Lil Wayne Parties At LIV Nightclub In Miami With Busta Rhymes, Euro & DJ Scoob Doo

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Lil Wayne Parties At LIV Nightclub In Miami With Busta Rhymes, Euro & DJ Scoob Doo

On December 8th, Lil Wayne attended LIV nightclub in Miami, Florida for “LIV on Sunday’s”. Tunechi was joined by Busta Rhymes, €uro, and DJ Scoob Doo.

You can view some short footage and a few more photos of Weezy F Baby at the club after the jump below!

Lil Wayne Parties At LIV Nightclub In Miami With Busta Rhymes, Euro & DJ Scoob Doo

Lil Wayne Parties At LIV Nightclub In Miami With Busta Rhymes, Euro & DJ Scoob Doo

Lil Wayne Parties At LIV Nightclub In Miami With Busta Rhymes, Euro & DJ Scoob Doo

Photo credit: Jason PushLife

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  • 1Broskie

    Shoutout to the Fact That Wayne Dressing Like He S’posed To!

    • Greg

      yeah now hes on that fashion probation tho.

  • fewcha

    all black swag…..he got that from future

    • kill trolls

      … so now when nigga wear black they Tryna be like future… lol. Do something wit ya life.

      • zak




    • Truth

      more like he been started that all black swag when he was 14 years old with Baby, Juvie, Puffy and Mr. Excitement at the tunnel in NYC. Then in the 1999 interview where he explains shooting himself and always staying strapped. And on and on from his oldest music videos when he just a Hot Boy with no dreads, his older music videos when he was in the Squad up days with the baby dreads at times, through all the mixtapes and Carter 1 through now……And no I don’t mean every single video, or every time you’ll see him if you look it up, but it all started from day one with the Hot Boys at times through out all these years. LOL @ he got that from future or any of these new trash rappers…Every time I get on this site I get the vibe more and more that most people on here and the internet period aren’t real fans better yet know there history. But I forget not everyone is a real fan and not everyone knows Wayne has been in the game for well over 20 years. Just saying he’s been in the game well over 20 years is enough to figure out Wayne isn’t getting his swag from new rappers lol obviously, yes its newer of course its 2013 now C’MON MAN!

      • tunechi f baby

        he trolling u didnt need to write all that lol

        • Patrick H

          He wrote a Harry Potter book

          • CARTERSOSA


        • Truth


        • CARTERSOSA


  • Dudeee

    euro need to drop some new music, he been quiet since d5 came out

  • Sheena


  • Sasaraf

    Wayne smoke weed?

    • tunechi f baby

      yep cuz he off probation

  • Exposed101

    Shoutout to wayne for hitting that blunt in the 2nd video

  • zak

    Niggas wearing hoodies in a strip club? Lol

    • tunechi f baby

      liv aint a strip club

  • aaron_88

    damn i havent seen him in those LV’s since he was at the allstar game in LA a few years ago. its dope seeing him dressed normal and not too colorful and trukfitted out all the time., eventhough i know he has to promo his brand

  • sid

    Reminds me of the no ceilings weezy

  • realness

    I hope they went to the studio after that..miss wayne at the top

  • Patrick H

    Today was a good day, I didn’t have to kill anybody

  • Ken Cunningham

    What kind of hoodie is that?

    • letschill24

      you seem like a total boss ken cunningham and i bet lil wayne would love to meet you in real life. you guys would definitely be best friends for life. i hope you get to meet him one day, you are definitely his biggest fan. even more than danny!

      your secret admirer

      • Ken JR Lopez

        Thank you I would faint if I met wayne but being a fan is enough . When he retires I’m gonna feel lost 🙁 but c5 is due so I’m waiting on dat! Wayne is going down as the next PAC / biggie true story

      • Ken JR Lopez

        Shout out my nigga Danny for keeping us updated ! Fuck haters I got dick you can suck for trukfit . Got a bunch 🙂 ymcmb !

    • Patrick H

      Shake Junt hoodie

  • Ken JR Lopez

    Wayne is slowly getting back. Love this nigga since day one so not mad at all . I have him tatted on my back lmao #realfan

    • Taio Smalls

      I’m a fan to but that was an obsessive and gay thing to do. If I were your friend in real life and you told me you were going to do that I would’ve tried to stop you.

    • Sean Smith

      i think it’s badass and shows loyalty

  • JayHighAss

    Wayne pass the blunt Mane lol

  • 2pacalive

    Wayne always leaves the club with the hottest bitch…always

  • Jalen

    Like I said wayne is smoking weed again and the weed makes him a better person. First of all he is dressing normal again. He is finally starting to wear real mens clothes instead of dressing like a gay teenager. He just has on a simple black hoodie, nice fitted black jeans, and dope adiddas. He is also keeping up with his dreads which is good because earlier this year, his hair was rediculous. He is skating and tweeting less, the music has been alot better lately, and he is starting to hang around real niggas again instead of hanging around with those lame ass white teenagers. So yeah this is proof that the weed keeps wayne on point.

    • 2pacalive

      fuck yea he hit that blunt in that second video

    • IDK

      Im pretty sure those weren’t Adidas. They were Louis Vuittons


        Lol yes far from Adidas

  • medicatedsole

    Seen em at the club twice. Im ready to see him in the studio. Ill stop complaining when he drop just one solo song. N ill be good for a minute but damn i think this the longest he ever went without droppin material.

  • Best

    I see you Wayne 😉

  • Omar

    @danny Dont forget to put up renaissance rap q-tip ft busta, raekwon and lil wayne, tune went in wit his old flow on this one!!!

  • indy

    can someone tell me where you could get that junk luxe hoodie from?
    Cant find it nowhere!

  • Marquita Caroll Carter Jr.

    New music, new vibes for the party’s”