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Feature Friday #3: Freekey Zekey – Beat Without Bass (Feat Lil Wayne & Jha Jha)

Fri, Nov 29, 2013 by

Freekey Zekey Beat Without Bass Feat Lil Wayne & Jha Jha

For this week’s “Feature Friday” edition, I have chosen Freekey Zekey‘s “Beat Without Bass” song featuring Lil Wayne and Jha Jha. This track was recorded in 2007, but appeared on Freekey‘s Blame It On The Henny mixtape in 2008.

“You old ass rappers better stay on tour; You’re like 44, I got a .44; I’m 24, I could murk you and come home when I’m 44”

You can listen and download “Beat Without Bass” below. No one can say Weezy didn’t kill this verse!

Download: Freekey Zekey – Beat Without Bass (Feat Lil Wayne & Jha Jha)

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  • CMB

    Good looks on download link.

  • wtf

    Listen up. This is the wayne that would grab your attention on each bar

    • Kidd

      Every bar was legendary in this verse, if you quoted anything from waynes verse you would have to say the whole verse cause everything in it is quotable

  • wayne4life

    love that song, sooo hot!

  • Patrick H

    this was my track back in the day…..he murdered it lol….i dont know anyone who carries on listening to it after his verse finishes

    • tunechi f baby

      i have a wayne only version in my itunes hah

      • michel evans

        What up this yo boy Evan

        • tunechi f baby




  • Lyton

    Love dis dude so much. U really d greatest rapper alive

  • Ya heard me

    He dissing jay z with that old rapper line

  • Nathan Bryant

    He used to be so entertaining and good to listen to…sigh

  • Young Cuban

    Ok, my leather so soft, but don’t think I ain’t hard, bitch say Weezy make I say bitch I ain’t god. But I am God son, but u know I ain’t Nas, see he got a positive aim and I aim nine. FUCKING CLASSIC.

    • tunechi f baby

      the way weezy started this verse >>>>

  • cashmoneyyoungmoney

    i take 3 Ls to the head love live life then I’m dead , might be the most famous line recorded

  • JayHighAss

    & they say Kendrick the greatest to ever do it I tell em nope Weezy is niggas beta start doing they research weezys the best to ever do it I know that’s they opinion but fck they opinion & stop sleeping on wayne just cause people say his new music is garbege

    • Jack Hoff

      His new music is garbage compared to his old stuff

  • ndw82

    Wayne is a beast was then and still is now.. You bunch of fools..

  • Cheezy

    I Take Three L’s To The Head : Love , Live , Life .. Then I’m Dead !!

    My Favorite Line & The Way He Says It No Homo Uggh Thats Why Hes The Best

    • Patrick H

      and if i aint good lookin…..u can bet my bitch is

  • Dillon

    Weezy’s verse is fucken legendary!!!!!!

  • zeke

    I didnt even know this song had other rappers on it, I heard this years ago but but only wayne verse…wayne fuckn killed this!!!

  • Sidney Sidro Mennis Jr.

    Smh legendary ass song lil wayne put himself into legend after this song drop he made more people listen to him after this song

  • Malik

    I always thought it was his song

  • Eshall Flawless

    I am really enjoying Feature Fridays keep up the good work DannyM

  • TreNino

    Lol weezy talkn bout crack. ” & if that is under a gram then that line aint mine” lol classic, i remember this droppin like it was yesterday

  • Jack Hoff

    This verse alone> anything after No Ceilings

    • thug8200

      president carter period

  • Chrizzy

    The thing with Kendrick Lamar is that everybody hypes this guy way too much! Yes he is talented but man have you guys noticed on Rapgenius how long the explanations are for his lines? No matter what he says people think it has a crazy deep meaning behind it which I personally find hilarious 🙂 for instance: he said ” dead bodies in the hall way” on fucking problems and these guys on rapgenius write a major explanatio for it but on the other hand Lil wayne said something like that already a hundred time but if he says it it doesn’t mean anything. This is just a feeling that I get as a lil wayne fan on rapgenius, especially when you hear a new song and want to look up the meaning of the lyrics you get these half ass explanations

  • Anthony

    Lil Wayne you know you the best we need some more music please like at least one single every month than I’m GUCCI thanks

  • Omari Mtibiro


    • Chris

      MMLP2 wasn’t the best

  • Manolis P

    Good one, but I prefer new Wayne (:

  • Chris


  • Dan Parry

    Wayne a beast on the Mic the n an he a beast on the Mic now #YMCMB Ya Heard Me

  • YMCorey

    Classic wayne verse… You new wayne fans wouldn’t know shit about this…

  • Jon Dufur

    How do you Truk Fit a nation? Asking wayne like, bruce, john wayneING THE Fk OUTit, i am but just a single fan. 29yrsOld n finally got words like johnny BlazeSHIT MAN. OCEANS AND TIDES in Cerebellum living like dreams and mirrors. Mostly important dufur pronounced, Do For, cuz i love doing for others too. I know little and Ambitioned like PureBreedED stallions racing in a dome, like i got starDOMED out years ago, seriously. Much respect and love. Most call me just a lil kray kray for most my life if not all, while good intentioned like the Pyramids and SuperBuildings standing Tall Always. I promised myself i would try to explain my actions as of late, whilst this be as equalizing as any other promises I’m taking care of presently today. I’m a cancer 6/26. Born Nashua NH, state motto lives in me, while the palm trees sway in and around my new home, North Port, FL.


    P.S. Much Respect

    PSS I’m Cuban(father), FrenchCanadian(mother from Quebec), Italian, Cherokee

    Let the SWAG HIT THE FEET! PLUSi really hate emailing lengthy shit, but this is especial to me.
    I like all music.


    Yo Danny, This weeks feature friday should be “Best Thing Yet” .. Don’t stop the beat diesel

    • But that’s not a feature lol

      • thug8200

        throwback thursday

  • Best

    Shout out to Weezy, he killed it!

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  • Osama Bin Laden

    is that a new tattoo on his top forehead

  • Marquita Caroll Carter Jr.

    Which cd?

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