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First Week Sales For Young Money’s “Rise Of An Empire” Compilation Album

Wed, Mar 19, 2014 by

First Week Sales For Young Money Rise Of An Empire Compilation Album

The first week numbers for Young Money‘s new compilation album, Rise Of An Empire, are in! According to HDD, the project sold 31,047 copies since it was released on March 11th.

If you haven’t already done so, you can purchase Young Money: Rise Of An Empire on iTunes here or Amazon here.

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  • Yoooooo

    Wow 31k…..

    • Jason

      C5 numbers will make up for this though!!!

      • nfs444

        Serves them right for stealing the album name from a movie!

  • Weezy

    Damn that’s low

  • KingZ

    We Are Young Money sold 142K first week. Maybe the sales are low because the lineup is different.

  • Speechless

    Holy fuck these are terrible numbers

    • Jamie Hamill

      What do you expect? This is a horrible album

      • nfs444

        Yeah, he is right. The album fucking blew big dick. They didn’t have a single song that amounted to “Every Girl” or “Bedrock”…. I mean “We Alright” was okay but that’s about it.

        • Dave

          Dont forget “Moment” by Wayne, that was a good one.

      • YMCorey


    • CMB_

      Compilation albums dont really sale that much anyways…..

  • This serves the label right in my eyes.

    Next time they won’t rush it and maybe work on it all in the studio like the first album.

    • Tony Altrudebta

      Yea it was a rushed album and they payed for that. I personally think it was a good album, but as far as marketing, it was a horrible idea to build the album around “300” and not have a hit single that remotely relates to that movie.

      Really, that’s where the most sales would have came from. Marketing tactics are everything. Also there was to many disposable records on the album to be able to meet expectations for a Young Money album. That being said I’m still vibing to the album (I rep them 5 letters forever, word to Euro).

  • tony d

    Wayne was on most of the songs on the first YM album, this one he was only in 3. Drake only once.. Nobody wants to listen to mack , birdman, lil twist, gudda, jae millz etc. Without waynr drake or even nicki on the song.

    • IMMA

      this album was made for NEW YM artists like €uro, the ones who are not in the spotlight yet, same for the first YM album, Drake, Nicki and Tyga didn’t have the notorious they have now, that’s why they were on most of the songs…

      • fewcha

        no one cares for the new artists like chanel west coast or the washed up artists like gudda, jae millz, shanell….so thats why it sold so low

        if it had more songs from weezy, drizzy and nicki i bet it would of sold a lot more

        • nfs444

          How dare you talk about Shanell like that! So Good ft. Lil Wayne & Drake was my shit! You’re right about everybody else tho.

        • [Original] Gudda Gudda

          Be careful using Gudda’s name….

          • Davidson Lumas

            Haaaaa gudda gudda looks like he has down syndrom

        • Tony Montana

          Yea be carefull Gudda is more like a giant tattoed piece of crap

        • god

          I really agree with you man. And im glad you didnt said euro. Cuz euro is a talented guy! His raps are hard

      • Riccokash

        Yeah it was but they hype ain’t up he should have dropped a ym mixtape first like he kinda did on d3

  • Bang

    when 1st album came out Wayne hype was at the top and they had a hit record out called ‘Bedrock’ , so it was easy to sell. Now Drake , Nicki , Tyga or Wayne not on most of the Tracks? nobody got time for time that.

  • Time

    This album wont even go gold…..

    • gavinr927

      Man this ain’t even going silver!! (100,000 copies)..

  • Sk Laflare

    Hahaha the album sucked dick breh Wayne went in tho

  • WEzzyWE

    I bought 20,378 copies for my hood – so there are only 10,669 left. However: Terrible numbers.

    • fewcha

      birdman is that you?

  • The Future

    What a shame. Not like I expected big sales, but this is sad. Smh

  • evilgeniussaz7
  • Dillon

    Well that’s what you get for no promotion

  • Emmanuel Kesse

    This album sucked !!! Wayne better do more advertising on his album !

  • fewcha

    it would of been at least 100k if there was a future feature

  • Sasha

    This speaks volumes to the decline of YMCMB. When you stop caring, the fans stop caring. This album comes no where close to the first collabo album. YMCMB needs a facelift and they need to start caring about what they put out for the fans. I was expecting these numbers and even lower numbers in the future if YMCMB keeps up this bullshit


      Amennnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!! Finally somebody is telling the truth and not just dickriding the crew

      • jraw23

        Just for ones YMCMB listen to your fans

  • Cv

    Where I’m from ppl sell the CDs of course illegal download. But there almost like store bought. They do from the cover to the cover on the discs only thing missing is the booklet. Imagine how many ppl out there do this and how many they actually sell. Low numbers but I expected this due to the way ppl are getting their music

    • brock

      He’s right. Ppl don’t buy albums anymore. They download them. I bet the downloads are higher.

      • Cv

        They gotta be way higher man. I’m not gonna lie when it leaked yeah I downloaded it but I also showed YM some love and actually bought it. I pray CV don’t leak.


    Haaaahahaha!! And yall talking about this YMCMB year, GTFO! This ain’t the same crew it used to be. Wayne had zero nominations at every awards show last year and already 2014 is looking weak. I fuck with Weezy as an individual and for what he did back in 04′-08′ he inspired a lot of todays artists. BUT If Wayne don’t start promoting that C5 asap the same thing will happen with his album. They fell off hard smh these are soulja boy numbers and you got platinum selling artists on the album!?! Where they do that at?? Wayne will always be my childhood favorite but til he takes his craft serious again I’m good on everything Wayne.

  • wtf

    Disappointing smh

  • K. Hardy !!!

    I don’t C5 will do as ppl say it will. I think he should use the theme from C1 & C2.

  • Swezy

    When I saw the title I was like ‘oh how many did it sell? 20,000?’ Saw it was 31k oooo it actually managed to get tht many in first week xD YMCMB not the same anymore…

  • xgoblin

    Those are Kraeshawn numbers holy fuck!

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    It would of sold higher if they put Gudda on songs with Wayne instead of putting him on songs with Jae Millz all the time…..

  • Tramaine Johnson

    Album was trash, a big flop.

  • Kiuuunatip

    WEEZYS expectations are high for C5 he want 25-35 million for it

    • Tony Altrudebta

      He wants 25-35 Million to do an album after CV.

  • Billy Riley

    I will be buying this album when u get the chance.

  • hiphopfan

    Only a few songs I fuck with Bang, Moment, induction speech, lookin ass niggas, trophies, we alright, and senile. Oh and Flows verse from fresher than ever was straight heat. And Euro killed all 3 songs he was on..

  • TheTruth

    bird man bought 30k

  • Aleks

    YMCMB judges itself on selling – NUMBERS. Hopefully these low numbers will wake them up, but I don’t think they have the talent to bounce back. You got GOOD Music, MMG, Roc Nation (who are sooooo much better) and Young Money was up there, but now they’ve fallen the fuck off. The label is too saturated with the same typa losers! Keep Wayne, Drake, Nicki, Tyga, Euro, Flow and Jae Millz and get rid of these other lames like Chanel West Coast and Lil Twist (even though he’s Wayne’s cousin) – tax write-offs. This kinda shit is just sad to see, why release an album that isn’t even profitable?

  • JayHighAss

    It doesn’t matter bout how much it sold it’s first week only thing that matters is it was a Good Album at least for me it was

    • Sasha

      The album is trash! I respect your opinion, but it can’t compete with the other hip hop labels whatsoever. Young Money is done, these numbers solidify it. Hip hop has never been about numbers, but this low amount of sales is absolutely disgraceful for what used to be a major hip hop label.

      • Goody

        How can drake be one of the hottest mcs on earth yet Young Money is done. U sound stupid. Drake can be to YM what wayne was to CM!!

  • Sasha

    Carter 5 will be sick kuz he’s got a track with 2 Chainz and Kanye along with a track with Kendrick & Future. The thing is a song with Wayne by himself can’t pop anymore because he’s not the hottest kid in the room anymore. Hip Hop is a popularity contest and the most popular kids are Drake and Kendrick. Even though Wayne has the potential to spit fire, which he will on C5, it won’t pop because Wayne will never be the most popular ever again. He’s my favorite artist ever, but he’ll have subpar numbers for the rest of his career simply because he’s not poppin anymore. C5 will sell half of what C4 sold in the first week and that’s me overestimating.

  • gavinr927

    The music was good but the album had no cohesiveness. Just a bunch of songs on a disc.. Should have been a mixtape, especially when some of the best songs were given out for free before they decided to put it on the album.

  • Fuck no. CV has to oversell c4 . maybee not surpass c3 but most deff beat c4 . thathat’s a guatanteee

  • Chuck_Brazy

    If Euro ends up like Gudda Gudda and Jae Millz, I feel bad for you son.. He deserves the lime light. He better drop a mixtape or album sooon!

  • sbu

    Young money sold more dan mmg and kanye, s gang combined in there 1st week sales

  • Sandy Goodrich

    Nice 🙂 Very Succesful!!

  • Sandy Goodrich

    BTW ya’ll aint true fans and realle dont represent YMCMB… just sayn #SorryImNotSorry

  • Christian

    It always baffles me how Wayne can be affiliated with such mediocre rappers. Drake and Nicki are good(when they want to be), while I don’t mess with them, Jae Millz and Mack are nice when I hear em. Euro is tight, but I said the same about Cory Gunz when I heard 6 foot 7 foot, and haven’t heard from him since(besides this album). Boo was nice on D4 and he only got an appearance on D5. The rest are just meh.

    Edit-I just saw the interview. I know why he has the young money crew and I respect that.

  • 5*stunna

    Album didnt sell due to lack of promotion..
    Only ones that wrked on it were euro,twist the rest were songs we had already heard

    The sales were loww cause of lack of promotio. ..

  • 5*stunna

    Sadly they never focused on shortdawg ,think hes out idk as for new artist euro is pretty good ,he be selling in a few years , cory never got an album out i believe just mixtapes but he aight , Flow has some nice shit in his wolf mixtape and magic verse but idnt know why ym dont use him much .. As for the album they did ok i bangin to till i get more wayne lol
    Oh why you mfks don like birdman i liked his fts lately .rich gang) waitin on that LFLS2
    Just my opinion lol…

  • KUSh Smoker

    gudda gudda been with wayne since squad up and we in 2014 n this man hasnt blown up yet come on lets be real lyrically gudda gudda would eat tyga n nicki

  • Da martian

    I hate how all the niggas on here talking shit saying how people talking about lil twist and all the other young money artist are wack that that makes them fake fans bt I say jst cuz we down for Wayne that don’t mean we gta b down for all his crew

  • 5*stunna

    So true …some people just here too hate which i think is retarded,if you dont like an artist simply don listen to him/her no reason to get on their site and hate lol
    I only listen,or on lookout for new songs from lilwayne,birdman,tyga,drake,flow,short dawg and nkw euro the rest only when featured on a wayne song thats most of youngmoney
    But theres haters here daily i think their just closet fans..

  • Devolchi

    Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, Flow, Euro, and Cory Gunz should have been the focus on this album. Just as Drake, Nikki, and Tyga took the spot on WAYM. If they would have done that it would have truly been a Rise Of An Empire