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“Tha Carter III” Collaborators Discuss Lil Wayne’s Iconic Album

Tha Carter III Collaborators Discuss Lil Wayne Iconic Album

For the tenth anniversary of Tha Carter III on June 10th, Billboard asked a few of the people involved with the classic Lil Wayne album to speak all about it.

Producers Bangladesh, Play-N-Skillz, Dre from Cool & Dre, and David Banner, as well as singer Bobby V discussed how the C3 songs came together and what the album’s legacy is looking like.

You can check out everything what they all had to say below. My favorite story has to be Banner revealing how he originally created “La La” for the film Shrek, but Wayne was like: “Fuck Shrek! I want that!”

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Hurricane Chris Responds To Kodak Black Saying He Wants To Fight Lil Wayne To Prove He’s The “Best Rapper Alive” [Video]

Hurricane Chris Responds To Kodak Black Saying He Wants To Fight Lil Wayne To Prove He Is The Best Rapper Alive

Hurricane Chris has recorded a video of himself responding to Kodak Black saying he wants to fight and knock out Lil Wayne to prove he is the best rapper alive. If you haven’t already seen the corny video of Kodak, I suggest not to bother wasting your bandwidth on watching it.

In the video, which you can watch below, the Louisiana rapper calls out Kodak Black by saying if you want to play with Tunechi then you’re going to have to fuck with him first, as well as threatens to break his jaw. Hurricane also mentions that Tune has much more bigger problems than with Black and is too busy counting millions, but he has the time himself.

Chris and Weezy are good friends in the music industry and were even spotted working on new music in the studio in 2015. They have previously collaborated on “Louisianimal” and the “Getting Money” remix!

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Recap Of Lil Wayne’s Appearance & Performance At Kokopellis In Shreveport, Louisiana [Video]

Recap Of Lil Wayne Appearance & Live Performance At Kokopellis In Shreveport

Back on May 25th, Lil Wayne made an appearance and also did a live performance at Kokopellis in Shreveport, Louisiana. Weezy was joined at the nightclub by Hurricane Chris, Hood, Mack Maine, 3 Feet, and DJ Bay Bay.

During his 15-minute set, Tunechi performed Chedda Da Connect’s “Flicka Da Wrist” track, as well as his own songs “Sh!t“, “Coco“, “Rollin’“, “Ride For My Niggas“, “Truffle Butter“, and “Steady Mobbin’” live.

You can watch a full recap of Mr. Carter‘s appearance at Kokopellis after the jump below. Click here to view a few pictures from the evening!

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Lil Wayne Hits Up The Studio With Freeway To Work On New Music

Lil Wayne Hits Up The Studio With Freeway To Work On New Music

The following day after hitting up the studio with Hurricane Chris, Lil Wayne had another studio session with Chris, but this time they were joined by Freeway and Mack Maine.

There is currently no details about what upcoming project they were working on, but it could possibly be the Philadelphia rapper’s forthcoming Free Will project as he posted the above photo on his Instagram page with the caption: “#FreeWill coming soon”!

Freeway and Tunechi have previously collaborated on the songsCannon (Remix)“, “It’s A Problem“, “Run (Remix)“, and “Step Back“. Who is looking forward to hearing a new collaboration from them?


Hurricane Chris & Lil Wayne Hit Up The Studio To Work On New Music

Hurricane Chris & Lil Wayne Hit Up The Studio To Work On New Music

A few days ago, Hurricane Chris and Lil Wayne hit up the studio to work on new music. There is currently no word on what they were working on, but Hurricane took to Instagram to post the above picture with the following caption:

“#5150 workin in the lab with @liltunechi stay tuned”

The Louisiana rappers have previously collaborated on “Getting Money“, as well as the unfinished “Louisianimal” song, which had Weezy sending shots to 50 Cent in his verse!

Who is looking forward to hearing a new Chris and Tunechi collabo?


Feature Friday #12: Hurricane Chris – Getting Money (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne & Nicole Wray)

Hurricane Chris Getting Money Remix Feat Lil Wayne & Nicole Wray

It’s that time of the week again! For this week’s “Feature Friday” edition I have chosen the “Getting Money” remix from Hurricane Chris featuring Nicole Wray and his fellow Louisiana native Lil Wayne.

The Package Store and Mr. Collipark-co-produced song can be found on Chris51/50 Ratchet album, which was released in 2007, but the remix with Weezy F Baby dropped in 2008.

“I’m at the bank waiting for the check to clear hoe; And I don’t need a yes-man, cause I’m from the N.O.”

You can listen to the “Getting Money” remix below!

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