Gabby Douglas Has Lil Wayne & Drake On Her Training Playlist

Tue, Dec 31, 2013 by

Gabby Douglas recently told MTV at the premiere of Justin Bieber’s Believe documentary that she listens to a lot of Lil Wayne and Drake music while she works out and trains. The Olympic Gold Medalist also explained that Weezy and Drizzy‘s music gets her hyped, but she only listens to the clean versions of their rap songs.

“A lot of rap music. Lil Wayne and Drake, the edited versions of course, but it gets me really hyped up.”

If you didn’t already know, Gabby Douglas is the very first African American gymnast to win a solo Olympic gold medal. In 2012, Wayne also tweeted how proud he was of Gabby for winning her medal: “Glad i lived to see what Gabby Douglas did in the Olympics. Icon.”

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  • Muhliciouz


  • very interesting danny……not

    • sharyel

      Have some respect bro danny works his ass off err day

  • fewcha

    she forgot to mention future

    • lilmt

      u right

  • Tip

    Ok?? Alot of ppl got wayne nd drake on they training play list. Are you going to post everyone of them up on here 2?

    • doggy dogg

      chill…..gabby made history, no one cares about any other athlete…..I can see why dany did post this……it’s better than no news….

      • Tip

        Lol I was just kinda thinking dat it wasn’t really dat important. .

  • Kia

    Every gold Olympic medal winner bumps weezy before they win. Just ask Michael phelps too.

  • Deontre Lewis

    Really dannyyy…..lebron got lil wayne song in his play list too, u should post it

  • mulah

    i been said to myself danny keeps posting the wackest quotes from wayne everyday and pointless “news” smfh. dude if it isn’t new music or new interviews or news about upcoming feats., KEEP IT damn smh

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  • xgoblin

    Slow news day huh?…

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    Worst post ever …..this cant even make forums lol

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    all yaw bitching again fuck out of hear and go cry somewhere else its obvious we aint getting shit til sometime in the new year fucking titty babies lol

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  • tinaphooo

    kool very positive

  • Nickjaye

    Who gives a motha f*k

  • Taylor

    EVERYBODY!!!!!! go to youtube and type in billionare buck streets raised me ft lil wayne. He killed the fuck out that verse. 07 wayne forreal

    • sharyel

      Before I get called a new/fake weezy fan is this a legit verse Cuz I really like it

  • Maine

    Danny u late bro. There is like 3 wayne verses that dropped a couple days ago and u never posted the songs. Yo this is supposed to be a reliable site.

  • Trevor

    Danny there is a new wayne verse on billionare buck’s streets raised me. Btw Wayne merked that shit

  • arth

    the clean version?? that means she only listens to the instrumental lol

  • Sosa

    Danny you starting to lag. There are new wayne verses dropping and u aint even posting

    • If they were really new Wayne verses then they would be posted on this
      site. It ain’t my fault you haven’t heard old Wayne verses, so when a
      random site posts a blend up, you think it’s a new verse.

  • Yungkillah

    You people are mistaken the billionaire buck verse is from a 2009 song so therefore there isn’t a new verse if there is tell me

  • Yungkillah

    You people are mistaken the billionaire buck verse is from a 2009 song so therefore there isn’t a new verse if there is tell me

  • Shhhh

    Who gives a fuck. Oh you do? Who?

  • Shhhh

    Gabby Douglas bout to fall the fuck off It always happen, she gonna say to the illuminati an fall off haha