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Lil Wayne Performs “A Milli” & Spits A Freestyle At The 2014 MTVU Woodie Awards [Video]

Sun, Mar 16, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Performs A Milli & Spits A Freestyle At The 2014 MTVU Woodie Awards

The 2014 MTVU Woodie Awards just aired on television and like we already know, Lil Wayne opened up the show. Tunechi performed a short version of his “A Milli” single and spat a freestyle.

You can watch Weezy F Baby open up the awards in the clip below!

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  • tez


  • Wayne rapped that freestyle then left like he just spat something amazing and lyrical lol.

    • xgoblin

      Right lol

    • blahhh

      Sounds more like he was playing

      • Sounds like he was being serious thinking he was rapping some GOAT to me

        • blahhh

          What are you a undercover troll?

        • razor

          You are really annoying lol.

    • Nathan Bryant

      I’m pretty sure he did it for attention. Not for a sense to sound great, but grab attention and make somewhat of a “scene”. Like he did before a while back at the BET awards, he had a mini freestyle about McCain, & Sarah. Not everything is meant to be bars overhead.

      All those people recording equals shared and post to media. Sometimes there is more to and sometimes there is not. In this case I think it was.

  • young wizzle

    unavailable for my location :((

    • tez

      Its on youtube

  • jesse

    First bitch

  • WTF

    Why did he only perform a milli for 10 seconds?

    • Wrong, it was 11 seconds, get it right.

      But foreal this was the shortest performance ever.

    • TrukFitOnMe!

      Cuz He Wasnt There 2 Perform He Was There Just 2 Accept Drakez Award Cuz He Didnt Make It And Then MTV Just Let Him Open Up The Show And Sing A lil 2 Hype Everyone Up And Get The Show Started And It Worked Everyone Was Excited And Hyped Up Wayne Knows How 2 Start The Party Haa.!

  • tez

    After that freestyle, I just scratched my head and was like huh??

  • weezyftunechi

    Probably a carter 5 line

    • The Greatest Alivee

      I hope not.

  • Renex Pinkyrex Aka’Swaggman

    ”sorry, this video is unavailable from your location ”

  • xgoblin

    Dafuq was that?..shortest perfomance I have ever seen in my entire life lol that nigga popped up out of middle of nowhere then dissapeared like a ninja assasin..was that just a clip or the whole performance?

  • Devolchi

    Flow, & Gudda Gudda should be a feature in C-V

  • Amays4456

    I blinked than lil wayne was gone and we all need Jesus Christ

  • TBRA

    Smh wayne why not just perform amillie the way it’s supposed to be? Why you gotta do that? Why???

    • TrukFitOnMe!

      Cuz He Juzt Did The Openin For The Awards He Hyped Everyone Up For The Show You Dumb Ass Didnt You Hear The Crowd They Were Excited And Hyped Up Ass Fukk Nigga. He Wuznt There 2 Perform He Was Just There 2 Make An Appearance And 2 Accept Drakes Award For Him Cuz Drake Didnt Go 2 The Awardz Nigga

  • Christian

    Just putting my general thoughts out there about Wayne: A lot of people say he fell off. I disagree. Wayne CHANGED. IMO, falling off would be him trying to keep that C2/C3 flow but failing to make it have the same impact. This is not the case; Wayne is consciously changing his style and sometimes it works and sometimes it don’t. Plus, people quick to say Wayne fell off, but slow asf to give him props. I remember when C4 dropped, people at my school would stay rapping Blunt Blowin, but now they actin like they don’t f**k with him.

    Also, people say Wayne’s music has no substance. If you mean he isn’t telling story, what’s the problem(even though he just did God Bless Amerika)? When people say “substance” or “story”, I think “broke” or “societal problem”. I like J.Cole and Born Sinner is good, but there is a reason why I don’t listen to it a lot or more music like it: there are only so many ways you can make being broke or talking about a problem in society appealing. Idk about y’all, but I don’t need a reminder of the struggle and I can think about societal problems on my own. That’s why I like Wayne. His music is mainly fun and witty and just good.

    Finally, everyone hating on Wayne lately know damn well if anyone else used his lines first, y’all would swear he is the next big thing, so don’t front.

    • JustAGuy234

      i agree with with a lot of what you said but heres how i see it. When people say wayne fell off heres what a lot of them/us mean: Wayne set the bar so high that now its hard to live up to constantly. back in the day Wayne was very consistent with the verses and sick wordplay. NOW hes less consistent hes hit and miss..and relies more on repetitive metaphors, pussy lines or way too simplified bars (phone in jail thats a cell phone)

      the problem is these new wayne fans get so butthurd when someone doesnt worship waynes every move. Pretend wayne was Kobe. Kobe is no longer the best in the NBA, hes older, getting hurt and losing athleticism his career is almost over. Same with wayne. If someone said “hey such and such is better than Kobe now” you cant get mad because it could be true. Right now people like Drake and Kendrick, or Chance are extremely hungry and motivated. Wayne is fat and lazy (yes i see he is starting to work hard again)

      –(message to everyone on this site)–
      Rap is about “what are you doing NOW” everyone knows wayne is a legend, no one can dispute that. BUT realistically hes not dominating the game like he did in his prime AND THATS FINE just dont lie to yourselves. Dont attack other people for having an opinion… half of you never heard anything before the carter 1 and some of you never even heard anything before Tha Carter 3.

      talk shit on me all you want but i’m consistently one of the most honest, real fans on this site. I wont stop supporting wayne but i also wont stop being honest about his music!


      • Christian

        Lol, to your last part. And I feel you. A lot of people say C3 the best and I wonder if they heard anything besides A Milli, Mr. Carter, Lollipop and Got Money. I like Let The Beat Build the best and Wayne def have some mediocre stuff. And I get that Wayne ain’t dominating right now, but some people act like he ain’t do anything. Smh.

        • JustAGuy234

          carter 3 was cool and fake fans only care about sales. they think Carter 3 and 4 were his best because they did so well first week. Carter 1 and 2 were real, and cohesive and underrated when they dropped and easily the best 2 carter albums overall.

          but yeah the problem is its hard to weed out the dickeaters. No matter what wayne says 30% of the people say “this that old wayne” just to seem like they know shit.

          i dont ever think wayne will touch his prime self. i just want him to be passionate about his music again. and as a fan i will be satisfied. feel me?

          • Christian

            Yep. Never heard the C1. I thought about, just never really got around to it. But C2 is straight fire all around and I like No Ceilings a lot. Run This Town is a prime example of Wayne at one of his highest points iMO. And I haven’t heard a lot of Wayne’s work. I know he got a lot of mixtapes I ain’t heard yet. Probably get to them and C1 after C5. And Wayne may not touch his prime self, which is fine like you said. If anyone could just hit their prime again, a prime wouldn’t be that special, lol.

            • gametime

              He’s just not hungry anymore. Hasn’t been since No Ceilings. In a certain sense, I can’t blame him. When you’re the best for so long and you have accomplished all that you want to, it’s hard to stay hungry and eager. Just my opinion. I really hope he changes the game with C5 and goes out on a high note.

              • Christian

                He seem hungry now. I think not being mentioned at the BET Awards(?) woke him up. And I agree. With all he accomplished, he could be a lot worse right now. But it just seem to me he was just chilling, focusing on Trukfit and YM b4 he started working on C5.

            • xgoblin

              You gotta give Drought 3 a listen it’s one of his best projects

              • Christian

                Alr. I only heard The Sky Is The Limit off that and it is def a nice track.

            • Jbadd504

              Dedication 1-3, suffix, prefix, Lilweezyanna… and all the sqad up mixtapes..your in a pretty good position since u havent heard most of this stuff..shits gonna blow your mind man..

            • george

              what the fuck is wrong with you lol what kind of logic is that? if ur a real fan u better fuckin listen to EVERYTHING before you hear c5 lol theres a reason shits in order. you get a better picture of the artist as a whole. how the fuck can you never have heard tha carter?

              • Christian

                Well if C5 disappoints, I kmow I’ll have better music to rock to, lol. And I didn’t hear the 1st Carter cuz I heard some of old Wayne with Go Dj and Shine One and assumed if he rapped anything like that, he was just a little to young to be really impressive. But I may listem b4 C5. Just got to make the time.Probably this weekend.

        • Tony Altrudebta

          C3 as a whole was an incredible and incomparable album, rather it’s widely considered his best or not, it’s my favorite. The album was packaged perfectly. From the production of it to the imagery and promotion surrounding it (The Videos, his persona and style at the time etc). To me that album modernized rap music.

          There’s not a rapper in the game today that can honestly (without lying to themselves) say they didn’t or haven’t learned from Wayne. Just his delivery alone made C3 a remarkable abulm. For example, records like, A milli or Playing with fire and Misunderstood. Who have you EVER heard rap like that and give such entertaining delivery? Nobody! Nobody, before him, and DEFINITELY nobody after him.

          When people say Wayne fell off, I don’t think it’s so much as the lyrics and punchlines, people just miss the way he use to deliver those lyrics and punchlines. Waynes flow alone is incomparable and his similes and metaphors are just out of this world. I remember when people would completely be mind blown by things that he say.

          Hate it or Love it, when it’s all said and done, Wayne will go down in history as the G.O.A.T or at least one of them. At one point, Wayne had carried and taken the rap game to a whole nother level all by himself. Don’t believe me, do the research. Hate him or Love him, but you gotta respect it!

        • CARTERSOSA

          How isn’t he dominating y’all niggas on here everyday but he ain’t killing shit “boy stop”

          • Christian

            Have you seen him win any awards lately? He basically admitted wasn’t dominating awhile ago before he dropped D5. Plus, Drake been getting more features than Wayne lately, so is Nicki. More features that get radio play, anyway.

      • wtf

        Well said. I agree with you 100%

      • Jbadd504

        Well I think wayne will always be my favorite rapper, I think he is the greatest honestly…but in the first weezy Wednesday’s remember when he said ” he jus puts out bullshit and he thanks us for buying that bullshit ? Well he was serious..and we all know it, u have to understand that wayne gained 70% of his fan base after the lollipop era ” carter 3″ . Lets be real, wayne should have Grammy’s lined up from wall to wall from most of his earlier work but people always slept on him. He was sick as ever before the carter 3…I mean suffix, prefix, all the sqad, drought, dedication….but he made most of his money and fame after he dumbed down his lyrics for the mass media. If he can spit mediocre lyrics and still make millions why would he stop

        • JustAGuy234

          true he let his money overcome his passion. He was on top because he loved what he was doing THe Carter 3 was dumbed down from Carter 1 and 2 i agree but C3 was not super dumbed down and if he stayed at that level of depth or whatever he would have positive reviews . but yes he was slept on partially BUT also, he had tough fights. He dropped 2 of his best albums when Kanye dropped 2 of his best. So its fair.

          but yea the main thing is money drove his decisions on the mic more than passion like it used to.

          • Jbadd504

            Yea man..real fans know this, I like when I can talk to other real fans….wayne won a grammy for best hip hop performance from LOLLIPOP !!! LOL imagine spitting bars and bars of hot fire for 15years with no grammy wins, no world wide , across the universe fame, not getting the credit u deserve…then when u drop lollipop all the accolades and awards and money start rolling in ??I think thats the point where it all changed for him honestly. The hunger to spit just left. But I would never say he fell off..because he has always kept himself relevant when damn near every other rapper has come and gone. I just cant wait to see what he does with c5.

      • bsk_rich

        i think wayne is still a dominant force in hip hop. really you can only say he had a average album and an average mixtape (ianahb2 and d4) other than that when people say he’s been trash since he got out of jail i think its absurd. for one, c4 did the most first since wayne did it with c3, he is still all over the radio and the hype for c5 is outrageous, he’s been all over the front page of these hip hop driven websites. i think it has just become the cool thing to say that wayne fell of cause to me he didn’t fall off, he had a setback (d4 to ianahb2) but d5 has gotten good reviews and he’s been absolutely killing the game these past 6 months. when c5 drops if its good it’ll be like those 2 blemishes didn’t even happen and all the people that said he sucked will be saying they always knew he was the best. I’m ok with people being honest and having opinions but I’m not ok with bandwagoners. not saying be a yes man, but i think if this nigga had one bad year out of 20+ year career is enough for fans to lose faith then you weren’t a real fan. if lebron has a bad year next year is he all of a sudden out of his prime and falling off. no because he has earned a chance to redeem himself. same with wayne, i think he’s earned the right for us to be like, you had a rough year but show me you still got it. but he’s certainly still one of the faces of hip hop and still a dominant figure

        • Don_Hooper19

          Well put man

        • JustAGuy234

          theres a difference between him dominating like he used to and just being one of the biggest rappers in the world. — in the past he was on every top rapper list, remix, every artist MADE sure he was on their albums or mixtapes NOW he still gets some features but not as much. also hes on every magazine because like i said hes LIL WAYNE. kobe was getting magazine covers this year and played like 12 games this season. popularity is the driving force. YES hes getting better and thats great but hes not still dominating.

          (not saying u) but a lot of people act like the only words they know are: “classic and trash” “dominating or irrelevant” hes average right now in a game surrounded by new artist who wanna be the best.

          C4 was the worst carter, fuck sales. first week sales are not about skill, (it takes more than a week to give a TRUE review of music) first week is about the hype u can build and popularity. C4 almost did the same numbers as c3 and it outsold c2 and c1 first week and was NOT better than any of them.

          lastly, c5 should be a solid album but people need to listen to it for a while and sit with it and just let the music rock.
          when it drops or leaks i guarantee people will be on here saying its a classic 3 min after they here one song.

          you, jbadd, christian, i respect you for being the few people on here who can have a real conversation without “fuck you faggot hater blah blah”

          • Jbadd504

            I hope he brings back that album feel with c5..and when I say album feel I mean, a solid intro, a middle and an end..along with skits to walk you through..and not just 13tracks randomly thrown together. Still to this day I dont think anything is fuckin with that ” Fly in ” and “Fly Out ” from the carter 2…or the intros and outros and skits from carter 1. I think wayne himself was hands on with picking all his material and putting it together back its jus like he records and lets tez do whatever the fuck he wants with the tracks lol.

          • bsk_rich

            i see what you saying, i just hate when people say everything post jail sucked, cause even though c4 is the worst carter its still a good album the other 3 are arguably all classics tho so thats hard to top, and i hate those type of people with no real opinion. they agree with whatever everybody else is saying and only way to support it is “fuck you” lol


        Kobe is the best fuck outta here he will be back

        • JustAGuy234

          im a die hard lakers fan (as in i STILL watch games today without kobe, and Kobe’s my all time favorite player but lets be real about to be 36 year old injured aging kobe is no longer able to dominate the league like Lebron is currently. Love kobe and i KNOW he will be back to give us one more good year for 14-15 season. but hes no longer the best player in the league. as much as i love his game. its true

      • savage2cold

        im gonna agree with some of what u said but lazy nah hes just not dropping shit every week and hes retiring soon but with that said hes got the carter 5 , devol, big tymers, like father like son 2, a book and all this shit that hes gonna drop hes spreading his work out now you wouldnt call drake lazy because it takes him like 2 years to drop a album and only puts out like 5 features a year so hes dropping maybe 50 song in a year or two but waynes still putting out 50- 150 songs in a year or two so idk wtf ur talking abt and check out kendrick, drake, any other rapper pretty much and i can almost guarantee that none of them have put out more songs then him its not abt lyrics anymore in rap its abt hooks and being fake tell me how the fuck cheif keef gets famous he is lyrically mentally challenged or future half the people cant rap in the game its not about talent anymore so as soon as it stopped becoming abt tht wayne apparently fell off you ask me everybodys judgement on rap fell off

        • JustAGuy234

          i wouldnt call drake lazy because hes didnt change his output IF drake was doing 2 albums a year and 3 mixtapes and 15 features THEN all of a sudden started to do way less and his lyrical ability seemed to drop you WOULd say he dropped off feel me?

          Wayne USED to do the most features per year with around 2 mixtapes a year (AT LEAST)

          Yes rap changed for sure, people like waaaay more wack music now. BUT wayne also knows that and hes been putting out worse material because some clowns still love it.
          Prime wayne would never put out THAT IANAHB2 or That D4.

          but just picture if a gritty lyrically crazy 04-09 wayne dropped an album THIS YEAR that shit would sell, it would hit 3mil after 2-3 weeks and all the doubters would be silenced.

          personally I’ll be happy as long as wayne sounds Passionate on C5. I know he wont go back to Prime wayne im cool with that as long as he puts in real effort and shows he cares about the album you feel me?

    • Don_Hooper19

      Well put bro

    • Tony Altrudebta

      It needed to be said & Thank You for saying it.

    • CandyCaneDrippin

      Long story short, he went mainstream.

    • hahhahahahahah

      Fuck I agree punjabi waitin’ for C5 same like D5 but man these BAN FAN swap and talk shit about Tune; and then again when get low puttin’ their cock and pussy back to him; man these looser just wanne dope and listen to him and get high and then want more same like dope fuck what u did haters; what tune can do and get high fuck all bitches which u can not even imagine when u masturbate but he in STUDIO and like u pussy showing, getting high and demanding more; by now anyone like him should be outta but he is still here for us F.A.N. not like u fake nigga who swap friend for dope.
      He can retire and can have concert4life with al these numbers/songs he got but he is still on with us because of us and in this age of net artist make more money in concert than album, u know that; he can go world tour actually tours for his life what he got and got many feat with all the top artist, man anyway, just hold down and wait for C5, and then he is outta life and u hater gonna beg BEG for new album or feat or whatever, but he gonna back to his hood. FUCK U HATER; i wish last day of tune in studio should be last day of life but after listening to YM GANG now LIL TWIST is like next LIL WAYNE and drake will keep on sucking his dick4 life.
      anyway hope twist gonna save me if he gotta his LP right, but if not RIP ME

  • Shaquan James

    Wack ass short freestyle lol the fuck

  • Cocaine Biceps

    fuck mtv

    • Jyant

      For real. MTV should be having award shows with awards like “best smush” or “youngest girl to get pregnant this year”..MTV hasn’t been about music for like a decade

  • C

    Can someone post the lyrics?

  • Davidson Lumas

    Fuk lil wayne ohh faggot ass. Kissing niggas on the lips and wearing leggins

    • Paul

      ^ undercover fan

      • Davidson Lumas

        Used to be b4 he went gay

        • JayHighAss

          But these niggas u listen too Wearing Dresses & you call him weird !?!?

          • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

            Lol i was about to say that


      They were skinny jeans. You can’t put an LV belt through leggings…

  • Tune Up

    That crowd was so hype for someone who wasnt suppose to be their…that’s saying something.

  • Sandile Hlongwane

    Lil wayne ft kanye west and 2chainz

    • CARTER V

      how do u kno?

  • kieran
  • Weezy24/7

    Why is there an error when I click video

  • Cheetos Carter Abukanna

    HipHopHeads posted a snippet of a song called Bang ( Lil Wayne ft Kanye West & Chainz ) only 2 chainz can be heard rapping in the snippet, and they said it will drop this week, but it got deleted, so maybe its the CV single, maybe not.. Just sayin.. U can google the snippet

  • blahhh


  • wiseman91

    i like the beat on that snippet cant wait to here yeezy and weezy do work

  • Chuck_Brazy

    People don’t realize that no matter what they say, Lil Wayne is going to go down with the Biggies and the Pacs of Hip-Hop. Mixtapes wouldn’t even be that popular without Wayne. He flooded the streets with the Dedications and Da Droughts seriess. He set the standard high for almost all rappers now. Even his haters give him credit for his older albums such as Pusha T. Lil Wayne is a legend.

  • Ken JR Lopez

    Lil wayne is sexy 😉 and the GOAT

  • Ken JR Lopez


  • Ken JR Lopez

    I’m in love with wayne

  • Tune Up

    That snippet, the way he said “Old money, Young Money, Lil Wayne nigga” sounds like it’s from C5.

  • mohamed

    Do u guys want 2 chainz to be in the first single?matter fact do u want him to be in the album?nooo I hope this is not carter 5 single

  • CV

    This is definitely the new single. And did we not get a feature Friday last week? I don’t recall Danny you owe us one. Maybe post 2 this friday

  • Riz90s

    Why does the video say error when I click on it?

  • realest you’ll never know

    People complain about Wayne fell off, he use the simplest metaphors, I mean Damn you have no other way to go when you used every Damn metaphor anybody human can possibly think of. He rarely uses the same lines! Just accept the greatness! Lol

    • TrukFitOnMe!

      Damn Right Nigga Thatz The Truth Cuz What Elze Is There 2 Say He Said Everything In The Motha Fukkin Dictionary Haa.!

  • Best

    I can’t watch the video, it’s unavailable from my location 🙁

  • Nukey

    Maybe C5 snippet Lil Wayne ft. Kanye West & 2 Chainz –

  • Curtizbrown Cortez

    Y’all got your point on the new Wayne and old Wayne but all I see here and know is that Wayne is still on top of the game but him doing so many tours got the best of him and him doing tour still came on with D5 which he make use of some minutes just for appreciation and the album is fucking dope… No track will be on that won’t be a hit song like 2face in Nigeria, no track he get featured on that won’t be a hit song, Wayne is talented and he knows what he’s doing belee dat

  • Jayman

    C’mon man can someone send me a link to the video coz it ain’t showing over here. Don’t know what’s wrong with this sh!t.

  • Ricco

    Wayne isn’t dominating the game but he is still relevant and he like 30 and no one can too the old music he put out not even him…. My opinion

  • TrukFitOnMe!

    Damn Everyone Juzt Got Hyped Da Fuck Up.! When They Realized Wayne Was Gonna Come Out They Didnt Even Know It.! This Nigga Knows How To Hype Everyone Up It Gave Me Chillz And It Still Does When I See This Nigga Come Out And Everyone Just Sarts Screamin There Fukkin Heart Out And Shyt

  • dillydb

    I can’t trust my iPhone,
    .44 on my thigh bone,
    You canhave the ‘eye of the tiger’
    I’m the one the tiger better have his eye on!
    Ok, let’s be frank from now on….
    Call me Frank from now on!
    I ball until I fall!
    When I do, them hoes gon pile on. #100

    • dillydb

      That was dope as fuck for only an 8 bar freestyle bruh!

  • Cade Matthew Hughes

    I cant trust my iphone! Pussy on my thigh bone! Hahahaha

  • Leo Escobar

    no no no he went from Hood rap to Rich rap. which don’t got a kick to it. real rap has thrive.
    theres no more reason to thrive when being rich and having enough to fall back on

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  • Best

    Why do people get crazy when Wayne is on the stage? Why because he is Weezy, the best rapper alive. Menn C5 coming soon

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