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Feature Friday #2: Curren$y – My House (Feat Lil Wayne)

Fri, Nov 22, 2013 by

Currensy My House Feat Lil Wayne

The first “Feature Friday” installment seemed to go down well last week, so here is the next edition for you Wayniacs, which is Curren$y‘s “My House” single featuring Lil Wayne.

This song was released back in 2007 when Curren$y was a member of Weezy‘s Young Money label, but unfortunately a music video for it was never shot. On the song, Wayne raps a short verse and handles the hook while Curren$y spits two verses.

“And you can come spend the night in my house girl; You can smoke all you want in my house girl; You can drink all you want in my house girl; That’s my house girl, that’s my house girl”

You can listen to “My House” below and purchase the song on iTunes here!

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  • HEY


  • Raw

    I miss the days when Currensy was YM….. now they have artists like Chanel West Coast and Torion hah

  • f baby

    the beat on this is fire

    imagine a longer verse from wayne over this beat


  • Ballin

    Dope song. Wayne made the song with his hook.

    That flow/energy >>>>

  • Love Live Life

    This that record u turn up to

  • Bawse

    These feature Fridays are a good idea HQ.

  • classic

  • Og OOz

    Lil wayne be like
    Jumping like a insect while smoking weed call it grasshopper

  • Tanktop bon

    Currency a cool rapper
    But why he dressed like its 2002/2004
    Oversized everything is done son

  • tune3chi

    weezy, the best in the game..

  • We ready… My nigga

    @danny you should make next Friday something from like father like son.. Since Wayne’s been a little quiete lately I needed some music for work got that cd off iTunes I’ve heard the a lot of the tracks already manly the singles but there’s a lot of song I’ve never listened to before.. Def a cd a slept on

  • weezy4real

    The “Gucci mane_we smoke that kush(remix) ft lil wayne and jadakiss)” the hook that wayne sang in the song . Anybody know the original song to that hook?? I want it so f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ bad
    Please tell me if Anybody knw somethinq about the original Sonq

  • Ym

    Shit brings tears to my eyes damn I miss old weezy new wayne is nice to but old wayne is untouchable

  • nfs555

    WTF, I never knew that this was a single. I heard it on The Drought is Over 3

  • Birdman

    Wut it do it’s stunna man, me and my son in Dubai right now poppin bottles with super models ya heard me, flashy lifestyle shit stuntin on these dog hoes slim.Shout out to my niggas rozay and khaled i see yall my nigga, tune gonna be back in a few days ya heard me…..100

  • Rad Dad

    LIL WAYNES new shades on sale – http://bit.ly/1847xoO

  • Chrizzey

    Nice pick Danny! Amazing song!

  • Brinedd

    On November 22, 2013 at 5:00 pm weezy4real responded with…
    The “Gucci mane_we smoke that kush(remix) ft lil wayne and jadakiss)” the hook that wayne sang in the song . Anybody know the original song to that hook?? I want it so f̶u̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ bad
    Please tell me if Anybody knw somethinq about the original Sonq


    Either Birdman’s Money To Blow song or Gunplay’s Dat Kush song.

  • @danny m I like what you doing on that feature friday but can we at least download every song you put out on feature friday…

  • What you niggas know about this shit

  • Weezy’s legacy lives on..have yall noticed that all his old songs are bettter than all songs made now…like he said on live from 504 ”i’m an old rapper getting new bucks and all you new rapper are just new lunch”…thats actually true if you think about it….no new shit is better than old waynes shit

  • Showiz

    Yeah… Old wayne.

  • Angel

    Need new music

  • Kaplun

    yooo Danny, next week put up “Burn This City” or “scarFace” 2 of my top 10 joints by weezy

  • Josh Kilgore

    What’s up with the new chat?

  • time

    new comment system?

  • Hopefully Wit This New
    “Comment System”
    The Haters Will Be Flagged !

  • JayHighAss

    I hope it will keep haters off

  • JayHighAss

    You can come spend the night at my house You can drink all you want in my house you can smoke all you want in my house thats my house girl

  • Tune

    hahaha i like this new comment system, now i can get thumbs up bc i comment realness

  • Kidd

    Good job danny i like this now no more of those annoying comments

    • Thanks, I’m still trying to figure it out and restore the old comments, so hopefully it will all be fully working before the weekend is over!

      • stephanie

        eyy yo danny will lil wayne be coming to la for da ama?

  • jimmy bond

    yo who saw chief keef bang 3 mixtape cover ?

    • Kidd

      Yeah d3 ripoff cover



  • TreNino

    This is a good, ive been a wayne fan for a long time & have never heard this.

  • ride 4 my niggas

    Thanks dann

  • d money

    Damn wayne foolin

  • young leek

    I bet Wayne has a big dick.. It’s probably 9 inches

    • Retardbaby4sale

      Let’s find out

  • Jack Hoff

    Back when Wayne was actually good

  • J. Stanley

    Such a throwback!

  • Yo


    • Justin cornett

      This reminds me of wayne I first became a wayne fan. I remember bumpin this shit om my mp3 player. Those were the Good Days sigh………….

  • Best

    Nice song, I like it!



    • tunechi f baby

      hell yea


    nice new chat system

  • Anthony

    Nice song

  • Dawn

    Hey Daniel any idea if wayne won an AMA? It wasn’t on the show

  • Dawn Bosley

    Damn wayne and jay z lost to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis that’s lame guess we didn’t do our jobs

  • Deontre Lewis

    Lil wayne and the “lil” stand for Legit…ill…lethal

  • nessa

    currensy lame as fuck he smacked my ass on canal street and ran loose lip moose looking bitch

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