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Lil Wayne Makes A FaceTime Call With A Fan While At Paul Rodriguez’ Private Skate Park

Sun, Feb 9, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Makes A FaceTime Call With A Fan While At Paul Rodriguez Private Skate Park

Early Saturday morning, Lil Wayne had a skating session at Paul Rodriguez’ private skate park in Los Angeles, California with Chance Eldridge, Dan Abadi, DJ Scoob Doo, Manny Santiago, Matthew Miko, Shane Oneill, Torey Pudwill, and YoYo.

During the session, a guy named Harvey Soto received a FaceTime call from one of his idols Weezy, which one of the skaters had set up. You can watch the FaceTime call below, as well as a clip of Tune watching Torey Pudwill perform a trick on his skateboard.

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  • Ray

    Cool as fuck, that guy is lucky.

  • tuneche baby

    weezy f a real nigga for this hah

  • King Weezy F

    What a dream to come true!

  • Elay

    Dam I thought this nigga was done wit that shit

    • paul

      Same here…

    • Fuck tha Fame

      shit he likes it as long as he start spendin more time in the studio then the park, I’m happy

      • fewcha

        yep and look on lwhq twitter, weezy was in the studio with mike will yesterday

    • fewcha

      studio all day and skate park all night

  • WeeYzyzy

    He been killing shit fuck ya’ll

  • jakobe

    niggas keep crying over wayne skating but eversince 2014 started so far we’ve been getting dope verse’s from him. way better than (2013 weezy) he’s been in the” yo” more than at the skate parks. its just something he enjoys doing in his SPARE TIME (meaning OUTSIDE of MUSIC) you selfish idiot’s need to get over it and embrace it cause he’s not stopping until he wants to.

  • fewcha

    grizzly gang tho

    • Time

      Sounds suspect

  • inewwiththis .

    god i wish i was getting a FaceTime call from wayne

  • YMCorey

    2002 wayne probably would’ve been like nah dog that’s not me if you would’ve told him he was gonna be skating in 2014

    • josh_66

      MAN STFU

      • YMCorey

        Nigga you shut the fuck up.. You probably wasn’t listening to wayne back in 2002

        • Deontre Lewis

          STFU @YMCorey so what he havint been on a nigga dick since 2002

          • YMCorey

            Shut up pussy

            • Glenn

              Ridin , we on fire, and off the porch also clear tha set thats 4 off gurrila warfare that was my shit i still have tha album nigga be sleep on that old Wayne but I know where you coming from but as long as Wayne make fire ass verses he could skate mountain bike or fucking jet ski for all the fuck I care

              • YMCorey


        • josh_66

          bitch i been listening to wayne since 98 so fuck you!

          • YMCorey

            Nigga recite 3 songs off guerrilla warefare HotBoy album

    • josh_66

      you the ol crybaby ass type nigga @ jakobe was talking about in his comment. smh

    • Shawn_504

      im sick of people like you always bringing up wayne skating and comparing the old wayne to the new wayne. NIGGA FUCK YOU AND HOW YOU FEEL let wayne do wtf he wants because you damn sure can change him no matter how much you bitch about it or dont like it. damn you comparing him now to him over 10 years ago? smh foh if you dont like him because of his hobby then you a clown because all i care about is his music. anything else is irrelevant

    • Time

      He said he had a skateboard on “La La La”

      • YMCorey

        GTFOh he said he had a 10 speed, scooter and a skateboard… Typical boy toys.. Don’t be a smart ass.. I hate you new wayne fans

        • Time

          Sorry I’m not 50 years old like you.

          • YMCorey


  • Don

    Drake just tweeted “Carter V” I hope he is on it need a Wayne and Drake song

    • Time

      Hype level on a million

      • Don

        Man what I’m too hype lol

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    Was Gudda not there?

  • Meloni

    Omg i wouldve fainted

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