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Lil Wayne Featured On “Thug Cry” Off Rick Ross’ “Mastermind” Album

Fri, Feb 7, 2014 by

Remember back in May, 2013 when Lil Wayne mentioned that he would be recording something for Rick Ross‘ upcoming album, Mastermind? Well it looks like we will finally get to hear the song soon, because Rozay has just revealed the tracklist for the project and Tune is featured on the outro song titled “Thug Cry“.

Rick RossMastermind album is due to be released on March 4th, so that’s less than a month away before it drops! Are you looking forward to hearing the Ross and Weezy collaboration?

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  • stephanie

    Hope this shit is great !!!!

  • stephanie

    I believe weezy can prove everyone he’s da best

    • YMCorey

      Did that plenty of times

      • stephanie

        Yes I know he has but not all people know that yet n I know this time those people that don’t know yet they will know that he really is it he’s the best rapper ALIVE

        • JayHighAss

          What does the man have to do for ever one to know he’s one of the best to ever do it he’s done it all said it all been in the game since like forever

    • bware93


  • well it was not recorded after probation…..

    • Nexoduss

      Oh so that makes it not as good? Damn people are stupid

  • Marlo

    Wayne bouta eat!!!

  • Time

    The trailer for the tracklist was dope.

    Yes I’m hyped for this collabo.

  • Bs up

    with a title like thug cry its obviously gonna be a classic.

    I still bump Veterans Day, John, and maybachs music, so I hope it’s like them and not like 9 piece.

    • zaytoven

      9 piece & john sounds the exact same

  • young tunechi

    Dis is finna be a bang

  • Case

    I want a john part two!!!!!

    • fewcha

      listen to im not a star from rick ross teflon don album. john is a part 2 of that

  • bware93

    Tunchie is the best rapper alive… He took the game to a new level with metaphors, similies in his punch lines…


      My nigga you’re HIGHHHH!

  • ThaJoka

    Last track ? Hyped as fuck

  • ThaJoka

    Last track ? Hyped as fuck

  • ThaJoka

    Last track ? Hyped as fuck

  • bigsean

    Been waiting 4 this song since he mentioned it in May, Wayne & Ross make bangers!

  • JayHighAss

    Man I do it big, to me you niggas wee man,
    Bout to go pecans, I beat it like 3 hands,
    Weezy in the building you other niggas freelance,
    I don’t give a f-zzuck,
    I done got my shit up,
    I gotta do a bit, that’s push ups, sit ups,
    fuck with young money bitch nigga get hit up,
    nigga fuck pay even fuck wid us,
    I’m a eastside nigga yeah eastside nigga,
    Where the muthafucking beef gets deep fried nigga,
    nigga could’ntsee me with 3 eyes nigga,
    You’s a bitch,
    No U-N-I-T-Y nigga
    On the mic I’m like pac, I’m like B-I nigga,
    Whoever don’t agree come and see my nigga,
    I be waiting in my mansion seaside nigga,
    Young muthafucking M-O-N-E-Y…

    • fewcha

      stop posting the wrong lyrics

      does “I gotta do a bit, that’s push ups, sit ups” make sense to you?

      its BID not BIT

      • JayHighAss


      • Jrock

        Actually its BIG dumb fuck @JayHighAss made a legitimate mistake you fucking ass whole

      • JustAGuy234

        yea bruh its big not bid (all tho i could see where u COULD get bid from)

  • fewcha

    i can see it being soulful

  • Deontre Lewis


  • Legend

    Wait!!!!, this might be wack cuz it was recorded while he was on his probation so………..I wouldnt get too hyped yall.

  • Don

    Cortez on twitter responding to people asking about Wayne upcoming releases. I asked what’s the next tape he didn’t reply tho lol

    • alex

      So why the hell would you post that if you had no information?

      • Don

        Nigga I post what I want to post damn somebody always got some shit to say smh

        • Don

          Oh but he did say that the We Alright video is dropping next week tho

  • Don

    Someone also asked Cortez will the Young Money album get pushed back he nope March 11th

  • Don

    He was also asked if there would be any more dvd’s like nino brown he brought up something called ‘Weezy Wednsdays” what ever that is

  • Don

    Oh and if anybody think I’m lying just go on Cortez Twitter and see it I wouldn’t lie to my fellow Wayne fans like some of yal be doin

  • Don

    And after Cortez got done answering questions for people on twitter he tweeted “I’m done on my way to the studio to finish this Young Money Album ✌️” Like I said go look if you think im lying

  • KingLabe

    We alright music video next week!

  • Alkiuris Alvarez Rodriguez

    not a big rick ross fan but they always make good tracks together …im kinda gettin hyped for this albumm..



  • Eric Toomer

    Sounds good.

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  • TunechiBabi

    So excited!!!! Gonna b raw az alwayz with My Boo Weezy n Rozay alwayz rockn it tuu!