters 🙂

  • realtalk

    olddd wayne verse disappointing

  • body bag weezy its killin season

  • hell yeah this shit rock hard, if wayne spits like this you won,t have to pick him to win the title fight but he keeps weiring that championship belt so tight !!!
    #RealTalk #YMCMB we the future, we the business !!!

  • gangsta_h

    OMG! wayne’s back.. fu3kcin killd dis shit, goin on ma mp3 straight off… Danny can we get pictures pls

  • Rodrigo

    woooooooooooow, that shiiiit fiiiiire bitcheeees


    Wayne Verse Shooting to Pusha T?

  • tyler

    is this shit on iTunes yet or pirate bay or something

  • Nina James

    dat verse wuz so powerful i wuz like Damn!!!!!!

  • sssaaa

    this sucks

  • Carter

    Damn Weezy killed it!!

  • DAVID seven

    YMCMB on top

  • dat shit was dope son.head up foul!

  • thanks Danny, but we Need CDQ …. !!

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