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Feature Friday #12: Hurricane Chris – Getting Money (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne & Nicole Wray)

Fri, Jan 31, 2014 by

Hurricane Chris Getting Money Remix Feat Lil Wayne & Nicole Wray

It’s that time of the week again! For this week’s “Feature Friday” edition I have chosen the “Getting Money” remix from Hurricane Chris featuring Nicole Wray and his fellow Louisiana native Lil Wayne.

The Package Store and Mr. Collipark-co-produced song can be found on Chris51/50 Ratchet album, which was released in 2007, but the remix with Weezy F Baby dropped in 2008.

“I’m at the bank waiting for the check to clear hoe; And I don’t need a yes-man, cause I’m from the N.O.”

You can listen to the “Getting Money” remix below!

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  • Hercules

    Wayne flow on this woooowwwww

  • hurricane chris sucks as a rapper…..he does sound like lil snupe tho

    • OG

      What even happened to him as a rapper?

      • JayHighAss

        Snupe died last year … R.i.p to a real nigga

        • I think he’s asking what happened to Young Chris as a rapper… but I have no idea

  • Nathan Bryant

    The good days

  • weezy’s biggest fan

    i’ve never heard this song before O.o

    • OG

      Then you need to change your name from weezy biggest fan

      • JayHighAss

        Lol foreal he/she really do

  • I Remember This As A Full Wayne Song & On A Different Beat …

  • King Weezy F

    Can’t wait for that “We Alright” Video damn ymcmb

  • wiseman91

    wayne killed thishit brah throwback shit

  • blahhh

    Can you put up Jadakiss ft Lil Wayne death wish

  • fewcha

    should of got a hook from future instead of nicole wray

    • 1Broskie

      nobody knew Future existed but his family & God in 2007

  • paul

    No offence danny but you post some of the weakest Wayne feature tracks…how about posting tracks that he murdered like…dey know (rmx), party like a rock star (rmx), swagga like us, turning me on, etc…

    • alex

      He is posting less known features for the new fans. But I do agree he killed those songs

    • alex

      He is posting less known features for the new fans. But I do agree he killed those songs

      • paul


    • Everyone knows those songs but not everyone knows the songs Danny posts. He just tryna help Wayne fans I think


    Hooooo, wayne really need to get this flow back, I don’t even care about his lyrics anymore as long as he lays off the women for a bit. But if he gets his raspy, weed drenched voice back, we gon’ be alright.

    • Gale

      He had it on we alright a little

  • realness


    • xgoblin

      Dope!!!… that’s pretty awesome man.. is this fan art?

    • Kidd

      Thats wack af they just took a sideview of wayne and put it on the nothing was the same background

      • JustAGuy234

        lol that was the point of the joke sheesh

      • Manes

        they did ?!?!

    • West_side bound

      Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOEVER DID THAT SHIT GOT ME DEAD LOL!!!! Yall niggas stupid for daht shit frfr lol

    • Mrs. Carter

      Aww Wayne Loook soo cute in that pic, but that aint the real C5 cover

  • ft.LilWayne

    Lame ft. Fridays. There are alota songs 10 times better than this. Boring!

  • $

    I might crack a smile but ain’t a damn thing funny

  • $

    I might crack a smile but ain’t a damn thing funny

  • Trey

    Im gonna Buy at least 3 coppies of C5 since its his last album, everybody should support at least 2 copies if u call yourself a real die hard fan. Comon yall support weezy so he can leave the game on good terms atleast. Lets make wayne feel like a king as he leaves the game.

    • Kay Kay too real_37

      I agree and the last song on C5 is going to be pretty emotional cuz just think about it, its the last verses we will ever hear from wayne. Smh Tbh not even ready for C5 to drop just yet, he should atleast drop 2 more albums before C5. Im probably gonna cry on the last song on c5 lol and just to let yall know Lil Chuckee been talkin shit bout wayne on twitter and instagram

      • Glenn

        He really is that lil bitch talkin about he never thought his idol would envy him man Wayne should be like boy fuck you since you think I envy you and drop him from young money

  • erbazza

    this is the REAL Wayne… !!!! like old style

  • Linda_weezy

    i’m still amazed by waynes verse on the my nigga remix…he said ”my eyes red from the kush i blew,white person”those 3 colours,white,red and blue are the only colours on the american flag.the ”white person” phrase can be associated with cocaine,coz its white.and the ”eyes red from the kush i blew”is amazing coz he uses wordplay contradicting blue and red eyes.he then says ”coz niggas drop a dime on you like a couple nickels”..couple means 2 and 2 nickels make up a dime! How awesome is that?

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