Lil Wayne & Mack Maine Mourn Over The Loss Of Their Friend Who Was Gunned Down By Police

Wed, Feb 19, 2014 by

Lil Wayne & Mack Maine Mourn Over The Loss Of Their Friend Who Was Gunned Down By Police

Lil Wayne and Mack Maine both partied with their childhood friend, Keith Atkinson aka Magic, the day before he was killed by a police officer in the 8600 block of Belfast Street in Hollygrove, New Orleans on February 16th.

The story behind this is that the police were responding to a shoplifting emergency call, but it turns out that Magic was not the actual thief who was shoplifting and according to Wayne, he had a drink in his hand that the cops thought was a gun.

You can check out Weezy and Mack‘s tweets below:

R.I.P. to Magic.

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    • John Brown

      I know that this is very unhuman but I also hope so

    • sharyel

      Danny put this on here to show that law enforcement fucked up big not for you guys to want more from weezy just let him be a normal person sometimes

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        Wayne always raps about his lost homies in songs

        “R.I.P. Lil Beezy”

    • ashley L.

      you’re selfish af you and the people that thumbed you up and agreed with you.

  • back2U

    damn rest in peace.

    chick in the picture is bad as fuck tho.

  • Time

    Weezy has Belfast street tattooed on his leg…..

  • stephanie

    R.i.p. magic . Fuck da cops always running round da hood killing innocent people. Damn

  • Tunchi

    cops can not see if it was a gun or a drink ,that’s bullshit



  • ashley L.

    his friend got murdered by the police over bullshiit and all you wayne “fans” can think about is him making a song about it? how about giving your condolences, and moving on. stop tryna make everything about his music. damn!!

  • Weezy___baebae

    Damn because his friend gets killed he has to rap about it? ever thought maybe he wants to mourn in peace like other people do? or maybe he dont want to disrespect “magic” ‘s family be putting hat happened in a song? why are yall always on wayne back about music? when he skates yall cry over music , when he’s out the hospital for a day = yall want him in the studio , soon as he came home from jail =yall wanted him to drop music , when he talks of retiring = yall still want him to keep working. like damn can he breathe??

    • Couldnt agree more.

      • JayHighAss

        Exactly ! Well said Weezy___baebae

  • Weezy___baebae

    R.I.P. MAGIC &

  • brandon

    Man I swear black people have a hard way to go in this world. from racist ass white people, to dirty ass cops. …r.i.p. homie

    • stephanie

      That’s true bet anything that fucken cop was white .fuck racist people

      • Magic

        O don’t play that black victim of a white person bullshit. You have no idea if he was white, hispanic, black, or chinese. It’s 2014, our president is black and your great grandparents weren’t even slaves. I’m tired of black people claiming they are victims of white people, just like with George Zimmerman (who was hispanic). You want treated equal, then stop MAKING things into a race thing and wanting special treatment such as college paid for just because of the color of your skin.

        • stephanie

          Did my comment offend u homie cuz I said fuck racist people unless ur one then I understand

          • Nexoduss

            It racist to just assume that he was white. Fucking ignorant people man. Don’t be racist and expect something different in return asshole.

            • gavinr927

              Well if you read and did some research you would know he is white! Jonathan Hirdes, was the officer. And please shut up, whining about “pulling the race card”. If you were from New Orleans or better yet Louisiana you would know race plays a huge factor here. Louisiana is extremely racist. It really annoys me when people like you constantly tell blacks, “stop crying racist” when you would not understand what racist is, or how it feels to be treated that way. Not saying all whites are racist, BUT the american system is and has always been racist, if you don’t see that then your ignorant(unknowing, just in case you dont know the definition) and blind.

              • Nexoduss

                Lol you have no idea what true racism is and neither does anyone for that matter. Talk to me If you were ever a Slave. Black people always cry race because that’s all they know. They would never blame themselves just white people because that’s what they are used to doing. My college is in Youngstown and im a mechanical engineer so I’m positive that my intelligence level is wayyy above yours. The simple fact is that black people bring these things upon themselves because of how they act. Anytime there is a shooting or a robbery around the school guess who it was? Two black males. Its not about racism against all black people it’s racism against “niggers” who commit crimes and make it seem like all black people are bad when that’s not true. Yes maybe I am racist against niggers but thats got nothing to do with the color of skin. To me it’s all about how you act

                • gavinr927

                  Good job on making it to college, been there and finished, Im currently working on my Masters in Electrical at NC A&T, so no you have not done anything to prove you are more intelligent than anyone. =) Its ok, you’ll soon learn that a degree doesn’t prove you are more intelligent than others that did not go.

                  Racism- prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

                  Read and comprehend sir, that’s something they teach you as an undergrad, well that is what I learned. You don’t have to be a slave to have experience racism!

                  And how are you comparing Ohio to Louisiana? I have been all over America and there are few places that are as racist. Like I said if you have not lived there shut up please, you don’t know what you are talking about.

                  And please stay on subject, we are talking about this situation in New Orleans, please apply what you said to this black man doing nothing, being killed by this white cop in Louisiana.

                  Is it his fault he was killed?

                  Since you have never experienced racism I would advise you to keep quiet on the topic at hand.

                  Good luck with your classes I hope you get your undergraduate degree before I get my Master’s!

                • JayHighAss

                  You talking bullshit bro how u gone say whenever there is a shooting or robbery then it’s black men that did it ? You sound stupid like white people don’t go In to movie theaters & shoot up people or go into a elementary school. & shoot that bitch up too but when they go to jail guess what happens .. They say he was on drugs & he has a mental problem so we’re gonna put him into rehab but let a black person do something like that & see what happens to him

                • nfs444

                  I don’t hate black people I just hate ghetto black people. Nexoduss couldn’t of said it better

                • A$ap Broccoli #Lawd

                  eat a dick

              • Levi Blue

                I’m from Louisiana stfu I’m white && I think we get along just fine some black people don’t fuck with white boys && some white boys don’t fuck with black people it goes both ways

                • gavinr927

                  Yeah and your point. Did I say whites and black don’t get along? Did I say I had anything against white people?..Hmmm I think someone needs to learn to read. How does your comment contribute to the argument?
                  It’s ok you were probably emotional when you read my comment. Louisiana has a lot of racism, there are a lot of racist officers. Nothing I am saying is a lie, so why are you commenting? SMH

                • Levi Blue

                  Ohhhk you’re right Lol who’s emotional?

                • gavinr927

                  I tried to give you a pass, I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you could read and understand what I wrote. So the only other explanation for you not understanding what I wrote would be that you were emotional. As your response, telling me to “stfu” because I said Louisiana is known to be racist and have racist cops, makes no sense to what I stated.

          • Kieran Taiz

            Stupid nigga fix up . #ripMagic

        • Nexoduss

          I agree man. Playing the racist card gets fucking old when you want to be treated equal. Stop blaming white people. It’s honestly racist to assume that they were white you fucking assholes.

        • guess who

          you wouldnt know a racial entry too college because yoou never had one chance because your white then and their black with no special previlages either you dumb broad bitch

          • Levi Blue

            It’s actually easier for black people to get scholarships look it up

    • Kieran Taiz

      Nigga my parents are black so im not being racist. But you say ” black people have a lonh way to go” well if 75% of yall young people stopped patrolling the streets with no education and tryna bang women and fighting and the same for white people then shit like this would not happen .

  • walt 504

    this was him………….. R.I.P. MAGIC

  • TUNE



    fuck the police. RIP ma NIGGAR

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda


    I couldnt imagine if this was Gudda who was killed

    • upt

      stop tryna be funny you disrespectful ass bitch nigga

    • Aaron mc 7

      your comment’s are NEVER funny to begin with dude. This time isn’t any different , just ignorant if anything

  • upt

    witness’s say someone that was wearing the same colored clothing was stealing a pack of juices out a store while magic was in the store also and the store clerk/owner called the cops. cops got there and ran up on magic instead, magic was getting down on the ground saying he didn’t do anything and they saw a drink in his hand and started shooting him which ended in his death (cops claim the thought the object was a gun ). -___- smfh fucking cops killed this man over mistaken i.d. , being racist and trigger happy. The store owner says he knew magic personally and is now claiming he’s sorry he called the cops.

  • Time

    Someone who was like a mother to wayne died recently too

  • Swezy

    what the actual fuck man, this shit is fucked up..he had no relation with the shoplifting yet the shoplifter is alive, and the innocent one is killed..sorry to say, but that’s America.. RIP magic

  • Best

    Just kills him for nothing. R.I.P. Nigga

  • ChavoGotThat

    Who The Fuck Is Magic

  • DonJulio


    • derrick

      bitch shutup dumbass

  • T.D.E

    Damn Fuck 12 bruh. Thass sum fucked up shit frfr

  • a hole

    i think all the people opinionated about this guys life stinks you dont have one of your own so suck your own dicks because your stupid is retarded as you being stupid is and that since you killed this guy it doesnt mean nothing too no one but it did too em and others that have a heart that way

  • Im 2 True

    This site ain’t what it used to be. Y’all don’t even get on here to post comments about the article anymore. All y’all do is get on here and talk shit to each other but ain’t gonna do nun to each other cuz you sittin behind a fuckin computer screen. This is the first time I’ve commented on this site since 2011. All I do is just sit back and read all these gay ass comments and one thing I have realized is Wayne dont have any real fans. All he has is bandwagoners and fuck boys. To the true Wayne fans I salute you and I hope u know there is only a small amount of us still left but we are still here and we just got to stand up to these haters and these fake ass fans. But as far as this site, it definitely fell off. It got really lame. Now days This site is just full of lame ass, unemployed gays that don’t have lives. Just think about it, that’s why they have the time to come on here and make comments all damn day long. Smh and on some of these comments you can actually tell its the same fuckin person commenting with different names and having full coverstations with themselves at times smh. Fuck These fuck ass low lifes

  • derrick


  • Kieran Taiz

    R.i.p magic
    iF wayne was free like in the studio when hes not doing other stuff cause he has a life and its not all about slaving away as an artist.
    He should try hook up with the greatest lyrically rapper ever aka hopsin cause that would be a beast collab.

    The best rapper alive ft the greatest lyricist rapper of all time !!

    • derrick



    How come nobody asked what he did?



  • cj

    one time fuck 1 time!!!

  • Don_Hooper19

    Just seen the first episode of Weezy Wednesdays

  • Don_Hooper19

    It was hilarious

  • JustAGuy234

    post weezy Wednesday ep.1

  • Michael

    You dragging bruh

  • Kidd

    Aye Danny they just debuted #weezywednesdays you should post it….they toured his house and inside skate park

  • Monique Joseph

    My cousin by blood by life .its messed up .if any one knows any thing or wants to know when the funeral is inbox my on fb or instagram @mj_xoxou

  • cashmoneyyoungmoney

    yo danny put up the weezy Wednesday video !

    • T.D.E

      Lmao I seen it, its funny as hell bruh

  • Chiefkeef

    Zzz… Wheres da weezy wednesday? Almost on erry website cept dis lol.. Danny u lackin bruh

  • amazu

    @danny you slow as fuck, weezy has dropped his weezy wednesday episode, its on worldstar

  • mase

    all of you saying danny’s slacking because he hasn’t posted the weezy wendsay video Jesus Christ lay off kids! he does enough on this site as it is, damn you all complain about everything don’t you?!

  • Levi Blue

    Danny start putting up them weezy Wednesdays I know you heard about them

  • Levi Blue

    Whys it even got to be white or black thing the cop was just a piece of shit no matter what his color was there is people like that of every color

  • Dawn Bosley

    R.I.P. Magic

  • TheTruth

    danny when u gonna post weezy wednesdays video?! worldstar beat u to it

  • Musicanian

    it’s like dat in philly to.Shit real out here Maine.Dey just be ready to pop somebody

  • Eric Toomer

    The police for the most part is so fucked up! Saw this shit the other day!

  • LuvTunechi

    RIP MAGIC *tears shed for 9th ward Hollygrove*