Lil Wayne Celebrates New Year’s With Birdman At CAMEO In Miami [Pictures]

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Lil Wayne Celebrates New Year's With Birdman At CAMEO In Miami

Last night, Lil Wayne brought the New Year in with Birdman, T.I., and DJ E-Feezy at CAMEO nightclub in Miami, Florida. You can view some photos of Tune having fun at the club after the jump below.

It also looks like no one bought the $100,000.00 VIP package last night either, which would of let you and four friends meet Weezy F Baby and chill with him at his recording studio.

Lil Wayne Celebrates New Year's With Birdman At CAMEO In Miami

Lil Wayne Celebrates New Year's With Birdman At CAMEO In Miami

Lil Wayne Celebrates New Year's With Birdman At CAMEO In Miami

Lil Wayne Celebrates New Year's With Birdman At CAMEO In Miami

Lil Wayne Celebrates New Year's With Birdman At CAMEO In Miami

Lil Wayne Celebrates New Year's With Birdman At CAMEO In Miami

Lil Wayne Celebrates New Year's With Birdman At CAMEO In Miami

Lil Wayne Celebrates New Year's With Birdman At CAMEO In Miami

Lil Wayne Celebrates New Year's With Birdman At CAMEO In Miami

Lil Wayne Celebrates New Year's With Birdman At CAMEO In Miami

Lil Wayne Celebrates New Year's With Birdman At CAMEO In Miami

Photo credit: Thaddaeus McAdams

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  • Mbminas

    tunechi lee!

  • wezzy

    First in this bitch

  • wezzy

    That $100000 is hell lot of money maaan

  • King Weezy F

    This is going to be a great Weezy year, YMCMB

    • Scott Pieper

      If Wayne Grow the dreads longer n go back to the 2009 wayne shore It Will.

      • mulah

        shut yo pussy ass up bitch nigga 2014= weezy

        • lilmt

          go home u re drunk its not weezy any more it tunchi bullshit

          • Guest

            bitch what??? learn how to talk and spell BEFORE talking shit you brain dead asshole! lol

          • mulah

            nigga you a clown fa’real. weezy, wayne, tune, or T-U-N-E-C-H-I (thats how you spell it dumbass) are THE SAME PERSON you & lames like you talk as if different names mean different people people or personalities. gtfoh with that bipolar nicki minaj type shit

            • A simple guy

              You right for real he was callin himself tunechi in no cceilings and that was the greatest mixtape all these niggas who hate when he calls himself tunechi are just stupid

  • that cigar nearly as big as my dick no homo

    • yeee

      that’s not a cigar, thats a joint rolled in RAW papers.
      Check Birdmans instagram 😉

  • mulah

    cigar and popping bottle’s …..oh shit

  • Patrick H

    Hopefully a new single soon

  • maria

    damn i haven’t seen tune with a bottle in a min. and a cigar too? plus he back on his weed! this is about to be a great year for wayne fans for sure

  • Harry Hannafin

    Weezy looks fucked in that second photo !

  • YMG

    weezy getting faded for new year.

  • fewcha

    weezy back to the white polo tee swag?

    • YMCorey

      TrukFit white tee.. Look at the logo

  • Whodatnation #9

    Wait till I get in the army and get the money. That would be tough as shit to meet him he seem cool but we would have to smoke.

  • Whodatnation #9

    The saints in the playoffs can we show them some love this Saturday when they play the eagles.

    • treed

      eagles gon loose bruh frfr

  • nfs444

    Even for the super rich 100 grand is ALOT of money. If the price was say 20 grand then somebody would actually probably buy it.

  • Josh

    Damn thats a huge blunt. Man I hope he went to the studio after that.

    • maria

      smfh that’s NOT BLUNT fool, thats a CIGAR! it’s tradition to smoke 1 to bring in the new year

  • JayHighAss

    Damn wayne was turn up to the max

  • Aliyah

    Um wayne is getting too ugly. God!!!! What happened to the sexy wayne with the toned face, braided dreads, pliain white polo v neck t-shirt, redsocks hat, camel pants, and jordans. What happened to the wayne who allways wore 4 or 5 chainz. What happened to the wayne who actually cared about his appearence. Now his face is all boney, dry, and uglly looking, he fucked around and stuck all his dreads together and now they look like shit, and All he wears now is trukfit and skater clothes. I used to have the biggest crush on wayne back in 07. He was just so sexy and his swagg allways stayed on point. But after 09 his swagg just went to all skater clothes. Oh man Where is weezy f baby at. Go die tunechi.

    • Ihatestupidbitches

      Wtf if u dnt like what u see don’t look. Who gives a fuck about ur ignorant opinion when he have people millions of fans that love him no matter what u fake hoe get out here! U dnt know shit about this mans life

    • Aliyah is a dumb whore

      first off shut the fuck up you’re annoying as fuck. you’re the type of bitch that judge a person off what they wear which shows how shallow and simpleminded you are. i bet you’re 17 or under too smh. and another thing, do you see jay-z still wearing huge baggy jeans , his grill from the 80’s , or them old ass outdated button downs and s.(dots) ? …NO! do you still see t.i. wearing the baggy ghetto looking shit he used to waer? ….NO! as people get older they change and so does the way they carry theirself. wayne isn’t old af , but he’s not young as the new rappers today. he’s been there done that (20 chains , rollies on each arm , pinky rings on each hand , diamond earings bullshit) and as far as TRUKFIT IT’S HIS OWN BRAND!!!! why wouldn’t he wear that more than he wears polo tee’s , gucci, l.v. and versace shit every other rapper is waering looking like clones in their videos and on the red carpet. when jay-z had rocawear he wore that 80% of the time, diddy still wears he sean john line sometimes too. and anyway wayne doesn’t wear crazy outfit’s anymore just SIMPLE TF tee’s and maybe TF jeans/shorts with jordans or supras (which who he has a deal with! ) so think about that before you tell him to go “die” as if weezy f. baby and tunechi isn’t the same damn person you fucking shit for brains bitch

      • Tereesa

        Exactly and im tired of all these fucks commin on here talkin bout waynes hair nd clothes. Smh Like u said, it just shows how simpleminded they are.

      • Beezy


    • Kidd

      I hope u a girl

    • Keeshawn

      Smfh, Yo ass woulda got fucked up if u said dat shit at a wayne concert. Them female wayne fans be serious when it cum to wayne. You would get jumped frfr. I know a few gangsta ass bitches that wayne fans an they would fuck yo lil ass up!!!

  • JustAGuy234

    you guys know wayne didnt stop smoking weed… or drinking… remember when he said he fucked bosh’s wife? well he went on kimmel shortly after and said he was too turnt up/had to much whatever PLUS he had a loose probation (i forget the legal term) meaning he DOESNT have to take any drug tests nor report to a P.O. in person. NOTHiNG was stopping him from doing drugs (yes he quit lean for medical reasons)… people who swear he was sober all the time are just looking for an excuse for why wayne’s music declined from his golden years. truth is he lost his touch, YES he still shows glimpses and and as a TRUE FAN, YES I will SUPPORT him until the end BUT true fans are honest fans not dickeaters….and we TRUE fans can admit it got bad, YES d5 was a step in the right direction but shit we want the PASSION & WITTINESS from wayne of old. Wayne i so lazy now (in music) and it breaks out hearts. YES i hope 2014 is waynes year but realistically he will be average at best. BUT i will still BUY any album he puts out to support, can the rest of you say the same?
    god bless, peace!

    • SMFH

      True bruh it be some funny actin ass niggas. Oon here. This is a site only to talk about the posts or upcomming wayne releases. If u aint got no life then get yo ass of of here

    • ChillaG

      Just listen to his verse in billionaire bucks the streets raised me, his energy and hunger are definitely coming back, he sounds just like pre jail wayne. i still think he was the best artist but nobody could compete with the old wayne, not even post prison sober wayne, 2014 will be his yr an i don care what any1 thinks, time will make it evident….Dont argue with me till the year is over

      • moneytalksalwayz

        STFU… u dont know what ur talkin boy, thats an old verse on the streets raised me, do ure research newbie

        • ChillaG

          My bad, he still gon kill it with all da weed he been smokin lately, it makes him hungry and creative

      • Joe

        Yea I heard that verse yesterday and it sounded just like 07 wayne. Personaly I think wayne is seeing these newer artists like A$ap, Kendrick, meek mill, big sean, and future and they all actually look up to him and I think wayne is seeing that and he wants to get back to his glory days so that he can become a better influence to them. If u think about it wayne and t.i were really the only ones holding it down in the 00s. So thats why all of these artists look up to him. An wayne is definately gaining back his hunger. It first started with D5. Levels, devestation, c.r.e.a.m, and still got the rock clearly shows that wayne is hungry again and we all know when wayne is hungry, he EATS!!!!

        • TruFan

          All correct but the ones who run the 00’s are Weezy, TI, Dr Dre and Eminem but Dre and Em are done with music.

    • stephanie

      u know ive always thought the same way u do but I just hope he becomes the weezy he used to be some day n I hope that day is not to faraway from today lets just keep supporting him cuz that’s what real fans do

    • TruFan

      Exactly we ahould all admit everything stoped after C3 and C4 and D4 sucked. D5 was ok but i think tune gonna come out this year and take over 1 last time.

  • Showstanner

    Staright Pimping #UOENO

  • Marquita Caroll Carter Jr.

    Happy New Year, still enjoying”

  • zOozaru

    that light skin broad tho….

    • Guest

      Is ugly

      • zOozaru

        SMH no comment…

  • maria

    T H A T S
    N O T
    W H A T
    H E’S
    S M O K I N G
    D U M B A S S!!
    ((pay attention to the end of the cigar and the end of the blunt . THE BLUNT = TWISTED , THE CIGAR = CUT))
    birdman has uploaded that pic atleast 2 or 3 times on instagram you fucking idiot. that wasn’t from lastnight!! smfh

  • Mygee

    Damn I need that trukfit hat!!!!!!! It would go great with my gamma 12s

  • brandon

    you a straight cornball for your name . and you’re a jackass because that is a cigar wayne and birdman’s smoking! so you went and got that picture of stunna insta and bought it all the way on here just to look dumb thinking you were right lol hahaha

  • kentunechi

    I got this Trukfit shirt it say Truks on my mind now think about that old Wayne song money on my mind this Trukfit shirt is dope

  • jackie___

    i see gotti from “boo and gotti” back with the team again. thats wussup

  • 3Peat

    I need this ‘My nigga’ remix

  • YMCorey

    Tune ain’t gonna age well at all man.. Still the greatest of all time in my book

  • nayan ahir

    weezy love …2014

  • stephanie

    any news on Wayne’s book or like father like son 2 ????????????

  • Mack9

    Where do you get those plain white trukfit Ts that he’s wearing

  • Young Kobrah

    I like all his projects people like diff shit we all his fans but everybody not gone like all his shit. like ice cream I love ice cream but not everybody is going to like the same one i do

  • Clean

    Huh Bruh

  • tunechi in this biiiitch

    tunechi is awesome , he’s the best rapper alive , the cutest rapper foeva and he will stay on that swag with the trukfit hat and his white trukfit tee and his blunt and his songs, and haters .. fuck off assholes nd go to hell mothafuckas , i love him and i will do foeva weezy♥

  • nkengprince

    wayne happy new year big love hope 2014 is going to be the best year of great music can wait to listen to your music tune. fan 4 live God bless u weezy for giving us good music an for keepin u still 2014 that means we have hope this year for more music, more love an more award. love lil wayne/lilprince feel me

  • for deep thought only

    If ya’ll was his real fans u would realize that people grow up and change their thoughts and vision on life including celebs cuz they r just as human as us. Keep on rockin it weezy

  • lil pa i like weezy from senegal

  • ramon aponte


  • ramon aponte

    call me now at 908-986-7642


    yep he was rapping from age9 thats young

    • Stephen Curry

      Come to the future lmao